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The Tarot


Our Venerable Master wrote a Preface, dated 7/10/1914, to the following

collection of Arcanes1. In it, He explained the basis of the work that He was about to
give to His disciples.
After quite a number of years spent next to Him, and after many conversations
with Him on the subject of the Tarot, that are still vivid in my memory, I thought of
remodelling this preface. I have also added what He taught me after the publication
of these few issues and photocopies. Most of these copies have been lost. The
present text is a copy of the original manuscript, which is still in my possession.
Ever since Court de Gébelin rediscovered the Tarot as a card-game or one of
fortune telling, it has been widely spoken about in the Occident. Still, it is a collection
of arcanes expressing the great Laws of the Being and of the Universe. It was
preserved by the Brethren of the Orient and was always given to the disciples of a
certain grade as a key to the Teaching.
In the Occident, where initiatic Tradition was corrupted, it was conserved in a
secular (profane) manner. Court de Gébelin saw its superior symbolism and found its
analogy with the principles of numbers as interpreted by the Kabbalah. Later on,
Eliphas Levi consecrated numerous pages to the Tarot; Papus wrote two works on it,
and still other seekers of the occult were interested in it, though unfortunately they
were not Initiates.
The plate at the end of the collection is a copy of the first arcane of the orthodox
Tarot of the Brethren of the Orient. There are two symbols that serve as an exergue:
The one on the right is the Labarum of Constantine and the one on the left is the
Universal Key. The Labarum identifies the arcane and clearly expresses its origin:
‘The Brethren of the Orient’. The Universal Key refers to the basis, the principle that
is fixed on it, and serves to explain, interpret and adapt the arcane.
Our Master condensed each orthodox arcane into a revealing schematic one.
Instead of commenting on the orthodox arcane, He transcribed it, thus sparing the
disciple long nights of research. Later on I, in turn, will complement the above.
Now I shall cite those passages of the Preface that can give the disciple the
elucidation that is necessary for his studies.

“The indecipherable Secret hidden under the symbolism of the 22 illustrations of

the Tarot is due to its obscurity and silence through its adaptation on the Universal
Key of human Wisdom.

Vide images in the French manuscript at the following net page:
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"" (mirror site)

“The Universal Key of human Wisdom is the synthesis, in the greatest possible
simplicity, of the real, certain and stable truth that human thought has so far been
able to conceive.
“This Key is a symbol that speaks to all mentalities, whatever their degree of
evolution. It pleases the secular; it speaks to the disciple; it enlightens the adept, and
to the Master, it lifts the folds of the veil of Truth.
“This Key is not a modern invention. It comes to us from Pythagoras. I know this
from my Master, a Sage of the Orient, a perfect and pure being, a native of Crete,
whose mystical name was Hinarius.
“His last advice to me before he died, his last wish, was that this Key be reinstated
on the level of action and of reality. By adapting it to the Tarot, I therefore do nothing
but fulfil the last wishes of my Master.
“I have drawn conclusions from this, which will provide great satisfaction to the
“The Key is not the exclusive property of the Oriental Schools of Attica and
Ephesus. It was known in all the Philosophical Schools of the Orient and the
“Thanks to the spirit of conservation of the School of Attica, this Key has come
down to us intact, whereas in the Occident it has unfortunately been conserved only
in the spirit of certain Masters and in a state of analysis, not synthesis.
“What is this Universal Key of human Wisdom?
“This Key is a simple symbol composed of a circle enclosing a triangle in which
there is a square divided into 9 small equal squares that contain the Unitary numbers
1 to 9.(Numbers of the Monad). The whole figure is divided by a vertical diameter.
“Let us now analyse its elements:
“1) The Circle represents infinite Unity and the eternal synthesis of the ternary,
symbol of the conscious intellect of Mens, of the Ego, of the Spirit.
“2) The Triangle is a mediator, expressing the ternary unity, the ternary.
Schematically it is the intermediate, uniting the square to the circle.
“The simplest figure that can be inscribed within the circle is the triangle, and any
two lines radiating from some point of the circumference always form a triangle with a
curved base. Again, a square crossed by a diagonal line produces two triangles.
“From the above, it follows that the triangle is the mediating figure between the
circle and the square. It is the symbol of the intermediate essence, or hypo-essence,
that unites the Spirit to Matter. We call this subtle hypo-essence the Soul.
“3) The Square represents the quaternary. It is a figure that is totally opposed to
the circle in both constitution and form. It is the symbol of Matter.
“In brief, the Circle is the symbol of the Spirit, the Triangle is that of the Soul, and
the Square is that of Matter.

In the Occident, the regular depositaries of initiatic orthodoxy (the Brethren of the Orient)

used to give this Key in a form of a somewhat different disposition of the figures (see
Khunrath, Edward Kelly and others). It is the mark, the seal of initiatic reality. It is the sign of
recognition of the true adepts (Brethren of the Orient), whether of the Orient or of the
“To the Initiate, the combined formation of these three figures reveals secrets that
we cannot expose. We simply draw the attention of the seeker to their value.
“There are 9 numbers inscribed within the square. This represents the association
of the three principles of creation in Matter.
Numbers 1,4,7 relate to the Spirit,
numbers 2,5,8 to the Soul,
and numbers 3,6,9 to Matter.
“Number 1 represents the beginning, the Absolute, the Principle, the Unique, the
Unity, that which is eternal. It therefore represents the basic principle of the Spirit,
“Number 2 hints at number 3, for 2 is a term of comparison. Since it depends on 1,
it must necessarily link it to a number that comes later in the series. 2 is the
mediating number between 1 and 3. It represents the principle Soul, whose basis is
“Number 3 complements this equilibrium. It is the second scale of the Balance,
whose first scale is number 1, and it thus forms the ternary cycle. It represents the
principle Matter, whose basis is POWER.
“Number 4 is obtained by the association of the previous (ternary) cycle plus the
Unity. Thus the second cycle is begun. We therefore have: primary cycle 3 + the 1st
part of the secondary cycle = 4, or Power 3 + Imagination 1 = Power of Imagination
“Number 5 is the association of the 1st cycle Power 3 + Will 2, which makes 5 =
Power of Will or AFFIRMATION, rendered effective by the WORD, which is the
affirmation of Will.
“Number 6 is the complement of the second cycle. It is the result of the sum of
Power 3 + the second secondary Power 3, and is transcribed by Power or the energy
of Power, which is the manifestation of Power or ACTION.
“Number 7 is the total of the two preceding cycles + a unity, 3+3+1=7. Action or
energy, or manifestation of Power in Imagination = Action of Imagination =
“Number 8 is produced from 3+3+2=8, which is the energy of the Power of Will, or
the action of Will = DETERMINATION.
“Finally, number 9 is the total of these three cycles 6+3=9. Externalized Power, or
the action of manifested Power = EXECUTION.
“This can be summed up in a Table:
Mental 1 IMAGINATION manifested as creates CONCEPTION 7
Plane: THOUGHT 4
Psychical 2 WILL manifested as creates DETERMINATION 8
Physical 3 POWER manifested as creates EXECUTION 9
Plane: ACTION 6

1,2,3, form the major cycle,

4,5,6, form the median cycle,
7,8,9, form the minor cycle.
“The three cycles united form a synthesis called the Great Universal Cycle:
1,4,7, form the mental or Conscious Cycle,
2,5,8, form the latent mental or Subconscious Cycle,
3,6,9, form the mental Unconscious Cycle.
“These three cycles form another synthesis called the Great Cycle of Universal
“ The diameter is the measure of the circle and consequently the gradation in the
series of numbers from 1 to 9.
“The numbers in the square express the Principles, the manifestations, and the
creative qualities of Universal Spirit in Matter.”


This is the tenor of the Preface that our Master had written in order to explain the
value of the Universal Key, so as to enable the reader to study the 22 arcanes
The Universal Key of Eternal Wisdom is presented in the first plate under three
different aspects. It thus shows the 3 special keys:
the first refers to the Being,
the second to the Universe, and
the third to Man.
In the present edition, every arcane is presented under 2 forms:
The first was derived from the adaptation that our Master made of it on the
Universal Key, according to the orthodox Tarot of the Brethren of the Orient, of which
He was one of the Superior Masters (Master of the Orient).
The second form was the secular one, under which the Tarot circulated for
centuries in the Occident.
For this depiction, I have chosen ‘the Tarot of Marseilles’, which has not been
subject to any ‘perfecting’ from occultists, and which is the most ‘native’ (nearest to
the original one).
The last plate of the collection is a copy that confirms and delineates the 1st
Arcane of the orthodox Tarot of the Brethren of the Orient. It has been given as proof
and purely as documentation.

May every Brother and Sister who has this collection in their possession study and
meditate deeply the inestimable treasure transmitted to them.




The Tarot of the Magician: “The Disciple”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Magician is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Disciple”.
The disciple represents the triple constitution of the Spirit of the being, filled with
wisdom in its initiatic evolution. Or again, it reveals Man’s progression into the secret
knowledge of the causes that brought about Creation, through the Key of universal
sapience. In this arcane, the Initiate, who has by now reached this grade, is
represented reigning well-balanced over the three first effects of Creation. These are
the domain of Sens (Intellect) represented by the circle, the domain of Form
represented by the triangle, and the domain of the Hump (bosse) represented by the
The sword is the symbol of Justice and divides these three domains into two equal
parts, as well as the disciple himself, who dominates over them. This division – which
we shall moreover see in the following arcanes – reveals the measure and
computation that human reason must be tied down to. All philosophy without the
measure and computation of reason is an exaltation of Imagination that always leads
Man adrift.
Now that the disciple is in possession of the triple arcane of the effects of
Creation, he has learned to rule in an irreproachable manner over the secret
knowledge that emanates from it. Moreover, the equal division of the 3 domains
represents the unique and unitary agent that dominates everything throughout, with a
uniform impulse. This agent is the Universal Spirit and Its mental derivatives: God,
the Celestial Worlds, Man. This same division reveals the possibility of the finite in
the infinite, of that which is determined in that which is undetermined. In its absolute
sense, this axiom concerns the Divine Spirit, and in its relative sense, it concerns the
human Spirit.
Note: The sign that covers the disciple’s head is the symbol of the
triple evolution of the creation of the Spirit.
The hand that points to numbers 1,2,3 on the cube is the expression of the
reflection of the constituent principles of the Spirit on the domain of the hump.
The circle is the symbol of the domain of Sens (Intellect).
The triangle is the symbol of the domain of Form.
The Initiate leans on and is manifest on all 3 domains.
The sword – the balancing point, the measure and computation of reason, that
which determines the domains – is also the symbol of human reason.

