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When was the New Testament Written?

When was the New Testament Written? *

Date (A.D.) New Testament Book Author

35 Matthew Matthew
40 to 41 James James
Mark Mark
John ** John
50 1Thessalonians Apostle Paul
51 2Thessalonians Apostle Paul
53 Galatians Apostle Paul
56 (Late Winter) 1Corinthians Apostle Paul
57 (Late Summer) 2Corinthians Apostle Paul
57 (Winter) Romans Apostle Paul
59 Luke Luke
Ephesians Apostle Paul
Philippians Apostle Paul
61 to 63 Colossians Apostle Paul
Philemon Apostle Paul
Hebrews Apostle Paul
Acts Luke
63 1Timothy Apostle Paul
Titus Apostle Paul
1John John
63 to 64 2John
64 to 65 1Peter Peter
65 to 66 2Peter Peter
66 to 67 Jude Jude
67 2Timothy Apostle Paul
95 Revelation John

* Jesus is crucified and resurrected in 30 A.D. Year and Year ranges (e.g. 63 to 64 A.D.) delineate when
books are completed but not necessarily the year book began to be written. For example, Luke's book
of Acts was likely begun 58-59 A.D. but was not completed until 63 A.D.
** The main body of the Book of John was written in 42 A.D., however, the prologue and epilogue
were not completed until after 95 A.D.

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The New Testament In Its Original Order: A Faithful Version With Commentary by Fred Coulter

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