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pas EIT) Wall Street® INSTITUTE ele TE ae altogether driver Joke / joking surfing anywhere ferry nearly telephone arrest foot outside ‘thought behind set off passenger ‘through bicycle crs, pleasant tum bridge guess present view Caribbean gun ride wear change helicopter slowly went dangerous hospital ‘somebody did / didn't hot Statue of Liberty Island straight drive 3 (ote hospital arrest outside guns: Caribbean dangerous Complete the dialogues. Dialogue 4 HARRY: | can’t find my passport. THACKER: Where did you look? HARRY: | looked in my desk and __be/uincl_ my desk. THACKER: Did you look (1) else? HARRY: Yeah, | looked (2) and in my car. ‘THACKER: You can’t go to the (3) without your passport! ast 1S as EXERCISE 1A - continued Dialogue 2 THACKER: How was Trinidad? HARRY: It was (4) My clothes were too warm. ‘THACKER: Why (5) you (6)__ Hugo Peters? HARRY: We followed his car. He was with the “boss.” We (7) stopped them. it was really (8) They had (9)__ Sir, |was in the (10) for three weeks. THACKER: Very interesting. PCs felt et] helicopter view bridge foot passenger altogether going: Statue of Liberty hundred Complete the dialogue. BAOLING: Taxi! Taxi! CAB DRIVER: Where are you going? BAOLING: Staten Island. CAB DRIVER: | can’t take you there. | can only take you to the ferry. BAOLING: | have this really big bag. Can't you take me all the way there? CAB DRIVER: I'l take you there for two fity. BAOLING: Two dollars fifty? OK, that's fine. CAB DRIVER: No, not two dollars fifty, two (1) and fifty dollars. BAOLING: No way! Why? CAB DRIVER: I's a long way. You have to take the (2) from Brookiyn. (>) (ha past Br ch EXERCISE 1B - continued BAOLING: Isn't there another way? ‘CAB DRIVER: Yeah, take a (3) or take the ferry as a (4) get another cab. You'll even get to see the (5) BAOLING: OK, I'l go to the ferry. How long will it take? CAB DRIVER: About an hour, (6) You'll ike it, and you'll get a great ” of Manhattan. Cel Td 4 CFCS fel Tle T ae = Verb + ed= Past tense Present Past ook Hooked He listens He listened You ask You asked We look We looked They listen They listened Istop | stopped* He shops He shopped* ‘NOTE: Verbs with one syllable and one vowel double the last letter, then add ~ed .Then EXERCISE 2A - continued Change the verb in the parentheses to make it past tense. Example: (stop) | _stoppecl atthe airport. One one Oneat ay © shop) she at the mall 0 i eae © toni we pe ee eee © son) Tepotceman the by. EXERCISE 2B - Simple Past: Irregular Verbs Singular Plural Present Past Prosont Past Igo went We go We went You go ‘You went You go You went He/she / it goes He / she /itwent They go They went think {think | thought We think. We thought You think, You thought You think. You thought He/she /it thinks He/she /itthought They think They thought @) o | past BI} EXERCISE 2B - continued Put the verb nthe parentheses in past tense Oe | _____ eworeveryany foros mont ® () You ______ on vacation to the Caribbean islands, © ttninwy we you were married. Owe 1 in Manhattan yesterday. © we) we students in France in 1995. © cevinny Trey ‘nas Colombian EXERCISE 2C - Simple Past: Questions Did + subject + verb = question Did you stop him? Did you drive to Seoul? Did you go to the party?