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One morning, in a hospital located in Sidoarjo precisely in the dental poly

room came two women to the receptionist who was on guard at that time.
SP : Excuse me mam
S1 : Yes, mam. Can I help you?
SP : Sure
S1 : What are you problems?
SP : Oh, My sister got toothache, and she need to meet the dentist
S1 : Ok, she have to meet the dentist
SP : So, what are the procedures?
S1 : You need to fill the from cleary and then to the registration counter
SP : Allright. Thank you


After which they register in the registration room to fill out the form and get
the queue number.
SP : Good morning
S2 : Morning, may I help you?
SP : My sister got toothache, she need to meet the dentist
S2 : Okay, I need your informations to fill in the system. Will be that allright for you?
SP : Sure
S2 : First, what is your name?
P : I’m Clara, Clara sinder
S2 : How old are you ?
P : I’m 20th years old
S2 : What is your date of birth?
P : 11 october 1997
S2 : Your address, please?
P : Pahlawan St. No .153 Sidoarjo
S2 : Your phone? Email?
P : It’s 0351700800 and my email is
S2 : Contact person for emergency call? Name and phone?
P : My sister Dona Ameliya, at 0351821009
S2 : Have you any insurance?
P : Sure, it’s paramedika insurance. This is the card
S2 : Ok, all done. Here is your insurance card
SP : Anyway, where is the dentist room?
S2 : It’s on the 2nd floor of dentist room you can us the lift
SP : Ok. Thank you

“In the medication room”

Not some time later towords the room the doctor to do the examination
D : Do we still have patient?
N : Sure, doc.
D : What are the indications?
N : She got toothache
D : Ok, let her and take the Vital sign
N : Ok, doc
N : Next Patient, please?
P : It’s me Mrs Clara
N : What is your problem?
P : My tooth is very painfull, I can’t eat anything in few days ago
N : Okay, I’m going to take your Vita sign, before the dentist see you. Will be that fine?
P : Sure nurse Iam on your hand
N : I am finish. Please wait the dentist.
P : Ok, Nurse
D : How long have you had the toothache
P : About 1 week doc.
D : What are you feeling now?
P : I feel fever and swollen gum
D : Than it is infected gums. Iwill give you a prescription medication to you, please give me a
prescription paper and pen
N : Here it is doc.
D : Dont forget to take the medicine 2 times a day in the morning and night. Wish you get well
soon. If there is no change in 2 weeks come here again
P : Thank you doc.

After the examination process has been completed the patient go home and
leave the hospital

P : Patient
SP : Sister of Patient
S1 : Staff 1
S2 : Staff 2
D : Dentist
N : Nurse