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Big Man on Campus: A Raging Success

By: Kelsey McGuggart

In the Degenstein cafeteria on Monday, March 5th, Zeta Tau Alpha- Iota Nu
had their annual "Big Man on Campus" competition. "Big Man on Campus" is an
event where all of Susquehanna's fraternities compete against each other to win the
title of being the "Big Man" on our very own campus. It is a fun and entertaining way
to bring those in and out of the Greek community together for a night of fundraising
for ZTA's philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness.

Philanthropy is extremely important to any Greek organization, as it is their

defining factor. To be able to be a part of a community where volunteer work and
fundraising is a part of your daily life, is a rewarding experience. Over $700 was
raised through the events success and all of the proceeds from this event went to
ZTA's philanthropy.

Zeta's philanthropy team was behind the success for this event. The woman
who planned the night, Abby Levine had to say that, "It was really cool to see
everything come to fruition. My sisters' and philanthropy team's support was very
helpful with making all this possible. In my eyes, the actual event couldn't have gone
better." The event itself seemed to be a major success, last spring it was held in
Degenstein Theater, so moving into the cafeteria allotted them more space. They also
offered raffle baskets, and during the judging intermission, they offered refreshments.

Abby Crumrine, Director of Philanthropy says, "The event ran extremely well.
I am very proud of the donation we were able to put towards our philanthropy."

The judges of this event were a chapter sister from Lock Haven University, Jen
Deinlein, an alumna of ZTA at Susquehanna University, and President Green.

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha- Iota Nu were invited to Lock Haven University
last fall to see their own "Big Man on Campus" competition, and then returned the
invitation to the sisters of Lock Haven to bring them to see Susquehanna's BMOC.

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma, Theta Chi, Phi Mu Delta, Phi Mu Alpha,
Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Kappa Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon and a representative from
Susquehanna's football team took part in this competition. There were different
components that the judges of the event based their scores on.

This year's event theme was "Netflix (no chill)" which ties into the talent and
skit portion of the night. Each team chose a Netflix show/movie to dress/act like
during their entertainment that night. There was a talent portion, where the contestants
got on stage and danced or sang, in some cases, lip-synced, to win the crowds
applause. Another portion held a time for the competitors to perform a skit. Some
chose to reenact scenes from shows like Breaking Bad, and some even got the crowd
involved in their skits as well. The last portion of the event was a question and
answer. Contestants answered questions about their philanthropy, their opinions on
the event, and more.

This year's winning group was Brian Herrmann and Matt Lucero, two brothers
from Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. A crowd favorite was their very own rendition of A
Whole New World from Aladdin. In second place was the men from APO, Troy
Spencer and Alex Dove. The third-place winners were from TKE, Damian Munoz and
Greg Wright. According to Levine, all the contestants were pleasant to work with and
showed extreme willingness to step up and raise money for a good cause.

Susquehanna University's Greek life has a wonderful reputation as a

philanthropical group of students who come together, not only to support each other,
but to support each organization respective philanthropies. There are always
wonderful turnouts at events held by Greek organizations for philanthropical means,
and "Big Man on Campus" is just one of many examples of wat the students at
Susquehanna have to offer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Zeta Tau Alpa holds an
annual "Think Pink Week," planned by the fall semester's Think Pink Chairwoman. It
is a week of events bringing awareness to Susquehanna's campus, and educating
fellow students on the real risks of breast cancer in their lives, teaching students the
signs and symptoms for early detection and ultimate safety. Keep an eye out for next
fall's Think Pink Week during October, and the next BMOC in the spring of 2019.