2nd Version
This youth is within a circle and his head is covered by the sign of the triple
evolution of the creation of his Spirit. His upright body is seen only down to his knees.
His arms, slightly parted, together with his head, form a triangle. The disciple’s trunk
is the Bowl from which the head appears. (Certain Masters draw a bowl from which
vapour emanates, and place the head among clouds).

In front of the disciple there is a cube divided into 9 equal parts. His right hand
points to the number 3. His left hand holds the second part of the circle (Will) from
the middle.
The sword stands on the basis and points to the top of the triangle. It is the
diameter of the Circle.
The disciple’s whole bearing indicates that he leans on and is manifest in all three
domains. His coif is the mysterious symbol of the creation of the abstract
domain. His head is the source of his Imagination.
The second domain is born in the triangle and is perpetuated in the circle, thus
revealing the triple operation of the creation of forms.
The cube is divided into 9 parts. This reveals the triple creation in the physical
domain, with the reflection of the other two triplicities
The SYMBOLS are: The sign , the bowl, the sword and the two rods.



The Tarot of the High Priestess: “Wisdom”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the High Priestess is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Wisdom”.
Wisdom is the conscience and knowledge of one’s self and of everything this is
outside one’s self. It is the knowledge of what the Being is and of what the Being
Like the previous one and the following 8 arcanes, the principal aspect of the
present one is formed on the 3 domains divided by the diameter (line of reason,
eternal symbol, one that every Initiate must always have present before him).
Wisdom is represented by a woman, symbol of eternal fertility. In God, Wisdom,
which is a fecund principle, is infinite. In the Celestial Worlds, it is subtle and
determined, and among humans, it is progressive and develops according to
The primitive domain of the manifestation of Wisdom – apart from its natural
domain – is the domain of Form.
BEING: Symbol of the domain from which Wisdom springs; Wisdom is Spirit.
NON BEING: symbol of the domain on which it is realized: Creation, Matter.
Since Wisdom is Spirit, it is depicted in the arcane by the table of 9 numbers.
These are the symbols of the 9 constituent identities (faculties) of the Spirit.
Her triple crown reveals the seat of the 3 principles that create the Spirit. The open
book reveals the 3 manifestations of the Spirit, and the keys that she holds are the
effectuations of our spiritual principles.
Note: From the domain of form (the triangle), we can see depicted an identity of the
Spirit. This identity is personified by a woman and is named Wisdom.
Her triple crown is the symbol of the three creative principles: Imagination, Will
and Power.
In her right hand she holds the manifestations: Thought, Word, Action.
In her left hand she holds the keys of effectuation: Conception, Determination,
The numbered square on her breast expresses the mystery of her constitution.
Finally the veil spread behind her is the unknown horizon beyond Imagination.

2nd Version
Here we see an austere woman wearing a triple crown. Her crowned head and
shoulders form the triangle at whose two lower angles the woman’s arms appear.
The right hand holds an open book that she reads. A seal numbered 5 hangs from it,
and numbers 4 and 6 are on either side of the covers of the book.
In her left hand she holds two keys crosswise. They form the Greek Cross, whose
numerical value is 8. Each key bears the number 7 and 9.
A veil starts from the crown on the woman’s head and falls on her shoulders on
each side. She wears a triple crown; its lowest part is a Royal Crown; it bears the
number 3 and has 3 small flowers. The second part is a Hieratic Mitre; it bears the
number 2 and has 5 small flowers. The top part is an Imperial Crown; it bears the
number 1 and has 3 small flowers. This tiara is within the circle.
On her breast there is the reflection of 9 numbers. They are depicted lengthwise
on a large embroidered ribbon-band that joins the two sides of her coat.
Behind this woman, always within the circle, there are two poles between which
there hangs a veil.
Analysis: We see the principles of the Spirit presented and depicted in the 3 domains
of the form. They are personified as a crowned woman, “Wisdom”. Wisdom
is Conscience. Conscience is the knowledge of one’s self, of what the Being
is and of what the Being creates.
The triple crown represents Imagination, Will, Power. In her right hand she
holds the manifestations: Thought, Word, Action, and in her left, she holds
the keys of effectuation.
On her breast she bears the mystery of her constitution.
Behind her there rises the Binary: Spirit and Matter. Spirit IS (EST), and
Matter IS NOT (NON EST). The veil between the 2 poles is the horizon of
the domain that lies beyond Imagination.
The SYMBOLS are: A closed book on which lie 2 keys crosswise, with the crown on
top of them.



The Tarot of the Empress: “Intelligence”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Empress is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Intelligence”.
Intelligence, personified by a winged woman, is the symbol of the emancipation of
the Spirit in Creation. In the beginning, the Spirit was overwhelmed in the combat of
the Giants against the elements; it was stupefied and was pressed back into Matter.
Its conscious functions fell into inertia, aphasia and torpor. The 3 Principles of Mens
– Imagination, Thought, and Conception – were in total abstraction. When the tumult
of the struggles abated and calm, harmony and peace reigned, then little by little
these wounded principles came out of their torpor, and a glimmer of conscience
began to sprout from the bowels of Matter. Mens started to recover its own rights and
when the faculties of the stupefied principles began to come to life again, Intelligence
started rising and illuminating Creation.
Human intelligence, pressed down within Matter, dominates in the domain of the
hump. Its seat is there and its point of inspiration is the domain of Sens. Thus, rising
from the dark bowels of Matter, this pure virgin spreads her wings like a Psyche, flies
upwards, passes through the domains of Humps and Forms and loses herself in the
infinite domain of Sens – which sublime Mens has chosen as its eternal dwelling.
Woman is the symbol of fertility, and Intelligence is fertile in creations.
The wings are symbols of the freedom and emancipation of the mental faculties of
the Spirit. The lance that crosses the arcane from one end to the other is the symbol
of measure, of computation and of reason, to which Intelligence is tied down when
exerting its faculties.
The sceptre that the woman holds is the symbol indicating the point of support, the
mediating point and the point of inspiration.
The points 1,4,7 that divide the higher part of the woman’s trunk are symbols of
the 3 principles of Mens: Imagination, Thought, and Conception, resuscitated and
flourishing in the essence that composes them.
The crown she wears is the symbol of the definitive enthronement of her
domination in Creation. The crown is also a symbol of a power that has attained the
apex of its activity and energy.
The quadrated square, the stars and the clouds are symbols of the material
Creation from which emancipated Mens has sprung triumphant and soars to its
original domain in the form of Intelligence.
What is Intelligence? ,0. #1. (Divine Essence), ,0. )1" (Divine
Conception), ,0. ò . (Divine Sens). Intelligence is the beacon that illuminates
and guides Wisdom through the tortuous path of Gnosis.
Note: Divine Intelligence reigns in all three domains.
It glides over the spiritual world in a flight of wings that embraces the domain of
Power (the Circle).
The Sceptre is the measure of its power.
The Lance that pierces it through represents the equilibrium that reigns
between it and the vastt domains that it dominates.
2nd Version
INTELLIGENCE represents Divine Intelligence or Imagination in all its glory.
A crowned woman holding a sceptre whose one end is at the centre of the circle
and the other at the circumference, thus forming a radius.
She sits in the midst of clouds. Before her is the table of numbers surrounded by 9
The throat bears the number 1 and the breasts 4 and 7. A lance forms the
diameter, surrounded by wings.
With her right hand she indicates the first principle.
She reigns majestically on all 3 planes.
She enters the domain of Form in the image of a perfect creature. The measure of
her flight and of her power is the rod that she holds in her left hand. And the lance
that pierces her through is the equilibrium in her vast domains.
Enumeration is the basis of this arcane. Number has a particular significance,
which the Initiate must study.
Each wing is made up of 9 small feathers at the top and 5 large feathers for the
right wing, and 4 large ones for the left wing.
Her crown is formed by pentagrams and circles.
The lance has a triangular blade.
The double-headed eagle is very finely drawn in the square of the numbers.
The SYMBOLS are: the wings forming a circle under a small orb and the number
1 crowned by 9 stars and crossed by the sceptre and the lance.


The Tarot of the Emperor: “The Dominator”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Emperor is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Dominator”.
The Dominator personifies the Man who has searched, studied and burrowed into
the bowels of Matter, and found the secret laws of the elements. He has armed
himself against the destruction that these inflict on the bold being that seeks to
examine and unveil them. He has fought and dominated them and now rises proud
and triumphant. He lifts his gaze towards the spiritual horizon and henceforth he
does not aspire after anything pertaining to this profane and gross world.
Moreover, the Dominator is the symbol of the male spirit in the full bloom of its
energy and of its active faculties. His throne is the domain of the Hump and his
activity extends up to the domain of the Form.
He is master of the psychic and the astral planes and aspires to conquer the
mental plane. This is why he scrutinizes the circle whose symbol it is. He is seated
on a cubic stone, trampling on Matter ‘Yþ, and on the elements that compose it.
 ÿ üÿù.
His majestic stature is framed within a triangle, which is the symbol of the domain
of Form (the astral plane). His grandeur dominates and fills it. His attire and warrior’s
helmet are symbols of the Dominator’s power over the two domains. The symmbols
depicted on his armour reveal that all the powers that the Dominator personifies are
exercised with the support of Truths that have been realized through his intellectual
education. They are his guides.
He holds the sceptre of the statutary mastery of his power.
The sphere in his hands is the symbol of the Great Arcane of the Key of human
Wisdom. He is weighing it, and this action is the symbol of the effort made to acquire
knowledge which he balances in his spiritual being.
Powerful among all others is he who comprehends Divine Comprehension.
ù  ÿùÿ ÿ 
Matter, thou art the enemy of Wisdom.
þü ,þü üÿ
The dominator is the personality that incarnates Human Wisdom.
Note: He turns his gaze towards the intellectual cycle to whose secrets he aspires.
His body is within the frame of the domain of Form (the triangle).
In his right hand he holds the rod of measure, which is the fourth quarter of the
region of his domination.
He rests majestically on the domain of the Hump (cube).
Like a victorious warrior, he tramples on the banner of Matter and its elements.
With his left hand he lifts the arcane, the Key of the Great Mysteries.

