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The trade surplus is substantial, and

Philippine economy is heavily foreign reserves are the world’s fifth Position in
dependent on outside workers largest bank-bank di India organization Brazil
monies back relationship
menurunkan suku important in Mirip US, to the
built on mutual
bunga juga untuk bussiness relation point, sangat
Taiwan India trust and respect
memacu terjadwal Written
Goldman Sachs predicts pertumbuhan. Communication,
that China as the world’s take time saat
largest economy by Europe’s fourth largest India China Germany negosiasi
2027 (over US) China fastest aging automobile
and shrinking exporter on important to understand
populations the planet foreign business cultures, tiap
world’s largest African personal relationships relationships,group
negara punya kebiasaan proud of their country,
deposits platinum, Countries necessary for long-term loyalty and
berkomunikasi yang berbeda hierarchy and seniority
chrome, and Germany Mexico business consensus (Wa)
Union Japan
Nigeria Egypt
Europe Communication Differences
activity oriented,
Central and Eastern Europe
Business Climate Across Across Countries US vs Foreign much haggling,
umumnya berada di bawah Countries/Continents Business Cultures
rata-rata tingkat keanggotaan Mexico

Organisasi yang melakukan operasi

Chapter 2 Corporate Tax
Corporate tax rates
bisnis melintasi batas negara
Outside-USA Strategic Planning Rates Globally bervariasi antar negara

International Firms Multinational Globalization affect

The Global Challenge Global strategy
(multinational corporations) Organizations companie
Unique & process of doing business worldwide
based on global
Diverse risks
International Protectionism countries imposing tariffs, taxes, and profitability
social/political disturbances regulations on firms outside the country perusahaan
import/export restrictions,
tariffs, and trade barriers Advantages Disdvantages Difficult to understanding
regional organizations Producing products
Gain new customers Joint ventures can enable firms Foreign operations be seized
to learn the technology by nationalistic factions. Dealing with two or more Marketing
monetary systems
Efficient cost dari Economies of scale dapat dicapai Banyaknya perbedaan membuat
Foreign operations komunikasi menjadi sulit
dari operasi di global
Disesuaikan dengan
Competitors less/no exist Increase power and prestige Overestimated competitors weakness needs
di pasar domestik in domestic markets Underestimated competitors strengths