* Did not + verb for negative sentences I did not stop him. / I didn't stop him. Idid not drive. / | didn’t drive. Idid not go. / I didn’t go* “NOTE: The form is the same with regular and irregular verbs, You didn’t stop. / Did you stop? / You stopped. You didn’t think. / Did you think? / You thought. He didn't drive. / Did he drive? / He drove. We didn’t go. / Did we go? / We went. LESSON ERCISE 2C - continued “Change the sentences to questions. Example: You shopped: Did you shop?, ©) He looked happy. © sretves woz © veo vough adoute vp w Rome. © wereaty needed a vacation. © rey wert Germany. EXERCISE 2D ‘Make the sentence negative. ‘Example: You shopped. You didn't shop. © Peete nap © sre mes Mor © ‘ou ougn about tipo Rome © we needed a vacation. @ Trey wentto seman. pT ell ‘Asking for information Giving information ‘Who was at the airport? Hugo was at the airport. ‘What did you do? | went to the Caribbean. How long are you staying? ''m staying three days. Do you have a reservation? Yes, | have a reservation. Did you go to Trinidad? Yes, | went to Trinidad. Where do you want to go? | want to go to Staten Island. Is it true that you all ride bicycles in China? We did before, but not now. Complete the dialogues with these sentences. No, only clothes. How long are you staying with us, Mr. Carter? Did you have any problems? Do you need help with your luggage? Doyou-have-areconation?. Did they look anywhere else? CCl eT eee RECEPTIONIST: Good afternoon. Welcome to the Universe Hotel Do-yow have w reservation? HARRY: Thanks, my name is Harry Carter. RECEPTIONIST: (1) HARRY: I'm staying three or four days. RECEPTIONIST: (2) HARRY: No thanks, I'm OK MR. HuGo: MR. HUG MR. HUG 3) policeman stopped me and looked into my bag, id he find anything? i, but the policeman listened to my telephone. EXERCISE 3B - Asking for Clarification What do you mean? That's not right is it? Put the sentences below Into the dialogues. Excuse me. What do you mean? (x2) Oh yes, certainly. Here It | 1'llbe staying one week. Dialogue 4 RECEPTIONIST: What's the duration of your stay? do-you mean? ‘you: Excuse me: Wha RECEPTIONIST: How long are you staying with us? You: (1) RECEPTIONIST: Hand me your passport please. You: (2) RECEPTIONIST: Can | have your passport please? You: (3) ‘That's not right, Is it? I think that's about right. I have a problem. Can you help me? Dialogue 2 RECEPTIONIST: How are you today? YOU: (4) Fine, thanks. RECEPTIONIST: Certainly. What do you need? YOU: The cab driver wanted $50.00 to take me to the ferry. ©), RECEPTIONIST: ia AG, a Te ‘You went on vacation to the Caribbean. What did you do there? How long did you stay? ‘What kind of food did you eat? Was it hot or cold? Write about your vacation. pos cae) Street™ INSTITUTE Cele TU ae ‘anyhow ‘darned had marvelous. serve attractive date hair meter ‘set up because depend heard often sexy blonde die kia older short brand pvp logon pants tall brown each lonely perfect, take over club fashion lots ‘question than ‘coat figure lovely quite unattractive ‘color found lover sample yourself ‘completely magazine saw ‘Complete the dialogues. MARCIE: ell, Ms. Liu, | saw some of your clothing in a_"™"@5°"C"_| iked what I saw. J think I can sell it BAOLING: That's great! Here’s my catalog. And | have some (1) here in my bag. MARCIE: Let me see; good. No prices? What about this (2) BAOLING: The price (3) ‘on how many you order. marci {ow much if| order one hundred? BAOLING: One hundred dollars (4) MARCIE: A hundred dollars? You don’t have a (5) ‘name here in the US, not ©) ___Gueeior (7) Come on, | want to make some money, too. BAOLING: | saw (8)__coats for $800 or $900 near my hotel, and they were really nothing special MARCIE: Well I'll think about it. Maybe I'll give you a call ®) o pest aI P(e F die cone lots. club Ritz Hotel marvelous _—glasses_-—completely movies Complete the dialogues using the words in the box. Dialogue 1 BELINDA: What shalll we do this evening? DVD. JOHN: Do you want to watch a BELINDA: No, | don't. | want to go out. JOHN: How about going to the (1) 2 BELINDA: No, | don't want to, | want to eat something, JOH fou don't want to go dancing ata (2)_____, do you? BELINDA: No, | want to go eat someplace special. Let's go to the @ JOHN: OK. Dialogue 2 BELINDA: Is he going to be allright? He won't (4) + will