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2 Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 NEWS 3

Planter installation pushes homeless man out

The Downtown Yonge BIA pushed Ryerson community member Jason out of the home he had set up by installing planters in the area
By Annie Arnone tion for the City of Toronto, wrote
and Jacklyn Gilmor in an email that the removal was a
coordinated years-long effort to get
The installation of planters on a Jason off the street and into housing.
Victoria Street sidewalk resulted in Anderson said the encampment
the forced removal of Jason, a com- was illegal and a right-of-way issue.
munity member who has been using She said the organizations involved
the corner of Victoria and Dundas spoke in advance about the fact that
streets as a place of shelter. there would be a removal. The pro-
On March 21, Toronto Police cess included “outreach to those in
Service received a call for an “un- the encampment on several occa-
wanted guest” situated in front sions by Streets to Homes with of-
of the Tim Hortons on Victoria fers of assistance, including referrals
Street. Upon arrival, they found to shelters, other warm sites and as-
Jason—who had set up shelter by sistance to find permanent housing,”
the restaurant for the past several she wrote.
months, and used other parts of The effort was between Transpor- on the street.” Hortons, as well as the garbage cans the door for him and his friends
campus as a home for almost a de- tation Services, the Streets to Homes He added that his team has been reading “Somebody lived here,” and many times.
cade. He was told to vacate the area, program, and the Downtown Yonge attempting to get Jason into com- “And we just threw him away.” “I think [his camp] was sort of
as planters were to be installed in Business Improvement Area (BIA) munity housing for years, but Jason “I think it’s a little bit ridiculous. bottlenecking the traffic area may-
the same location. which is a non-profit organization never accepted their offer. This, How can you replace a human life be, but I don’t see how it was that
Jason, who did not wish to dis- that works to market the downtown according to Garner, was a last at- with a potted plant?” said Nabiha much of a problem,” said Maitland.
close his full name to The Eyeopener, Yonge area and keep it clean and safe. tempt to find him “proper shelter.” Syed, a third-year graphic com- “If that was his living space, what
said he was forced to relocate. Mark Garner, the Chief Operat- “The planters were to let him munications management student. does he have now? Not much.”
“I’ll be OK, but I need to find a ing Officer and Executive Director know that this was not a location Syed used to see Jason all the time, Ryerson president Mohamed
new place to stay,” he said. The area of the Downtown Yonge BIA, said he could be in—this is not our ap- she said, and would sometimes buy Lachemi said the university had noth-
in front of the restaurant is sheltered the planters were brought in as an proach to push homeless people out him a muffin while getting her ing to do with Jason’s removal, but
from wind and rain. Jason had kept attempt to get Jason “help.” of the area, this was a targeted focus morning coffee. “He was nice, he’d was aware it would be taking place.
his belongings stacked under blan- “Jason has been deemed a chronic for Jason.” say thank you,” she said. “I think they really wanted to help
kets up against a pillar. He was well- homelessness issue in our area,” Some members of the Ryerson Joshua Maitland, a second-year Jason and find him a place to live be-
known for holding open the door Garner told The Eye. “He’s got den- community have voiced their opin- electrical engineering student, said cause they were concerned about his
for Tim Hortons customers. tal issues, various mental health ions about the situation—mostly he also saw Jason regularly on cam- wellbeing and health,” he said.
Patricia Anderson, the manager of issues—he’s been at that space for disagreeing with Garner’s tactics. pus. “I thought he was a nice guy, “I don’t think that he has caused
Partnership Development, Shelter, close to 10 years. If we don’t do On Monday, someone taped post- just doing his thing,” he said. Ac- any trouble. I’m not aware of any-
Support and Housing Administra- something for him, he’s going to die ers to the columns outside of Tim cording to Maitland, Jason opened thing he initiated.”

Students sneaking overnighters on campus

Hotels are expensive, but staying on a shitty SLC couch isn’t! Ryerson students swap stories about staying on campus overnight
By Emma Sandri “mix” of reasons. sleep on these nights and takes naps 45-minute bus drive.” Once he gets said security will wake him and ask
Johnson said her regular com- in the library during the day to catch to Toronto, Alegre said he walks what he’s doing.
A recent post to a Ryerson Facebook mute is two hours from Burlington, up on lost sleep. from Union Station to save money. “Once I confirm I have OneCard
group resulted in students discuss- Ont. “Giving up four hours a day, es- Johnson is a film student who is “Factoring that up altogether, access, they can’t kick me out, be-
ing tips and tricks for staying over- pecially when I have to be at school well-known in her tight-knit pro- so 30 hours of classes, 30 hours of cause I’ll just keep coming back in.”
night at Ryerson, with some admit- everyday consecutively for a week gram for staying on campus for long extracurriculars, that’s 60 hours a Ryerson president Mohamed
ting they had been “secretly” staying or two is a lot,” she said, adding that stretches of time. week. If I were to commute I would Lachemi told The Eyeopener that
overnight on campus for months. it’s cheaper to sleep on campus than She said last semester, there were lose four hours a day. I would be ex- Ryerson administration is aware of
The post, created March 20, spend the $25 a day her commute a couple months in which she stayed hausted, so I just stay on campus,” he students sleeping on campus.
showed that of the top suggestions, requires. on campus for a week at a time. continued. “There’s evidence that some stu-
students recommended people Johnson said that due to her liv- “This semester I’ve only stayed for The fourth-year student splits his dents sleep here and other campuses
looking to have a Ryerson sleep- ing circumstances, she is unable to like four days here and there, may- on-campus sleepovers between his because of workloads, commuting
over use the editing suites, such as move without causing her whole be once overnight per week,” said office in Kerr Hall and the labs or times and scheduling issues,” said
in the School of Image Arts (IMA) family to move out. In this way, she Johnson. “I was editing a lot last se- benches in the George Vari Engi- Lachemi. “I understand the problem
building or Rogers Communica- said she was “stuck.” mester, so I was always staying over, neering and Computer Centre. is because students are really strug-
tions Centre, and pack food and toi- Usually, Johnson stays overnight for like maybe half of the week.” “You want a building that has gling with their workloads and bal-
letries for their lock-in. in the IMA editing suites where she Johnson said she wouldn’t recom- card access to ensure that only those ancing their schedules, which is a
Student Zoey Johnson*, who fre- will catch up on school work and mend students stay overnight on people in your program have access. big challenge.”
quently stays overnight on campus, edit overnight. She said she usu- campus. However, for those who It just helps to feel more secure be- Lachemi also said students are
said that she stays at Ryerson for a ally gets about two to three hours of do, she recommends they keep their ing on campus,” said Alegre. “Also, able to rent a room at Ryerson’s
OneCards on them at all times to get acquainted with security and the Commuter Hostel. Single rooms
deal with security guards and to try other staff just so they know who cost $35 per night.
to get a locker to keep toiletries and you are as well.” Current Ryerson Students’
clothes in. On the nights when he stays on Union president Susanne Nyaga
Edwin Philippe Alegre, a fourth- campus, Alegre usually gets between has said the Wellness Centre in the
year electrical engineering student four to six hours of sleep, usually Student Campus Centre will have
and the president of the Ryerson uninterrupted. space for students to nap in, and
Engineering Student Society, said “Some people in security know incoming student union executives
he sleeps on campus to avoid his me by image and don’t wake me have also advocated setting up nap
long commute. up when I stay on the benches,” spaces on campus.
“So instead of me driving, I have he said. But every once in a while *Name has been changed to protect
A sleepy student needs to sleep. PHOTO: CARL SOLIS
to take Brampton Transit. It’s a when he sleeps in the labs, Alegre the identity of a student.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Editorial perience without partying in my first

year. But might I suggest, instead of
Hostile design
by campus
erson community has come to know
as Jason. Some students take a huge
media. Bed bugs don’t go away over
night, so you should still keep an eye

Bites rushing into drinking when you get

to university, maybe exploring other
aspects of being an adult. Going out
issue with the tactics used to move
him. The city says they only did this
No matter what you call it—hostile with Jason’s interests in mind. I guess
out for any insects in your classes.
Those suckers are hard to get rid of,
and generally require multiple clean-
Since this week has a smaller than ex- to nice restaurants, trying new ac- design or defensive design—it’s got my main question is: was there no ings to fully be considered clear (as
pected editorial section, instead of a regu- tivities that don’t require an ID. I was mixed opinions. You might have other solutions to “help”? told to us by exterminators we con-
lar editorial we have opted for bite-sized able to still make great friends and heard of it in cities like New York tacted). Like we reported, you prob-
content goodness. Here we go! still have a good time without going and Seattle, but even here in Toron- Still talking about ably can’t sue Rye, but you can take
to bars. You don’t have to feel bad, to, the city creates designs intended precautions for yourself. Worried
Fake it ‘til you because if you want to drink you still to target homeless people. Generally,
bed bugs? you found a bed bug in class? Catch
make it have the rest of your life for that. You these designs are meant to create un- that bad boy and identify it. Think
don’t have to pressure yourself into comfortable places you won’t want You’re damn right I’m still talking you have bites? Take a picture. Talk
spending money on a fake to have to stay in for long periods of time. In about bed bugs. But not because I just to your professor and make use of
I never had a fake ID and I never fun. Or, you could ignore me and the case of the Tim Hortons on Vic- want to remember a story that went any university services to get your
thought it was worth it. I, like the just keep focusing your energy on toria Street, a months-long process viral. There are still a couple things questions addressed. You can also
people in our feature story, felt like I somehow getting drunk until you’re resulted in planters being installed to that we shouldn’t forget about be- come to your friendly neighbour-
was missing out on the university ex- 19. It’s up to you. displace a homeless man who the Ry- fore this story disappears from social hood student paper.

