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A Project Proposal in

Organizing Sports Events

Major Performance
Task in

Physical Education and Health

Prepared by:

Shallen S. Ofalda
11 - Kembular

March 13, 2018

Special Child Football Tournament 2011
Name of the event

I. Introduction

In this portion, first and foremost indicate the definition of sports event,
importance of event management and then elaborate your goals or mission. Why did
you want to put up such event? What is the essence or outcome after conducting this
project? Express how useful your proposal for event planning.

II. Planning the Event

A. Aims and Objectives

Identify what you want to achieve as a result of your events, for example,
generating revenue, attracting members, providing entertainment or just
celebrating an occasion. (at least 4 objectives, bullet type)

o The football tournament aims at bringing smile in the faces of the

differently able and raises funds for their well being

B. Target Markets
The next step is to identify WHO YOU WANT to come to your event such
as young people, seniors, families or school children or open for all. Also,
indicate who is your competitors or players, expected VIPs and sponsors.
o Seniors
o Special Child
o Celebrities

C. Venue and Scheduling

o Size, layout and design (insert sample photo or layout of venue)
o The match is to be held at the Old Stafford Field at New Hampshire
o Seats can be allotted to a good many thousand audience
o Availability of amenities, including toilets, canteen, seating
D. Budgeting and Funding Options

Income Estimated
Grants Php 15, 000
Ticket sales
Food and Beverage sales
Expenditure Estimated
Approvals, Communication and Permits
Facility / venue hire
Marketing / advertising
Prizes and trophies
Travel and accommodation
Utilities and waste management

E. Date of the event:

13th July 2018

F. Approvals and Permits

Attached a sample picture of event approvals, permits and sale of food

G. Contingency Planning
Use the table below to list the potential challenges which may arise leading
up to or during your event and identify solutions for each. At least 5

Potential Challenge Solution

III. Managing the event

A. Volunteer Management
Create your own organizational chart from event managers down to
different working committees. Use the sample below, you can add some box
based on your preferences or state an example name of your organization or
association. (Ex. XB BATALLION Sports Organization)


Budgeting Food Documentation

B. Media and marketing

o Publications
o Displays and demonstrations
o Flyers and brochures
o Media promotion
o Media release
o Newspapers, radio or TV
o Both print and electronic media will be present to make this event a
grand success.

C. Risk Management
Give at least 1-2 examples of risk in each category.
1. Physical Risk
-involve injuries to people or damage or destruction of property

2. Financial Risk
- Cost associated with injuries, cost overruns
3. Moral and Ethical risks
- Loss of quality of participants experience and confidence, damage to an
event’s image or reputation

4. Legal risks
- Breach of a law, for example, kitchen facility or food stall which doesn’t
comply with local government regulations.

IV. Evaluating the event

A. SWOT Analysis

Give at least 2 examples in each portion.

1. Strengths of the event may include:

 Strong attendance numbers
 Wide range of food

2. Some example of weaknesses are:

 Too few working committees

3. Opportunities for improvement could include:

 Obtaining more sponsorship

4. Future threats might include:

 Inability to cover event costs due to limited budget

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NOTE: Please follow the given format and guidelines written below.
Calibri (Body), size 12 except for the title and front page, short bond paper
Margin Top: 1 Bottom: 1 Left: 1 Right: 1
Always “justify” your statements except for tables and pictures
You can add some pictures to make it feasible
Do not forget to paste all the link or URL of a certain website that you used as
references, we do not stimulate plagiarism.
Please submit on time, 1 day is equivalent to 1 pt deduction

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