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MOVES IN ENGLISHeditedbyCharlesVasey

by P. H. Bolton and W M. Orr

Role-playing is a strange sector of the hobby. The game is split into three levels: Star also dangerous, and units moving from one
What currently passes for role-playing seems System, Province, and Galactic levels. While planet to another have to go into orbit
rather far distant from the old concept of each of the three levels is only moderately around each planet in turn. The stacking limit
playing a game rather as a method actor complex, the three together add up to a fairly is controlled by the Environ Size (see
might portray a character and not as a cun- complex game with over thirty pages of rules, Diagram I) which limits the number of units
ning games-player with an eye for the rules plus details and descriptions of all char- and also the number of action cards that can
loophole . It now seems role-playing has ap- acters, planets, etc. The game comprises: be drawn. Within the restriction of environ
proximated to the introduction of characters A. A 22" X 34" four colour map which is size, units can move freely about a planet.
rather than just units. FfTG seems to be unusual, as it consists of 25 star systems with Overall, the military movement system is
within this definition, but it's interesting for a total of 51 planets. A typical planet is simple to operate and effective. Movement
another reason - simply that the rules are shown in Diagram I. As can be seen, each of large stacks is difficult, but it is possible
required to handle such massive differences planet has a number of environs of differing while taking risks to send a small force over
in scale and size . It is asking a lot of a types. vast distances.
designer to be able to swing from small
bands of galactic heroes to the sight of the B. 140 cards representing Characters and
Military combat, both in space and on
Imperial Death Ships. My limited playing of Possessions and signifying events.
land, is resolved O'n a straightforward odds
the game indicated considerable success, C. 400 counters which represent Characters, ratio CRT. Column shifts are introduced
and these reviewers seem to agree . - CHV Possessions or military units. because of leaders, elite units, or special rebel
units. Land combat, because of certain
System Effectiveness shifts, tends to favour the Rebel player. Nor-
"Ly Mantok piloted the damaged The Star System game, the simplest mally, for the Imperial player to get
spaceship Explorer through the defense level of PITG, is useful only in learning how favourable odds against the Rebel units, he is
screen of the Planetary Defense Bases of to play. As the Province level, dealing with a forced to either use a large force or commit
Sufi. The !?ebel cause had suffered a number of star systems grouped together, one of his few characters to lead the attack.
devasting set-back on Mrane when the changes a large number of the Star System Hence, the simple combat system gives the
Imperial Forces, using the Planetary rules, there is no point in discussing how the Rebel player an advantage, as would exist in
Stabilizer, ripped through the outer crust of Star System game works. a real situation whe re the Rebel is able to pick
the planet and hurtled everything on the Due to the unusual nature of PITG, it is his time for fighting.
surface into space. Ly and a few others had worthwhile highlighting some features of the An unusual aspect of the system is the
been lucky enough to escape, although the game's mechanics before commenting on the fulfillment of combat results. Each combat
Explorer had been badly damaged by the effectiveness of the system. T he game's se- can require the player to remove up to, but
orbiting Imperial spacecraft around Mrane. quence in the province game is: never more than, a certain number of combat
The rebels only hope was Jor Ly, Doctor Operational Phase. The phasing player's strength points. For example, say the result
Sontag and Yarra Latac to convince Drakir military and character units move. The non- called for the loss of two combat points; if
Grebb, Prince oj Suli, to come over to the phasing player has a limited reaction phase your smallest unit is a strength three, you lose
Rebel cause. " wherein a number of his units can move in nothing . However, if you have a combat
response to the phasing player's movement. strength two unit or two ones, you have to
Thus do events unfold in Freedom in the Combat is initiated between military units if lose either the two or both ones. Also, there
Galaxy (FITG in shorthand form), which is either party wishes. are two dice throws for each combat, one for
one of SPI's responses to the recent flood of Search. The non-phasing player may search the defender's losses and one for the at-
science fiction games . In PITG, the goodies for detected phasing player's characters. tacker's. Both dice throws are resolved on
- consistent with the standard plot in the the same CRT column, thus increasing the
endless series of Stu'r Wars type movies - rid Mission Phase. Characters can perform uncertainty when attacking, because even at
the Galaxy of the baddies. The gallant band any of the 15 different missions in this seg- high odds, high combat strength units can
of rebels overcome impossible odds to make ment. A typical mlSSlOn would be fail. Except for these two dice throws, large
the GalaXy a safer place for us all to live. Diplomacy, whereby the characters try to units could have become invulnerable. High
FITG has a relatively simple role- change the Loyalty rating of a planet. strength point units, which represent elite
playing element compared with the more Military combat and movement, as units , thus have built-in advantages to show
popular fantasy role-playing (FRP) games, mentioned earlier, are slightly abstract. their superior fighting abilities.
