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‘Pulling together’
Too often the question of property rights in a marriage and Property Rights in Marriage &
in the family only comes up when there is a separation that
changes irrevocably the status of the marriage and/or the Family
family. That separation may be either voluntary (divorce or
legal separation) or involuntary (death). At that time the
determination of property rights so often leads to conflict
and erosion of the bonds of love that existed within the
marriage and the family.

This workshop is designed to provide couples, individuals

and families with the information and tools that they will
need in order that they may navigate the often rough waters
of property ownership with confidence and that they may be
empowered enough to have the right conversations about
property rights within their marriages and families.

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Course Outline
Session 1 – What do you own and how do you own it?
What are the ways that couples and families can own property? This will lay the foundation for understanding the legal rights that come with this

Session 2 – What are the legal rights and obligations in property of the marriage and the family

Legal rights to property are determined by the manner in which property is acquired and held. There are varying levels of legal rights under the law. E.g.
there are rights that can be registered and rights that are acquired through the laws of equity (fairness). There are rights recognized by virtue of custom
and religion and rights created simply by being married. In this session, participants will be exposed to the thinking behind the law so that they can
understand and recognize the potential existence of legal rights by being aware of circumstances that create those legal rights.

Session 3 – Living Abundantly, Organising Property & Estate Planning

This Session will now focus on how participants can transition from the current situation of ownership into more suited arrangements e.g. from
individual to joint ownership, or from Companies to Trusts and how future property acquisitions can be planned and organized so that the property
ownership works to the best advantage of the marriage and family.
The Session also provides participants with a guide as to how to prepare their property affairs for the inevitable. Participants will learn why it is
important to plan for death and what is important to consider when preparing wills and trusts.

Session 4 - In the event of Separation (Optional)

This session is tailored particularly for those participants who may be going through a separation process and provides them with a guide to help them
navigate the process. Focus is on the legal position on custody, maintenance and apportionment of assets in the event of divorce. Guidance as to when to
seek legal advice and key questions to ask your legal advisor.
For participants who are going through separation as a result of bereavement, the Session will provide practical tips on the administration or execution
of the estate of the deceased.

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Who, When and Where
This workshop is organized and facilitated by Wanjiru Nduati Musembi, Managing Partner of
Havelock Nduati & Company Advocates. Relationship and Family counseling is provided by This course consists of 3 sessions to run every
Jennifer Karina a renowned relationship counselor, author and motivational speaker. Financial quarter the first to be held on:

Planning and Investment Advice is provided by Waceke Nduati Omanga of CENTONONOMY

Saturday 1st September 2012
who is lighting up the world of personal finance planning and investments with her practical
Saturday 8th September 2012
approach to financial freedom.
Saturday 22nd September 2012
Saturday 29th September 2012 (optional)
Wanjiru Nduati Musembi
Wanjiru is a graduate of the University of Leicester (UK), an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, a
Session starts at 9:30 am
Certified Public Secretary and an Associate Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Kenya Chapter. She has
Session ends at 12:30 pm
extensive legal, experience obtained in over a decade of working in and with highly respected law firms,
financial institutions and businesses. Sessions will be held at our offices at:

York Palace
Jennifer Karina
Muthangari Gardens
Jennifer Karina is the Author of Marriage Built to Last, After the Promise. She is an entrepreneur, (off Gitanga Road and Opposite Valley Arcade)
motivational speaker and trainer. She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Durhan University UK Nairobi

and is currently pursuing a PHD in Educational Psychology.

Contact us at:
Telephone : 0721 9392916/020 3860637
Waceke Nduati Omanga
Speak to Lucy/Anita/Nicky
Waceke Nduati is the founder and director of Centonomy. Waceke has over 10 years experience in the
Check out or website at:
investment industry internationally as well as locally. Institutions she has worked for include Balmain NB
(Australia), Dyer and Blair Investment Bank, African Alliance Investment Bank, CFC Stanbic and CCS
Course fees:
Financial Solutions. Kshs. 7500 for the 3 Sesstions
Phone: 0721 9392916/020 3860637 Kshs 2500 for the optional Session
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