PetsInDanger Ryerson Student Club

- Attend exciting social events, develop skills
transferable into further education / job searching,
Design Director
J.D. “Hector The Bulldog” Mowat
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enhance your resume, receive a Certificate for
community service hours... Interns in The
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4.5 million dogs and cats each year. Editor-in-Chief
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We offer a wide range of hair services from colours, to latest cuts News Lopes at least six times over
and styles, highlights, balayage, and organic brazilian blowout Annie “Lola Bunny” Arnone Jacklyn “Surprise!” Gilmor
and more.
the course of the 2017-
Jacob “Charlie Dog” Dubé Emma “Wake Me Up (wake me up
Ryerson students please show your student card to get 20% off Justin “Claude Cat” Chandler inside)” Sandri 2018 school year, you
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018 NEWS 5

The Sun never sets on Ryerson U

Nearly 1,200 people who work at Ryerson made more than $100,000 in 2017 according to the Sunshine List. That’s a lot of moolah
By Justin Chandler What Rye deans got paid in 2017:

Last year, Ryerson president Mo- Thomas Duever, Dean of Engi-

hamed Lachemi made 8.4 times more neering & Architectural Science:
than the average Ryerson grad can $241,500.04
expect to make following graduation.
Lachemi, the highest-paid per- Imogen Coe, Dean of Science:
son at Ryerson, made $410,475.04. $237,360.34
Within two years of graduation,
the average salary for Ontario uni- Pamela Sugiman, Dean of Arts:
versity students working full-time is $223,600.04
$49,000, according to the Council of
Ontario Universities. Jennifer Mactavish, Dean of
“I don’t want to talk about my- Yeates School of Graduate Studies:
self, I would just talk about manag- $221,450.04
ing a huge organization and I think
that the system is very competitive,” Lisa Barnoff, Dean of Community
Lachemi said when asked what he Mo’ Lachemi; mo’ money. Ryerson’s president makes 96 per cent more than the premier.. FILE PHOTO Services: $220,938.67
thinks of the wide discrepancy be-
tween his and recent graduates’ sala- $188,529.02. Even so, $100,000 is nearly three CUPE Local 3904 salary guidelines Charles Falzon, Dean of Fac-
ries. “It’s part of the big picture of Nearly 1,200 people at Ryer- times the median income in On- show part-time and sessional con- ulty of Communication & Design
making sure you get the right people son made the 2017 Sunshine List, tario, which is $34,000, according to tract lecturers at Ryerson earn be- $208.000.04
to manage complex institutions. which publishes the salaries of Statistics Canada. tween roughly $64,000 and $84,000.
“Managing a big organization of public sector employees who make Lachemi makes 12 times that Those workers have been negotiat- Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of
50,000 members including 45,000 at least $100,000 annually. There amount. Following him, the next ing for better pay and job security. Chang School: $192,400.04
students [is not] an easy task to tell were 131,741 people on the 2017 highest-paid Ryerson worker last As previously reported in The
you the truth,” he added.” list. year was Janice Winton, the now- Eyeopener, the union approved a Avner Levin, Interim Dean of
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wyn- The Sunshine List was created in retired vice-president, adminis- strike mandate then later settled with TRSM: $180,686.30
ne made $208,974 last year. To- 1996—back then $100,000 was equal tration and finance, who made the university.
ronto mayor John Tory was paid to about $151,000 today. $300,000.04. See our sunny numbers: With iles from Jacob Dubé

The number of people
The number of people
241 738% 38
The numBer of 250 GB iPhone How much more Mohamed The number of years it would
at Ryerson with annual at Ryerson with Annual Xs Mohamed lachemi could bUy Lachemi makes than the average take an eyeopener editor to
salaries of above salaries of more than with one year’s salary. Maybe Ontario University Grad two earn what Mohamed lachemi
$100,000 $200,000 send us one or two? years after graduation does in one Year

Eyeopener 2018/2019 Elections


SPEAK: 5:00pm, March 29

in the legendary “VIP Room” of the Ram
VOTE from 10:30am - 4:00pm, March 30
via email
via voice 416-979-5262
live and in person SCC207
6 NEWS Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New free speech policy coming Briefs &

Ryerson has a new draft statement on freedom of expression, affirming its role in campus discourse
By Isabelle Kirkwood Local runner knows
he needs to get
Ryerson’s Senate has drafted an up-
date to the university’s statement on
his bod in summer
freedom of expression and is asking shape ASAP
the Ryerson community for feedback.
The process is being overseen It’s not uncommon to see people
by the Provost’s office, with a Sen- running around campus, whether
ate sub-committee co-chaired by to a class or away from the guy they
Andrew McWilliams, the academic ghosted on Tinder. There are some
coordinator of the First Year and strange running sights, however.
Common Science Office, and Anne- On March 25, a non-community
Marie Brinsmead, the program member was reported to be run-
director for Engineering, Architec- ning in circles then sprinting to the
ture, and Science. RCC lobby. There’s no word yet on
“I made the suggestion that the whether he leaned forward and had
statement on free speech be re- his arms straight out behind him
viewed at the Senate meeting held Naruto-style as he fled before secu-
on June 5, 2017,” McWilliams said. I can speak freely now the rain is gone. rity arrived. In the words of Vanilla
“Although the statement on free- Ice: Go ninja, go ninja, go.
dom of expression is not a policy, comittee. He said the cancellation to express views they reject or even and generally focused on how to
the Academic Governance and Poli- played a key role in the decision to re- loathe,” a part of the draft reads. improve the clarity of the language
cy Committee (AGPC) is taking the view Ryerson’s free speech statement. Tanzina Nowshin is a mechanical in the proposed statement.
Vampiric guest
lead on the review process.” Other incidents include pro-choice engineering student and one of the “Our students are a vital part speaker coming
The sub-committee is made up of activists countering anti-choice dem- student senators on the AGPC and of the Ryerson community and I
nine Ryerson Faculty Association onstrators on campus in 2017. also part of the freedom of expres- would like to encourage them to Add the one and only Count Drac-
members representing each fac- Turk said as a part of the task sion sub-committee. She said she is provide the sub-committee with ula to the list of blood-sucking crit-
ulty, two members from adminis- force, he has reviewed many univer- pleased with the drafted statement feedback on how they believe we ters Ryerson has accumulated. On
trative positions, and three student sities’ draft statements on freedom but wants students to keep in mind can strengthen our proposed state- March 20, security responded to re-
members. Some parts of the drafted of expression. it is not a policy change. ment to reflect Ryerson’s values,” ports that a man in the first level of
statement were previously adopted “There are a handful of them [that “I like how the statement clearly McWilliams said. VIC was demanding others “tell no-
by Yale and Princeton universities. are] absolutely wonderful and some affirms that it’s not the role of the He said the goal of the sub-com- body else I’m here” and proclaiming
In August, Ryerson cancelled a that are terrible,” he said. “I think university to prevent individuals mittee is to have the Senate vote on to be a vampire. Fear not! Should he
panel discussion called “The Stifling Ryerson has developed a superb from being exposed to opposing adopting a new statement on free- stay there, he’ll make quick friends
of Free Speech,” which would have statement.” views, no matter how offensive,” dom of expression by the body’s with the bed bugs.
featured the controversial University “Although members of the uni- Nowshin said. final session of the 2017-2018 aca-
of Toronto prof Jordan Peterson, fa- versity community are free to criti- “It is an important issue,” Secre- demic year on May 29. The AGPC
mous for criticizing gender-neutral cize and contest the views expressed tary of Senate John Turtle said in a will make the recommendation as Ryerson still needs
pronouns and what he sees as politi- on campus, and to criticize and written statement to The Eyeopener. to when the statement is ready for a popup barber
cal correctness. contest speakers who are invited to “It’s been many years since [the a final review.
James Turk, the director of Ryer- express their views on campus, they statement] was last updated.” The Senate asks people to email shop on campus
son’s Centre for Free Expression, is may not obstruct or otherwise in- McWilliams said that as of March feedback to freedomofexpression@
a member of Ryerson’s Senate sub- terfere with the freedom of others 24, the feedback has been positive or request a meeting. On March 19, a community mem-
ber was stopped by security in the
second-floor washrooms of the

HOEM sweet (and pricey) home

Victoria Building for shaving their
head. While wanting the look of
Renting a two-bedroom apartment in Ryerson’s new residence to cost more than Toronto’s average rent career is a popular choice for hair-
style, please just stop doing it in
By Isabella Lopes home or out of town for the sum- dent who commutes to campus. “I the same place people sit and regret
mer will have to sublet their units can’t afford to move downtown...I last night’s 3 a.m. Taco Bell order.