such as D&D. To this base is added an There is ' no cietailed ship-to-ship action; All combat in space occurs in orbit
abstract land and space combat and move- rather combat is at group level. Each military around planets; either player can intercept
ment system (there is no detailed ship to ship unit has a land and space combat value, while rival units entering or leaving a planet.
combat as per BattlePleet: Mars) and an the latter value also acts indirectly as a move- Unlike land combat, however, there is no
abstract Galaxy game which provides for ment allowance. While it is possible to move limit to the size of the rival stacks, so it is
strategic events. So, in one game, events a low navigation unit several times its printed possible to have two large stacks in orbital
range from man-to-man combat to events second value, the farther one goes, the combat slugging it out, with each side only
having 'major effects on several planetary greater the probability that units will be lost chipping away at the other's stack. It is not
and star systems. in space. Similarly, moving large stacks is advisable for the Imperial player to tie up so
many units just to take off a few Rebel units game credits list Bill Seligman, who is well . tion readily, yet it is not so complex that it
per turn. known throughout FRP circles, if only for will confuse anyone not used to the basic
Before rounding off this section on the his efforts in A/arums and Excursions and idea. In the game, the Rebel player's chance
military aspects of the game system, mention other FRP APA's. Given Bill's experience, of victory wholly depends on his choice of
must be It)ade of the Planetary Defense Base one would expect a good character system. characters to go on individual missions . As
(PDB), which represents a planet-wide net- [Ed. Note: The character system for FlTG can be seen from Table I, the primary mis-
work of tracking, detection, and weapons was designed and developed by Howard sions, such as Diplomacy, Coup, and
systems. Control and use ofPDB's is critical Barasch and John Butterfield.] Sabotage, have a success probability of
to the success of either side. The PDB's are a The main function of characters, par- around 10-20070 per card. J-lence, the riumber
means of detecting characters. They are also ticularly the Rebel characters (at least in the of cards drawn must be maximized to ensure
useful for space combat and bottling up both early part of the game when the Rebels can success. This can best be done by the correct
military units and characters on the surface not hope to challenge the Imperial military selection of the characters who undertake a
of planets. units) is to undertake missions. In the Pro- mission, as different characters qualify for
To sum up the military movement and vince game, there are 13 missions that the different bonus draws.
combat system, it is slightly unusual and Rebel character can perform. The individual The abilities of various characters are
presents problems (e.g., in picking your missions are listed in Table I. The Imperial vitally important. Anyone who has played
force mix). Do you go for a small force of player has fewer options available. any FRP games will be acquainted with this
large semi-invulnerable uni ts, or a large Having decided on the missions to be concept. Each character has six abilities, as
number of small easily destroyed units? The undertaken, the appropriate number of ac- shown by a typical character card in Diagram
movement system allows each player the op- tion cards, as given by the environ size, are II. Obviously, characters with high combat
tion of trying to overjump their ability, so drawn and acted upon. Table II shows the and endurance values make good fighters,
you can never be certain of how far rein- likely effects of the action cards. There are 30 while characters with a high navigation value
forcements can come from. Large stacks are different cards which act as random event make good spaceship pilots. In addition to
unwieldly to move. Overall, although the generators. As there can be eight or nine dif- these traits, most characters have either
military unit segment of the rules is at a more ferent mission groups drawing on a limited bonus draws or other special powers.