2nd Version
A man is seated on a cube whose front surface bears the numbers 2,4,6,8 and
whose side bears the numbers 1,3,4,9. He is framed within a triangle. He wears a
helmet crowned by 5 small flowers with the Universal Key in their midst.
His attire is composed of a breast-plate and folds on his shoulders, 3 on each
side. The Universal Key is on each of his shoulders, and the 3 principles of the
Universal Key are disposed in triangular form on his chest. The Circle is at the top,
the triangle on the right, and the square on the left.
In his right hand he holds a triple sceptre, the length of a ray. In his left hand he
holds the Universal Key with a cross on top of it.
The lower part of his attire is divided into 3 parts on each side. His left leg is
stretched out, towards the right angle of the triangle, whereas his right leg is bent,
thus forming the Cross.
The SYMBOLS are: The Cube, with the Arcane of the great mysteries and the
sceptre on top.



The Tarot of the Great Hierophant: “Master of Masters”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Great
Hierophant is revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Master of Masters”.
The Master of Masters, personified by the aged man who is the symbol of perfect
experience, reveals to us the Initiate who incarnates Wisdom. The Master of Masters
is the generating principle of the human Spirit. His essence is Wisdom. He is the
prototype of intellectual perfection. In him Wisdom competes with Intelligence. One
guides the other and both together realize in Creation the being that has come to
know the great secret laws that God has allowed the lower beings to know.
He is the example of the personification that the Wise and the Seekers, initiated in
the mysteries, will try to reach and to attain his loftiness in Gnosis.
He is of celestial descent. Incarnate, he goes through all Creation and approaches
Men, but he passes right beside them unnoticed and unknown.
He does not aspire after glory, for this is a terrestrial defect (vice). He does not
expect recompense, for this enslaves the Spirit.
He fills all those who approach him with Light, for his task and his mission are to
enlighten those who desire to see the intellectual day.
Those who are good venerate him, for wisdom attracts them; those who are evil
persecute and flee from him, for the Light blinds and tortures them.
He holds a rod on either hand. They are the symbols of his mastery, for he is the
Master of the Domain of the Hump (the physical plane) and of the Domain of the
Form (the astral plane). Through his physical mastery he dominates among Men,
subjects them and, from his unknown refuge, directs the destinies of nations. He
heals all ills; he comforts the suffering and distributes the benefits (blessings) that
God has lavished on him.
Through his astral mastery, he is the preserver of Faith. He animates those who
are inspired by their belief in God; he ordains the Hierophants and finally, he is the
ultimate Mediator.
The book of Secrets lies open on his chest. It is the symbol of the Truths that are
enclosed within him. They are the great secrets and mysteries of what is in reality,
but can be known only to the Chosen Ones of God. The Episcopal sceptre is divided
into two. It is the symbol of the absolute Reason that reigns within him and guides his
steps towards the accomplishment of his Great Work.
The triple crown is the triple power that God has invested him with. Through it, the
Master of Masters accomplishes the great Wishes (Wills) of the One Who sent him.
The Initiate must stand inspired before this arcane, as to the path that he aspires
to follow. He must imitate him, follow him mentally, live in him in spirit, assimilate with
him, become Him!
Who then is this mysterious being, symbolized by the 5th arcane under the name
of Master of Masters?
This being is the man who walks across plains and mountains. He passes by
under the cloak of a stranger. He speaks, and his word awakens those who are in the

deep sleep of ignorance. He looks, and his look appeases the heat (passion) of the
evil ones. He dominates the wicked, and his name is DEON.
Note: His seat is the domain of the Form (the triangle).
Royalty on the one hand and Master Hierophant on the other, balance his
intellectual powers.
Wisdom directs the multiple causes that are born in the field of his intellect.
On the physical plane, he is revealed by his conscience of the two agents
that manifest his spiritual height: Wisdom and Knowledge.
The pastoral rod is the symbol of his integrity and loyalty
Master of Masters:
ÿ .
Saint of Saints: ñ+ÿ  ù+ÿ .
Precursor of Wisdom: -ÿù Oû.
2nd Version
The aged man is crowned with a tiara that bears a cross on top. He has a long
white beard. On his chest, there is a book open outwards. The page on the right
bears the letters A B C D E (the A is hidden under a seal), and the page on the left
bears the numbers 1 to 9.
He holds a sceptre in his right hand and a triple cross in his left hand. These two
symbols have the length of a ray.
An inverted pastoral rod is depicted crossing the arcane from one end to the other.
It acts on the physical plane.
His head and elbows form the triangle.
The SYMBOLS are: a rolled out and straight parchment bearing the letters and the
numbers. An inverted pastoral rod, the Sceptre and the Cross, crossed by the


The Tarot of the Lover: “Destiny”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Lover is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Destiny”.
From the very first steps in the course of its terrestrial life, the Spirit of incarnate
Man sees before it the various unknown paths of the future. The analysis of the
present arcane provides the wise disciple with the solution to the mystery concerning
Does Destiny exist? This is the question in every terrestrial being’s thoughts.
Destiny exists, and yet it does not exist.
Destiny exists, since the incarnate Spirit comes. Why does it come? It comes in
order to live. To live presupposes to accomplish some work, however trivial or
grandiose this may be.
The first manifestation of the existence of destiny is the fact of the incarnation of
the Spirit. Then the purpose of its incarnation follows, and finally the work
accomplished during this incarnation.
Man is born – this is destiny. He lives – this is destiny. He will die – this is destiny.
Destiny therefore exists, engraved on all the laws that influence every created being,
from the moment of its manifestation through birth, up to the moment of its
disappearance through death.
Initiate in the great mysteries! Do not seek to find destiny anywhere else, for your
thought will be troubled by the inextricable tenebrous and tortuous labyrinth of
secondary causes. You will not find it, for it does not exist.
Since destiny does not exist, it does not play any part in the way that an incarnate
being’s birth, life, aim, work and death is expressed.
Four paths are open before the conscience that is born to the new day: the paths
of Wisdom and of Ignorance, the paths of Good and of Evil. It is only Man’s WIL that
is the Master of these paths and holds the key to them. Destiny withdraws into the
background, and Will takes over the reins of the direction.
Before this Will, everything is shattered, Good as well as Evil, Wisdom as well as
The youth depicted in the arcane is the symbol of the purity of the principles that
constitute the being, the vigour and energy of the new life that are born..
The two women offering him crowns are the symbols of the antagonism of the two
paths that are fertile in fascination and benefits. They do this so as to tempt the
young traveller who ventures into the crossroads of life.
The angel with the arrow is the symbol of Good, whose inspiration comes to us
from above and influences our soul.
The devil is the symbol of Evil, who lurks in the darkness and covets and spies on
his prey.
The trapezoidal cube is the domain of the Hump (physical plane), the dwelling of
the incarnate Spirit.
Providence is the manifestation of a superior Will that influences our existence.
Fate (Fatalité) is the reunion of the Laws of Creation that influences our life, and
Destiny is the result of the facts that have been accumulated by the activity of our
own Will in the course of our life. Therefore destiny both exists and does not exist.
Note: Youth! Lift you eyes; the Light will vivify you.
To the left: Wisdom, you fascinate by your grandeur and the depth of your
To the right: Ignorance, who invites the Chosen One to the charms of Sloth.
Above: The Good, a celestial ray.
Below: Agitation, the sewer of spite.
The three sides of the triangle: Destiny….Providence….Fate.
Vanity of Vanities, everything is Vanity! ù ùÿ þ ù ùÿ +  ù
ù ùù ùÿ þ

2nd Version
The youth in a white tunic, kneeling on a cubic stone, with arms and eyes lifted to
the skies. An arrow held by the mouth of a Love is pointed at the top of the youth’s
head. The bow forms the top of the triangle.
To the right and to the left, two women lean on the circle. The one on the right lifts a
crown; it is Wisdom. The one on the left lowers a crown; it is Knowledge.
Below, a devil is the symbol of Evil. Above, Love is the symbol of Good.
The Binary can be seen in these 4 manifestations. Good - Evil; Wisdom –
Knowledge. The whole of Man’s destiny depends on these 4 manifestations of the
In the triangle, Destiny and Fate are balanced by Providence.
Try to find out the profound meaning, and the key will enlighten you.
The SYMBOLS are: A cubic stone on whose three visible sides can be seen:
Providence – Destiny – Fate.The bow and the arrow above the cube.


The Tarot of the Chariot: “The Sublime Master”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Chariot is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Sublime Master”.
The Sublime Master is personified by a perfect man, symbol of a flourishing,
strong and vigorous reason.
Having passed the stage of struggle, the disciple receives calm and peace as
recompense, protected by the Dome (Vault) that Wisdom has prepared for him. In
this arcane, he is presented surrounded by symbols whose keys he now possesses.
In his square-shaped refuge, he stands in measure and balance. This refuge is
the terrestrial domain. His bearing reveals the balanced reason that defies the
terrestrially vague and unknown. Through arduous work, he has learnt the manner of
reasoning and thinking. He is the spiritual master of everything that is around him.
His refuge is composed of the Veil that still hides from him the horizons that his
Soul yearns, but that his Spirit cannot as yet aspire to.
This veil is upheld by four rods: The Cross, symbol of sacrifice - the lance, symbol
of domination - the triple cross, symbol of the Hierophants - and lastly, the sceptre of
These are his 4 supports in which he has laid all his hope. Happy because of his
first victory, he is depicted holding his recompense in his hands. He is approaching
the mysteries of the Great Key and is proud and happy to do so. The domain of Form
opens its doors to him. He has entered in order to reign and get ready for the new
struggle and work.
The circle behind him, which he does not see, is like a dial on which the stages of
his evolution are shown - the 3 cyclic paths that will lead him towards perfection.
He waits, calm but impatient, ready to pass through the most raging storms and
undergo the greatest sacrifices.
He is sublime, for he is filled with abnegation. He is sublime, for he is proud of
himself and humble before Men. Finally, he is sublime, for he has been able to pass
through the first dangerous step – this step where so many bold beings have fallen.
He is a Master, for he has prevailed in the struggle against Ignorance. He is a
Master, for he has acquired the Wisdom of the Knowledge that he sought. Finally, he
is a Master, for he is worthy to be one.
Note: At the top: Veil! What beauties do you keep hidden from us!
The four rods, pillars of the temple, sacred refuge.
The 3 steps of the mysterious circle (the trinacry inscribed in the circle).
The Key to the Great Mysteries (the tablet that he holds in his hands).

