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Configure your T60 Transformer Protection Relay

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$10,043.75 T60-N03-HKH-F8N-HXX-M8L-PXX-UXX-WXX
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Firmware Rev. 5.49 Firmware Revision

Language English
CPU Type N - RS485 + 10/100 BaseT

Software Options 03
Mounting H - Horizontal (19" rack) - Standard
Note: Vertical mounting currently not available
with Graphical Display, Option E.
User Interface K - Enhanced Front Panel
Power Supply H - 125/250 V AC/DC power supply
CT/VT DSP F8N - 8CT with enhanced diagnostics
Digital - Transducer Input/Output HXX - No Module
Digital - Transducer I/O CT/VT DSP M8L - 4CT/4VT with enhanced diagnostics (1)
Digital - Transducer I/O Inter-Relay Com PXX - *No Module
Digital - Transducer I/O Inter-Relay Com UXX - No Module
DIO - TIO Inter-Relay Com or Redundant Power Supp WXX - *No Module
1. If you select the redundant power supply option in this slot, use the U slot for comm. card
2. UR relays comes standard with DVD containing digital version of instruction manual. Hard copy instruction manuals are available below in
Products / Accessories.
3. For a free copy of EnerVista UR Engineneer, click here ( to
download software

Special Options

Special Options
Test Sheet No
Cert. of Calibration No

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