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Year 7 RE – The life of St.

Paul in the Early Christian Church

1. Go to Understanding Faith on the Emmaus Intranet.
2. Go to: Stage 4 - Unit 4 – The Early Church – Part 2 – Page 3,4
3. Use this source to complete the following Cloze Activity by filling in the blanks.

a. Paul's life consists of _____________very different phases - his life as a

Pharisee before being ____________________to Christianity, and his
ministry as an __________________ of Jesus.

b. Paul was born of _________________ parents, probably a few years after

Jesus was born. His parents named him ____________. Born in Tarsus of
Cilicia, he was also a _____________________ citizen and his Roman name
was ________________________.

c. Saul's connection with Christianity began with St ______________ around 34

CE in Jerusalem.

d. Stephen was one of the _________________ ordained deacons in the early

Church, appointed by the Apostles to _______________ the faith, look after
orphans, widows, and the sick and poor. He was to become the
first __________________ of the Church. God worked many
_______________ through Stephen, who preached the faith with such
wisdom and grace that many people became _______________________.

e. St. Stephen ____________ to God before he was stoned to death.

f. God made good come out of a horrible and painful death. As St Augustine
said ‘if Stephen had not prayed, the ________________ would not have Paul’.
g. After Stephen's death Saul became one of the most terrifying
______________________________ of the Church. He regarded Christianity
as the greatest enemy of ____________________.

h. Saul had set out from Jerusalem to the city of Damascus. His plan was
to _____________ the Christian community there. As he was
approaching the city, Saul suddenly fell to the _________________ as
he heard the words, 'Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?' - Acts

i. 'Who are you, Lord?' he asked, and the answer came, 'I am Jesus,
whom you are________________________. ‘Get up and go into the
city, and you will be told what you are to do.' - Acts 9:5-6

j. After being_________________, Saul spent three years in the semi-

desert southeast of Damascus, learning about the _____________.
Then he returned to Damascus, but was forced to leave because the
___________there had planned to kill him. He headed for Jerusalem,
where once again the Jews plotted to kill him. Eventually Saul moved
to Tarsus.

k. From Tarsus Saul set out on many ___________ journeys, and it was
from this point in time that he was referred to as Paul. Paul's greatest
achievement through these journeys was to bring ______________ to
the Gentiles in many different countries. Paul also wrote many
___________ before being arrested, instructing the Christian
communities in the teachings of Jesus and how to live according the
Jesus' teachings.

l. Eventually Paul was arrested and imprisoned in Rome where he was

________________________around 67 CE.

Now make a list of all the new words you found and define them.