abstract level than the character level, it is in- number of cards, one of the major One of the reasons for the success of the
teresting, challenging, and demands atten- drawbacks of the game system appears . You FRP games is the gamer's ability to identify
tion to details. will be surprised after a while how irritating it with and assume the role and the mannerisms
becomes shuffling the cards. Imagine doing of the character he is playing. As FITG is a
Characters in Action this over eighty times as is possible in the role-playing game, the question must be ask-
The character leyel rules are really the Galactic Game. ed: Can a player identify with the characters?
essence of the whole game. -Each character is Undoubtedly one of the strengths of the Yes! This identification is due to the amount
provided with an individual counter. Com- game system is the wide variety of the mis- of detail provided and to the fact that each
pared to most FRP games, the character side sions that can be undertaken. Anyone used character is suffidently different from the
of FITG is at a very much simpler level. The to role-playing games will adapt to this func- others to maintain his own personality.
Furthermore, each character has substantial-
DIAGRAM I: Planel Track from Freedom in tlie Galaxy.
ly different probabilities of success on mis-
sions and chances of surviving attacks. While
the system is simple, there is enough meat to
bite on.
All the characters, planets, possessions,
ctc., have their own potted history. Anyone
accustomed to SPI games knows what to ex-
G pect from these biographies, particularly the
creatures and wandering monsters.
Combat between characters is handled
Ge//as D
differently than between military units. The
differential CRT has column shifts for un-
successfully trying to break off combat and
.I --~ trying to capture rather than wound an oppo-
nent. Again , FRP garners will see this as a
very simple system. Simplicity does not imply
ineffectiveness, however. While the system
lacks such subtleties as hit location, for ex-
ample, it is still enjoyable to play. The relec
vant question is whether you can identify
with your characer during combat. Again .
the answer is yes.
Search and Destroy
A critical point in any guerrilla warfare
game is how it handles the necessary limited
intelligence aspect. SPI falls back on the time
honoured system of not being able to attack
unless the enemy is spotted. FITG adds an
A. Orbit box (name and identity number of planel). F. En"iron size (its population and geographic size). additional search procedure. First, the
B. Political status of planet (information on capital , G. Environ race (siar next to race indicales it is character has to be detected. The opponent
Throne, secret, or star-faring race). star·faring) . can then try to search for that character dur-
C. Political Track (for determining loyally of planet). H. Resource Rating ing the search phase. If the search is suc-
n. Planet'S loyalty at beginning of scenario I. Coup Raling or name of sovereign. cessful then that character can be attacked by
(A = Al'megeddon; S = Start .Rebellion; J. Environ Type Symbol (Urban, Wild, Liquid. the successful searching party. Unless a
AC = Rebel Controlled). Subterranean, Air, or Fire) , character has been detected, no searches can
E. Environ. k . Creatures . be made . Detection can occur either via the
action cards or when leaving or entering a the Domino Effect will be examined. All that Freedom in t he Galaxy
planet by an active Planetary Defense Base . needs to be said is that it has a major bearing The preceding comments apply primari-
Military units are always found and hence on the game. ly to the Province Game, but there is one
can always be attacked. Bouquets & Brickbats more level. While few new rules are introduc-
This sys,tem, like all the present "state- The question, as it relates to FITG, is ed - only 2 Vz pages - there is a major in-
of-the-art" systems, suffers from the pro- whether the whole is greater than the sum of crease in scope. Whereas, in the Province
blem that although the contents of a st.ack the parts . Overall the system plays well. Game, the maximum number of planets that
may be hidden, its whereabouts - and hence Although complex in total. each subsection are in play is 14, the Galactic Game encom-
the rival's reaction to it - is biased by the is relatively straightforward. The player who passes 51 . SPI reckons that the Province
location of the attack. Since at some time has a long term plan is rewarded; patience Game shou ld take five hOlm, while the
during the game most units take part in com- and thoughtfulness lead to victory. Each Galactic Game can be played in about 20
