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Bitcoin & Crypto Trend Forecast Update: Price: $4.


Report 16: Model Portfolio

Date: 1 March 2018 (Australian EAST, 10:00 AM) [raw format]

Private and Confidential

Dear Crypto Friend,

This is not financial advice. This is what a model portfolio looks like for me based on a $100,000 investment.

- Overnight Bitcoin reached a higher point than expected being $11040

- At the time of writing this, a change of TREND has not been confirmed YET, so we maintain a position to stay out of the
- Once an UP TREND is confirmed I will enter the market, not yet
- The market is full of people making decisions at the wrong time and we need to be aware of that
- Patience is good because the money from the impatient will come to the patient investor
- You never lose money when you are on the sideline
- We will monitor the market over the next 24 hours and will give you a signal once we are confident market has changed

Model portfolio for 2018

My TOP 5 COINS for this next 340% bull run (excluding Bitcoin):
- Litecoin
- Ripple
- Stellar (can be replaced with either TRON or VERGE)

Let’s assume you have $100,000 (70% of portfolio goes here)

The same percentage applies if you have $10,000 or any different amount.
Top 9 by Name Ticker Percentage Notes
Bitcoin BTC 16% Need this for trading as well
Litecoin LTC 35%
OmiseGO OMG 12%
Neo NEO 12%
Ethereum ETH 5%
Populous PPT 5%
Qtum Qtum 5%
Internet of Things IOTA 5%
Stellar XLM (STR) 5%

Let’s assume you have $100,000 (30% of portfolio goes here)

Secondary 6 by Name Ticker Dollars Notes
Verge XVG 15%
Ripple XRP 15%
Stratis STRAT 15%
Veritaseum VERI 15%
Cardano ADA 15%
Hold some Cash - 10%

Good luck traders

Legal disclaimer: The above is the analyst opinion of Mr Landman, based on data available at this point in time. These opinions are not recommendations to buy or
sell securities/commodities (and/or currencies). Trading and investing is a risk and you should not rely on this data to make financial decisions. You must consult a
financial advisory. Mr Landman is not a financial advisor/adviser and the intend of this document is not to give financial advice. It’s merely research and data
complied into a written report for entertainment purposes.