he? DOCTOR: No, he'll be (5) all right in three weeks, Do you know what happened? BELINDA: | don’t know, really. He went to the bathroom, but he was without his (6) He didn't see wel DOCTOR: That's interesting BELINDA: You see, doctor, we're going to be married next month and have a of children, DOCTOR: Well, that's (8) ! Congratulations LESSON Ie) pee fC eT Oe REGULAR VERBS (prosent / past) IRREGULAR VERBS (present / past) like / liked get / got start / started say / said find / found hear / heard think / thought see / saw EXAMPLES. | ked it. So you found us, OK? | started the company. | heard the name. | got it at Cheapman's. | thought about it | said | don't like movies. I saw something in a magazine. Complete each sentence in the past tens Example: (say)!_svécl_ stop him. © tee) 1 them in the Caribbean. ere ee © rear the policeman the car. ee ees © om Trerecenins tne tae wi cost $50 © 1 srewomtourens coding tothe fery IG) sar) booing her own comer. © ic) they the move pes ce) (4 fell TT take off / put on / set up / take over | put on my clothes every morning. = —_| put my clothes on every morning. | take off my clothes every night. = Hake my clothes off every night. Baoling set up her own company. = Baoling set her own company up. They will take over the company. = They will take the company over. With nouns, you can put the verb and the preposition together, but with pronouns you must separate them: Take off your pants. BUTNOT Take your pants off. Fake-oftthom- Take them oft Put the phrasal verbs into the dialogues. Separate them when necessary. put on take off ‘set up JOHN: Hil Can you help me find some new clothes? CLERK: Certainly. What size do you need? JOHN: Size 38. CLERK: Here, PU! this coat__O'V (4) the pants, too. JOHN: These clothes are too big. 'm going to (2) ‘them 3) CLERK: Here, try this coat. It's size 36. JOHN: I's perfect! Thanks! DAD: Can | help? MOTHER: Yes, (4) David's shirt and pants. DAD: Ok, no problem. MOTHER: Oh honey, you need to (5) ‘that shirt. t's too big! Here, ©). this one. DAD: Let's just (7) his coat (8) MOTHER: What about fashion! He'll be perfect. MARCIE: Your company looks interesting. Did you (9) it(10)____yourseir? BAOLING: Excuse me. | don’t understand the question, MARCIE: Did you start the company? BAOLING: Yes, | did. pas BIA ts tel eee UR EC ‘Subject + Is / am / are + going to+ verb 1'm going to be all right. You're going to go to the Caribbean tomorrow. ‘She's going to cook a Japanese dinner this evening. Negative: You're not going to go. She's not going to cook. Question: Are you going to go? Is she going to cook? sentences with going to. ple: A: Are you free tonight? Lm going to see w movie with Mo B: Sorry, Do you want to eat anything? B: No thanks, ‘A; What about the people in London? B: t's all it, ‘A: What are your plans for this evening? B: (goto that new Japanese restaurant) ‘A: Who's that postcard for? (see 2 movie with Marco) + (ust have a beer) (go there next week) , I made a reservation this moming, B: I think. + (send it to my Mom) ‘A: What are we doing this evening? B: (go to the cinema) ‘A: You're not doing very well at school, are you? + Ihave the tickets here, B: | know; this year (study more) ‘A: Are Tim and Anna stil together? B: No, + (not get married). She's going out with John now. ‘A When 2 (tidy this apartment) B: Sorry 'm very busy at the moment, ‘A: | didn’t hear what you said. Well, 'm sorry, but ‘A: You don't know much about computers, do you? You're right. Next Monday (not say it again) + (start a course) 2) OCs fel Te Tr Fd Log on to a website on your computer. ''m logging on to | ogged on to ‘Your computer program is not working, You need to call technical support. ‘You need a new version of the program. ‘You can get the new version from the Internet and install it on your computer. version technical -worvioe- install logon Internet program website Complete the dialogues with the words above. CUSTOMER SUPPORT:, customer SFYC” department, JOHN: May | have (1) ‘support? CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Technical support. How may | help you? JOHN: I'm trying to (2) to your (3) _ but 'm having a problem. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Tell me the problem. JOHN: When I signin, it says | need a special (4) CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Yes sir, you need the dating program. After you pay $500, you can (5) ‘the newest (6) from the (7) JOHN: Okay. Modern technology! piss cE) PSB ee tm tall. /'m short. I'm attractive. /I'm not very attractive, | have blonde hair. / Ihave brown hair. I'm a businessman. / I'ma teacher. Like rock music. / like modern art. Look at the pictures. Match the descriptions with the pictures. © ses weanng a coat etre a © she's en ot woman, and she's shor Fobra © shes wearing cess Perey ® srenas shor back ha and she's tal. Pewe: © she's young woman. She's short and hs long black hl. Powe: © sre naslong bond na, and she's tl Pewe; © she's ung has bond haz and she's shor. Peue: —__ g U - 8 ¢ > rie EXERCISE 3B - continued Compete the following sentences © Mre woman in pcre € is arc has © Tre woman in pute Dis young and has © Tre woman in picture 1s an WRAP-UP Complete the form to find the perfect partner. You can use the words below. attractive fabulous great 30 to 40 years old beautiful all short eyes: blue brown gray green hal: brown blonde red black ‘Sign up today for your perfect partner! Log on to ‘and answer the questions. Lam reel) a Tae tei Cl a ee Describe your Perfect Partner pis Bird 8 Wall Street” INSTITUTE ATE Te accent college exam infact Shakespeare 20 cost foreot natural theater belong ore free alafstioned broke oy Hamlet pass came rama rope olay cortcte duke immediately vat a. Cee) =e oom. theater hope pass play came cram ago Shakespeare certificate free cost forgot Compete the dialogues. Dialogue A SOUAD: Hey Maro, When dd you come” back? MARCO: (1) back afew days 2) KIM: Real? Weil i's good to see you, What ae you going to do? MARCO: Actual came back take an (3) foran Engish as ‘Second Language (4) SSOUAD: 'm sure you") Your English i very good MARCO: Thanks, (6) so Dialogue B AIKO: woul you al ke to go tthe (1) toseea (2) this evening? DAVID: What pay? AIKO: W's 2 play by(3) 18) the name. DAVID: Is it Hamlet? AIKO: Sorry | really can’t remember the name. MARCO: How much do the tickets (5) AIKO: They're (6) ! MARCO: OK, let's go. LESSON B13) cers fT Regular Verbs Irregular Verbs want > wanted leave > eft cry > cried do > did happen > happened come -> came Complete each sentence Inthe past tense. Example: (want) Aiko W~22_ to go tothe play © tome) Marco back to New York © owe ‘our work yesterday. © weave) they forthe theater at half past seven, © rappen) Something in Rome. © (cm Mary was so unhappy she © swan) sane ana to the Carbooan Prey pela) Pos Cl el BT Te ‘Most longer adjectives form the comparative with more... than... Js she more beautiful than me? Is she more interesting than me? | think Paris is more attractive than London. Your parents are more olt+fashioned than mine. Is Japan more expensive than China? expensive difficult beautiful untidy. dangerous independent Make comparative sentences with these adjectives. iw more untidy th Example: John's apartment \v_ Harry's apartment. © te cortoean sends tate © rerio a student host OQ say Marta © Pranes tains © Armanagers job water's job. Teepe) OS CS toe TT ey ‘A: When did you come to New York? B: It's Monday today, and | came here last Monday. So it was a week ago. ‘A: When did you start studying English? B: Two years ago, but | still don't speak it very