bat, it is not too difficult to work out what player has many options. and the built-in hours. Some people fee.! that SPI generally
most stacks contain. AB can be seen from re- randomness of the system ensures that no underestimates the time taken to play their
cent articles in MOVES, no easY-lo-operate, two games are the same. Within the limita- games, so you can judge for yourself how
foolproof system has yet been developed for tions of the state of the art, guerrilla warfare long the Galactic Game takes. It is definitely
this type of game. Can you imagine playing a is reasonably well represented. one for a long weekend or a desert island. To
game of this type with most of the counters There is , however, one majo r problem. work out the optimum strategy, if one exists,
as dummies, all being moved about to con- There is a gross imbalance in the work load of would take a good part of a lifetime
fuse your rival? Until micro-computers each player. The Imperial player will have to The sequence of play in the Galactic
become more widespread and games are sit back and watch the Rebel player for long Game is slightly different from that of the
played on them, limited intelligence will periods, particularly during the Rebel Province Game, in that a single turn in the
always be a weak part of many games, FITG player's mission phase. The only fun the Im- Galactic Game consists of two entire Pro-
being no exception . perial player can have is watching the Rebel vince Game turns plus one Galactic Stage.
Another important aspect of a guerrilla being attacked by monsters or irate locals. This consists of three parts: Galactic Event,
game is how the loyalty of the population is But the Imperial player can do very little to Resources, and Imperial Strategic Assign-
measured. Considering the number of affect the outcome of the Rebel's missions. ment Phases.
planets and the possible changes in loyalty, a While the Rebel has to be patient , the Im- The Galactic Event Phase is another
simple, easy-to-operate system is necessary. perial player has to be even more so . The draw of an event card and is more or less a
SPI has supplied one . There are several states system does not suit the all-out attack . random event. Typical events include
in which the population can be, ranging from How could the major criticisms of the changes in planet loyalty, attacks by a ghost
Imperial to Rebel control through various in- system be overcome? One possible way is to fleet or pirates, and movement restrictions.
between states. Going from one extreme to adopt the system used in Football Strategy, In the Resource Phase, the imperial
the other is arduous, and it is thus difficult which has a matrix where the defensive Player can tax the populations he controls.
for the Imperial 'player to get a planet out of player secretly picks one of a number of The rates of taxation affect the loyalty rating
rebellion. Therefore, most of the struggle for possible defenses, and then the o ffensive of the planet. This revenue is used by the Im-
the hearts and minds of the populace takes player picks his option and the two are cross perial player to maintain existing units and
place in the middle ground . The whole objec- referenced. Each side is constantly trying to build new forces. The Rebels gain resources
tive of the Rebel player is to shift planets out-guess the other, which is surely the by placing planets in rebellion . The Rebel
from the Imperial faction to his own . The essence of guerrilla warfare. Also, the units must travel from the Rebel Secret Base
game successfully recreates the long slow number of options could be limited by the Planet, however, while the Imperial player
struggle that takes place, with the normal ex- loyalty rating of each planet. After each side can bring his on from several planets.
ponential growth once the critical point is picks an option, these could be cross The Imperial Strategic Assignment
reached. A large part of this phenomenon is referenced to determine which action chan Phase is another random event which
provided by the Domino Effect. What hap- to use. These action charts would have a list restricts Imperial movement. Following this
pens on one planet can affect the loyalty of probable likely events . A dice throw could phase there is a Rebel turn, broken down as
rating on another planet. Either player will then show which event happens . This pro- previously outlined, then an Imperial turn,
ignore this rule only at his peril. During the cedure would add a bit to the complexity, but and finally another Rebel and Imperial turn,
later discussion on tactics, the importance of thewhole of the game would be improved. and then back to the Galactic Event Phase.