2nd Version
A man is inscribed in a triangle, formed by his head and arms. He wears a crown
of 4 Pentagrams and he holds before him a tablet divided into 3 parts. In the centre
and radiating onto the sides, there is a double-headed eagle. To the right is a man’s
white head with the hexagram inscribed on it, and to the left a man’s black head,
again with the hexagram inscribed on it.
His attire is open at the chest and on each side of the opening there are 3
ornaments, each of which has 4 points.
The Trinacry is drawn behind him: one leg directed towards the bottom, one
towards the right, and one towards the left, all within the circle. He is under a dial
whose 4 poles have the length of the diameter of the circle. The front right one ends
in a lance, the one at the back ends in a pastoral rod. The front left ends in a Cross
and the one at the back in a triple Cross. Rings divide these poles into three parts.
The dial can rest on 2 yoked sphinxes, one of which is white and pulls to the right
while the other is black and pulls to the left. It can also rest on 4 animals or on
nothing at all. The key hangs at the top of the Dome.
Manifestation of the Spirit that has reached perfection in the 4 elements of Matter.
Explanation of the mysterious figure (the Cross) given by the Great Initiator, He
Who realized the Key.
Re-instatement of the value of this sign in Psychurgy and Theurgy.
Absolute magical arcane, whose 3 main conclusions must be deduced from the
structure of the face of the young man, from the square tablet that he hugs to himself,
from his crown, and from the placing of the lines of the Key in comparison with the
whole schema. It is also called a major arcane because it concerns the 3 planes and
their secrets.
The SYMBOLS are: Solomon’s seal and the carved Eagle with its two crowned


The Tarot of Justice: “Morality”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of Justice is revealed
by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Morality”.
What is Morality? It is the manifestation of Beauty and of Harmony in Matter. It is
the manifestation of exactitude and mathematical accuracy (justesse) in the Spirit. It
is the manifestation of the Truth in God. In the Soul, Morality is therefore the
philosophical analogy of the three aforementioned manifestations. Morality is
therefore like Beauty in Nature, Accuracy in the Spirit, and Truth in God.
Disciple, look at this major arcane and be inspired by it. Morality is represented by
a woman (symbol of beauty and fertility), balanced on all three domains (planes).
She reveals the preponderant and fundamental role of this virtue in Man’s
Since the human Soul is the product of the influence of the Spirit on Matter, at
times it is subject to the domination of the one (the Spirit), and at times to that of the
other (Matter).
When under the domination of the Spirit, the Soul is manifest by a reserved desire
and by an intransigent austerity, whereas when it is under the domination of Matter, it
is manifest by trivial and base desires and passions.
It is in the mutual antagonism of these 2 essences for equal domination and
influence over the Soul that the latter creates Morality within it, borrowing the just and
accurate from the Spirit, and the beautiful and harmonious from Matter.
The Spirit is the exclusive depositary of Wisdom. The Soul is the exclusive
depositary of Love. Therefore the predominant principle in Morality is Love and all its
derivatives. This is the reason why the arcane of Morality is represented by a woman,
for Woman incarnates Love. Woman is the symbol of fertility. And is Morality not
fertile by its sublime radiation?
Moreover, Woman is the symbol of Beauty. And is Morality not the embellishment
of the Soul? Is it not all purity and harmony?
She reigns in the domain of Form (astral plane), the domain of the origin of the
Her coif, in the form of a crown, is the symbol of the material beauty that she
borrows so as to become manifest. The sword, symbol of accuracy and exactitude,
reveals the contribution of the Spirit in the creation of Morality.
The scales are the symbol of Justice, a creature that Morality loves.
Finally, this is what the present mysterious arcane tells you: Man, I am the first
creation of the idea and the thought of the Human Being. Everything stoops and is
subject to the fate (fatality) of the Laws of Matter, but I always remain invariable,
immutable in the universal equilibrium. The circle is my support, the triangle my
domain, and the square is the area of my radiation.
When I was created, everything on earth was thrown into confusion and, in an
ascending evolution, since then everything is being transformed. But I always remain
upright and unique, teaching to all the peoples of the earth: Love, Goodness, and

Note: The woman (symbol of Morality) of perfect beauty reigns in her majestic
Her support is the cycle, in which she obtains her balance.
She is crowned so as to stress her sublime beauty.
Her basis is Truth, symbolized by the Sword.
Her beloved daughter is Justice, symbolized by the Scales.

2nd Version
A woman dressed and combed in the Oriental fashion is within the triangle. She
wears a turban and a white linen cloth round her head. She also wears a crown.
A sword that rests at the bottom of the circle ends at her mouth. Her feet are bent
and they lean on the sword’s hilt. She holds the circle with both hands. The sword
serves as the axis of the scales in front of her. Her half-open dress reveals a plaque
on which the 9 numbers are engraved. She wears a large necklace.
Good and Evil, the Binary in equilibrium: this is what the woman represents,
enclosed in the triangle, balanced by the 4 points in the circle, ready to start the
battle of Contraries.
The formidable Cycle will start its hectic whirling, but she remains reassured, well
balanced both by the ternary and the quaternary.
Her power lies on the point of equilibrium, her sword, which is her strength.
Her support is the circle, and her manner of being and of state is the square.
Her body forms the Pentagram, and the whole figure forms the Hexagram.
The SYMBOLS are: A Circle with a Triangle, the Sword as the diameter, and the
scales in the middle.


The Tarot of the Hermit: “The Sage”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Hermit is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Sage”.
The majestic swan, plunged in the universal wave of Forms, travels through the
Great Cycle, illuminating the spaces of the unknown. It measures the length of Time
with its traveller’s cane. Immaculately white, serious and sombre, the swan moves
about in silence, gliding on the waters. It is always in a state of meditation, and its
look is circular as it pensively follows its course. What grandiose secret lies hidden in
the silence of this hermit of the waters? Its head, at the end of its curved neck, is
always bent downwards, and its scrutinizing gaze seeks the dark depths of the
swamps. After innumerable years of pilgrimage, the swan becomes more and more
distant in the caves and in the inextricable hideouts. Reassured that no one can
interrupt its ultimate meditation, it delivers a majestic and grandiose song, full of
melancholy and sweetness that makes the surrounding rocks tremble. For one last
time, it hides its head in its immaculate plumage, shuts its eyes and, with a last sigh,
lets flee its spirit which, always solitary, flies to the Beyond in search of who knows
what lost mysteries.
The swan of the arcane is the symbol of the Sage. Weary of the trials and
perturbations of life, he withdraws and concentrates by himself. Always serious and
sombre, he passes among humans. His deep look ignores everything that surrounds
him. Covered with a mysterious veil, he manifests the intimate and mysterious
thoughts that animate him.
The knowledge and Gnosis that fill him absorb him in a profound meditation.
Everything around him has no longer any attraction for him. This is why he seeks
His spirit is engrossed in sublime grandeur. He is indifferent to everything that is
inferior to his aspirations. Quite soon he abandons the society of Men and goes
through vales and mountains in search of calm and peace, in supreme silence and
There, alone and in deep concentration, he receives the ultimate recompense for
his trials. In angelic communication, he obtains the last secret allowed to humans.
Once he is enlightened, in supreme concentration, alone and far from all animate
beings, he breathes out his profession of Faith with a last heartbeat of his being, in a
hymn towards the Creator and, like the swan, he dies out. His spirit, freed from the
material burden, flies to the Beyond in the voyage of the Grand Cycle, where he finds
the mysteries that are lost to Men.
Filled with happiness, he approaches the throne of the Sublime Master (Lord), and
there, prostrate, he receives the consecration and the crown of the Chosen One.
Note: The swan, sombre, silent and grave, moves about in the waves of the
Unknown, guided by the secret light that illuminates him.
The Sage appears in the horizon in the background. His features are
harmonized by the Number. He is and he remains mysterious.
The mysterious traveller with his 12 knobbed cane measures the expanses.
He lightens and measures – this is his secret.


2nd Version
A majestic swan rests on the base of the triangle. With its beak it holds a light
encased in a circle. With its wings it holds a cane divided into 12 parts, the length of
a diameter.
In the distance a stranger is perceived whose features are numbered.
This majestic symbol is double in its formation: it is both a serpent and a bird. It
lightens and measures – this is its secret.
In the depths of the horizon there appears the figure of the stranger who guides it.
His features are harmonized by numbers. He is and he remains mysterious.
Inspired by this symbol, the disciple must let Grace penetrate his spirit.
The 9 numbers of the arcane are completed; the triple evolution of the circle is
The SYMBOLS are: The serpent within the circle. The sparkling light in the middle.
The cane lengthwise.



