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Blog URL Genre Soundcloud Twitter Contact Followers Notes

12XU Punk Rock NA de/submissions/ Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
2 Dope Boyz Hip Hop NA Not Listed
https://alittlebitloudermagazine. http://www.submithub.
A Little Bit Louder! com/ Indie NA com/blog/a-little-bit-louder Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub https://www.twitter. https://www.submithub.
A Night In The 6ix Hip Hop night-in-the-six com/anightinthe6ix com/blog/a-night-in-the-6ix-1 Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
A&R Factory Alternative NA com/submit-demo/ Not Listed
http://abductionradiation.tumblr. https://www.submithub.
Abduction Radiation com/ Indie NA NA com/blog/abduction-radiation 635 Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
Acid Stag Electronic Not Listed Note submission guidelines here:
https://twitter. http://addthismusic.
Add This Music Multi-Genre NA com/addthismusic_ com/submit/ Not Listed Will have to follow on YouTube to submit music
Adobe and Teardrops com Indie NA NA 11
http://www.aquariumdrunkard. contemporary, aquariumdrunkard@gmail. Non-genre focused; will post music from most genres if good
Aquarium Drunkard com/ vintage NA com 2925 enough
Asian Dan Electronic NA 884
https://soundcloud. https://www.submithub.
Audiodrums Electro-pop com/audiodrums com/blog/audiodrums Not Listed Accepts submissions through SubmitHub
Electronic, EDM https://www.submithub.
AudioTox and Hip-Hop NA NA com/blog/audiotox-com Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
No specific submissions email. Pick the right sub-editor on the
http://www.twitter. contact page. Focused on Canadian artists. Reviews editor is at
BeatRoute Magazine Multi-Genre NA com/beatroutebc 3
https://twitter. STEVEMARKFULLER@GMA
Beer For The Ear Indie NA com/SteveShoulder IL.COM 144 https://www.submithub.
Best Before Multi-Genre before-1 com/blog/best-before 125 Accepts submissions through SubmitHub
Bolting Bits Multi-Genre com/boltingbits 37
Buzzbands.LA Indie Rock NA 1602
https://blog.casablancasunset. https://soundcloud. https://twitter. casablancasunset.
Casablanca Sunset com/ Multi-Genre com/casablancasunset com/CasablancaSun_ com/contact/ 479 Gives preference to unsigned artists
https://soundcloud. https://www.submithub.
Channel WAVY Multi-Genre com/channelwavy com/blog/channel-wavey Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
Dance Like Nobody's
Watching Electronic, indie Not Listed
Different Kitchen Hip Hop NA com/contact/ 3241 Use the Facebook page contact to get through faster
disco naïveté Indie Pop NA 2137
DJ Booth Hip Hop com/djbooth
Not Listed Accepts submissions through SubmitHub
Indie and http://twitter. andrzej@drownedinsound.
Drowned in Sound alternative NA com/drownedinsound com 593 Fcoused on album reviews
http://www.drunkenwerewolf. http://twitter. tiffany@drunkenwerewolf.
DrunkenWerewolf com Multi-Genre NA com/drunkenwerewolf com 544 Focused on unsigned musicians
https://twitter. submissions@eargasmusic.
Eargasm Multi-Genre NA com/eargasmusicblog com Not Listed Focused on YouTube
https://soundcloud. http://www.submithub.
EarMilk Multi-Genre com/earmilk com/blog/earmilk 33425 Accepts submissions through SubmitHub
Echo Cloud Multi-Genre NA Not Listed https://soundcloud. http://www.twitter. https://www.submithub.
Electronic North uk/ Electronic com/electronicnorth com/electronicnorth com/blog/electronic-north 61 Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
Electronic, Hip https://www.soundcloud.
Finest Ego Hop, Techno com/finestego 47
Multi-Genre with a Only shares free MP3s. Follow guidelines here: http://www.
Fingertips focus on rock NA 292
https://twitter. fortherabbitsmusic@gmail.