well! You can use over to talk about a longer period of time. ‘A: Are you hungry again already? When did you have dinner? B: It was over three hours ago. That's why! Today Is May 1st. It's 10:00 a.m, ‘Make sentences with period of time + ago or over period of time + ago. Example: When did you come to France (Aprll 47th)? It was two weekv ago: © when dia you start working here? (May 4st, 1998) © wen aia you go to Korea? (March 26th) © wen aid you start schoo!? Ganuary 1st) © wien © wren did you give Hugo the report? (today, 9:00 a.m.) the US get independence? (1776) eee ela) OCs elt el DTT RT If + present tense Result (habit, with present tense) If have time, Iwatch TV every night. If don't eat dinner, 'm always hungry by 8:00 p.m. If + prosent tense Result (futuro, with will) If Ihave time, ll watch TV later tonight. If don't eat dinner, 1 be hungry by 8:00 p.m. We always use the present after if, but the result can be in the present or in the future. When we're talking about a habit, or something which usually happens, we use the present. When we're talking about 2 result in the future, we use will Example: ine _O”m€% pack, Ws) this to him. © 025s) ityou study tonight, you_the exam tomorrow. © coat) ttm hungry, atweys_ something © 1 ttyouaskme, with you tonight. © oo tryouery! with you. © eas) _1f my son goes to sleep ery, | always a book. Perel TU Tr lel 4. eta ore) Es How much do the tickets cost? They're free, ‘They're $20.00. How much does a ticket to the theater cost? It doesn’t cost anything, I's free. Itcosts $50.00. pt pity! 8B EXERCISE 3A - continued ‘Answer the questions. Example: How much does a plane ticket to Seoul cost? It costy $900.00. © How much does a ticket to the movies cost? ($8.00) © How much do 12 tittle cakes cost? ($42.00) © How much does that new car cost? ($25,000.00) © How mucn does a winter coat cost? ($150.00) © sow much ove tikes or Hamlet as? ($260.00) Po (a5) IF What did you think of it? twas marvelous! It was interesting. twas good. I didn't like it. They were marvelous. What did you think of the play? What did you think of the movie? What did you think of the actors? Complete the dialogue. good it was what think (x2) AIKO: Well, what did you all Chon _ of the play? MARCO: (1) ‘was interesting, KIM: It was very (2) Hoved it MARCO: (3) _did you (4)_of Mary? AIKO: She (5) good. MARCO: You're very nice, CCS fee oe RT ee ee I'm fed up with Heidi I'm fed up with my car. have lots of problems with Heidi. have lots of problems with my car. | studied and studied my English. It’s really difficult! I can't remember it. 'm fed up! Complete the dialogues. t's a shame! Don't worry. Hetod-upl(x2) It’s fabuloust hope so! HEIDI: Every day come home and you are watching T. ‘The place is untidy, and you do nothing! (2) _'nu fe wp! DAVID: (2) Way it CLYDE: Oh no, my car! | can't drive my car! HARRY: I'm sorry about your car. (3), MARCO'S MOM: What are you doing? It's after 12, and I need to sleep. ‘You need to go to bed now! (4) MARCO: We'll tur it off now. You'll be asleep soon. MARCO'S MOM: (5) MARCO'S MOM: You worked so hard making this breakfast, Mary. Everything, is perfect! ‘MARCO: Yes, Mary. (6) MARY: Thanks. WRAP-UP TT ey ‘expensive —_— interesting —difficult modern old-fashioned untidy ——-attractive. Example: Roger ix more attractive thar Johw shame gentle wasn't 0 player coffee orange soda GRAMMAR 1 are were 2. are were 3. were are 4, were Were 5. Were were 26 1. were 2. were 3. was 4, were 5. amor'm 6 are 7. isor's 8. will be 9. Are 10. are 2c 1. won't you? 2. aren't you? 3. will you? 4, won't you? 5. will you? 6. wore you? 7. weren't you? 8 won't you? Isn't? 7. weren't you? 8 wasn't it? 9 won't you? 2E 2. My sister isn’t the same today as she was in 1989. 43. Belinda’s breakfast isthe same as Marco's breakfast. 