The Tarot of the Wheel of Fortune: “The Scales”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Wheel of
Fortune is revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Scales”.
Through this Tarot, the disciple broaches the great laws that presided in the
Creation of the Universe.
The secret that lies hidden in this arcane is immense, for by a mathematical
calculation, all the great laws are concentrated in it. By creating animated equilibrium,
these laws created movement and maintained it, thus producing balance between
the different domains. This study would be a little arid and difficult for the disciple
unless some quite extensive explanation showed him the path to follow. The circle
and the scales, with the sign on top, are symbols of the spiritual and mental
plane. The cycle is the only symbol that can provide a secret explanation of the
conceived idea concerning the spiritual essence and the mental state. This is so
because the harmonious curve that extends to the infinite without interruption reveals
the infinity and the continuity that are the perceptive manifestation of the Spirit and of
Mens. The triangle, balanced in the Scales, rests symmetrically on the square,
drawing its origin from the superior point of the circle, from the point of conjunction of
the square, from the circle, and from the sign of eternity. This point is the centre of
energy and power. This is the point from which all action emanates from the divine
creative energy.
The triangle emerges from the two slanting radii of the circle and reflects them
onto the sides of the square so as to form its base. The base of the triangle is thus
made up of an alternated continuity of the two slanting radii. The triangle is the
symbol of the astral plane that draws its origin from both the mental action of the
spiritual plane (domain of Sens) and the physical plane (domain of the Hump), at the
initial point which is the conjunction of the circle, the square and the , symbol.
of divine infinity. Just like the triangle, from its very origin the astral plane is infused
into the physical plane. It balances itself in it, serving as mediator and balancing
power between the other two domains. Through its bent and gradated angles, it
reveals its kinship to the square and – by metaphysical analogy – it reveals the
participation of the physical plane in the creation of the astral plane. Finally, by its
ternary constitution, the triangle reveals its kinship with the circle, for every division of
the circle is manifest by a triangle whose base is curved, and – by metaphysical
analogy – it reveals the participation of the spiritual plane in its creation. By its form,
the triangle is the symbol of the astral plane and the secret of its generators. The
square is pre-eminently the symbol of the physical plane, of physical Nature, for
every manifestation in it (Nature) is produced by the square; everything in it is
computed (measured), weighed and calculated; everything is quadrate (squared).
The square is the physical reflection of the circle. The circle is the capital number for
the mental; the square is the capital number for the physical; the circle is the infinite
number, the basic constitution of the mental. The square is number 4, the constitution
of the 4 elements of physical nature.
The Scales are therefore the arcane that reveals:
1) The constitution and origin of the astral plane and its mediating role in Creation.
2) The agents produced by the equilibrium of this triple influence, and
3) the use that Man’s Will can make of these two agents in a latent manner.
We have already mentioned the constitution and origin of the astral plane.
The agents produced by the equilibrium of this triple influence are 9:
1) Strength (action of movement)
2) Apparent Stability (latent movement)
3) Key of Genesis, Life, and Death
4) Manifested movement
5) Effervescence
6) The action of the Binary in movement
7) The mutual influence of the Earth on the stars (and vice versa)
8) The mutual lunar influence
9) The mutual solar influence.
The explanation of these 9 agents will be given in the 9 Tarots that follow. The
latent use that Man can make of these agents is double: 1) he can use these agents
so as to fulfil his aspirations and beneficially radiate through them. This is why he is
represented by a man who is standing upright, pushing the wheel of the Scales with
his hands. 2) Moreover, Man can use these agents so as to satisfy his material vices.
This is why he is represented pushing the wheel of the Scales with his feet in an
inharmonious manner. The first man is white, with and enlightened spirit. The second
is black, and is the symbol of obfuscation and of the darkness of Matter.
Note: Circle, symbol of the mental plane (cycle).
Triangle, symbol of the astral plane.
Square, symbol of the physical plane.
The white man – action of enlightened power.
The black man – action of obscured power.
, symbol of Eternity, Crown of Equilibrium.

2nd Version
A wheel divided by seven radii. At the top, 2 entwined circles from which a
mediator descends towards the centre. It ends with a point indicating one of the 9
numbers written on a curved band that joins the 2 supports of the wheel.
This wheel rests on a cubic stone on whose front “Sapientia Hominis” (Wisdom of
Men) is written.
To the right of the wheel, a black man stands on his hands, with his head down
and pushes the wheels with his feet. To the left, a white man pushes it with his
hands. Both face the wheel. In a masterly way, this arcane reveals the action of the
Binary and the spirit of its constitution.
Antagonism is perpetual movement. It is defined in this combination of human
The fierce fight for Mastery is gradated in this arcane by the 9 numbers, among
which the number 5 is the balancing one.
This arcane throws light on the laws of equilibrium, on the intermediary agent, and
on the antagonism of the movements.


The Tarot of Strength: “Eternal Power”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of Strength is revealed
by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Eternal Wisdom”.
The first agent that is manifest by the Scales of the Binary reveals the energy and
unconscious activity jointly born in every animate being. It is represented by a young
woman, symbol of fertility and youthful energy.
The manifestation of Power in Creation is revealed through effort. This is why this
Tarot depicts a virgin making an effort to tear a lion’s jaws. The virgin incarnates
Eternal Power transmitted to all animate beings in Creation through the laws of the
Creator. It is Eternal Power that emancipates the being’s Will, and makes him/her
capable of fighting the power of the lion. The lion is the symbol of the brute force of
the elements, which tries to fight and subject the spiritualized and semi-conscious
Power that is part of the constituent principles of the human Spirit. Upon
contemplating this Tarot, we immediately see the double presence of struggle and
effort. One of these is derived from the Spirit and it is represented by the effort in the
arm of the woman. The other is the physical force of the elements, represented by
the lion’s half open jaws. The occult struggle of these two principles in Creation and
in Man has a repercussion in the astral and in the mental planes. For greater clarity
of the concept and comprehension of the present arcane, this is how we establish
this triple struggle of Eternal Power against the elementary force:
In the physical plane, this struggle is the task of Spiritual Power; it is to subject
and dominate the 4 elements of Nature. In the astral plane, Man’s Will struggles
trying to subject and dominate his passions and vices (produced by the influence of
Matter). In the mental plane, Man makes a third struggle, which lies in having Truth
triumph over Falsehood, Gnosis triumph over Ignorance, thus reinstating the reign of
Everything is summed up in the following: 1) The domination of the elements by
means of our Power (3rd constituent principle of the Spirit). – 2) the annihilation of
passions and vices by means of our Will (2nd constituent principle of the Spirit).
Victory of Love, struggle of Good against Evil, and – 3) Victory of the spiritual Light
over Darkness, of Truth over Falsehood, of Gnosis over Ignorance. Victory of
Wisdom by means of Imagination (1st constituent principle of the Spirit).
In the lower part of this arcane there is a small wheel gradated by 2 series of 9
numbers, one from right to left and the other from left to right. The lion’s tongue tries
to turn this wheel. This is a symbol of the dominating action of the elements in all
incarnate beings, the subjugation of Man under the yoke of Matter. At the same time,
it is the symbol of Man’s share of responsibility in this struggle for emancipation.
The lion’s tongue reveals that the elements try to subject Man to perversity. It is
like an obstacle that bars and paralyzes the faculties and virtues of Man, of the
incarnate Spirit (here represented by the 9 numbers of the wheel) from aspiring to
emancipation and deliverance.
Finally, on her head, the woman bears the triple circle , sign of
eternal victory and of the crowning of the Spirit that has been definitively reinstated,
delivered and freed from inferior obstacles. From now on, it rises to superior regions,
free from all bonds. It flies, like a Psyche, round Resplendent Truth and, tired of flying

about, it is engulfed into the very Source and becomes a participating and
agglomerate atom of this radiant Source, which is the domain of Divinity (Plenitude).
Note: the triple cycle of Eternity; the radiant crown of the adept.
The youthful virgin, full of vigour, enters the struggle.
The lion, symbol of the brute force of the elements concentrates all its energy
and opens its jaws to tear to pieces the bold virgin who dares defy it.
The lion’s tongue pushes the wheel and dominates over the destiny of the
being that dared defy it.
The double gradation of the wheel marks the ascent or decadence of Man’s

2nd Version
A woman, wearing 3 entwined circles on her head, is inscribed within the square.
Her hands reach the lower points of the triangle and open a lion’s jaws. Her right
hand is pressed down on it.
The hanging tongue of the lion makes the numbered wheel turn.
The woman looks down at her work.
The word POWER is inscribed in 4 languages in the four corners between the
square and the circle.
This arcane is: Eternal Power acting on Creation, revealed by Strength.
This clock of Power provides the formula of the creative conception of Strength.
Effort is the first phase of setting physical strength into action. Effort produces
movement and manifests strength. Effort is the arcane of Strength. Effort is what is,
and the woman is its manifestation.
Seek the mysteries that are hidden in movement and in this figure. The Effort will
enlighten you and Strength will make you greater.


The Tarot of the Hanged Man: “Stable Equilibrium”.

Adapted to the Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Hanged Man is revealed
by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Stable Equilibrium”.
The second agent that is manifest by the Scales of the Binary is the latent energy
and the unconscious effort that are jointly born in the creation of every animate being.
This is the reason why this arcane depicts a hanged man, symbolizing the loss of
those faculties that were determined for the exercise of action and conscious energy,
so as to maintain a perfect equilibrium amidst the various laws of Creation. The man
hanging upside-down is the symbol of the fall of the Spirit into Matter. His attachment
to a pivot by one of his feet reveals the secret relation that still links him with the
centre of his emanation. However, the fact that he is attached to it by his foot (a pre-
eminently unconscious part) reveals Man’s total lack of the notion of this occult link.
The movement of the free right foot reveals the action and the latent and
unconscious energy of the incarnate being, accomplished by his/her mental faculties
in the superior sphere, so as to maintain and preserve this secret link.
His body swings in the astral regions like a balancing weight. The movement of his
arms, at times to the right and at times to the left, is a symbol of his equally latent and
unconscious energy acting in the physical - but starting from the astral plane - for the
common purpose of an apparently stable equilibrium.
Finally, the head of the hanged man, pressed down into the inferior diagonal of the
square, remains motionless and inert. It is the symbol of a stabilized equilibrium and
is maintained by the occult and secret action of the Superior Planes. Moreover, the
head is the symbol of conscience. Its position in the square (the physical plane)
reveals an incarnate and materialized conscience that can have perception only of
physical and elementary things.
The Tarot of the Hanged Man is a very profound arcane and a very revealing one
for those who can manage to lift its still hidden folds by deep and thoughtful
meditation and study.
In order to provide a more tangible understanding of the occult agent symbolized
by the present Tarot, we shall recapitulate succinctly with greater clarity and lesser
The physical human being is divided into three parts: the head, the trunk (the
chest and arms), and the abdomen (and legs). The head is the conscious part.
Reason and Wisdom exist in it, and everything that is mental is manifest through it.
The chest is the semi-conscious part. Feelings and sensations exist in it. It is
manifest by presentments (semi-conscious action), by sentiments, such as love, etc.
Lastly, the abdomen is the wholly unconscious part. It acts only by the latent
promptings of the first two.
Consequently, the Tarot of Stable Equilibrium represents a man upside-down in
the Universal Key. It is the symbol of Man-Spirit, fallen into Matter. In his fall, he
carried away with him all the energy of his conscience. It also reveals a secret agent,
which is the union of the fallen Man with the Source of his origin. This union is wholly
unconscious in him; this is why it is symbolically represented by the left foot of the
Hanged Man attached to the occult mental plane. The other leg that is free and
swings from the centre of the astral plane to the circumference of the circle, reveals
this secret agent that we possess but have no knowledge of. It acts from our Soul
towards the regions of our emanation, so as to maintain the equilibrium. The bent
right leg forms a cross together with the left leg. It is its horizontal bar - the symbol of
The energy of this occult agent that we possess is transmitted by the action of our
Soul in the physical plane, symbolically represented by the 2 arms swinging in the
square, having emanated from the triangle. The head, the astral point of our
conscience, remains inert as regards the occult action of the agent that we possess.
This Tarot reveals to us the following: The action that every Initiate must take in
order to find once more this occult agent that he possesses, lies in his efforts of
intimate concentration and meditation, without, however, breaking the stable
equilibrium that maintains him in Creation.
Note: Conscious: mens, reason, wisdom (Mental), Man’s head.
Subconscious: soul, love sentiment (Psychical), Man’s chest.
Unconscious: occult agent, sensations (Physical), Man’s abdomen.
The schema reproduces a double cross, symbol of Love and Charity through