For The Rabbits Indie NA com/ForTheRabbits com 49
Indie, darkwave,
independent rap,
Found psych 64309414 Not Listed Focused on people of color and women
Free Breaks Blog Electronic dastard 1335
http://www.gasmaskmagazine. https://twitter. gasmaskmagazine.
Gas Mask Magazine com/ Country, top 40 NA com/GasMaskMagazine com/contact/ Not Listed Covers music only occassionaly; culture focused blog
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. https://www.submithub.
Gems and Secrets Multi-Genre com/gemsandsecrets com/gemsandsecrets com/blog/gems-and-secrets Not Listed
GIG GOER Multi-Genre NA 5
http://vergecampus. https://twitter. https://goodmusicallday.
Good Music All Day com/goodmusicallday/ Multi-Genre NA com/goodmusicallday Not Listed
Hear Ya Indie NA 685
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. https://www.submithub. Only takes submissions through SubmitHub, focused on
High Clouds Multi-Genre com/highcloudsmag com/highcloudsmag com/blog/highclouds 412 album/EP reviews
House Music With Love House 1310 Has a label as well; focuses on deep house and techno
Human Drizzle Electronic NA 1076
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. http://iheardawhisper.
I Heard a Whisper Electronic com/iheardawhisper com/iheardawhisper com/Newsletter-Signup 37 Sign-up to newsletter to see submission information
Indeflagration Multi-Genre com/indeflagration 108
https://twitter. https://twitter. http://indiemusichome.
Indie Music Home Indie com/ThisIsIndieHome com/ThisIsIndieHome com/submit-music/ Not Listed
Indie Underground Indie NA ca/submit-music 704 Submit only during specified timeframes
KaneFM Multi-Genre NA com/contact/ 33
Kings of A&R Multi-Genre NA Not Listed
LA On Lock Multi-Genre com/laonlock Not Listed
LA Records Indie NA 47
http://littleindieblogs.blogspot. https://twitter. Follow submission guidelines here: http://littleindieblogs.blogspot.
Little Indie Blogs in/ Indie indie-blogs-1 com/LittleIndieBlog 779 in/2014/12/little-indie-blogs-submission-guidelines.html
https://twitter. davebeech@louderthanwar.
Louder Than War Indie NA com/louderthanwar com Not Listed See new artist section here
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. http://www.submithub.
Manifesto Indie com/manifesto-music com/manifesto_rec com/blog/manifesto Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub
Monolith Cocktail Indie NA com/MonolithBlogger 1
Music Ninja Multi-Genre NA blas@themusicninja dot com 20177
http://www.twitter. http://www.musicsavage.
Music Savage Multi-Genre NA com/musicsavage com/contact-us-2/ 569 Contact via Twitter
https://soundcloud. http://twitter. com/users/eddyhutchins/sub
MUSIC THAT WE LIKE Multi-Genre com/musicthatwelike com/musicthatwelike mit 502
https://twitter. Spanish language blog, thus, focused mostly on Spanish-
MuteControl Electronic, Pop NA com/mutecontrolcom 42 language music
My Old Kentucky Blog com/ Multi-Genre NA 3387
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. Japanese language blog, focused on niche genres, non-
Niche Music Japanese Indie com/nichemusic com/nichemusic_info[at] 404 mainstream music
Noonday Tune Multi-Genre NA Multi-Genre 787 Accepts submissions through SubmitHub
https://soundcloud. hej@nordicbynatureberlin.
Nordic by Nature Multi-Genre com/nordicbynature com 588 Features artists from the Nordic regions
https://www.nordicmusicreview. https://twitter. nordicmusicreview@gmail.
Nordic Music Review com Multi-Genre NA com/nordicmusicview com Not Listed Focused on album reviews and music from the Nordic regions
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. https://nordicspotlight.