The Imperial Strategic Assignment is a sim-
DIA GRAM II: Character Card from Freedom in t"~ Galaxy. ple yet effective way of restricting the Im-
perial movement to show a typical
bureaucratic army mentality - the attitude
nr.12 REBEL RHONE that tries to fight this war like the last one.
Doctor Sontag The phase introduces a known restriction to
the Imperial movement without letting the
Rebel know these restrictions. What happens
Combat: 2 is that the Imperial Player picks fourteen
Endurance: 2 Strategic Assignment Cards, each of which
In {ell igence: 4 outlines some movement limitation. The Im-
perial player can arrange these cards in any
Leadership: sequence he wishes. However, this order reo
Diplomacy: 3 mains unknown to the Rebel player.
Navigation: 0
Niceties & Atrocities
Home Planet: Orlog
The Galactic Game also' introduces
May heal other characters (see Planet Secrets and Imperial Atrocities . Up
Case 13.72). Receives two until now there is little in the lean, efficient
bonus draws on Gather Infor- system that can be called chrome . However,
mation mission (I). Planet Secrets fall into the chrome category.
Doctor Sontag Sixteen of the planets have some secret such
as hidden wealth, or a special effect such as
increasing all characteristic ratings by one.
While it adds some colour to the game, the a shock to be attacked for the fi rst time by Where the game really scores well is in the
concept adds very little to the system. the Rebel player. The Imperial player has to character game. It has a simple, effective, yet
Imperial Atrocities range from minor get used to the idea that the Rebels are well constructed role-playing game.
atrocities like sneak attacks (Rebel takes fighting back. Due to the nature of the col- Although it obviously cannot have the depth
dou ble losses '" in combat) to the Planet umn shifts in the CRT available to the and detail of the more popular role-playing
Stabilizer, which destroys whole planets. Ob- Rebels , the Imperial forces have to mass to games , the players should nevertheless have
viously, the atrocities have some drawbacks obtain suitable odds . Then suddenly, it is not no trouble in identifying with the characters.
in that they are sometimes one shot weapons always possible to attack the Rebel forces at However, FITG will not be everyone's
and / or can change a planet's loyalties. favourable odds . favourite game, as playing the Imperial side
However, their threat is very effective. Just Keeping revenue demand at a low level demands a player who .is not overly ag-
watch the Rebel units disappear if he thinks increases the loyalty rating of planets in gressive and who can sit back and wait for his
that the Planet Stabilizer is in orbit! Also, favour of the Imperium, so prudent Imperial chance to come. There is no doubt that play-
while the Suicide Squad is not an Atrocity economic management is called for. ing the Rebel side is more fun and provides
unit, it will make Rebel characters melt away. Remember that the Imperium , unlike the more control over density. Most people
A wise Rebel player will spend the first few Rebels, can never win until the last turn. It would rather side with the goodies anyway
turns working Out what the Imperial force can be very discouraging to think you have and rid the Galaxy of evil once and for all .
mix is . It is harder for the Imperial player to the Rebel forces bottled up, while all along
work out what the Rebel player has, because there is a danger just around the corner. It Tactics
most of them are hiding. just lakes a few careless slips to turn a strong Due to the scope and playing 'time of the
Although there are few additional rules , position into a weak one. Galactic Game, few people will ever try to
the Galactic Game is several magnitudes During his long periods of concentra- discover the optimum moves, if they exist.
more complex than the Province Game, tion, one of the few pleasures the Imperial However, general comments can be given.
mainly because of the increase in the number player has, besides watching the Rebels be at- These are adequately covered in the Players
of planets and options open to each side. tacked by monsters, is to bluff the Rebel Notes section of the rules, so there is no need
Long term planning is now even more impor- player over the location of the Atr ocities to go into details on them.
