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Dear Community Leaders,

Teachers’ Treasures serves Marion County’s students and teachers by operating

a low-cost retail store for teachers to gather supplies for their classroom. To
support that work, Teachers’ Treasures in coordination with IUPUI students, will
host Pounce with Purpose. This will be a four-day long supply drive in two of
IUPUI’s residence halls. To kick-off the supply-drive, Pounce with Purpose will host
an informational table on Monday, April 23 and interact with nearly 1,300
students. Finally, to close out the week Pounce with Purpose will award the floor
with the most supplies collected, a celebratory dinner. To make this event
possible, Pounce with Purpose is looking for community members to donate the
-Monetary Support: to support the event cost (unused funds will be used for
Teachers’ Treasures operation -Donuts for 1,300 people
-Taco bar for 120 people -Coffee and Juice for 1,300 people
-Assorted soft drinks for 120 people -Napkins, Cups, Plates, & Cutlery for
-28 Black Trash Bags 1,420 people
In exchange for your contribution we have many benefits described below.
Donations to Teachers’ Treasures, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-
deductible as allowed by law (Tax ID:35-2100375). If you need more information
or to submit your donation, please contact Victoria Musser at Thank you for your time and consideration! I look
forward to building a relationship with your organization.

Victoria Musser
Teachers’ Treasures, Volunteer and Advocate
Want to sponsor Pounce with Purpose

Sponsor Title Golden Apple Silver Pen Bronze Ruler

Sponsor Level $500 $250 $100

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Attendance ✔
Social Media Teachers’
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& Instagram)
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Social Media: Thank you posts will be made in a group so that multiple sponsors will be thanked in one post
● Teachers’ Treasures Facebook: followers 5613
● Teachers’ Treasures Twitter: followers 957
● Private Residence Halls Facebook: approx. 400 members
● Blog: Teachers’ Treasures has a blog on their website, and the website has 2.5K-3K unique visitors a week
Press Kit: Your organization will be mentioned and thanked in any press release.
Banner Recognition: Thank you banner will be displayed at the kick-off and celebration event will be seen by up
to 1,300 students.
Representative: representative of your organization is invited to come Monday, April 23 from 7:30-10:30 am to the
kick-off event and speak to up to 1,300 IUPUI students and pass out marketing materials
Pounce with Purpose is a supply drive for Teachers’ Treasures, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit
organization (tax ID 35-2100375).

Contact: ____________________________ Company: _____________________________


Phone: (____________) ___________________ E-mail: ____________________________

In-Kind Donation
Donation Description:
Donation value $ _____________ Method of Valuation: Item Cost or Retail Value
If food will be ready for pick up/delivered on
Date: ___________________Time: _____________
_____ would like a tax-deductible receipt
_____ Golden Apple _____ Silver Pen _____ Bronze Ruler

I plan to pay by: Check_________ or Credit Card________

Mail checks to: Teachers Treasures

Attn: Pounce with Progress

1800 E 10th St
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Return Email completed form to: VIGOODWI@UMAIL.IU.EDU

For questions or unique suggestions call: (260) 687-9019

In order to receive full benefits donations must be submitted by April 5, 2018.