4, Karen's dress isn't the same as Janet's dress. COMMUNICATION aeons WRAP-UP (mode! answers) 4. Look at this apartment! W's so untidy! How can you just sit there when I'm doing all the work? 2. Look at that git! She's so strange! How can she drink so much? 3. Look at David! He's so saa! How can he come toa party when his heart is broken? 4, Look at Annie! ‘She's so cola! How can she have no heart? LESSON 14.1 VOCABULARY anywhere outside Caribbean hot didn. arrest nearly dangerous guns hospital oe eee hundred bridge helicopter foot passenger Statue of Liberty akogether nog eeue B GRAMMAR 4. Did he look happy? 2. Did she love Mozart? 3 Did you think about a trp to Rome? 4. Did we realy need a vacation? 5. Did they go to Germany? {LHe did't look happy. 2. She didn’t love Mozart. 3 You didn't think about a trip to Rome, 4, We didn’t need a vacation. 5. They didn't goto Germany. COMMUNICATION 3A 1. How long are you staying with us, Mr. Garter? 2. Do you need help with your luggage? 3. Did you have any problems? 4. No, only clothes. 5. Did they look anywhere else? 3B 1 Ibe staying one week 2. Excuse me. What do you mean? 3. Ohyes, certainly. Here itis. 44, Ihave a problem. Can you help me? 5. That's not right, is it? 6. think that’s about right. WRAP-UP (mode! answers) | shopped | danced to Caribbean music. ‘went suring. istened to music. | went to a restaurant. | had coffee and cakes. gota tax. LESSON 14.2 VOCABULARY 4A 1. samples: 2. coat 3. depends, 4. each 5. brand 6 ke 7. Armani 8. lovely 1B 1. movies 2. club 3, Ritz Hote! 4. die 5. completely 6. gasses 7. lots 8. marvelous GRAMMAR 1. saw 2. thought 3, heard 4, found 6. said 6. got 7, started 8. thea 28 1. Puton 2. take 3. off 4. put on 5. take off 6. put on 7. put 8. on 9. set 10. up 2c 4. I'm just going to have a beer. 2. I'm going to go there next week 2. I'm going to goto that new Japanese restaurant. 4, I think 'm going to send it to my Mom. 5, We're going to goto the cinema (this evening). 6. I know; this year 'm going to study more. 7. No, they’re not going to get married. £8. When are you going o tidy this apartment? ©. Well, 'm sorry, but 'm not going to say it again. 10. Next Monday I'm going to start a course. COMMUNICATION 41. technical 2. logon 3. website 4. program 5. install 6. version 7. Internet 28 aD AE 5c BA aa 8. long blond hair / tall, 9. tall / short black hair 10. long black hair 41. young / short WRAP-UP Possible answers What are you like? 'm tall | have blonde har. 1'm 30 years old What freetime activities do you ike? ike dancing. | ike to go to the movies. ike classical music. Describe your perfect partner. He / she is tal, He / she Is 30 years old. He / she likes to dance. LESSON 14.3 VOCABULARY ago eam certificate oorerp oe hove theater play Shakespeare forgot cost free dia left happened tied wanted ‘are more beautiful than is more expensive than is more independent than ‘re more dangerous than, is more dificutt than It was over ten years ago. It was over a month ago. ft was four months ago. ft was over two hundred years ago. Iwas an / one hour ago. MUNICATION costs $8.00, cost $12.00. {costs $25,000.00 costs $150.00. cost $250.00. (2) twas interesting. was very (2) goad I loved it. 3) What did (4) you think of Mary? (8) was good. ou'te very nice. 3c 2. Don't worry, 3. Isa shame! 4, 1m fed upl 5. hope so! 6. It's fabulous! WRAP-UP (mode! answers) Renzo’s restaurant is more expensive than a fastfood restaurant. Juanita is more interesting than Hei. Korean is more diffcut than Italian Mary is more modern than Marco. “Marco's parents are more old fashioned than Mary. Davie's apartment is more untidy than Heid's (apartment) LESSON 15.1 VOCABULARY divorced import Philippines us ty urgent better divorce trutn Beooxnogsune 3 3 8 GRAMMAR 4. wanted 2. sald 3. called 4. 5.