tant. The Strategic Assignment Cards require units or the Suicide Squad. While these units It is useful to show a few ideas of how to
the Imperial player to decide a t the start of are costly, the knowledge that they are pre- play the Province Game, as most people will
the game where he thinks the Rebels ' main sent stops the Rebel player from presenting settle for this level of complexity because of
blow will fall every turn; otherwise a great too large a target in one place. The Rebel time restrictions. The first thing to consider
deal of reshuffling of Imperial forces wiLl be always knows that the Imperial force has big is the Planetary Defense Bases. A level two
required just to get around the Assigment guns capable of blowing away any target. PDB that is up is a very effective force
Cards. Also , it is wise for the Imperial player In summary, FITG has a number of very against both characters and military units.
to husband his resource points, because at good points. The wide scale of the game One of the early objectives of the Rebel
some time in the game the Rebel player will demands long term planning, patience, and player is therefore to put the PDB's down, as
move from guerrilla to a full military level of carefully thought-out ideas. While the mili- this gives him a greater flexibility of move-
fighting. Up until this stage, the Imperial tary combat system is abstract and lacks a ment . Remember that, unless a character is
player has a vast superiority in units, and it is feel for space combat, it is satisfactory. already detected, he cannot be searched for ,

TABLE II: Probability of Action Cards Events

Event Urban Special Wild
" Missi~~ Ab6tttd *~ '
., ',. SuliY~ir' tw;ps ::
• • ~ : •• , •• <... ~,... . '-" •

-.',. : Start Rebellion 3.3

6.7 Diplopia.eyt :,.:' :3.3/ 6;7 ,
" ] Q,O:, ';-J).3
, Coup 10.0 10.0
Coup 16.7 16.7 ,. Cnp;a(Jters;ij~teeted ' 16.7 . 13: 3' '',,:z:l l.3:?'~
J biplomll,~Y :,':' lJ.3~· ' 10.0 No Searches 6.7 10.0 10.0
Free P risoners 16.7 20.0 16 ,7 ' ~Local~ Raid En~niy ' 6:7 - " 3.3 '" 3i}
.Gain', C.haracters ~: 16.7 I f ;f' . ij,j Extra Bonus Cards 10,0 6.7 6.7
- Gather Information 13 .3 10.0 10,0 '~o Creature Attac>~s This .T urn - CU) "" "O.Q .- '.3.; 3. "'''-
";' ,'.
' Seave·!J.:ge Joi.·Fossessi6ru~.· 13.3 '" :" B.3 d·6 ~ 7 Populace Goes Wild 6.7 6.7 6.7
, Start Rebellion/ Stop Rebellion 16 .7 16.7 16.7 Attack ~ ?y q reatures Qr' LocalS ~6.7 13.3 i3>~ ,: "
~ s liho tage .. ~,
' 16:7 , 16.7 '1 6.7 Accidents (One Wound) 3.3 0.0 .
,'''' .. ,
~ ' . 0.0
> Subvert Troops 6.7 6.7 6.7 , ' E[1emy Ageni: ReveaIS'.Mi~.Sion . 3.3 ;-" 3:~ 1: ' 3.3 ,:
F. VEl., 6,7
No Bonus Cards This Turn 6.7 6.7
Summon Sovereign 10.0
10.0 10.0
Mission Group StuinbI.e son E nemy " , 0.0 i .l ~3 ;3 '
Spaceship Quest 'C 10'.0 "" 10.0 W.O Atrocity 3.3 3.3 3.3
~~.~;~.., .. ~.

GALA CTlC LEVEL ' 'Civil War 3.,3 ' : 3'~T , ·n :.

