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2.1 join us!


reading Look for words that go together (collocations).

When you write new words in your notebook,
1A Read the website extracts. Answer the ques- write the words that go with them, e.g. drink
tions. coffee/tea/water. Look at the website extract
about the Travel group. In your notebook, write
1 How many online groups are there? the words that go with meet and take.
2 Which is the right group for these people?

B Work in pairs and compare your ideas.

vocabulary activities

2A Complete phrases 1-8 below with words from

the box. Use the website extracts to help you.

drink read listen to do eat

play go watch

1 coffee / water
2 films / TV
3 tennis / football
4 junk food /popcorn
5 books / magazines
6 music / an MP3 player
7 running / to the cinema
8 sport / exercise

B Add these words to phrases 1-8.

tea a sandwich DVDs
swimming golf newspapers
nothing the teacher

C Work in pairs. Student A: say a noun from Exer- listening

cise 2A. Student B: say the verb that goes with it.
3A I2.1 Listen to two friends talk about the on-
A: football line groups. Complete the table for the man. Tick
B: play football the boxes.
7 Cover the website extracts. Complete the infor-
mation below. Use a verb in the positive or negative

In the Laid-back group they 1 work

B Discuss. Which is the right group for the man? and they 2
all the time. They
nothing all day.
grammar present simple: I/you/we/they In the Sport group they 4 tennis and
running or swimming every day. At
4A I2.2 Listen and complete the table. the weekend, they 6 exercise at the
gym. They junk food and they

8A Work in pairs. Start a new online group. Choose

B Listen again. Underline the stressed words. one of the groups below or think of another. Then
write answers to the questions.
C Look at the pronunciation of do you. Then lis-
ten and repeat.


1 What do people in your group do? (four activi-
5A Work in pairs. Write three questions for each ties)
online group. Use the website extracts to help.
2 What don’t you do? (two activities)
Film group - Do you like films? Do you watch films B Work with another pair. Tell them about your
on TV? Do you go to the cinema a lot? group. Find out about their group.

B Work in groups. Ask other students your ques- Our group is the Party group. We love parties. We
tions. Which is the right group for them? ...

grammar present simple: I/you/we/they speaking

6A Read the website extract about the Laid-back 9 Work in pairs and take turns. Talk about a group
group again. Complete the table. or team you are in.

A: Are you in a group or team?

B: Yes, I’m in a football team
A: Where do you play?

B Look at the sentences in the table. How do you

make the negative?

C Underline the correct word(s) to complete the



2 language bank


present simple: I/you/we/they questions and short answers

Use Do + subject + verb for a question. Do you have lunch at home?

In short answers, use Yes, I do and No, I don’t. NOT Yes, I like or No, I don’t like.

present simple: I/you/we/they positive and negative statements

• things which are always true: I come from

Spain. I like cats.

• habits and routines: We take a lot of photos.

In the negative, use don’t + verb: I don’t like work-

ing at the weekend. When speaking, use the contrac-
Use the present simple to talk about: tion don’t (= do not).


A Put the words in the correct order to make C Complete the sentences with the correct form
questions. of the verbs in the box.

1 you / Do / classes / like / English / your ?

go eat read watch listen to
2 running / every day / go / they / Do ? drink work
3 chat / you / friends / Do / with / a lot ?
1 I running because I’m not very
4 junk / like / you / Do / food ? active!

5 TV / on / watch / they / football / Do ? 2 We sport on TV a lot because

we really like it.
6 cinema / the / to / go / you / Do / a lot ?
3 I junk food because I don’t like
B Look at the short answers to the questions it.
above and correct the mistakes.
4 They on Sundays - just relax
1 Yes, I like. 4 No, I don’t like. all day!

2 No, they don’t. 5 No, they not. 5 I books English because it’s
good practice.
3 Yes, we do chat. 6 Yes, we go.
6 We coffee late at night. We
have milk or tea.

7 You music a lot. What’s your

favourite band?
UNIT 2 Recording 1

M=Man W=Woman

W: Come on! You just sit around all day. Why W: OK!
don’t you do something?
M: But I don’t watch them very much.
M: What?
W: Oh. Well, do you like meeting people then?
W: I don’t know - get an interest, go out, meet peo-
M: Ah, yes, I do.
ple . . .
W: OK!! And do you travel a lot?
M: Why?
M: Me − travel? No, I don’t, but I like . . . the idea.
W: It’s good for you! Join a group . . . or something.
Look, here are some interesting ones. The Film W: Well, do you take a lot of photos when you
group, The Travel group. the Sport group and travel?
the Laid-back group.
M: No, I don’t. Hmm. Sorry.
M: The Laid-back group?!
W: Right. That’s it!
W: Yes, well. So which is the right group for you?
M: That’s it?
M: Oh, I don’t know . . . W: OK. One more question: Do you relax a lot?
W: OK. Let’s see. Do you do a lot of sport? M: That’s a strange question! Of course I do. I
really like relaxing.
M: No, I don’t. Not really. Well, not at all. I don’t
like it. W: Yes, that’s true . . .
W: OK. Do you like films? M: So, which group do you think is right for me?

M: Yes, I do. Everyone likes films . . . W: Well, this one . . . of course!