2nd Version
A man hangs by his foot; his head touches the lower point of the square. One of
his legs is bent, and on its calf the 9 numbers are inscribed so as to ensure the
One of his arms is bent, the other is stretched out. The dotted lines show the
positions of the stretched out and bent limbs, and vice versa. The balance of the
body is verified by a numbered disc: a dial passes below and beneath his shoulders
and joins the square. It fills the lower angle of the square.
Stable Equilibrium, this is the title of the present arcane, which reveals the state of
inertia in movement and the baneful results of absolute equilibrium, which equals to
death – Death in Conception, Death in the form of a Law, Stability of Matter, the Life
of minerals.



The Tarot of Death: “The Clock”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of Death is revealed by
the arcane entitled, “The Clock”.
This is the third agent that is manifest by the Scales of the Binary. It is the arcane
of measure, of harmony, and of Times. Everything wheels round, everything is lost
and everything passes away before the dial of this clock, whose spectre is reflected
in everything. It measures everything, balances everything and registers everything
in the mysterious book of the past, and it passes on!
The finger of harmony (the hand of the clock) is the manifestation of Will, which
directs everything. Its spectre – the product of the light of this agent – directs the
movement of the life of beings and, like a frightful scythe, descends and keeps
descending. Nothing stops it. Nothing can.
The finger keeps projecting its shadow. It is the time of death; everything is about
to die; everything will climb the mountain only to fall back again.
Deep in meditation in front of this arcane, the disciple must discover this
mysterious agent which, from the moment of Man’s birth, stamps him with its fatal
seal. From then on, Man becomes its slave, In a whirlwind, it carries him away and
makes him descend to the valley of life. Then, little by little, the laborious ascent
begins. Bent under the weight of Time, leaning on the cane of old age, Man climbs
the mountain, carried away by this fascinating agent. Gasping, tired and weary, he
stops and no longer wishes to obey to his enslavement. But this agent, which has
managed to dominate him, drags him away and pushes him along without pity.
Stumbling, even more bent and worn out, Man keeps following it. Gradually his
strength betrays him. He turns for one last time and throws a glance at the valley of
life. His expression is a riddle! Is he happy at the memory of it all, or does his soul
feel the ultimate horror? There he is; he stumbles for one last time, and falls down
inert. The terrible agent tears at his entrails, snatches his spiritual being, and flies to
the regions of the past, taking his victim along.
The secret structure of the clock speaks to the Initiate and reveals to him his
deliverance from enslavement. One who can delve deep into the secret meaning of
this arcane – by following the steps of the Great Initiator and by death (domination of
the elements) – will be able to reach resurrection (regeneration, Mastery of the
Physical Plane) and, like Him, CONQUER DEATH.
The initial point of the clock is at the upper part of the circle, the infinite centre of
the emanation of all life. Although this mysterious clock seems simple, it reveals
things of the Beyond, based on Hermes Trismegistus’ axiom in the Emerald Tablet,
“What is above is like what is below, and what is below is like what is above”.
Adapted to Creative and Created Nature, the clock provides the meditating Initiate
with the key to the Philosopher’s Stone and to the Elixir of Life.
The manifestation of developed science is also symbolically presented here by the
mathematical position of the balanced lines.

Note: Part of the semi-circle gradated, indicated by +üüÿ (Genesis).
Mount of descent of Genesis (key of Birth).
Median part bearing the number 5, indicated by ý þ (Life).
Valley of Life (key of Life).
Upper part of the semi-circle, indicated by ,ùù  (Death).
Mount of ascent of death (key of Death).
The blade with the shadow: the finger of Divine Will, the hand of the dial.
The shadow of the blade: the spectre of the hand of the clock.
The 3rd agent of the Scales of the Binary.

2nd Version
A kind of solar dial. The blade (of a scythe) is fixed to a rope that serves as the
diameter. From its bottom end there hangs the head of Death like a pendulum. In the
lower semi circle the numbers 0 to 0 are placed, passing through the 9 numbers.
Number 5 is the median number. At the left zero, the word ,ùù  (Death) is
inscribed; at number 5, the word ý þ (Life), and at the right zero, the word +üüÿ
Two ancient scythes are placed in the upper part, their blades are united at the top
of the triangle whose sides are formed by the two handles of the scythes.
The blades of the scythes form the upper part of the circle, and all along their
length, the triple evolution of the circle circulates. It is like a sun that, due to its
displacement, makes the shadow of the middle blade play. This shadow is at times
on the side of life, at times on the side of death, and at others still on the side of birth.
In the present arcane, the shadow has stopped on ,ùù .
Is it about a soul for which the harmony of the Universe crumbled?


The Tarot of Temperance : “The Great Virgin”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of Temperance is

revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Great Virgin”.
The Tarot of the Great Virgin is the symbol of the fourth agent announced in the
Tarot of the Scales of the Binary.
The winged Great Virgin glides in the interstellar expanses of the Universe. She
has emanated from the Divine Plane. She moves about continually and eternally,
distributing the benefits of the Centre from which she emanated. Just like the Master
of Masters (Tarot V), she incarnates her conscience in a perfect Being, and follows
the path of terrestrial life just like every other common person. In her passage, she
walks next to the terrestrial immigrants, but nobody takes any notice of her, nobody
has an inkling of her divine origin. In her passage, celestial effluence spreads all
around, leaving a track of benefits, in which a multitude of created beings find Well-
It has been your lot, disciple, to see and know this idol of happiness, sent from
celestial regions to console and comfort the suffering and the forsaken.
Who is this Great Virgin? The Great Virgin is Universal Love, who engenders all
the pioneers and the heralds of her existence. She is Divine Providence, mistress of
the two unquenchable sources of Divine Heaven. She continually pours Hope and
Charity, like an ardent sun, indiscriminately on all created beings.
The movement of the triangle within the square is the symbol of the visible action
of this sacred agent. Her hands are always open, for she continually gives without
ever receiving anything.
She is crowned with the triple cycle, symbol of the Divine Infinite, for it was there
that she was conceived; it is from there that she emanates; lastly, it is from there that
she draws the benefits that she lavishes upon us. Her wings embrace the mental
plane of our constitution, so as to symbolize her first benefit, which is Hope – a
mental benefit.
Her body governs the astral plane, the plane of our soul, and balances there so as
to symbolize the second benefit, which is Faith – a benefit of our soul.
The two vases that represent the two celestial sources, pour their benefits
profusely in the base of the square, symbol of the physical plane. It is the benefit of
Charity, which we receive in our material yoke.
We have unveiled this agent. What is now left is for the wise Initiate to meditate
deeply so as to discover this agent, which is so powerful and so visible.
Concentration made after a purification of the Spirit and followed by an evocation, the
exaltation of the soul after a tested purity, and certain physical exercises revealed in
the symbolism of the arcane – all this will allow the wise Initiate to receive the
revelation of this mysterious agent. When it is unveiled to him, it will give him
illumination, the gift of prophecy, and that of Inspiration.
Happy is the Initiate able to come in contact with this major Agent. Happiness will
fill his life and delete all the afflictions of the past.
Her name is DEA.
Note: The triple cycle, symbol of the Infinite, crowns the Great Virgin.
Her wings fill the mental cycle. Her body is inscribed in the square in which
the triangle is balanced.
Below, two vases, unquenchable sources of Hope, Faith and Charity.

2nd Version
The Great Virgin has her hands stretched out, pushing outwards the united waters
that flow from the two vases.
The point of her wings meets the lower part of the circle.
The triangle is depicted in its lateral displacements, alternately touching the circle
to the right and to the left.
The diameter is a plumb line.
The Great Virgin gradates the portion of life’s benefits and of life itself.
She is the Source of Universal benefits, Providence to Beings, Destiny or Chance
to those who are unconscious.
Arcane of Health and Happiness.


The Tarot of the Devil: “Effervescence”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Devil is revealed
by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Effervescence”.
This is the fifth agent mentioned in the Tarot of the Scales of the Binary.
Effervescence is the agent that dominates the human being in numerous
circumstances of his/her material life. Hate, Anger, Abuse and their results: passions,
vices, depravities, are all due to the influence of this agent in Man. This is why, in the
Universal Key it is represented upside down and with a triple head.
The first face resides in the reversed triangle, while the other two are in the
At the top of the square is the face of the Devil, dissolved by the thunderbolt that
issued from a luminous ray.
Meditation on this arcane reveals to the disciple how to preserve himself from this
noxious influence.
The fact that the Key is reversed reveals the rupture of the equilibrating harmony,
on the ruins of which there rises the shadow of a same equilibrium, but one
completely opposite.

(No Notes and no 2nd Version.)


