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Heating calculator SKS-4

Manufacturer’s profile

• UAB “Axis Industries” has over 700 employees

• Currently, “Axis Industries” is the largest producer of heating substation

modules, water and heat metering devices in the Baltic states.

• Estimated company turnover during the year 2007 – more than 60 mln. EUR.

• Products of UAB “Axis Industries” are successfully sold in foreign markets:

Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden.

• Long time cooperation with leading foreign partners: Siemens, Wilo,

Grundfos, Hydrometer, Landis + Gyr, Danfoss, Alfa Laval.
Facilities and experience

 15 years of experience in designing,

manufacturing, sales and maintenance of
heat and water metering devices
 70 high-qualified engineers working in
product development and testing

 since 1991, more than 50.000 heat

meters, 1.200.000 water meters, 8.000
disctrict heating substations were
manufactured and sold
 own meter verification and calibration
laboratory with 4 test benches
Heating calculator SKS-4

SKS-4 is an universal thermal energy calculator,
which meets the requirements of EN 1434 and
It can be used for calculating the amount of
consumed thermal energy in open and closed
heat supply systems, where heating agent is
water with temperatures up to 180 OC, and flow
is up to 18 200 m3/h, or in cooling systems using
water or water-glycol solution as the coolant.

The calculator is modular in design, and can be fitted with optional modules
depending on the application.
Heating calculator SKS-4

Features and advantages (1)

• Cold water temperature for open system application can be measured or fixed

• Flexible menu setup – list of parameter values displayed on the LCD may be
configured according to the customer’s needs

• Works with any type of flow sensors with pulse outputs,

• Measures heat or cooling energy

• Up to 4 flow measurement inputs

• Up to 3 temperature sensors

• Two channels for pressure measurement

Heating calculator SKS-4

Features and advantages (2)

• Optical data interface according to EN 61107

• Comprehensive data logger (archive)

• Up to 12 years battery supply or mains supply

• Programmable built-in alarm relay or regulation function

• Tariff functions

• On-site report printing with standard RS-232 printer

Heating calculator SKS-4

Main technical data (1)

Accuracy + (0,5 + 2 / ∆Θ)
∆Θ %

Temperature measurement
number of measurement channels up to 3
temperature range 0 OC … 180 OC
temperature difference range 2 K … 150 K
temperature sensors Pt500, Pt1000 (EN 60751)
measurement principle 4-wire, 2-wire
cable length 2,5 … 100 m
Display resolution:
temperature 0,1 O
temperature difference 0,01 OC
Heating calculator SKS-4

Main technical data (2)

Flow measurement

number of pulse inputs up to 4

pulse value programmable

pulse frequency < 200 Hz

cable length between the calculator and each

2,5 … 100 m
of the sensors
opposite flow measurement possibility (using
for V1, V2 inputs
direction indication signal)
Heating calculator SKS-4

Main technical data (3)

Pressure measurement
number of pressure measurement inputs 2

sensor type 0…5 mA, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA

pressure range programmable

measurement accuracy 0,5 % of range
number of pulse outputs 2
number of current outputs (optional) 2
number of relay outputs (optional) 1
data output module (optional) M-Bus, CL, RS-232, RS-485
Heating calculator SKS-4

Main technical data (4)

Power supply
battery version Lithium 3,6 V D-cell

mains version:
mains supply 230 V AC (+10 / -15)%, 50 Hz, 2,5 VA
low mains supply 20,4 … 26,4 V AC

Environment conditions
ambient temperature 5 OC … 55 OC
ambient class Class C according to EN 1434
protection class IP65
Outline dimensions: 159 x 138 x 52 mm
Heating calculator SKS-4

Recommended flow sensors - convenient and reliable

Ultrasonic flow sensors SDU-1
from Axis Industries

Magnetic-inductive flow sensors SDM-1

from Axis Industries
Heating calculator SKS-4

Also, other types of flow sensors with pulse outputs are suitable:

Ultraheat 2WR7 Sharky VMC

from Landis + Gyr GmbH from Hydrometer GmbH
Heating calculator SKS-4

Application example (1)

Heating calculator SKS-4

Application example (2)

Heating calculator SKS-4

Current markets
SKS-4 was carefully designed according to
specific market demands from Western
European and Eastern European markets.

It is currently sold in:

• Lithuania
• Russia
• Ukraine
• Germany (for Hydrometer and Danfoss)
Heating calculator SKS-4

SKS-4 – the quality you can count on!

• German PTB type approval (No. 22.55/06.01)

• Manufacturer’s company is ISO 9001 certified
• Long-time experience in design, manufacturing and service
• Comprehensive testing and quality assurance program in every step of
manufacturing process
• Full range of service tools
• Own verification and service centre for all types of heat meters

Your opinion counts – we are listening to every customer’s needs!

Thank you !