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All About the Maya

Station 1- Architecture
Directions: Use the pictures and the Following paragraphs to come to a conclusion about which building fits the
description. You must justify your answer using an example from the text!
(ex: I think that is shown Picture because in the text it says and the picture shows .”





Station 2- Astronomy

Directions: Use the Chromebook to watch a video on Mayans and their study of Astrology and Mathematics and
answer the following questions. Turn on the Subtitles ([CC] at the Bottom next to settings) Pause the video as often
as you need to in order to write down the answers.

1. What two countries did the Mayans Inhabit?

2. What did the Maya accomplish?
1. Mapped the
2. Evolved the
3. Were masters at
4. Invented
5. Constructed

3. What was the thing the Mayans call “the world tree”
4. List 3 of the Mayan Constellations
5. Today we use a Number system based off of digits, the Mayans used a number system based off of
6. What were the Mayan Symbols for Numbers?

7. What were the 2 Advantages of the counting system?

8. How Would You Write How Old You are in Mayan Symbols?
Station 3- Social Structure
Directions: Read the handout at your Table and As a Group
come up with the best way to Summarize the “Jobs” in each class.
Station 4- Religion

Directions: As a group, work together to discuss the powers of the Mayan Gods and draw a Symbol or multiple
symbols Representing them.

God Power(s) Symbol(s)

In your Group discuss which of the Priest’s duties is the most important and Justify why and the Least important
and Justify why.

Most Important:

Least Important:

Why where the following Important to Maya Religion?


Station 5- Beauty

Directions: As a group Compare both images. What Observations and Inferences can you make while comparing
the images about Mayans and their ideas of Beauty.

Raise your hands for the Copies of the Articles about Mayan Beauty

“The Look” Details (Why and How They Did It)





Station 6- City States
Directions: As a group work together to Answer the following questions about the Cities of the Maya Civilization

What do the underlined sentences in the first paragraph say? Summarize it in your own words.

1. became one of the most powerful city-states in the history of the Maya civilization
during the Classic period of Maya history

2. a major city-state located in the Southern Maya Area in the Guatemala highlands

3. this city is home to the tallest pyramid is called Temple IV at over 230 feet high.

4. At around the year 600 AD, Caracol this city broke away from Tikal and became a
powerful city-state of its own.

5. Around 1.2 million people visit this Maya City a year.

6. Is home of many famous structures including: El Castillo, Great Ball Court and the
Temple of the Warriors.

Using the Map

7. Where are Most of the Smaller Maya sites? (Use Relative Location to Describe)

8. What Maya Archaeological site is Located at Guatemala City?

9. What Archeological sites have astronomical or observatory buildings?