The Tarot of the Fire from the Sky: “The Wheel of the Binary”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Fire from the sky
is revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Wheel of the Binary”.
This is the sixth agent mentioned in the Tarot of the Scales of the Binary. This
agent is manifestly revealed in the human being and in every created being by the
characteristic of an apparent contrary and an opposite by analogy.
In Creation, there exist two Laws of the Binary:
1) The Law of the Binary that is manifest in contrary and opposed effects: Good –
Evil, Truth – Falsehood, Light – Darkness, etc.
2) The Law of the Binary that is manifest in contrary but analogous
(corresponding) effects: Love – Wisdom, Male – Female, etc.
The two Laws of the Binary are revealed in the constituent elements of Creation:
Solid and Gaseous are two opposed contraries. The solid and the Liquid are two
analogous contraries. The Law of the Binary of opposed contraries is a fundamental
law that ensures struggle, generates movement and perpetuates Creation in Eternity.
On the other hand, the Law of the Binary of analogous contraries is an effect of
Creation produced by movement and by the association of the three different
domains or planes that participate in Creation. The Tarot of the Wheel of the Binary
presents an Agent produced by the Law of analogous contraries. This is why a man
(a King) and a woman (a Queen) – male and female – make up the basis of this
arcane. Their contact reveals the sixth agent mentioned in the Scales of the Binary.
Its manifestations correspond to Love.
An effervescence is produced between the two contraries. It is not a struggle, as
that of the opposed contraries is. It is a mutual exchange of this agent that dominates
them. This effervescence unfolds in the astral plane and has the centre of the chest
(point 0) as the physical guide-mark. It spreads in astral waves in the man and the
woman, and reaches the centre and place of contact of the communion of these
analogous contraries (point X). There, the astral coagulate is formed, and the
mystery of generation is carried out in this mystical knot. Their feet touch the edge of
the circle and are thus symbols of the four rays of the universal wheel in whose
nucleus creation is carried out.
The transposition of the triangle inside the square reveals the movement of the
astral in the physical plane, and the geometrical disposition of the lines marks the
starting point 0 of this evolution, and the terminal point X.
Finally, the Tarot of the Wheel of the Binary reveals two great mysteries to the
Initiate’s meditating gaze.
1) that of the effervescent and beneficial Agent, which he must dominate and use
in a number of astral requirements, and
2) that of Generation through the astral Coagulate, and the attraction of
associated beings.
Note: The king, masculine principle, 1st agent of analogous contraries.
The queen, feminine principle, 2nd agent of analogous contraries.
The centre of the chest of each of the subjects, point 0, is the meeting of the
sides of the triangle in its two vertical positions: beneficial effervescence.
The point X is where, analogically, the hands join: generation.
2nd Version
The schema is turned a quarter of a circle round, and the arcane is presented in a
horizontal manner.
The two intertwined triangles in which the personages are depicted form the seal
of Solomon. This arcane is extended even more by means of the legs of the two
subjects. Two dotted triangles come to blend in the personages, a fact that
considerably extends the significance of the symbols used.
The 4 triangles form 12 lines integrally, but in the game of the arcane, the bases of
the two dotted triangles are the personages themselves. These two triangles are
therefore radiations and, together with the others, they add up to 10.
The square defines the two possible positions, vertical or horizontal.



The Tarot of the Stars: “The Earth”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Stars is revealed
by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Earth”.
This is the seventh agent manifest in the Scales of the Binary. This arcane reveals
the influence and the active and passive forces that emanate from the stars of the
solar system and end here (on Earth).
Just like every one of the stars in our solar system, the Earth receives two kinds of
influence, and acts on the other stars in two different ways.
There are therefore direct and indirect kinds of mutual influence. The direct are
those that emanate directly from a star and act upon another. The indirect kinds of
influence are the vibrations that emanate from two stars, combine, and are
transmitted to a third in a triangular aspect.
The main direct kinds of stellar influence that our planet receives are those of the
Sun and the Moon. All the other planets send direct kinds of influence to the Earth
and correspondingly receive influence from it. But the Sun and the Moon are the two
stars whose direct kinds of influence on our globe are well manifest and can be
studied, step by step, moment to moment. This is why the two arcanes that follow the
present one – that of the Sun and that of the Moon – reveal the agents produced by
their influence.
The present arcane establishes and reveals in detail only the triangular aspects
(influence) of all the planets on the Earth. The Earth is therefore the only object of
this influence. These indirect kinds of influence are depicted in the arcane under two
forms: one is square (angle of 450 and its derivatives), and the other is pyramidal
(angle of 300 and its derivatives).
When the square aspects in the Universal Key of human Wisdom are adapted to
the square of the present figure, they are symbols of the physical plane. All the kinds
of influence that are manifest in the study of the stars determine agents of a material
source and are consequently dark and malevolent.
There are four square aspects: The square of 900 – the half-square of 450 – the
one-and-a-half square of 1350 – and the opposition of 1800. There also exists a
material influence, which is that of the conjunction of 00. All these kinds of influence
are derived from the square, a material and physical symbol, and are baneful.
The beneficial or animic aspects are derived from the triangular or pyramidal
aspect which, in the schema of the Universal Key of human Wisdom, corresponds to
the triangle - the symbol of the astral plane. They are influence and effluence of the
soul of the planets, which act at the moment of these aspects. There are four
beneficial kinds of influence: the sextile 600 – the semi-sextile 300 – the quintile 720 –
the trine 1200. The wider the angles of these different aspects are, the more
beneficial or baneful they are. The aspects are determined as follows: the top of the
triangle is the basis of the aspect; the two consulted planets are points of
determination of the angle in relation to the Earth.
The present arcane is a subject of study by means of which the Initiate can
manage to possess the knowledge of all the kinds of influence of this major agent,
and can derive great profit from it at every moment of his life.
2nd Version
A naked young virgin in the lower part of the triangle. One of her feet is in the
water and she kneels on the earth. With her right hand she pours the liquid from a
vase into the water. In her left hand she holds a kind of plate downwards, from which
pebbles and shells escape.
In the middle of the arcane the Sun shines.
The stars are depicted in the places of the numbers, except for the 6 and the 9,
which are placed above their usual position.
The arcane represents the Earth receiving the influence of the other stars in the
universal equilibrium.
This arcane concerns the stars in the solar system:
1) Saturn
2) The Sun
3) The Earth itself
4) Mars
5) Mercury
6) Jupiter
7) Venus
9) represents the other planets that are beyond the orbit of Saturn.

(the 8 is missing.)



The Tarot of the Moon: “The Moon”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Moon is
revealed by the arcane also entitled, “The Tarot of the Moon”.
This is the eighth agent mentioned in the Scales of the Binary. The Tarot of the
Moon is an arcane whose study is of great value to the Initiate.
The Moon is the satellite that turns round the Earth in 28 days. It is manifest under
7 main aspects: 1) the Crescent, 2) the half-moon, 3) the three-quarters–moon, 4)
the Full Moon, 5) the three-quarters on the wane, 6) half on the wane, 7) the wane.
The Moon is the star from which a powerful agent emanates and influences the
Earth and everything on it that is created and alive. Just like the Sun, the Moon is the
star that has a clearly manifest influence on the Earth, and whose effect has been
checked (verified) and is visible.
At the start of its orbital cycle, the Moon dominates generation. Plants receive its
beneficial influence when they are sown at this time. The beings engendered when
the Moon is born receive its clearly manifested mark. These beings are endowed with
great intuitive powers and great reproductivity. The peoples of the Orient in general,
and certain peoples of the Occident are constantly subject to this lunar influence
during their procreation. The menstrual periods of female forms, the ebb and flow of
the waters, the time of development of all embryos, are all subject to the clearly
marked domination of the lunar agent. This agent dominates female beings, and
especially their womb, and through this, their genital system, and through this in turn,
indirectly their nervous system. Moreover, the lunar agent dominates the male beings
in their gastric and lymphatic system.
The white and black jackals are symbols of the waxing and the waning moon. It is
worthy to note that these animals bay at the moon – the first when the moon is
waxing, and the second when it is waning.
Cancer (the crab) is another being that is subject to the influence of the lunar
agent. On nights when the moon is full, it emerges from the water and turns its gaze
towards the moon, like a silent and stupid spectator. Once the moon starts growing
pale in the west, it prefers the dark shades of the waters and its rocky hideout.
The 3 columns are symbols of the 3 principal stages of the action of the lunar
agent on Earth.
1st stage: Generating and physical influence.
2nd stage: Pacific and meditative or astral influence.
3rd stage: Influence of death and destruction or the emancipation of the incarnate
The woman lying at the foot of the upper column is the symbol of the initial action
of the lunar agent on female beings.
The Initiate who knows how to recognize and make use of this agent, at the time
when the latter acts beneficially on beings, holds in his hands a force from which
immense physical, psychical and intellectual profits can be derived.

2nd Version
Three columns whose places are marked on an arc of a circle with the inferior
point of the square as its centre. This arc passes through the two lower angles of the
triangle, the place of the two lateral columns, which are partly black (externally) and
partly white (internally).
The columns are of Ionic style and are symbols of the 3 stages of lunar influence.
At the foot of the central column, a woman lies stretched out on the ground. This is
a symbol of procreation.
To the right and to the left, at the foot of the two columns, a white and a black
jackal. They are baying at the moon in the horizon in the background.
In the foreground, a pool with a lobster in the middle of it.
Almost at the top of the triangle, the full Moon shines with 7 rays on an arc whose
centre is the lower point of the square (the upper point of both the square and the
triangle?). The arc depicts the Moon’s 3 waxing phases and the other 3 waning
The upper semi-circle is a number of 4 sevens, showing the 28 days of the Moon.
It is an arcane of the lunar movement and influence.
This influence should be studied by means of the Universal Key.
Birth, Life, and Death.



The Tarot of the Sun: “The Sun”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Sun is revealed
by the arcane also entitled, “The Tarot of the Sun”.
The Tarot of the Sun represents the ninth and last agent mentioned in the Tarot of
the Scales of the Binary.
The influence of the Sun is visibly manifest in terrestrial Nature. The male principle
of Creation receives its influence; the creation of seminal fluids that ensure the
perpetuation of the species is the work of the Sun.
This agent has 3 kinds of influence: light, heat, and the perpetuation of vital
The association of the lunar agent with the solar one causes the mutual attraction
and carnal love of the male and the female among human beings. This influence is
all the greater at certain periods, in particular when the Sun enters the constellation
of Gemini in relation to the Earth. During this period, the solar agent influences the
woman, whereas the lunar agent influences the man, and this results in the attraction
of the two principles in Creation.
Besides its physical influence, the Sun, or its agent, acts on the Soul and gives
rise to sentiments of grandeur, generosity, goodness and justice. On the Spirit, the
solar agent dominates in an even more occult manner. It gives intelligence, develops
conscience, instructs through experience, and finally, it presides over the chances of
evolution of the beings living on Earth.
Therefore the Sun is the star from which 3 clearly determined powers emanate:
that which acts on all material things; that which acts on all astral things, and that
which acts on and dominates our Spirit.
On the basis of the knowledge of these 3 solar agents, talismans of great value
can be made.
After deep study, the Initiate will have such power as to render him really master,
not only of his own destiny, but also of that of others, for he will take over the
material, animic, and spiritual direction of the masses.

