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The homeopathic
treatment of candida
by Mary-Jane Sharratt BA (Hons) SDSHom MARH

For many years I suffered from severe bloating after meals, and the
• Joint pain and arthritis –
swollen, painful joints; muscle
problem continued even when I stopped eating wheat, and later, dairy aching, tingling, numbness
products. I finally acknowledged that I had a problem with yeast over- or burning
growth and embarked on a full, restrictive anti-candida diet, complete
with numerous supplements. Although I generally felt well when fol-
• Ear, nose and throat symptoms
– sinusitis, post-nasal drip,
lowing the diet, as soon as I began eating ‘normally’ again, the candida itching in nose or ears
Mary-Jane Sharratt
graduated from
symptoms returned. • Aggravation from damp
weather, sugar, bread, drinking
the South Downs alcohol, exposure to chemicals,
School of Homeo- petrol fumes, perfume.
pathy in 2006, My experience prompted me to There is no accurate data on
when she left her write my college project on the the number of candida sufferers – Assessing the presence
15-year career in subject of candida, and its homeo- many individuals may not realise of candida
the finance indus- pathic and naturopathic treatment. their symptoms are a consequence As homeopaths we treat the totali-
try to establish In the two and a half years since of candida. Women are thought to ty of symptoms and not the dis-
a successful prac- completing the project I have treat- suffer more commonly than men. ease; so whether the symptoms are
tice in mid-Sussex. ed almost thirty people exhibiting The term candida is often used a result of an underactive thyroid
She has taught at the symptoms of candida, and interchangeably with thrush, indi- or candida, the most appropriate
colleges in Sussex I have seen some common themes cating an oral or genital fungal remedy will be prescribed for the
and runs eight- emerging. Consequently there are infection, often with soreness, individual. However, an awareness
week courses on certain homeopathic remedies itching and/or discharge. There of the symptoms that indicate can-
acute homeopathic I find myself using time and again, can be candida overgrowth but dida can be useful when consider-
prescribing. with which I have obtained some no evidence of thrush, but other ing nutritional advice or organ sup-
good results. symptoms will be evident. port remedies. It is also common
The most common indications for patients to believe that their
Symptoms of candida overgrowth of the presence of candida are: symptoms are caused by candida
Candida is the popular term used
for an overgrowth of the yeast
• Fungal infections – thrush,
athlete’s foot, or fungal prob-
overgrowth as, although GPs are
often dismissive of it, there is fre-
candida albicans (Chaitow 2003; lems of the skin or nails quent mention of it in the media
for a detailed explanation see
Sheridan Stock’s article in HIP
• Digestive problems – lethargy
and bloating after eating; exces-
and a wealth of information on the
internet, resulting in self-diagnosis
Spring 2007, entitled: ‘Conquering sive wind; food cravings, partic- in many cases.
Candida’, pages 36-43). ularly sugar, carbohydrates, Numerous tests are available to
This yeast is normally present in yeasty food and alcohol; a test for candida, but as it is natu-
a healthy person in small amounts worsening of symptoms after rally occurring, they are not always
and, if kept in balance, it doesn’t eating yeasty or sugary foods accurate. A clinical questionnaire
cause a problem. Numerous factors
can upset this balance (see below).
• Environmental sensitivity –
food allergies and intolerances;
is considered to be one of the best
methods of establishing the pres-
When the balance is altered, candi- hay-fever and increased sensi- ence of candida. It can also be ben-
da overgrowth may result which tivity to smells and chemicals eficial to refer a patient for allergy
can cause symptoms of disease.
Candida prefers the warm moist
• Mental symptoms – foggy
brain, depression, lethargy,
testing to ascertain if there is a
maintaining cause such as toxicity
conditions found in the intestines fatigue and mood swings or a deficiency of a particular vita-
and mucous membranes of the
body, and is most common in
• Menstrual problems – irregular
menstrual cycle; bleeding or
min or mineral.
Particular areas to cover if
the ascending colon, mouth, excessive discharge between there is a suspicion of candida
oesophagus and vaginal tract. periods and pre-menstrual tension (Winderlin 1996):