, Steal Enemy Resources 10.0 10:0 10.0
The percentage chance numbers are based on one Miss ion Group per En-
10;0 lOiO 1.0.0 viron as multiple miss ion gro ups affect odds slightly . • This is the
minimum , as the "Enemy Agent Reveals Miss ion" card will increase the
chances of a n aborted mi ss ion . t Character with Diplomacy rating greater
than two/ rating less than tW O.
and a level two PDB makes a good detector. even be helpful (e.g., Zop on Mitrith [143]
A level two PDB has a three colum shift on will actually give things to help the INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS
detected spaceships. Only the better space- Rebellion). The only time in the early part of FOR MO YES MAGAZINE
ships and crews shQuld contemplate trying to the game that a Rebel character is not under- Most of the articles in MOVES are written
get past one . One should not get the idea that taking a mission is when ' he' is recovering by its reader,. We'd like you to give it a try - if
PDB's are invulnerable, as the Sabotage mis- from wounds. Hence if you have one your article i, well written and on a subject of
sion is very effective against them; even so, character left over from the selected mission interest [0 readers, there's a good chance it will
attacking a downed PDB with large space groups, go back and redo the groups. Always see publication. The Subject of your article is
units is the safest way to destroy them. have the maximum number of groups possi- up to you. From time to time the Editor will
The Imperial player never has the luxury ble, particularly in the early part of the game. :;uggest potential article topics. Don't be afraid
to write on other publishers gan1es - MOVES
of too many units, so he must make optimum Some of the missions are more impor- is not a "house organ" that ignores the rest of
use of those he has. In the early turns, before tant. or useful that others. The Sabotage mis- the gaming world .
the Rebel starts to gather milita ry units, the sion will bring PDB's down to allow more Types of Articles. The kinds of articles
Imperial forces can try to bOLlle up and freedom of movement. The differences in the we're looking for fa ll into the following
destroy the Rebel characters. The Imperial success and failure of Coup and Diplomacy . general.categories:
player should always obtain the Suicide missions are sho""n in Tables I and II. You I. Operational AnalYSis. Deals with the tactics
Squad and choose his force mix to contain as will have to decide for yourself which one is and strategy of play in a specific game.
many large units as possible. He should then best. The Rebel Camp mission is useful only 2. Game Profile/ Review. Description of a
follow the Rebel characters around, waiting in an environ at the Patriotic Loyalty rating, game or games with particular attention to its
simulationalsystem and playability . Any criti-
for a chance to attack the characters. The as they have to be disbanded when the rating
cism must be well-supported by logical argu-
Imperial player should always use squads to becomes Dissent or Unrest. Whether you ment and fact (not simply personal opinion).
attack t.he Rebel characters, as his own want additional characters or possessions 3. Documented Play . Description of and com-
characters are too few in number for him to depends on how things are going. Obviously, ment on the move-by-move progress of an ac-
afford losses. Also keep forces in orbit to if a number of characters are killed, thev tual t.wo-player or mUlti-player game. Docu-
discourage the Rebel player from sending his must be replaced, particularly if killed earl)' melllcd play should be the result of several
characters to a planet. Planets with two on. 1\·-1ost of the other cards have specialized playings, the mO.l t relevant of which being lhe
space-faring races should always be a,
well uses which are only occasionally called upon. subject of the article.
4. Field Report. Provides organized, va lid in-
defended as possible because of the Domino The most important is the Start Rebellion
which, if you have a number of planets in formation un some aspect of conflict simula-
Effect. The Imperial characters normally re-
tion of general ilHcrest.
main stacked with their units to get satisfac- unrest, can trigger them all off. Hence you
5. Scenarjoplex. An experimental section of
tory combat odds, so the Imperial player should not have to use the mission often , if scenarios (each no longer than two Iype.wrillen
should accept that nOL only are his mission you are doing things right. pages) in the style of the parent game rules.
options fewer than the Rebel player's, but 6. Footnotes. Short essa ys (no longer than 500
also that his number of missions will be Dominoes words) on almost any subject relatcd to gam -
smaller. The Rebels should remember that One of the biggest aids for t.he Rebel is ing . 0 honorarium is paid for Footnote~ .
some of his own units gel column shifts for the Domino Effect. The Rebel objective is to 7. Mis,·ellaneous. Ar ticles that don't fit in the
being in certain types of environs during get several planets with space-faring races in- specific categories, but which the author feels
combat, so he ought to keep mixed units to unrest, to be triggered off by one appropriate for publication in MOVES .