2nd Version
A circle, bearing the 3600 of the circumference, serves as a solar dial. The 12
Signs of the Zodiac are inscribed on it.
A blade is attached to the diameter. The blade projects its shadow on the 15th
degree of Gemini. The point of the blade touches the angle on the right side of the
triangle. It serves to denote the moment that is propitious to generation, on the base
of the triangle, and it draws a semi-circle depicting the Earth. The terrestrial horizon
is in the background.
To the right, a young child, whose stretched arm touches the mediator. She is in
the shadow of the blade. On the other side, a young boy in the same position, but in
full light. These two children are symbols of the two principles in conjunction.
The Moon appears in the semi-circle.
Above, the Sun shines with 24 rays, 12 of which are luminous and 12 are flames.
All around it are eight stars which, together with the Earth, form the 9 known planets
of the solar system.
The Sun, a star that engenders the agent of life; the male element under whose
influence the secondary and tertiary beings of Creation are vivified and developed.
Light, Heat, Life.



The Tarot of Judgment: “The Echo”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of Judgment is

revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of the Echo”.
Disciple, have you walked through the plains, the valleys and the mountains?
Have you delved in the dark insidious paths of the Earth? Have you contemplated
Nature and all its creations? Have you searched in the objective domain? Finally,
have you made a deep enough study of this mystical language in which the open
pages of the Book of Creation speak to you, at every step, at every moment, at every
instant of your conscious existence in terrestrial life?
Through all this diversity of objective things, have you contemplated the beauty
and harmony, the cohesion and the ensemble of aspiration that reigns in it? Before
this radiant view, before this manifestation of Wisdom, have you felt within you the
birth of admiration and beatitude?
When you have gone through all these mystical stages that enchant the Spirit and
exalt the Soul, then you will feel within you the birth of LOVE, which is the covenant
between God and Men.
Love is the Echo of Divine Conception; it is the sublime proclamation of the
celestial King; it is the pledge that the Lord sealed with His blood on Earth.
Wisdom is the incarnate principle that illumines the being into all the secret Divine
conceptions and, through Wisdom, this illumination approaches the created Being to
its Creator.
Love is the Echo of Divine Thought, which springs from its sacred dwelling,
driving back darkness, and opening the Path for the Being to approach its Creator.
The Echo of the Divine Path, projected on Earth by His incarnate Clemency. It
was the vessel, the receptacle in which the Lord was born and engendered. This
sublime Divine Covenant, in the form of a chaste and pure woman, passes in the
valley of the Earth, touches beings and fills them with love. She holds and lavishly
distributes the blessings that God has so prodigiously provided her with.
Who is this mysterious being represented in the arcane of the Echo, holding a
trumpet in her hands and launching the sublime promises of reintegration into the
expanses, trampling on her adversary, who comes to thwart God’s decisions, away
into the abyss and darkness?
The 3 columns are symbols of the 3 kingdoms that govern the terrestrial plane of
the evolution of created beings.
The 1st column is the symbol of Wisdom, an attribute of the male. The 2nd is the
symbol of Love, an attribute of the female. The 3rd represents the being that issues
from the association of the 2 principles – the being that is equipped with the effluence
of the two beings so as to approach the ascending path of its evolution towards its
definitive reintegration in the domain from which it emanated.
And all the time, in the lower depths of darkness, the Genie of Evil, armed with a
trumpet, tries – through the clouds of its effervescence – to reduce the Echo of the
voice of God, and lead astray and pervert the being.
This, disciple, is the great arcane presented before your meditative eyes. The
secret is not far away; try, and you will discover it.
2nd Version
A crowned angel leaning on 2 columns, one of which is Doric and the other Ionic.
It is winged and blows its trumpet in the midst of clouds.
A third, a Corinthian column, in the centre, stands on the triangle and is under the
All three columns are numbered.
Under the column of the principles – the head of a king.
Under the column of the manifestations – the head of a queen.
Under the 3rd column, instead of number 9, the head of a prince.
All this is inscribed within the domain of the Form.
At the bottom, a devil blows 2 trumpets that produce smoke.
In Greek, referring to the angel’s trumpet, the words ùÿ+ ùþ,üÿù
(Trumpet of Truth) are inscribed.
The Echo reveals the influence of Divine Conceptions transmitted onto the
material plane and disguised (distorted) by the reaction of contrary influence.
This arcane unveils the mysteries of the Binary and the Ternary.
The SYMBOLS are: the wings, the trumpet in the middle, and the crown on top.



The Tarot of the World: “Mastery in the Four Elements”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the World is
revealed by the arcane entitled, “The Tarot of Mastery in the Four Elements”.
This arcane is a clear symbol of the emancipation of the Spirit from the inferior
forces that dominate it. The aspect of this arcane brings to the fore the apex in the
true path of Initiation. The Initiate’s Spirit possesses the great arcanes and, in a
glorious ascent towards the Beyond, it manifests all the majesty of its knowledge.
He is perfected in the initiation of the physical mysteries and so he acquires the
power to withdraw for a few moments from the concrete husk that darkens the
horizon of his Spirit, and he springs in search of unknown mysteries. He holds two
sticks of double command, which are symbols of his perfect mastery over the 4
elements. This is equivalent to mastery over the physical plane.
His efforts in the path of Truth are crowned with success, and now, free and full of
objective Wisdom, he runs towards the acquisition of intuitive Wisdom.
The way is open to him; he already bears the sign of the Chosen One engraved
on him, and he now aspires to the title of Adept.
He is bathed within the astral (the triangle), and by his gesture he maintains the
measure of the square – symbol of the physical plane. The triple circle shows him the
future regions of his action: astral plane, mental plane, celestial plane.
Happiness has come to fulfil his wishes, for in his ascending course, he was
guided by a Master of Truth.
His future is ensured, for he has managed to follow the path of Truth.
The motto is: Emancipation, Ascension, Freedom.

2nd Version
A woman wearing a scarf holds in each hand a rod, whose extremities end in a
small ball.
She is surrounded by 3 circles. In the square with the 1, the word IGNIS (fire) is
inscribed; in that with the 3, the word AER (air); in that with the 7, the word TERRA
(earth), and in that with the 9, the word AQUA (water).
The visible numbers are 2,4,5,6,8.
The upper ball of each rod is on the line of the triangle.
The four elements and their dominating essence.
The Spirit – an entity that is independent of all Matter – acts in the elements by
means of its agent, which is number 2, and by means of the three manifestations:
4,5, 6 and determination 8.
The SYMBOLS are: the two rods crosswise, and the symbols of the 4
elements in the empty spaces.


The Tarot of the Fool: “The Unbalanced One”.

Adapted to the Universal Key of human Wisdom, the Tarot of the Fool is revealed
by the arcane entitled, “TheTarot of the Unbalanced One”.
This arcane should never bear a number among the major arcanes, and it is by
misuse that we attribute number 22 to it. We do not wish to give a lengthy
explanation of this arcane. It speaks for itself. The following is what this Tarot ‘out of
series’ symbolizes:
A person who is curious and of a superficial character, one who approaches the
mysteries, not with boldness but with rashness and impudence. A person who denies
the need of a Master – a tried and experienced guide to the many and divers dangers
that sprout in the field of action. This man runs great risks when he blindly rushes into
the tortuous path. From the very first steps of the way towards the unknown, he ends
up being led astray by the evil that lies in wait for him, because he does not have the
shield of the Master and has no defence whatever to preserve him.
Heedless of his real situation, he continues on his path, which will eventually
either lead him to insanity or make of him a Sorcerer, dangerous to his fellow-
persons. In this last case, when in possession of malevolent arcanes, he becomes
the speculator, the simoniacal of these perverse powers. He sells his dark knowledge
and his even darker conscience. His desires are for his own well being. He stops at
nothing. He commits secret and dark crimes without hesitation, as long as his
recompense is GOLD.
The crocodile and the hyena that attack his genitals show the obscene passions to
which the sorcerer of the Sabbath is attracted. The rods of command and mastery
have been replaced by bludgeons, for rods are used by the Initiate of Truth and Light
to spread his benefits.
With his bludgeons, the sorcerer beats mercilessly, bringing about mourning,
malice and desolation.
He thinks that he is well balanced, that he is king on his throne. Just look at his
balance!! Don’t laugh; pity the unconscious one and his victims.
This is what the unnumbered arcane says. It is the opposite of the preceding one.
It is its contrary.

Do not risk into this thorny area without the support of a visible or an invisible
Master lest you see your own image symbolized by the arcane of the Unbalanced

2nd Version
At the base of the square, an individual looking like a madman without his
underwear, showing his genitals. His legs are bent, knees up and his elbows rest on
his feet.
His hands hold two bludgeons, crossed on his abdomen.
There is a sack on his head.

Below, a hyena on the right and a crocodile on the left are trying to snap at his
This represents the person who seeks the truth that is not his and is alien to him.
He thinks that he holds (the Truth) and that he carries it.
His position is quite unseemly and yet exact.
He gets tired, he makes an effort but, unable to participate in the feast of the
Brethren of the Truth, he hurls himself into dark practices, athirst for power.
He ends up gnawed alive by these two incurable illnesses of postulants for
malevolent works: vibrating terror and insanity.


Our Venerable Master had written a conclusion in which he promised to complete

the teaching in the future, so as to allow the fervent disciples to have the integral
revelation of the Tarot in their possession.
I shall try to fulfil his promise;
He ended thus:
“Joy, Peace and Health
to all the brethren throughout the Earth.”
And he signed:
“The Servant to the lowliest servant”.