38 Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009

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• Medication – history of using

antibiotics, steroids, HRT, con-
• repeated prescriptions of
chronic conditions such as multiple
sclerosis, diabetes and hypothy-
traceptive pill, Mirena coil • exposure to chemicals and roidism to have clear symptoms
• Endocrine imbalance – history toxic metals indicating candida overgrowth.
of pregnancy, menstrual
problems, including bleeding
• use of hormone-mimicking
drugs and creams including
What is less clear is whether the
candida overgrowth contributed to
between periods, PMT, the oral contraceptive pill, their condition. Case-taking often
hypothyroid symptoms, blood HRT and progesterone creams reveals that the symptoms of candi-
sugar imbalance (weakness,
emptiness, dizziness, sweating
• the presence of parasites in
the gut
da were present before the symp-
toms of the chronic disease, so it is
or nausea alleviated by eating) • excessive stress possible that, in some cases, chron-
• Digestive complaints – lethargy • excess sugar consumption ic disease is the next stage of sys-
or bloating after eating, exces-
sive wind and flatulence, food
• severe emotional trauma or
separation from a parent.
Excessive stress is
a common cause
temic candida.
Sugar addiction can certainly
cravings, (particularly sugar, It is common for sufferers of of candida. be a maintaining cause in cases of
carbohydrates, alcohol), diarr- candida. It is worth noting that
hoea or constipation, worsening those who claim not to have a
of symptoms after eating yeasty ‘sweet tooth’ may get their sugar
or sugary foods from alcohol (see Case 1). This is
• Fungal infections – history of
athlete’s foot, fungal infection
often the case with men, who may
eat little sugar but crave alcohol.
of the nails or skin (a yellowing Since completing my college
of the nail bed or surrounding project I have treated 28 patients
skin); oral or genital thrush; with clear evidence of candida
vaginal discharge or irritation; overgrowth and I began to see
rectal itching some themes emerging. In a short
• Mental symptoms – mental
symptoms of candida should
space of time I saw four new
female patients, all of whom were
not be used as the sole guiding seeking treatment for candida. Two
factor; however, they commonly had been adopted in the first year
include depression; poor of their life, one had been aban-
coordination and balance; doned by her mother when she was
forgetfulness; fatigue and four and the other had been in and
lethargy; mood swings (particu- out of care for her first few years.
larly PMT); diminished libido; I started getting good results from
sleepiness in the morning remedies which helped patients to
• Musculo-skeletal symptoms –
include unexplained joint pain
deal with the issues around separa-
tion, such as Natrum muriaticum,
or swelling of joint and muscle Carcinosin, Lac humanum and Lac
aches, tingling, numbness or caninum. This prompted me to
© Andres Rodriguez |

burning review all my candida cases, and

• Ear, nose and throat symptoms
– may include post-nasal drip
of 28 patients there were 17 (60%)
who had either suffered the death
or persistent itching in nose of a family-member at a young age,
or ears were adopted or abandoned or are
• Environmental sensitivity – may
include allergies or intolerances
now estranged from one or both
parents after a poor relationship
to a number of foods; hayfever with them in childhood. How sig-
and other allergies (especially nificant this is as a cause of candi-
if they appeared in adulthood); da is impossible to say, but those
sensitivity to perfume, chemi- patients who are no longer show-
cals, petrol fumes, tobacco
smoke Remedies such as ing symptoms of candida report
that they have come to terms with
• Modalities: issues from their childhood.
– Aggravation in damp weather
– Aggravation from eating sugar, Carcinosin and Nat mur Treating candida
bread and other yeasty food Originally I drew up a treatment
– Aggravation from drinking
can be useful in cases of plan which included following an
anti-candida diet and using a wide
– Aggravation from exposure range of supplements. However,
to chemicals. chronic candida where I now find many of the supple-
ments unnecessary. I often give
What causes candida? a digestive support alongside the
There is unlikely to be any single
cause of candida, however the most
there is history of grief remedy best indicated for the pre-
senting complaint.
common ones (or a combination of
them) are: over separation Many naturopathic texts on can-
dida overgrowth refer to ‘die-off’.

Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009 39

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FEATURE Remedies for thrush Keynotes Modalities

Arsenicum album Acrid, thick yellow leukorrhoea < standing; after midnight

This occurs when a rigorous diet Borax Oral thrush < fruit, tobacco
and supplementation programme Dry, cracked tongue with a bitter taste
is followed; the excess candida dies Craves sour food
and then has to be excreted from
the body. Commonly this results Caladium Most commonly used to help > masturbation, rubbing the
smokers to give up, this remedy affected area
in a worsening of symptoms as the also has the symptom of itching
body is unable to excrete the dead of vulva and vagina with burning
yeast sufficiently quickly.
Many patients suffering from China officinalis When candida symptoms have < diarrhoea
severe candida are in a state of low been present since food poisoning or
after a severe bout of diarrhoea, even
vitality both physically and emo- if this occurred months or years ago
tionally and, in my view, expecting Recommend 6c daily for 2 to 4 weeks
them to suffer a worsening of
symptoms is not reasonable. For Helonias Foul, curdled, lumpy leukorrhoea < pregnancy; pressure of clothes
Vaginitis with backache and > keeping busy; holding abdomen
this reason, at the first appoint- consciousness of womb
ment, I ensure that the bowels are Urinations with burning and
working effectively so that any die- frequent desire
off can be efficiently removed, but
Kreosotum Foul, acrid leukorrhoea which stains < cold; rest; menses; 6pm to 6am
I do not impose a rigorous diet. Craves smoked food > warmth; hot food
At the first appointment I will Pressure in region of spleen
usually prescribe as follows:
• a remedy based on the present-
ing symptoms (thrush is often
Lac caninum Feels dirty, self-loathing
Useful for cleansing toxicity,
< night, cold air

particularly of pesticides
the main complaint) Vulva is sore and itchy with discharge
• a digestive support Tender breasts, particularly before menses
• if the patient is constipated or
stools are inadequate, a remedy
Lacks confidence and may be
confused with Lycopodium
specifically to improve bowel Medorrhinum Thin discharge with fish-brine smell Itching > rubbing and bathing
action (it may be the same rem- Itchy vagina < damp conditions; daytime
edy required for the treatment Thirsty
of thrush) Craves sweets and oranges
Particularly useful for cases of
• advice to take a good quality
thrush after a new sexual partner
or after multiple partners
• advice to eat regular meals
three to five times daily, which Morgan gaertner All bowel nosodes are useful > passing wind; hot food
but Morgan gaertner in particular
will help to stabilise blood is excellent for treating symptoms
sugar levels and reduce cravings of candida which appeared since
• nutritionally if there is one food
that appears to be aggravating
It is similar to Lycopodium but
seems to have a deeper action on
the symptoms I recommend the digestive tract.
that they remove it from their Recommend 30c daily for 5 days
diet (try asking what food they
couldn’t live without – this is Nitricum acidum Acrid, offensive discharges and redness < milk
frequently the one that aggra- Splinter-like pains
Itching, burning foreskin
vates the most). Patients often Vaginal itching after sex
expect to be given a stringent Offensive smell of urine
diet to follow; however, if their
energy is low it can be difficult Platina Painfully sensitive genitals, which < touch; sex
cannot bear touch
to make significant nutritional The avoidance of sex is likely to be a
changes. Removing one aggra- big issue for the patient suiting this
vating food can result in a remedy – they will tell you about it!
significant improvement in
Pulsatilla Thick, bland or yellowish-green < rich foods
symptoms. discharge > fresh air; company
I have found that giving a deep Thirstless
emotional remedy early in the case
can cause aggravations. For exam- Sepia Leukorrhoea with large lumps < before menses, sex, touch
Bearing down feeling in abdomen > crossing legs; vigorous exercise
ple, if a patient who was adopted + vinegar, sweets
presented with severe thrush symp- Often useful for women who feel
toms, Lac humanum may aggra- irritated by their husband and/or children
vate if given before the thrush has
subsided. Staphisagria Thrush after sex, particularly if < grief, anger, indignation; after sex
relationship is problematic, or after
The following remedies have emotional upset or indignation
proved useful in treating patients
with thrush (see chart, right): Thuja Profuse, thick, green discharge < cold; damp heat; sweets
Frequency and potency depend Very sensitive vagina > warmth
Male: sweetish smell of genitals, and
on the severity of symptoms, offensive smell of semen
but I usually start with 30c