A new Ryerson residence opening or pay while not living in them. was really hoping [HOEM] would
on Jarvis Street in the fall will be the Residents will also need to pay be cheaper.”
school’s largest and most expensive utility fees which are estimated at According to the Canadian Mort- Six stoners and a
student residence yet, with two- $35 per person per month. gage and Housing Corporation’s hero disturb
bedroom units costing more than In Pitman Hall, another Ryerson rental statistics for September 2017, The rough monthly cost
the Toronto average. residence, double rooms range in the average price for a two-bedroom for a two-bedroom Ryerson campus
At HOEM, students have the op- price from $10,495.06 to $10,815.06, apartment in Toronto is $1,326
tion between two, three, and four- including a meal plan. monthly, or about $282 less than a
apartment at The hoem Seven individuals were found in a
bedroom apartments, where bed- Tom Laroche, a first-year Ryer- similar unit in HOEM. residence Pitman Hall stairwell smoking weed
rooms are private but bathrooms son student living in Pitman, says While it costs more than the aver- and consuming alcohol. However,
and kitchens are shared. HOEM’s prices do not cater to stu- age rent to live in HOEM, the resi- from the ashes of crime shall rise

A two-bedroom apartment totals dents. “Ryerson needs more residenc- dence is asking about 40 per cent less a mighty guilt. One of the group
$19,300 (about $1,608 per month), a es, but they need to create affordable than the average asking price in To- members apparently stayed behind
three bedroom $18,050 (about $1,500 and practical options,” he said. ronto. According to a City of Toronto for when security arrived to pro-
per month) and a four bedroom at Ryerson can currently house report, the average asking price (the fusely apologize for their actions.
$17,050 (about $1,416 per month). about 850 students in its residences price landlords advertise) for a two- average monthly rent for a There’s the one kid who heard “hon-
Payments are taken in six install- and is working to open more. bedroom unit was $2,252 in February. two-bedroom unit in Toronto. esty is the best policy,” but missed
ments over a 50-week lease, unlike “Residences like [HOEM] are for HOEM is currently accepting ap- “snitches get stitches.” Ryerson will
The average asking price is 70
other Ryerson residences, which wealthier students or students who plications for students to move in by never forget your honesty. Not even
are on a 32-week lease. This means have their tuition paid by parents,” the Fall 2018 semester. The applica- per cent higher, at $2,252 after we find you wearing cement
students living in HOEM who go said Juan Carranza, a first-year stu- tion fee is $50. shoes, face down in Lake Devo.
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 SPORTS 7

Reflections of
there’s a Vine of it somewhere.
Ah, yes, and there’s the time I kept falling on the ice when
I was asked to run from one end of the rink to the other
during a sumo-wrestling competition game at a hockey game

a Former Eggy
intermission. Eggy’s shoes, by the way, aren’t shoes—they’re
large padded socks that fit a pair of Keds or Converse on the
inside and are not suitable for ice skating.
There are lots of wonderful things I got to see through
Eggy’s eyes, and I feel like I saw it all: awkward first-year
By A Former Eggy residence parties, graduation ceremonies, street festivals
and blood-donor clinics. One time, I embarrassed myself on
“Hey Eggy, look up at the ceiling!” Breakfast Television. Somewhere in their archives, there’s a
I looked up. I didn’t think I’d get punched in the throat. video of Eggy in the background with a basketball, about two
It was a holiday event at Pitman Hall, a typical function metres away from the hoop, missing the shot. I think it’s still
for Eggy the Ram, Ryerson’s favourite—and only—mascot. I saved on my parents’ PVR.
didn’t suspect foul play when I was told to look at the ceiling But the best part about being Eggy were the sports games.
decorations; what kind of mascot has human enemies? But He sits with families cheering (or screaming) for their kid,
before I knew it, I was kneeled over, quietly gasping for air. and meets younger hockey players whose eyes widen as they
This was one of many unfortunate incidents that happened to enter the former Maple Leaf Gardens. The courts and stadi-
me during my three-year tenure as Eggy. It was a job of reward ums are full of athletes, fans, volunteers, families, cheerlead-
and injury, with half the pain coming from drunk spectators hit- ers, dancers and employees who are all there for the same
ting me in the boobs, and the other half derived from internal reason: Ryerson.
agony from swaths of people asking, “How hot is it in there?” Nothing quite compares to leading a stadium full of
In 2014, before I even started at Ryerson, I saw the job posting
on Career Boost. The interview was more of an audition: it
was an hour-long meeting followed by an hour of being Eggy I publicly vomitted into Pitman
the Ram, shaking hands and miming my way through different Hall’s outdoor garbage can
scenarios in the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC).
By my first day of classes, I’d already been notified I would in front of an entire campus PHOTO: BRENT SMYTH

be Eggy. At times there were as many as six of us working in a

single season. We were almost our own team.
tour of prospective freshmen. new people. The goal was to be so sweet and friendly that no
one would ever be scared of mascots again.
The next three years on the job didn’t come without I’m sure there’s a Vine of it Even though I never paid attention to Ryerson sports as
challenges. Some of my most mortifying moments as a human an individual during my time as a student, getting to be a
happened while performing as Eggy the Ram. small part of the school’s athletics program made me realize
The highlights include my sweatband slipping down my screaming fans to the YMCA or doing my best air-kazoo solo how much sports offers to Ryerson. Everyone who goes here
forehead until it covered my eyes and then I blindfoldedly fell to Europe’s The Final Countdown for rows of spectators (at belongs to this community—even the mascot.
down an entire set of bleachers at the MAC. least, that’s how I pictured it). Who cares if the songs only I think if everyone looks closely—even through the double-
Another time, I publicly vomited into Pitman Hall’s outdoor lasted 22 seconds in between plays? I’m sure they all loved it. stitched screen of a mascot’s smile like I did—they’ll see a place
garbage can in front of an entire campus tour of prospective Affectionately known on my mascotting team as the “cute for themselves here, too. Hopefully they don’t get punched in
freshmen (Thankfully, my Eggy head was removed). I’m sure Eggy,” I wiggled as I sat and giggled (inaudibly) when meeting the throat in the process.

And the Rams Fans Go Wild

to 30 regulars over the last two years.
Although some of the members aren’t officially “enlisted”
in the group, the Pack still welcomes them with open arms.
Third-year media production students Una Farrelly and Han-
nah Bawn are perfect examples of that.
When the Ryerson Rams go on the road, their fans follow, even when the “We were never even ‘officially’ members of the Ram Pack,”
Farrelly said. “But, we go to every game. We love supporting
team heads as far away as Halifax. Sports Editor Peter Ash reports the school and I just love the vibe.”
“We’ve been going to the games since first-year,” Bawn said.
supporting the school’s athletics program—does its best to Despite not being full-time members, Farrelly and Bawn
do both. are constantly mentioned by other members, and they don’t
For the last five years, the Pack has done everything it can take that for granted. Garcea says there’s no limit to how many
to be loud, distracting, and then some, getting under opposing people can be Pack members.
team’s skin as Ryerson’s sports teams travel across the coun- Whenever Carleton shot an airball, Farrelly and Bawn were
try. Don’t get it twisted, though. Causing trouble isn’t the only among the fastest to stand up and yell “AIRRR-BALLLLL.”
thing this group does. “It’s just a lot of fun,” Bawn said.
The Pack’s flight to Halifax was cancelled, but the next day, Ryerson beat Carleton, and although the Rams would
they boarded another to watch the Rams and Ravens face off eventually fall short in the finals, the Pack still stood strong
in the U Sports Final 8 tournament. for their team, raising their noise levels as the game became
According to Andrea Elliott, Ryerson’s sports information more intense.
specialist, the school “provides supports in coordinating trans- “I’ve been following this team ever since I got to the school,”
portation and accommodations,” which gives the pack an ex- said Musatafa “Moose” Bendago, a third-year media produci-
tra push when they have to travel out of town. ton student. “I just want to give as much passion and dedica-
Adrian Garcea (right) stares into the referee’s soul. PHOTO: PETER ASH
Once they finally arrived at the Scotiabank Centre, it didn’t tion to the team as I can.”
take long for the group to let everyone know they were there, Because of midterms and assignments, Bendago didn’t fly
“COME ON, REF!” screamed Ram Pack leader Adrian Garcea. screaming “R-Y, R-Y-E, R-Y-E, RYE-ER-SON” the second with the Pack. Instead, he paid for his own flight and left a day
“GET IT TOGETHER.” they hit the bleachers. after his last test.
It’s the third quarter of the national semifinal game be- “Our main goal is to improve the sports culture here in Can- “Something came over me, and I was like ‘I gotta go,’” he
tween the Ryerson Rams men’s basketball team and the ada,” Garcea said. “The NCAA is wild. This is our March Mad- said. “At the end of the day, I could’ve had an exam on Monday
Carleton Ravens, the reigning national champions. As ness. We want people to be just as hyped as they are in the states.” at 12 a.m., I could’ve had to pay $500 for the trip or take a 22-
the players trade buckets in Halifax, the Pack stands tall, Garcea, a third-year media production student, is one of the hour drive, [but] I was still going to come here because long-
screaming at the referees to make a call or “keep the whistle core members of the Pack. “It all started with Jared Armstrong, term and at the end of my life, I know I’ll be happy.”
out of your mouth.” Edin Sehovic, Derek Chen and Tommy Richards,” Garcea said Bendago’s dedication shows it’s not all about winning
And even though the Pack isn’t on the court, their constant before Ryerson took on Carleton. for the Pack. It’s all about supporting the school and giving
bickering makes it feel like they’re running up and down the The Pack started out in 2013, when the Rams teams started their sports teams an edge—something that they feel isn’t
floor alongside both teams. to assert themselves as some of the best in the country. Since emphasized enough across Canada.
It’s one thing to be loud. It’s another to be distracting. then, some older members have taken a step back to let others “Brock is a close second…but they can’t compete with us,”
The Ryerson Ram Pack—a student collective dedicated to flex their Ram pride, and the Pack expanded, growing from 10 Garcea said. “We are the Ram Pack. We’re the best in Canada.”
8 FEATURES Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Starting out university underaged means that you can’t always enjoy
going out for a hot night on the town with all your friends—unless you
get a fake. But are the risks and the cost even worth it?