Rebellion. There is nothing worse for the Im- Manuscript Requirements. Typewritten,
together. to get this column shift as often as double-spaced on white bond. Line length 55
possible. perial player to watch than planet after
to 65 characters; no more than 25 lines per
planet going into rebellion because of the page . Min-max lcngth: 6 tu 30 manuscript
The Mission's the Thing Domino Effect. The Imperial player should pages . Pages should be numbered and tagged
At the character level, it is especially im- heavily defend planets with two space-faring with author's last name. Cover sheet .s hould
portant to decide on the missions. Tables [ races. Always walch the number of planets in give date written, full-name, address, phone
and II show the probabilities of success and the unrest class. Remember that in order to number, suggested title, and honorarium
t.he risks of each different mission in the three stop a planet changing from rebellion to preference.
different environs . They are useful aids in Rebel control, the Imperial player must sta- Honorariums. For all published submis-
helping one to decide on the best type of mis- tion troops there. It is extremely difficult for ,ions (except leller, and MOVES
sions to undertake. the Imperial player to get a planet out of Magazine pays an honorarium at the rate of $5
pcr running 10" of edited text , calculated to the
As well as deciding what missions must rebellion, and the Imperial forces on any nearest half column. Alternatively, Authors
be undertaken and where, the size and com- planet in rebellion must be a prime target for may elect to take their honorarium in SPI pro-
position of the mission groups is importanl. Rebel units nearby. ducts at the ratc of $10 per 10" rendered
Obviously certain mission chances are im- The Rebel player should realize and ac- against the list price of the items. Honorariums
proved by certain character characteristics . cept that during the early part of the game his (cash or credit slip) will be rcndered 30 days
Another important factor is the number of characters will be detected a large percentage after publication.
bonus cards that can be · drawn; and you of the time. If the Imperial player is doing as Cop)'rights and Agreement are located on
should,. examine what type of monsters and he should and keeping military units with the the back flap of the Feedback card in this issue.
locals inhabit the environ that the mission Rebel characters, there is only one thing for A facsimilie may be used.
group is in, ~o that the combat strength and the Rebel player to do - keep moving . Please include with your submission a
endurance necessary for the mission group to Hence, Rebel characters should always land stamped, self-addressed postcard. On t.he
survive an attack can be determined. on a planet with two or more environs while message side of the card wrile I.he name or your
being always wary of walking into a Suicide article. This card will be used [0 inform you of
Needless to say, there are many con-
the st.atus of your submission. Articles and iIIu-
straints and boundary conditions placed on Squad. During character combat, always st.rations cannot be returned. Address all sub-
the selection of missions, mission groups and remember that only the defender can break mis sio ns to:
where they take place. Some decisions are away, never the attacker, so never attack with Redmond Simonsen, Editor, MOVES
easy: for example, Doctor Sontag should your characters unless you are prepared to MAGAZINE, SPI, 257 Park Aven ue South,
never pilot a spaceship. Other choices are lose them or you are very sure of victory . • • New York , N.Y. 10010
harder. Very few missions are ever under-
taken by only one character - no character British Isles. Readers in the British Isles
is that good. wishing to submit articles to MOVES should
Not all monsters are dangerous. Some direct their submissions and correspondence 10:
Charles Vasey, 5 Albion Terrace,
are just irritations, and hence there is no fear
Guisborough, Cleveland TS146JH, UK
of attack from them . Some monsters can