40 Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009

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Case 1
Organ support remedies Action RB, female, 43 years old.
A combination of: Berberis vulgaris + This has a beneficial action on kidneys,
Presenting complaint: chronic
Ceanothus + Chelidonium 3x spleen and liver recurring thrush.

Carduus marianus 6x Particularly effective if the patient is a 14/7/07: History of depression

regular or heavy consumer of alcohol and past use of anti-depressants.
or has a history of liver disease such as Married with two sons in late teens,
jaundice or hepatitis
both living at home. Teaches maths
Hydrastis 6x If there has been a history of severe and English to adults. History of
diarrhoea or food poisoning (also China, labyrinthitis with some residual
see above) symptoms. Relationship with hus-
band is poor – they live separate
lives. Brother died in 2005 with
and may increase the potency a supplement of Chromium 200 mcgs cancer prior to which she nursed
weekly. daily will stabilise blood sugar. him for two years. Frequent user of
In cases of chronic candida, the As mentioned previously, reme- cannabis and occasionally cocaine.
liver and digestive tract is unlikely dies such as Carcinosin and Nat Heavy consumer of red wine, rou-
to be working to its optimum level. mur can be useful in cases of tinely drinking a bottle a night, but
(See the above chart for my chronic candida where there is can be up to three bottles. Mother is
favoured organ supports.) history of grief over separation. an alcoholic, and the relationship is
Dosage is usually twice daily of
any of the above, and Candida
albicans 6c can be combined with Remedies for
any of the others. sugar addiction Keynotes Modalities
I prefer to use a bottle of tablets Antimonium crudum Huge appetite, with over-consumption < heat & cold bathing
rather than herbal tinctures, find- of food
ing it easier and more portable. Thickly coated white tongue
The efficacy of the remedies seems Bloated after eating with frequent
to be unaffected. Diarrhoea alternating with constipation
It is vital that the bowels are
working effectively. For constipa- Lac humanum Separation from mother at an early age < alcohol, before menses, eating
tion or insufficient bowel move- (either permanent or temporary) > from sex, eating
Patients who were not breast-fed
ments, try one of the following:
The remedy can bring up emotional
• A dessertspoon of linseeds
soaked in water for 2 hours
Food/alcohol addiction and issues
and drunk before bed around food such as history of anorexia
• Nux vomica 6c daily for unpro-
ductive straining until symp-
or bulimia
If an early separation was experienced,
keep appointments frequent to sustain
toms improve a link with the patient
• Poly bowel nosode 30c daily
until symptoms improve Lycopodium Craves sweets < 4-8 pm; missing a meal; eating;

