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Strengths Weaknesses

1. Provide a good information system 1. Increase Liabilities by 6%

2. Research and Development Manager 2. Lack online (selling) portal
3. Increase in Net Income by 5% 3. Costly projects
SWOT/TOWS 4. Increase Sales/Revenue by 7% 4. Decrease in Current ratios
5. Company Long Existence 5. Increase expenses by 4%
MATRIX 6. Good working Environment and productive
FilInvest Land Inc.
7. Increase total assets by 7% 6. Decrease in fixed asset turnover
8. Increase in rental income by 15% 7. Low profits for leisure services
Opportunities SO Strategies WO Strategies
1. Increase Population in PH 1. Seek and launch a new millennial-hotel- 1. Launch an online purchase portals
brand (S2,O1,O5) (W2,O2)
2. Rapid shift to online purchase 2. Use solar panels to reduce utility expenses 2. Build low cost projects for lower class
(S3,O6) (W3,O1)
3. Build more retail and commercial 3. Promote and build leisure service
3. Growth of BPO sectors
properties (S4,S7,S8,O4) (W7,O5)
4. Increased demand for retail and 4. Hire agents to give flyers about services 4. Use renewable energy to reduce General
commercial properties and projects in malls. (S4,S8,O1,O4) expenses (W5,O6)
5. Rising tourism 5. Start a real estate projects that carters to
6. Renewable Energy BDO sectors (S7,S4,O3)

7. Growing real estate investment 6. Invest in starting another high-rise

condominium projects (S8,O1,O4,O7)
Threats ST Strategies WT Strategies
1. Do a research to low the cost of project
1. Increase unemployment rate 1. Use low cost but high quality materials in
building projects (W3,T3)
2. President duterte wish removal of
foreign investment limits 2. Look for more land banks (S7,T5) 2. Look for more foreign investors (W1,T2)
3. Increase in low cost competitors 3. Build Retail & Commercial properties in 3. Give/Offer cash discounts (W1,W4,T3)
safest part from Earthquakes. (S7,S8,T6)
4. Train law 4. Engage low cost housing to be included in 4. Offer lower prices for housing projects to
5. Unavailability of vacant space land tax exemptions (S4,T4) be included in tax exemptions (W5,T4)
6. Valley Fault "The Big One"