W alking along Yonge Street, just off the Ryerson Univer-

sity campus, 20-year-old Denis Karasik points out a shady
little convenience store, where he got his first fake ID. The
cover to see just how easy it is to get one. I came across a small
trailer across from the SLC where two guys were very eager
to make an ID for me. The place resembled more of a hut, and
place selling fakes wouldn’t take a credit card. For the record:
I did not actually go to get the card, because I am of age and
mostly went for the experience, which to be honest, left me
small store on Yonge and Gerrard streets is one of many places inside the trailer was a desk and a tiny blue square hanging on feeling very skeeved out after all the weird comments from
near Ryerson that sells fake IDs. It cost him $60 and he used it the wall that served as the background for people’s pictures. I the owners.
for a grand total of five times, though it only worked once. “I had to fill out an information form that asked for my name,
was in a sketchy place where I showed it, and they just glanced birthday, eye and hair colour, among other things. The first
at it and let me go. I think I could have given them a credit card
and they would have let me come in,” says Karasik.
Like many other young adults entering university, Karasik
name that came to mind was Regina Phalangee, mostly be-
cause I’ve been watching way too many Friends episodes, so I
wrote that as my fake name and said that I was born in 1995.
M aya Churilov, 20, is a third-year law and business student
at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management who has
been a bartender and server for almost three years. Churilov
felt tempted to get a fake ID so he would have the freedom to received her smart serve certification at the age of 18, and
go out to bars and clubs. Prices for fake IDs typically range though she was not able to consume the alcohol, she was able
from around $30-80, depending on where you buy it from. I COULD HAVE CHOSEN FROM to serve and distribute it after checking IDs.
Many of these places have small, discrete signs that advertise A LIST OF ABOUT 10 PLACES ... When it comes to checking people’s ID, she typically fol-
fake ID or “novelty cards.” However, some places are more BUT FOR SOME REASON, THEY lows the rule that if the person looks 30 and under, she would
open about this service than others. In fact, right across from ask for a piece of identification. Despite the fact that she was
Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre (SLC), there are multiple RECOMMENDED I GET ONE FROM not legal herself, she said it was both a fun and slightly weird
bright yellow signs that advertise fakes with the “best price in SASKATCHEWAN BECAUSE experience having to ID people who are clearly much older
town.” The average passerby would probably not give much APPARENTLY THOSE HAVE A than her. “You really never know, some people could look
notice to this, but to 18-year-olds who are desperate to go older and they’re not, and some people could look younger
clubbing with their friends, this could be the opening to a
HIGHER SUCCESS RATE. than they really are—it’s always better to be safe than sorry,”
whole new (drunk) world. says Churilov. From her experience, people who have foreign
Underaged drinking has long been a staple of the Canadian identification are more susceptible to being questioned about
youth experience. Even though we don’t have to wait as long They told me to stand in front of the square, which was their ID, because so many fake IDs are from different prov-
to drink legally as our counterparts in the United States, Ca- strategically hung close to the miniscule window that gave inces and states. She recommends that everyone, especially
nadian teens and young adults still find themselves tempted some semblance of natural light into the otherwise completely people with foreign IDs, carry around at least two pieces of
to get a fake ID. According to statistics by Teen Challenge dark room. As they were taking my picture with an old Nikon identification, in case they are questioned. The punishment
Canada, 83 per cent of Grade 12 students in Ontario have ad- camera, they kept saying things like, “Wow, you’re going to for serving or providing alcohol to minors begins at a mini-
mitted to consuming alcohol. Based on responses from Grade break some boy’s hearts tonight?” to which I just smiled and mum of a $500 fine.
11 drinkers in Ontario, the average age of first exposure to nodded, and tried not to appear as grossed out as I felt. I then As a server, she has occasionally encountered people trying
alcohol was 13 years, while the average age for their first in- had to choose where I wanted Regina Phalangee to be from. to use fakes in order to buy alcohol. Churilov says that people
toxicated experience was 14. With so many underage drink- I could have chosen from a list of about 10 places, including often use their real IDs, but scratch out the number that their
ers, I set out to find how students get fakes and whether or not Ohio, Manitoba and Quebec, but for some reason, they rec- birth year ends in, to make it look like they are older. How-
it’s worth the risk. ommended I get one from Saskatchewan because apparently ever, during her smart serve certification training, she learned
Out of curiosity, I decided to follow the bright yellow signs those have a higher success rate, though they did not explain that most driver’s licenses have holographic images that have
on Ryerson’s campus that advertised fake IDs. As someone why. The entire process took about five minutes, but they told the person’s real birthdate. Another thing that most bartend-
who is over 19 and never had a fake ID, I felt that I needed to me I had to wait almost two hours in order to get my card, ers and servers are required to know is how various IDs are
see for myself what this experience is like, so I went under- and would need to pay $60 cash upon receiving it. Obviously a supposed to look like from different provinces, since the ma-
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 FEATURES 9
jority of fakes are from provinces outside of Ontario. aside from getting a good education is having a good social

As for the people who use the real identification cards of life, and oftentimes entering clubs or drinking is part of that.
older friends or siblings, she has tricks for verifying the le- To tell someone they can’t enter a club or drink, people are
gitimacy of that too. “One thing that really gets people is ask- going to try to overcome that.”
ing them to do their signature the same way that it is on the
license,” says Churilov, who ironically used to use a friend’s
ID. “A lot of people who are using fakes will memorize all of
the information including the address and the postal code, but
they will never memorize the signature. People think that no
S itting in the lobby of the Rogers Communications Centre,
Alex Cohen*, a second-year creative industries student talks
about her negative experiences with having a fake ID. She was
one will care enough to pull out a paper and pen and make able to legally drink as of October 2017, but before that, she
them sign—but they do.” used her older sister’s expired driver’s license and tried many
Churilov actually witnessed this herself on a night out when times to pass it off as herself. Even though she was using her
she was in first year. Her friend, who was using a real ID she sister’s real ID, she was still unable to have it pass as her ID
purchased from someone who looked like her, was asked to when she was trying to get into clubs and bars, despite the
do the same signature that was on the card. Since she was fact that they look very similar. Though this form of fake ID
unable to, she was not allowed to get into the club. Churilov is typically considered to be the most effective, her experience
quickly learned from her friend’s mistake, and immediately shows that this is definitely not a foolproof plan.
learned how to do the exact signature that was on her own She began using her sister’s ID the summer before univer-
fake ID, jokingly saying she treated this like it was her “job.” sity, when she was still 17, and since she has a late birthday,
This turned out to be in her favour when she went to a concert she tried to use it until she turned 19 in second year. Unfor-
that was a 19 plus event—Churilov managed to get through tunately for her, it was never accepted by anyone in Toronto,
two security guards and a bartender before being questioned and she was only able to use it while she was travelling in Italy
by another security guard who asked to look at her ID. Churi- during the summer before starting university. “It worked re-
lov says that the overly-cautious security guard did not believe ally well when I was travelling, because they literally don’t care
that it was her ID, and starting questioning her about the in- at all in Europe,” she says. Many European cities allow you to
formation on the card, all of which Churilov had meticulously drink below the legal age if accompanied by an adult or being
memorized. The guard ended up pulling out a piece of paper served with a meal.
and a pen, and asked her to redo her signature. She was 17 at the beginning of first year, and many of her
“I did the signature perfectly, like right on. They saw that friends were already 19, since some of them took a gap year
the signature was identical to the one on the card, so they after high school. “They were all going out and I just felt it
couldn’t say anything else to me and let me go through,” was so unfair that I couldn’t join them.” As a commuter stu-
laughed Churilov. dent, she was afraid that she would not get as many chances
to go out at night because of her long commute to Thornhill,
Ont. However, she befriended many people who lived on resi-

K arasik got his first fake ID in the summer before starting

university, when he was still 17, from that small conve-
nience store at Yonge and Gerrard streets. His friends were
dence, and was able to stay over with them whenever she was
going out late.
The first time she ever used her sister’s ID was when she
getting one and he decided to get one as well, thinking that was trying to get into Grace O’Malley’s Pub in first year. How- LICENCE HAS...
this would be of use to him since he has a late birthday. Like ever, she did not study the information that was on her sister’s
many first-year students, Karasik was going to be away from ID card before showing it to the bouncer, as she was supposed
home for the first time, and wanted to take advantage of his to. The bouncer asked her a pretty simply question—what her
new-found freedom, without letting his lack of legality get in age was—and she froze, and guessed an age. “He literally just
his way. handed me back the card, and said no,” she says. “My sister and
I also have different coloured eyes, so the whole time he was
“THEY WERE ALL GOING OUT AND talking to me, I kept trying to look away and cover my face,
I JUST FELT IT WAS SO UNFAIR which probably didn’t help my case.” If the bouncer had de-
cided to take action, she could have been charged with identity
THAT I COULDN’T JOIN THEM.” fraud, fined and gone to prison for a maximum of five years
for using her sister’s ID.
The process of getting an identification card was quick However, despite her somewhat negative experience using
and easy. “You just go to the back, fill out some information. her fake ID, she still believes that what she did was a much bet-
I think I made up a fake name and fake location, and then ter option than going out and getting an actual fake ID card. “If
they just took my picture and that was it,” says Karasik. “I you don’t mess up the questions like I did, you’ll probably get
just paid up the $60 and I had my ID.” He says there were a in without any problems,” she says.
variety of places where his ID could be from, including ones
from various U.S. states, but Karasik opted to get one from
In hindsight, Karasik says this was a “bad investment” and
“a serious waste of money,” since he really did not make much
K arasik sits with a beer at Ryerson’s campus pub, Ram in
the Rye. Though he has been legal for over a year now,
he never takes it for granted that he is able to use his real ID
use of it during his nights out. “The amount of money I spent when he wants to order a drink, and not be questioned every INCLUDE...
versus the value I got out of it—it just wasn’t a good purchase,” time he does so.
says Karasik. After giving up on using his fake ID, he chose to “The legal age to be an adult is 18, so I think a lot of people
use his older brother’s real ID which he says was much more feel like they should be entitled to make decisions for them-
effective. He was able to get into clubs and bars with his broth- selves, and be able to purchase alcohol at the age of 18 as well,”
er’s ID, because he looks a lot like him. says Churilov. “People just get tempted with that—you’re of-
“I think instead of spending money to get a fake ID, the ficially an adult but you are still restricted in what you can and
smartest option would be to find someone who looks like cannot do. I feel like a lot of people don’t really take well to
you, or at least your pictures look alike, and use their real ID,” that and choose to get fake IDs instead of waiting for their
says Karasik. “It’s the best way to go, it’s what actually worked 19th birthday.”
for me consistently with little to no questioning.” Though he Karasik recalls the first time he used his real ID when he
no longer needs a fake ID, he thinks that businesses that cre- went out for his nineteenth birthday, and the feeling of free-
ate false identification documents rip off a lot of adolescents, dom that came along with being able to order a drink with
charging them a lot of money for ID cards that rarely work. his real ID. He had a great feeling of relief knowing that he
Karasik also says that the fact that Ontario’s legal drinking no longer has to worry about his ID being accepted and will
age is 19 also does not help, because while a lot people drink never have to forego a night of clubbing for a night of binge
in high school, many are especially more tempted to do so watching Netflix. Karasik had to wait until the beginning of
as a university student. “I think that’s crazy—when you’re 16 second year to be able to legally drink, and through all of the
you can operate a vehicle, when you’re 18 you can serve in issues he had with his various fake IDs, he’s glad he can finally
the army but you have to be 19 to drink? I don’t see the logic throw them all out.
in that,” says Karasik. “It’s part of your university experience, *Name has been changed to protect anonymity.
10 COMMUNITIES Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fighting for access to menstrual products