• For inadequate stools, psyllium

husks twice daily (plus at least
Bloated, distended abdomen
re-heated foods; cold food and drinks
> rubbing abdomen; hot food and
Appetite increases/reduces while eating drinks
3 litres of water a day) Eats quickly
• Other homeopathic remedies
such as Opium, Lycopodium, Nux vomica Reliance on stimulants < coffee, alcohol, stimulants
Sugar is obtained primarily from alcohol > sleep, rest, loose clothing
or Calcarea carbonica may be Over-indulgence in rich food
indicated in cases of chronic Food has significant impact on mood
constipation. (although the patient may not
acknowledge this)
I usually see people at two or three
week intervals for the first few Saccharum officinale Secretive addiction < morning, warm weather, eating
appointments, until a clear im- Suppressed anger sugar/chocolate
provement is evident. Ailments from grief/disappointment > evening, eating, after breakfast
As treatment progresses: Insatiable appetite (especially sweets)
Indigestion and hard, swollen abdomen
• Continuing use of organ
Can be taken every time a craving
becomes over-whelming
• Continuing use of probiotics
• Treatment of sugar addiction,
if this is a problem (I have
Syphilinum History of addiction to sugar and
other stimulants
< night, damp

Sabotages own efforts to eat healthily > daytime

not seen a case of candida
yet where the patient did not Winchelsea sea salt Similar to Natrum muriaticum but < grief
crave sugar either now or in with a cleansing and detoxifying action. > being alone
Patients may experience skin eruptions,
the past). mouth ulcers or loose bowels after
The following remedies may be taking this remedy
beneficial for sugar addiction (see
chart on the right). In addition,

Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009 41

P38-45.dh3.sw2.Sharratt.QXD:38-45 16/2/09 14:51 Page 6


strained. She has had no contact I find that Rose quartz can be in L side of chest < after drinking.
with her father since parents a good support for Carcinosin, Some thrush symptoms, mainly itchy
divorced 30 years ago. She has prolonging its action. but no discharge. She is constipated
had thrush on and off since her and windy and is having problems
brother died, although currently 26/9/07: R felt considerably better getting to sleep. Dreams are busy,
it is not severe. after Carcinosin and has had no so feels unrefreshed in the morning.
Natrum muriaticum 30c sd (single thrush symptoms. Occasional binges Syphilinum 30c sd week 1; 200c sd
dose) week 1; 200c sd week 2; of drinking but generally drinking week 2; 1M sd week 3.
1M sd week 3; 10M sd week 4. less and trying to stop smoking. The reliance on alcohol and drugs
The thrush was not the presenting Carcinosin 200 sd. indicates the syphilitic miasm and
complaint at the time of the this seemed to be an appropriate
appointment, although its frequent 2/11/07: After the remedy she had time to give the nosode.
occurrence was noted. Her broth- a terrible cold and cough which
er’s death was very current for her lasted four weeks, similar to a 7/1/08: Terrible thrush before peri-
and she related everything in her cough in her teens after parents od. Drank and smoked too much
life back to the time he died, hence divorced. Last period was unusually over Christmas plus took cocaine
the choice of Nat mur. heavy. Some thrush symptoms but but has decided not to drink or
they didn’t last long. She almost smoke for a month. Some return
28/8/07: No thrush since the previ- cancelled this appointment due of the labyrinthitis symptoms
ous appointment. After Nat mur to her extreme fear of fireworks – which had disappeared. Struggling
1M she developed terrible stomach she was afraid to leave the house. to control use of stimulants; very
pains which she had experienced Phosphorus 1M sd plus AAA 30 sensitive to coffee and cigarettes
previously when her parents to use as needed. but craves them. Has been con-
divorced. She complains that she stipated, ‘as if not completely
is everybody’s carer and her family 2/12/07: Had impetigo on her face finished’.
is invading her space. Still drinking after the remedy, but it cleared in Nux vom 30c sd week 1; 200c sd
and using cannabis and cocaine. a week without treatment. Hasn’t week 2; 1M sd week 3.
Carcinosin 30 sd with Rose quartz smoked for four weeks and is
30 weekly. drinking less alcohol. She has pain 27/2/08: Very irritable and grumpy

