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Press Release

ARS PIXON- A special kind of Power Bond Steel

ARS Steel is working in maintaining infrastructure for a long time. Recently, it has come up
with ARS PIXON- The Powerbond Steel, built with advanced technology and world standard
of physical and chemical properties. When used with the right proportion of concrete, it
gives a strength up to 10000PSI, which gives the building excellent protection even in natural
disasters such as earthquake. By manufacturing revolutionary steel products, ARS Steel is
fast emerging as South India's leading steel producer.

Infrastructure is an important contributor to the rapid development in the state. In the

present, there is a need to transform the traditional ways of manufacturing steel products.
Now, we need to harness the contemporary
Salient features possibilities in infrastructure. High Rise Buildings,
Metro Stations, Dams and Flyovers etc are the
 Unique Powerbond with most important application based uses of
Concrete due to the New
reinforcement concrete and there is a need of
Engineered Design
high quality of steel rebars to keep them
 Concrete-steel bond attaining
up to 10000 PSI strength with sustainable for a longer time. ARS PIXON satisfies
right concrete mix the needs of modern time construction with its
 Suitable for 100-storey high high quality and unwavering rib pattern. ARS
Skyline buildings PIXON gives maximum safety from earthquake
 Maximum security from and better anti-corrosion resistance. This product
earthquake is known as "The Powerbond Steel.
 Better anti-corrosion power
 Built according to Indian, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Bhatia, CMD, ARS Steel said,
British & American standards "We are pushing for the production of steel
products on international standards so that global
manufacturing technique can also be promoted. It is a special steel product made which
strengthens the concrete up to 10000 PSI with its one of its kinds characteristics."


ARS Steel, an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified steel manufacturers based at Chennai has one of
the largest induction furnace-based steel plants in the nation. The company has never
settled for less since its inception and is strongly determined to set the benchmark for value
creation in every sphere of the steel sector. In 2018, the company plans to enlarge its current
steel melting by establishing 25 MT furnace that will slope up Billet Production capacity to
2,50,000 MTPA plus Rolling Mill capacity to 2,30,000 MTPA.