After a university-wide referendum, the Centre for Women and Trans People are using the extra funds towards more free products
By Valerie Dittrich who ‘looks’ like they menstruate, products. Other Canadian universi-
but share it with everyone,” Gladysz ties like McGill University provide
Paying for an education is hard says. “You just don’t know. Even if discounted menstrual and sexual
enough on students, and the added they’re talking to someone who is health products at a fixed price, al-
cost of buying menstrual products male-identifying or who won’t use lowing students to order the prod-
each month puts a burden on those those services, they could be sharing ucts they need online.
who need it. At Ryerson, the Cen- it with someone who will.” Cruzat-Whervin said buying men-
tre for Women and Trans People is First-year journalism student Ch- strual products is not only a financial
working to change that. antelle Cruzat-Whervin said she burden but an issue of accessibility.
As a result of the university-wide remembers her first day at Ryerson “University is so expensive in itself, so
referendum from the Ryerson Stu- and how useful it would have been to when it comes to buying these prod-
dents’ Union equity service cen- know about free menstrual products ucts, it’s really annoying because it’s
tres, each centre will receive extra Rye community members can get free menstrual products. on campus. “I had to run to the Eaton not something anyone wants [to do].
funding after the first round of fall Centre because I didn’t know they It’s annoying we have to pay more for
tuition is received. The Centre for not have access to it, it’s necessary wide referendum comes in fall 2018, had it. It doesn’t make sense if they something [we] can’t control.”
Women and Trans People wants for the survival of people who go which would allow them to have have it and no one knows about it.” Some washrooms on campus
to put part of that funding towards through menstruation.” more supplies more often. But right charge students to use products
better access to menstrual products Until 2015, sanitary products for now, not every student is aware of in the dispensers, which are often
on campus. periods were considered a luxury in what the centre has to offer. “Menstruation empty and remain that way. Full-
Casandra Fullwood, a coordinator the eyes of the Canadian government. Fourth-year journalism student wood said the university should
at the Racialised Students’ Collective “Menstruation is different for ev- Kayla Gladysz didn’t know the cen-
is different for push for free dispensers in all wash-
as well as a volunteer for the Centre erybody,” Fullwood says. “It’s not just tre handed out free pads and tam- everybody. It’s not just rooms, not just women’s, to make
for Women and Trans People, says a gender thing. We want people to feel pons. While she said she thinks it’s a gender thing” it more accessible for anyone who
the centre wants to get more ac- as comfortable as they can throughout a great initiative, Gladysz said they needs menstrual products.
cess to accurate pregnancy tests and that time. It’s not one-size-fits-all. could put some work into their vis- In regards to outreach, Fullwood
more variety of sanitary products, Everyone has their own way of how ibility on campus. Students living in poverty or low- says the centre is working on its visi-
such as menstrual cups and more menstruation affects them.” Gladysz suggested posting flyers in income households are especially bility on campus, besides just through
educational programming that dis- The Centre for Women and gender-neutral washrooms as a step affected by the price of menstrual orientation and handing out gift
cuss topics like consent. Trans People provides free pads and in the right direction, as well as mak- products. The average box of tam- bags. “We want to connect more with
“Tampons and pads and other tampons outside of room 210 in the ing students more aware of these ser- pons costs between $7 and $10, com- people in residence and even profes-
sanitary products aren’t considered a Student Campus Centre, but Full- vices during orientation week. ing out to approximately $120 a year. sors when they talk about resources
necessity,” Fullwood says. “Students wood said they often run out. Their “I think it’s important to share that So far, Ryerson’s medical centre on campus, this should be another
and other community members may extra funding from the university- information with not just someone doesn’t provide any free menstrual resource for students.”
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 COMMUNITIES 11

New award for racialized trans students

Rye prof Alan Sears says the award will honour the different journeys racialized trans students have and support them financially
By Denise Paglinawan “We thought an education award
in her name would be the best use
Ryerson has created a new scholar- for the funds because she was about
ship for racialized trans students in empowering other trans women of
honour of late Black Muslim trans colour,” said Mohamed.
activist Sumaya Dalmar. Mohamed brought the idea to his
She was also known as Sumaya professor and chair of Ryerson’s so-
Ysl. The prominent Toronto trans ciology department Alan Sears, who
activist was 26 years old when she helped bring the idea to University
died in 2015. According to the To- Advancement.
ronto Police Service, the results of “We recognize that trans people
Dalmar’s autopsy were inconclusive. of colour face racism and face trans-
The award was created by other phobia,” Sears said. “There are all
queer and trans people of colour and kinds of reasons to expect there
spearheaded by Dalmar’s close friend, might be need [for the award].”
Lali Mohamed, who graduated from Sears said he was thrilled about Sumaya Dalmar with a photograph taken by Ryerson graduate Abdi Osman. PHOTO: ABDI OSMAN

Ryerson’s sociology program in 2013. the award, which will help honour
The Sumaya Dalmar Award is a the experiences of racialized trans don’t arrive at this university on a honour and recognize that those made accessible by having only two
$1,000 scholarship a racialised trans students at Ryerson and help over- level playing field,” he said. barriers are real and unless we find requirements: they must be a trans
student can receive, and will launch come some of the barriers they face, A 2017 City of Toronto report ways to address those barriers, we’re Ryerson student of colour and they
in the fall. such as financial need. on transgender youth says trans not really welcoming people in must be in financial need.
A community of almost 200 indi- “There are very specific experi- people face widespread employment equally,” Sears said. “If we treat all “It was really important for [Dal-
viduals who wanted to create a leg- ences with the systemic barriers and housing insecurity and finan- students exactly the same, we’re not mar] to find ways to empower other
acy in Dalmar’s name came together people face in the form of racism, cial barriers to accessing uninsured honouring the different journeys trans women of colour so we wanted
in 2015 to raise funds to memorial- transphobia, anti-queer or settler health services. that they’ve taken to get here.” to make sure that education became
ize her, Mohamed said. colonialism, [which] means people “As an institution, we need to Mohamed said the award was more accessible,” he said.

Club jobs: when play turns into work

Rye students who work in the nightlife industry say they can make business connections while paying for school at the same time
By Lidia Abraha sure all of the guests paying for the
booth are having a good time. Her
On the surface, it looks like they work has helped her grow a network
are being paid to drink and party, of models, designers and artists who
but look closer and you’ll find have a mark in the fashion industry.
Ryerson students capitalizing on Tandon said she’s been connect-
the diverse network of Toronto’s ed with Jeff Rustia, the founder
nightlife. From club promotion to of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week,
bottle service, students are build- through her nightlife connections.
ing valuable connections in the She’s also been able to meet famous
city’s bars and clubs. musicians such as Jay Sean, Karl
The nightclub scene is a known Wolf and Roy Woods.
part of Toronto. Every weekend, As exciting as it sounds to work
King St. W. and other Toronto club- in the nightlife industry, it is a very
bing districts are lined with people slippery slope according to Tandon.
going to different parties and events. Her program makes it especially dif-
Although there are lots of jobs Third-year fashion design student Akshita Tandon. PHOTO: DOOR THREE NIGHTCLUB ficult for the nightlife experience
for students in the nightlife indus- not to interfere with her studies.
try, the most popular one is club “There are other promoters that have a great turnout. said Guest. “Sometimes you do get off track,”
promotion. This commission-based have clothing brands, marketing For Calabrese, promoting was a Guest said that as a woman work- said Tandon. “I end up going out like
job pays based on the amount of companies, video graphics, and way to make money for his person- ing around alcohol, you sometimes six times a week. At the end of the
people you can get on your guestlist. [this] allows them to meet enough al business. This way, he can make have to deal with harassment, like day, I know what I need to do. You
The more people on the list, the people to sustain their business, enough money to live in Toronto groping. She said the nights can also just have to stay focused … You have
more money you make. Most pro- and help them gain a base of po- by working just two days a week, be hectic because you’re expected to to remember your vision, and what
moters will post across social media tential clients or customers.” which gives enough time to pursue work in crowded venues and make you want in life. Remember that par-
that their guestlist is open. Once Calabrese co-runs a company independent business projects. sure everyone is happy. tying is great, but it’s temporary.”
people are on the guestlist, club- with his brother called UNCRWND Fiona Guest*, a third-year busi- As a bottle service girl, Guest Toronto students have an advan-
goers have a chance to avoid paying Events, where they host local un- ness management student, has been makes tips off of the bottles sold at a tage in the entertainment industry
the $20 cover and can sometimes, derground hip-hop concerts. They working as a bottle service girl for booth, which can range from $30 to through the lively nightlife of the
if they’re really lucky, hang out at have hosted events with artists like almost six months at Maison Mer- $900 per night. city. Professionals in music or fashion
bottle-filled booths. French Montana, Tory Lanez and cer, on Mercer and John streets in However, it’s not just business are often big players in this scene, and
Conrad Calabrese, a fourth-year Baka Not Nice. the Entertainment District. Her job students that work in the nightlife Ryerson students are able to capital-
Marketing major, has been promot- Through successfully creating is to sell bottles of alcohol and bring industry; there are other students ize off that. Whether it’s making extra
ing clubs for over two years. Cala- relationships with guests, being a them to the booth, which is not as who find their careers intersecting money on the side, funding business
brese said the connections he’s made long-time promoter has given Ca- easy as it seems. with Toronto clubs. projects, or making strong connec-
have given wings to his personal labrese venue options for after-par- “It’s good as a part-time job, you Akshita Tandon is a third-year tions, there are long-term benefits to
business projects. ties and other music events. Conse- probably make the most amount of fashion design student who works this work and a community at Ryer-
“Every week, you’re meeting a quently, the clubs are also marketing money working here than any regu- as a VIP host at Door Three on King son participating in it.
new face, and potentially a new and promoting his events, which lar serving job. But it’s a lot more and Bathurst in the Fashion District. *Name has been changed to protect
person to work with,” he said. gives the extra “push” he needs to demanding and a lot more stressful,” Her job is to book booths and make identity
12 ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, March 28, 2016

