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Dilara Toplu

Lesson title: Polynomials, Remainder Theorem Lesson date: 08.03.2018

One sentence summary: In this lesson, students are primarily working on exercises that lead them
to the concept of the remainder theorem, the connection between factors and zeros of a polynomial.
Students should understand that for a polynomial function 𝑃 and a number 𝑎, the remainder on
division by 𝑥 − 𝑎 is the value 𝑃(𝑎) and extend this to the idea that 𝑃(𝑎) = R.

Links to curriculum: Grade 10

Length of lesson: 40 minutes


 Students will be able to know the remainder theorem.

 Students will be able to apply the remainder theorem.
 Students will be able to understand the role zeros play in the theorem.

Key vocabulary:

 Divisible
 Factor
 Dividend
 Divisor
 Quotient
 Remainder
 Degree of the polynomial

Teacher preparation:

 Board Marker
 Name card
 Exit Card

Lesson outline
Announcements, general administration, tasks:
3 minutes
 Greeting the class, distributing name cards

Dilara Toplu

Lesson core:

Formative assessment: Questioning, exit card

The teacher mentions what they are going to do in today’s lesson.

Revising what they had done last lesson and finding connections between
2 minutes
today’s lesson. Asking what does it “divisible” mean? If the polynomial does
not divisible what would we say? Let’s look!

Writing two different exercises on the board, asking two students put their
solution on the board.

Having the solutions readily available allows students to start looking for “a
pattern” without making the lesson too tedious.

3 minutes  Consider the polynomial function 𝒇(𝒙) = 𝟑𝒙𝟐 + 𝟖𝒙 − 𝟒.

a. Divide 𝒇 by 𝒙−𝟐 by using long division. b. Find 𝒇(𝟐).

 Consider the polynomial function 𝒈(𝒙) = 𝒙𝟑 − 𝟑𝒙𝟐 + 𝟔𝒙 + 𝟖.

a. Divide 𝒈 by 𝒙 + 𝟏 by using long division. b. Find 𝒈(−𝟏).


 What is 𝑓(2)? What is 𝑔(−1)?

𝑓(2)=24; 𝑔(−1)=−2

 Looking at the results of the quotient, what pattern do we see?

MP.8 The remainder is the value of the function.

10 minutes  Stating this in more general terms, what do we suspect about the
connection between the remainder from dividing a polynomial 𝑃 by 𝑥 −
𝑎 and the value of 𝑃(𝑎)?

The remainder found after dividing 𝑃 by 𝑥−𝑎 will be the same value as
 Writing general form of polynomial P by including dividend, divisor,
quotient, remainder.
 Telling them that we have just proven the remainder theorem, which is
formally stated with you.

Dilara Toplu

When a polynomial P(x) is divided by (x-a) we have the following:

P(x)= (x-a).Q(x)+R(x)
Here, R(x) is simply a constant R.

 Asking one of the students to restate the remainder theorem in their own
words to the class.


18 minutes  The teacher and the students solve interactively the questions related to
remainder theorem from their textbook.

Conclusions and closure: To sum up and the teacher says, “I wonder what you
think about this subject. How do you feel themselves competent about this
3 minutes subject? Please write on your exit card!”

Giving their homework from the their exercise book: “The Math Book”.

Final administrative or lesson tasks: Teacher checks notebooks of the

1 minute
students to control whether students copy the notes from the board.

Resources and references:

 Haese & Harris Mathematics for the International Students Mathematics HL

 Ali Oktay Koç, Ahmet Duran, Gamze Uçakçıoğlu Çakır & Serpil Çetin: Mathematics for
High School Turkish Education Association Publications
 Nilay Alpar, Necla Doğan & Deniz Candemir: The Math Book 10 Turkish Education
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