Nordic Spotlight Multi-Genre com/nordicspotlight com/NordicSpotlight com/music-submissions/ 153 Features music from the Nordic regions
Ovrld Alternative NA 29 Focused on musicians from Austin, TX
Pigeons & Planes Hip Hop NA 9548
Planeta Pop Pop NA 742
https://soundcloud. http://www.twitter.
popjustice Pop com/popjustice com/popjustice Not Listed
https://soundcloud. http://www.submithub. Only takes submissions through SubmitHub, doesn't take songs
POPMUZIK Pop com/alexedpromotion com/blog/popmuzik Not Listed older than a month
Pulp Juiced Indie NA 136
https://soundcloud. http://twitter.
Purple Melon Music Pop com/purplemelonmu com/purplemelonmu Not Listed
ravechild Electronic NA 240
SempleSize Multi-Genre NA com/semplesize 240
https://www.sidekick-music. https://soundcloud. https://twitter.
Sidekick Music com/ Electronic com/sidekick-music com/LaSidekickMusic Not Listed Doesn't like festival EDM
Blog URL Genre Soundcloud Twitter Contact Followers Notes
Silver Soundz Electronic com/silversoundz 390
Site of Sound Multi-Genre NA g/viewform?c=0&w=1#_=_ 533 Use the submission form
Experimental and soundsofatiredcity@gmail.
Sounds of a Tired City electronic music NA com 33 Doesn't have reviews, but will feature experimental music
https://soundcloud. http://www.twitter.
Speaker Ink Multi-Genre com/speakerink com/leanne_joseph 153
https://soundcloud. https://twitter. https://www.stereofox. No EDM or commerical pop songs. Use the contact page and
StereoFox Electronic, indie com/wearestereofox/ com/wearestereofox com/contact/ 1822 select 'submit music'
http://survivingthegoldenage. http://survivingthegoldenage.
surviving the golden age com/ Multi-Genre NA com/about/submissions/ 4043
http://www.thedailylistening. https://soundcloud.
The Daily Listening com/ Multi-Genre com/parapopnet 13 Focused on rock; non-English language blog
The Grey Estates Indie NA com/TheGreyEstates 177
The Postie Indie Pop NA NA 107
The Ransom Note Multi-Genre NA com/ransomnoted/ 217
http://www.therecordstache. https://twitter.
The Record Stache com Electronic NA com/therecordstache 505 Prefers Soundcloud links
Electronica and https://twitter. http://www.thewalktowork.
The Walk to Work Hip Hop NA com/Interestblends com/submissions/ 368
https://twitter. contact@thewanderinglamb. Although genre agnostic, the blog has a stronger focus on rock
The Wandering Lamb Multi-Genre NA com/LambWandering com 204 and pop
https://www.thewordisbond. http://www.twitter. https://www.thewordisbond. Must have good cover art (Guidelines here: https://www.
The Word is Bond com/ Hip Hop NA com/thewordisbond com/wib-submissions-beta/ Not Listed
Electronic, indie, https://www.soundcloud. https://www.twitter. https://publishing.typeform.
This Song is Sick hip hop com/nickraymondg com/thissongissick_ com/to/amgZ9x Not Listed
Tiny Mixtapes Indie mix-tapes 496
http://www.twitter. https://www.submithub.
Tonspion Multi-Genre NA com/tonspion_de com/blog/tonspion 708
Tuned Up Alternative NA com/contact/ 105
umstrum Multi-Genre com/umstrum NA 2127
http://www.undertheradarmag. http://twitter. submissions@undertheradar
Under the Radar com/ Multi-Genre NA com/under_radar_mag Not Listed
Velvet Independent Electronic NA com 113
http://www.weallwantsomeone. http://twitter. weallwantsomeone@gmail.
We All Want Someone org Multi-Genre NA com/weallwantsome1 com 3044 Very selective; genre agnostic
We Chill You EDM com/wechillyou Not Listed
Weirdo Wasteland Alternative, Indie NA com/weirdowasteland 31
Indie Rock, Indie https://soundcloud. https://twitter. com/submit-music/,
Wolf in a Suit Pop com/wolfinasuit com/wolfinasuitblog/ Not Listed Only takes submissions through SubmitHub