I tried to become a Ryerson ‘baddie’

A popular Instagram page called Ryerson Baddies features four ‘baddies’ per month, I tried to be one of them, whatever that meant
By Premila D’Sa found that other schools have their “Because they’re really just putting Every time I took one, I couldn’t braids” and cornrows fashionable.
own baddies pages—and they’re a lot them out there for any kind of com- see myself being able to post it on- You’d have to scroll down the Ry-
The first time someone called me bigger than Ryerson’s. UofT Baddies ment that people want to give you.” line for a plethora of instagram erson baddies page for a little while
a ‘baddie’ I was in a grimy nightclub has 11k followers and posts almost Molly Flemming, another Ryer- strangers to see. before you see a Black woman.
in Kingston, Ont. My ultimate jam, every day. Queen’s University’s bad- son baddie also found out she was I called Penman for some advice. In her paper, “The “Batty” Politic:
Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On had dies page has 27.8k followers, the featured on the page when she was “It’s such an attitude thing,” she Toward an Aesthetic of the Black
just come on, activating an insatiable page bio jokes that they’ve helped in- tagged. Flemming was featured said. “The look matters but it has a Female Body”, Janell Hobson, a
urge in me to get as low to the floor crease enrolment by “900” per cent. twice, the second time the page lot to with how you act and the de- professor of women’s, gender, and
as possible. The pages featured mostly girls, but asked permission. meanour that you have.” sexuality studies at the University
“Ayy, she’s a baddie still,” said some- there were a few guys sprinkled in. “I am not mad about the post,” at Albany points out that the physi-
one from the sweaty club crowd. I The girls mostly posed to show off said Flemming. “But it’s nice to be “Really just dress for cal features popular on baddies (ie:
didn’t think much of it at the time, their curves and faces. There wasn’t asked before posting my name and full lips, pronounced curves, round
partially because I had no idea what it much going on with the guys pos- face on a public site.” how you want to look. butts) were historically seen as “gro-
meant, but mostly because I was in my ing, the closest thing to a consistent Penman agrees, but in her case, It’s such an attitude.” tesque” and “undesirable” on Black
Missy Elliott zone. trend was looking away from the the surprise exposure is also a busi- women. There’s an obvious racial
A couple years later, I was in an camera while casually flexing every ness transaction. divide with what we celebrate on
Uber on my way home with my body muscle. “For people like me that make Noor pointed out the same thing some bodies and criticize on others.
friends after a night at another ge- But the more baddie pages I most of their money off social media, when I asked her about it. At the end of the day what I
neric, grimy club and I was thinking browsed, the more I realized that I getting me that exposure and having “I’ve been told that I hold myself couldn’t really figure out was who
about the term. wasn’t exactly baddie material. So I other people come to my page, it’ll up high and that I always seem con- decides these things? Is it really the
“Yo, what’s a baddie?” I turned decided to turn to some real baddies come back as revenue eventually.” fident,” she said. nameless face behind an instagram
around to ask my friends. to figure out what I could do to get Noor says that she takes it as a com- But I’m a pretty confident person account? Does this stuff really even
No one gave me the concise Wiki- there. pliment, and the exposure always gives too, borderline narcissistic, so it matter?
pedia answer I was looking for, but her a boost in Instagram followers. didn’t seem like that was my prob- Again, I went back to the baddies.
one of my friends pulled out his phone “Two celebrity rappers started fol- lem. It was the look. I just didn’t feel Most of them said they don’t really
and opened up an Instagram page. It “Two celebrity lowing me, which is weird but kind or look like myself and it was throw- think about it. And maybe that’s the
was called “Baddies of Ryerson To- of cool.” ing me off. As cheesy as it sounds, point, the demeanour of a baddie is
ronto.” The page has a little over 2,000
rappers started Armed with my newly found it really did feel like I was trying to that you’re really just out here for
followers and the bio says that every following me, which knowledge of baddie culture, I went be someone else. The moment re- yourself, and you don’t care what
month, they pick four so-called “bad- is weird but cool.” home to begin my transformation. minded me of the few articles I came other people think. And sometimes
dies” to feature on their ‘gram. I found my most Fashion Nova- across in my initial research discuss- people celebrate that. Baddies, at the
I spent a solid half-hour scrolling esque dress, did my makeup, mak- ing the problematic aspects of the end of the day, just seem like people
through the countless well-posed Sarah Penman, 19, used to study ing sure to define my brow and flick “baddie” trend. The baddie aesthetic who are really confident about who
selfies on the page. These people fashion communications at Ryer- my winged liner as dramatically as I is Instagram-based and heavily in- they are and what they look like.
were good looking, well dressed and son. She dropped out to pursue a ca- could manage. Then I grabbed my fluenced by figures like Kylie Jen- Penman says I’m thinking way
looked like they spent weekends in reer in social media, where she now phone, clicked on the camera app ner and Kim Kardashian. Jenner’s too much about it. The term is a
infinity pools hanging out with Post makes the majority of her income. and tried to pop some poses. Tak- aesthetics have hit popularity with trend after all, so no one knows how
Malone or something. A couple Her Instagram page has 48.1k fol- ing inspiration from the baddies the young instagram demographic, much longer the “baddie” is going to
minutes before, I barely remem- lowers, and almost every other post page, I first tried a couple close ups, but people have consistently point- stay relevant.
bered the term baddie, but at that is a brand deal. Penman says she’s with a casual head tilt. Then I got a ed out that she’s commoditized as- “It’s just human nature,” said Pen-
moment, all I wanted was to be one. been featured on so many of “bad- little more advanced, squatting in pects of Black culture. While Black man. “It’ll be in and out just as quick
Had some sweaty stranger in dies” pages, she can’t keep track. front of my mirror as baddie-esque women are discour- as the next person that comes in a
Kingston not proclaimed me a bad- “There’s definitely a ‘look,’” said as I could. I looked good, but aged for natural new look.”
die almost a year ago after all? That’s Penman, when I asked for tips. “I the photos weren’t hairstyles, Jen- She has a point, I’m not rocking
got to count for something. mean if you look at the pages it’s really turning ner received the emo bangs that seemed like
The only other time I heard the girls that I feel look kind of unique out well. acclamation life and death to me in 2008. But
term baddie was in reference to but at the same time there’s a mould for making from my brief baddie experience,
Baddie Winkle, the 89-year-old In- to them—it has a lot to do with “boxer I think being a baddie is about be-
sta-famous grandmother. But Win- makeup trends, style trends, what- ing confident and doing things
kle is her own niche brand of baddie ever’s popular at the time.” your own way, and maybe that
so I couldn’t take much from her. So what is the look? How do I get isn’t so much of a trend, but rath-
I decided to start my baddie re- it? Penman says it’s pretty simple. er a movement, a way of self-care.
naissance by getting straight to the “In Toronto, it’s so Fashion Nova “Really just dress for how you want
source—the Ryerson baddies’ page right now—like a Fashion Nova ‘fit to look. It’s such an attitude, I really
on Instagram. I found my way into and the Kylie cosmetics lips gloss, like as long as you’re confident, you
the DM and quickly shot a message. the big glasses and lash extensions.” can rock any look whether or its
“Hey, what’s up,” I said, casually. Sabrina Noor, another “Ryerson trending. And really be creative,
“So how do I become a baddie and baddie” and a language and intercul- these pages are posting everyone
get on this page?” tural relations student, agrees that because they fit this mould, but
I waited for minutes, then hours, the look has a lot to do with being a do your own thing and what you
then days—nothing. If the baddies baddie. Noor suggested well-crafted feel confident in.”
page wasn’t going to help me, I had long nails, tight fitting dresses, pref- So maybe that it’s. You’re a
to take a more academic approach. erably cropped and slicked back hair. baddie when you want to be —
In my initial google search for I asked Penman how she got fea- you’re a baddie when you’re study-
“what is a baddie?” not much came tured on so many pages. ing for a chemistry midterm, or
up besides a couple articles with tips “They just take my photo and hopping on the TTC, you’re a
on how to look like one. There isn’t I find out when I get tagged,” she baddie when you’re in bed with
much academic research on “baddie” said. She says sometimes pages will popcorn crumbs. You’re a baddie
culture, the thing that came closest contact her and ask permission, but when you’re dropping it down
was a concise definition from Urban most of them, including the Ryerson low to some Missy Elliot, feel-
Dictionary which says a baddie is baddies page, usually just grab them ing yourself, and for all the
“famous for being beautiful, spread- off her profile. days after, even when there
ing trends, having on point brows, “But I feel bad for the girls that isn’t a sweaty stranger or Ins-
and an unspoken confidence.” I also aren’t used to that,” said Penman. A baddie, still? PHOTO: CAMILA KUKULSKI tagram page to let you know.
Wednesday, March 28, 2017 ARTS & LIFE 13

Ryerson students want modest fashion

Fashion brands and capitals are increasingly pushing modest fashion lines and some fashion students want the program to catch up

but to make a new pattern and spend est fashion that both Harris and John-
the time and resources remaking the man can recall from their fashion theo-
dress to fit her body type. ries and concepts class, where Mirza
“We need to learn about everyone if came in as a guest speaker.
we’re going to include everyone,” Har- Mirza said big brands are starting to
ris said referring to Ryerson’s fashion recognize that there’s a huge consumer
program. base for modest fashion. “I think they’re
Robert Ott, the chair of Ryerson responding to a trend that they are see-
fashion, said while there isn’t a specific ing globally.”
class for modest fashion, the program Nike has recently been in head-
encourages students to “explore the lines for introducing a Nike hijab,
topic within the existing curriculum.” receiving applause for its inclusive-
“It falls in line with, for example, ness of Muslim women. Macy’s, a
designing clothes for physically dis- popular American department store,
abled people, people shorter in stature, launched a modest fashion line and
people that are taller, larger,” said Ott. almost a two per cent rise in sales.
“We treat them both from a theoreti- “This group of people that has
Modest fashion is a growing trend which more people opting for more coverage in their clothing
cal perspective, so [students] can write pushed modest fashion to the forefront,
By Aya Baradie or cultural reasons. The push for are barely represented, especially for about it, they can express it creatively. namely the fashionable hijab-wearing
modest fashion has increasingly those that choose to dress modestly. However, modest fashion isn’t as woman, has created such a visibility for
With modest fashion slowly tak- gained traction in recent years with In their first years in the fashion niche as it’s conceived to be. modest fashion,” Mirza says.
ing over big brand names like Zara major fashion capitals like London, program, students are required to “This focus on modesty is not only In a research study on the Burkini
and Nike, Ryerson fashion students England hosting their own “Modest design their attire in a standard size for the Muslim consumer,” said Ro- (modest swimwear), Mirza discovered
say the program isn’t doing much to Fashion” week. 10, to abide by the “fashion industry’s mana Mirza. “It’s for people who are an influx of non-Muslim women who
keep up with the global trend. Some “Industry professionals have said sample size” and other standards. For getting older and those who value pre- also expressed a desire to dress mod-
Ryerson students say they are con- things like ‘We need to change this Jo-Ann Harris, a first-year fashion senting themselves modestly.” estly in North America.
cerned about the lack of representa- and talk about that’ but nobody has student at the university, the stan- Mirza is a researcher in modest fash- Johnman says that talks about in-
tion in the program, especially with actually stepped up to make those dards mean she has to cut outfits in ion and is completing her master’s de- clusivity need to stop being such a
modest fashion. changes,” said Cynthia Johnman, a ways that don’t leave much room for gree in fashion at Ryerson. Working taboo subject.
Modest fashion refers to the con- first-year fashion student at Ryer- modest styles, which is how Harris with the Islamic Fashion and Design “It needs to be mainstream to
cept of having fashionable clothes son. “It’s upsetting.” prefers her clothing. Council, Mirza assists in research- the point where walking in Dundas
with a focus on revealing little to no But Johnman says in her experi- “Fashion shouldn’t just be about ing the consumer behaviour trends of Square and seeing billboards with
skin. The fashion style is especially ence, when it comes to representa- exposing your body because that’s people purchasing these modest pieces models practicing different religions
popular amongst Muslim-hijabi tion in fashion, the industry is “elitist” not for everyone,” Harris said. of clothing. and representing different minority
women who cover up for religious and alternative fashion movements This often leaves her no choice She’s also the only exposure to mod- groups is no longer a shock.”

Rye Grad student reconciling fashion

Riley Kucheran, an Indigenous grad student was hired by Ryerson’s fashion school to integrate indigenous fashion into the program
By Émeraude Mbuku fashion redefines mainstream cul-
ture, the stereotypical ideal of what
The Ryerson Aboriginal Centre, lo- a First Nations person should look
cated on the upper side of Kerr Hall like has held them back. Through
West, is where communications Native headdress worn by sum-
and culture PhD candidate, Riley mer music festivalgoers and moc-
Kucheran reconnected with his casins sold by corporations, Cana-
Indigenous roots. Kucheran, who dian brands have long appropriated
identifies as Biigtigong Nishnaabeg Aboriginal fashion for their own
from the Pic River First Nation, financial interests. “If you are gen-
was hired by the School of Fashion uinely interested in Indigenous
to Indigenize the curriculum; he ex- work, collaborate so that they also
plains the process as a personal one. benefit from it financially,” said
“It’s kind of changed my life in a Kucheran
way because I never really engaged Collaboration and giving credit
with my culture growing up,” he where credit is due is something that
said. “The first thing I wanted to he stresses. He asks his first year stu-
do [when I got here] was reach out Ryerson grad student Riley Kucheran delivers a lecture on Indigenous fashion and reconciliation PHOTO: ALIA YOUSSEF dents to use social media as a tool for
to the community because I didn’t critical thinking. “As soon as people
want to be the sole voice, I didn’t Ryerson comes just in time for In- release that the aim of the show “Aboriginal students are every- know why cultural appropriation
want to speak for other people.” digenous Fashion Week Toronto about “carving out space” for Indig- where,” Kucheran added. “I’m not is so damaging to Indigenous com-
Kucheran, like most people of (IFWTO). The event, whose goal is enous art. teaching Indigenous fashion so that munities, they’re more sensitive and
colour, found the process of self-ac- to explore “Indigenous-made fash- Over 50 per cent of the week’s [non-Indigenous students] can be- more critical of where things are
ceptance is difficult for a variety of ion, textiles and crafts” is the first shows are created by women, are come Indigenous fashion design- coming from.”
reasons, especially in social spaces of its kind. The show will bring accessible, and educational. IF- ers. I’m teaching it because it’s more Kucheran also recalled his men-
resistant to change. Kucheran first together 23 Indigenous designers, WTO aims to de-commodify “In- human and community driven.” tor’s words: “Niche is the new nor-
spoke to the Aboriginal centre’s el- hailing from communities across digenous” items that devalue First Historically, Canada has had mal, we need to be designing for ev-
der in order to develop a relation- the world from Nunavut to Green- Nations culture and “empower a complicated relationship with ery facet of society.”
ship with the Indigenous commu- land. The show was founded by Toronto’s voiceless makers” who Indigenous and cultural fashion. Indigenous Fashion Week To-
nity on campus. designer Sage Paul, an Indigenous are not represented in Toronto’s Despite the community of makers ronto will take place from May 31
Kucheran’s research position at designer herself who said in a press fashion scene. proving that Indigenous art and to June 3, 2018.
14 BIZ & TECH Wednesday, March. 28, 2018

Web app led by Rye tests inclusivity

The My City of Migration Diagnostic web app rates immigration and integration in the city. How does Toronto and Ryerson rank?

global average is around a five. Ac- dle school, when a parent blamed teacher in Ukraine, and he says she
cording to the app, this score makes him for when another student got brought her knowledge of that to
Toronto an “intentional city of migra- into a fight, saying, “it was probably Canada for work. Raben said when
tion.” The scores start low, beginning that new Filipino boy.” she started as a music teacher, it was
at invisible, then up to awareness, in- “As far as I was concerned I was difficult on her because she had to
tentional, strategic and inclusive. the only Filipino at the school, bus everywhere.
Zhixi Cecilia Zhuang is an urban which never got in the way of inter- “She would have one student but
and regional planning professor at acting with people,” he said. “I never the money she’d make on that one
Ryerson who researches multicul- felt left out, if anything, people made student would be used on getting
tural planning and the integration me feel involved in everything.” to and from school, and it actually
process in Canada. She took the test Despite this, Toronto still only cost more to get to and from school
herself, and said she had originally scores 0.5 higher than the global av- at the time,” he said. “So she wasn’t
perceived Toronto as more inclu- erage. making money at the time still. And
sive before she took the test. Elliot Max Raben, a second-year then slowly, she got two students,
MyCOM lets users rate immigrant integration and inclusion. “We take it for granted how mul- RTA student, is the son of immigrant then three students, then groups.
ticultural our society is and how di- parents. His parents immigrated to And then she grew and started actu-
By Sera Wong worldwide understand conditions verse, if we just look at the popula- Canada from Ukraine and Latvia. ally making money.”
that improve or worsen migration tion data,” she said. “Yes, indeed, we “[The greatest challenge was] not Zhuang says that Toronto does
Ever wondered exactly how wel- in urban areas. It also helps poli- are multicultural, we are diverse, in terms of discrimination, but kind not fully see its diversity reflected
coming Toronto is? cy-makers design and implement but so what?” along its urban landscape.
My City of Migration Diagnostic practices that are inclusive to all She says to be truly inclusive, pol- She references farmers’ markets,
(MyCOM) gives users the ability to cultures. icy makers need to see our diversity “I’m sure a lot of street markets that sells fresh fruits,
rate immigrant integration and in- MyCOM features five modules reflected in all urban spaces through people will agree that vegetables and the like, and com-
clusion in their city, while profiling that test user’s inclusivity in each strategies and policies enforced not we are diverse. But pares it to street food sold in Asian
strengths and weaknesses. aspect that makes up a city. The only federally, but municipally. countries, and how one is respected,
The app is the result of a two-year sections include “City of Arrival”, “I’m sure lots of people will agree diversity doesn’t really and the other is thought of as dirty.
project supported by Open Society “Home and School”, “Election Day”, that we are diverse,” she said. “But mean inclusivity” “Ideally, everyone should have
Foundations and led by the Cities “Healthy City” and “Cities at Work.” diversity doesn’t really mean inclu- equal access to other spaces, to pub-
of Migration initiative at Ryerson’s Each module takes six to eight sivity. It’s when it’s operated at the lic space,” she said. “I’m not just talk-
Global Diversity Exchange with minutes to complete and a final score ground level, when it’s actually af- of just getting money…so it was, in a ing about the street as public space.
international partners. They pro- is given based on your answers. The fecting everyone’s life.” sense, restarting,” Raben said. We’re talking about the streets, the
vide initiatives and tools needed to app allows you to compare your score Darrick Vaz, a second-year hos- MyCOM allows users to rate the parks, the public libraries, public
encourage immigrant diversity and with the average of that city, as well as pitality and tourism student, im- success of immigrant entrepreneurs institutions, and even some of the
inclusivity around the world. the global average. migrated to Canada almost 11 years in the city. This can include how often privately owned spaces.”
The project helps those who On a scale of one to 10, Toronto ago from the Philippines. He said he citizens use services from immigrants. “They should also have the equal
are responsible for policy-making scores at approximately 5.5. The hasn’t dealt with racism since mid- Raben’s mother was a music right to create those spaces.”

A student’s guide to the 2018 provincial election

Who are the candidates running? What will these candidates do for you? Biz and tech editor Sylvia Lorico breaks it all down for you
to open 40 government-operated Toronto alone. This match from whose parents make under $50,000
stores by this summer, and 150 the province would go toward ad- to receive free tuition and increase
stores by 2020. Ford on the other ditional subway expansions across grant and loan amounts. In Wynne
hand has said he would consider Toronto. ‘s throne speech, she said plans to
the idea of letting the private sec- Healthcare expand the free tuition program and
tor manage the distribution and Horwath made headlines recently reduce student debt.
sales of weed. Potential privatiza- announcing that if she were elect- There has been little mention of
tion of weed under a Conservative ed, her party would ensure that all the Conservative Party’s plans re-
government might mean a change Ontarians would have full dental garding student loans.
in prices. NDP leader Horwath was coverage. In Ford’s speech to the When is voting?
critical of the Liberal plan, saying PC party, before he was named as The Ontario Provincial Election
that it might not necessarily take leader, he promised that the health- will take place on June 7. Students
cannabis off the black market. care sector would get “resources” can vote the day of at polling sta-
Transit plans to reduce wait times in hospitals. tions or participate in advance vot-
The battle to seize Ontario has begun. The Conservatives have prom- Wynne’s 2018 budget for the pro- ing, which will be open for up to 10
ised to allocate $5 billion towards vincial government is expected to days leading to election day.
Ah, the provincial elections. It can Minimum wage building subways in the GTA, with run about an $8 million deficit in or- Where can Ryerson students
either make you groan out of an- The Liberals and the NDP are specific reference to the Yonge relief der to invest in health care, such as vote?
noyance or set you off on a debate promising to keep the minimum line, which is the connecting sub- mental health initiatives and other Where you can vote is based on
about minimum wage. wage increase to $15 by 2019, as im- way from Sheppard to Scarborough resources. In addition, Wynne also your current address. Students who
With the provincial elections plemented by Wynne’s government among other lines. The Liberals introduced OHIP+, which provides are registered to vote will receive a
coming up in June, Doug Ford be- this year. Ford has said he would have recently opened the Spadina- about 4,4000 prescription drugs for voting card in the mail, which will
ing elected the new leader of the keep the minimum wage at $14 York subway extension with more free to anyone under 24. give you your nearest polling site.
Progressive Conservative Party, and would eliminate the provincial plans for expansion. The NDP says Student loans How to register to vote
Kathleen Wynne’s approval rat- income tax for anyone making less they will match municipal opera- In the same speech regarding Visit the Elections Ontario web-
ings at only 19 per cent and Andrea than $30,000. tions funding for public transit on dental coverage, Horwath also an- site to register to vote. You will need
Howarth promising radical changes Cannabis legalization a 50/50 basis, meaning the province nounced plans to convert a portion a piece of ID containing your name
to our healthcare system, we’ve de- There’s still plenty of debate on will pay half. According to the party, of provincial student loans to grants and residental address.
cided to break down the facts for the the how the government should this would add up to $800 million for students. The Liberal govern- Remember, voting only take two
issues important to students with- manage the legalization of can- in funding annually for transit, in- ment made changes to the OSAP minutes. So go be a good citizen
out the debate in between. nabis. Premier Wynne intends cluding more than $330 million for program in 2017, allowing students and vote!
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 WITTY BANTER 15

All the water in the world for Finding Nemo

Ryerson University set to become global superpower after theatre program purchases every last drop of the world’s water supply
By Lyba Mansoor world?” she said. water has sort of gone to her head.
Though Lewis insists she is not a She recently got this tattoo on her
“Smart move, Canada,” said Russian strong believer in tyranny and swears forearm that reads ‘#H2O4ME.’ It
President Vladimir Putin. the motivation behind purchasing all all just seems a bit fishy to me,” said
In a move to get production the water in the world is truly for one student who preferred not to
going on a live-action Finding Nemo, art, a few of her students have also be identified, in fear of upsetting
Ryerson’s School of Performance expressed some concerns. Lewis, who he believes is secretly a
has purchased all the water in James Garland, the student cast water bender.
the world. as Nemo, said Lewis “forced” him to How Lewis plans on transporting
Cynthia Lewis, the director of the take scuba diving lessons. “She wants and using the supply of water she
acting program at Ryerson, the brains me to be able to hold my breath for now owns is still unclear, she’s
behind the proposed live action, and two hours, roughly the length of the been very reluctant in making her
the world’s most powerful person play,” he said. plans public.
since the purchase, said acquiring The play has completely consumed “It’ll really add to the play’s
the water was made in an attempt Lewis’ attention, said Garland, realism,” she implored. “I mean,
to ensure no other directors steal adding that she even banned sushi making a live-action version of a
James Garland will play Nemo. PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA
the idea. from rehearsal practices. film someone already made, it’s
“This idea, to me, is the pinnacle When The Eyeopener asked kind of genius.” “Wait you can just BUY all the water superpower,” said Lachemi. “2018
of my career. I would be completely Lewis about her decision, she Ryerson president Mohamed in the world?” asked a stunned was looking a little bit choppy,
beside myself if someone beat me simply stated, “Fish are friends, not Lachemi, however, is “elated with Donald Trump, the President of but if Finding Nemo has taught us
to the production of it, so I figured food” over and over until somebody joy” at the thought of Ryerson the United States of America. anything, it’s that all we
what better preventative measure started blowing bubbles. treading its way to becoming a “I can think of no better needed to do was just
than buying all the water in the “I think owning all the world’s world superpower. honour than becoming a global keep swimming.”

No class attendance? No problem!

How a Ryerson University history student realized he was still on track to graduate despite not attending any classes since 2014

By Dylan Freeman-Grist attended a class, or even ventured administrator noted. “This is a cus- “I just stopped going,” Wescott running an origami-focused
anywhere near campus for the tomary call we do for students who said. “In hindsight, I’m pretty sure YouTube channel and dropping the
Adam Wescott was surprised when last four years. The call itself ar- forget to apply to graduate, mainly I was supposed to file some paper- odd mixtape here and there.
he received a phone call from Ryer- rived while he was finishing up a because we need to snag those late work, a friend still in the program “I was shook,” he said.
son’s administration early last Tues- 12-week road trip through the Pa- fees—other than that I don’t know let me know I was still probably get- Following up, Wescott logged
day asking if he was planning on cific Northwest, a spontaneous trip or care.” ting charged but I just sort of pushed into his old Ryerson email to see
graduating. he’d made in the interest of “liv- Upon further investigation, it to the back of mind.” what kind of activity had occurred.
“I think you might have the ing life to the fullest before [he’s] Wescott learned that despite his Even while in school, Wescott While there were no sign of cours-
wrong number,” Wescott re- too old.” many, many absences, he was on does not believe he actually actively es he had taken, he noticed that he
calls, replying with a laugh. He “Oh, you just have all the required track to graduate this spring, with a earned any credits. He recalls show- still had time to book his graduation
went on to explain that he hadn’t credits for your bachelor of arts” the run-of-the mill 2.1 GPA and a mi- ing up to one exam with a small photos through the Ryerson Stu-
nor in business law. class of 20 or so students and the dents’ Union and opted to do so.
“It blew my fucking mind,” professor threatened to call secu- “Oh, I’m going to apply to gradu-
noted Wescott, who, in his head, rity because she did not immediately ate for sure,” Wescott told The
had dropped out to pursue a recognize him. Another time he Eyeopener. “I mean who wouldn’t?
career in extreme origami in showed up 48 hours late to an exam. While I’m out here loving life, if I
late 2014. Confused where everyone was, he can add a bachelor’s degree to my re-
Wescott first enrolled in the his- had to double-check his calendar sume without effort I might as well.”
tory program in 2014. After a se- and course syllabus before realizing When asked what his plans are
mester of flakey attendance and his mistake. post-graduation, Wescott seemed
lackluster academic performance, “I just shrugged it off and carried to be taking some time to make up
he decided it simply wasn’t for him, on into the next term, didn’t follow his mind.
so he just walked off campus one up or anything.” “It kind of feels like the sky’s the
night after a bender at the Ram and For the last four years Wescott limit you know? I might start work-
never returned. has been working odd jobs while ing towards law school.”

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