42 Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009

P38-45.dh3.sw2.Sharratt.QXD:38-45 16/2/09 14:51 Page 7


with everyone. No thrush but redness disappeared and the ‘grind-

libido is zero. No cigarettes for ing’ ceased, to the relief of the moth-
a month and drinking less. Rela- er and no doubt of the child too!
tionship with husband has been
based on drinking and smoking Case 3
cannabis together, and now feels SG, female, 38 years old.
they have nothing in common. Presenting complaints: thrush and
Energy levels are low, feels ex- insomnia.
hausted all the time.
Sepia 30 – 200 – 1M over three 3/3/07: SG is an aerobics teacher,
weeks. married with two children (one
This is a remedy which R has had from a previous marriage) and
in the past and feels is ‘her’ reme- three step-children (who stay for
dy, although this is the first time it two to three days a week). Her
presented as the dominant remedy husband is jealous and cannot bear
since her treatment with me. mention of S’s first husband. They
do not socialise in case someone
15/4/08: Still feels irritable and is mentions it and he is very domi-
drinking again and smoking some nant in their relationship.
cannabis (secretly without telling Her mother died when S was 18.
husband). Libido 5% better. She had multiple sclerosis and had
Saccharum officinale 30c sd week been ill for 16 years before her
1; 200c sd week 2; 1M sd week 3. death, staying in a nursing home
I chose this remedy in particular or hospital since S was eight years
due to the secret nature of her old. S has an older and a younger
smoking – secretive addiction is sister. Her father has remarried and
a big part of the remedy picture. lives abroad.
After her mother’s death, S became
© Feherlofia |
24/6/08: After remedy R didn’t anorexic and was in hospital for
want alcohol and felt ill when four months. She is still slim but
drinking. Pain in chest only comes eats sensibly. Had a very sweet
after drinking. Thrush is terrible, tooth in the past, but this is now
really itchy and sore. Her neigh- under control and she just has
bour is driving her mad (talking occasional chocolate.
Lycopodium (club moss) may be indicated for constipation and
about her neighbour took up most Her sleep is terrible; she worries
if controlled by others.
of the appointment). that she has offended someone dur-
Nit ac 30, 3 x weekly. ing the day and frets about it. She
R’s reaction to alcohol after the is taking prescribed medication for
Saccharum off was notable, and sleep. She also suffers from severe
it was interesting that the thrush thrush, which is < during and after
came back severely after many intercourse.
months with no symptoms. It Lycopodium 30c sd week 1;
appears to be a return of old symp- 200c sd week 2; 1M sd week 3;
toms in accordance with Hering’s Berberis + Ceanothus +
Law of Cure. Chelidonium 3x bd.
Since this appointment there has Lycopodium and Sepia are both
been no recurrence of thrush symp- strongly indicated, however the
toms, and the pain in her chest has impression from S is that she has
gone. Subsequent appointments spent her life being controlled,
have focused around a change of firstly by her mother’s illness, then
job and a back injury. R is smoking by both her husbands.
very little and drinking much less.
She has a bottle of Saccharum off An awareness of the 23/3/07: Slept really well for two
30 and takes one dose when she weeks but energy very low now
craves a drink.
symptoms that indicate and had a sore throat (same symp-
toms as she had as a child). Thrush
Case 2 symptoms have disappeared but
A 14 month old baby had a habit of
‘grinding’ her genital area against
candida can be useful she has the feeling of a heavy peri-
od all the time, with a dragging
anything available. Her mother com- feeling.
mented that the child’s vulva was
often red and sore, but was embar-
when considering Sepia 30c sd week 1; 200c sd
week 2; 1M sd week 3;
rassed by her behaviour, believing Continue with BCC.
her to be indulging in a form of
masturbation. It seemed likely that
nutritional advice or 11/5/07: Three periods in six
the girl may have thrush, and after
five daily doses of Caladium 30 the organ support remedies weeks, with bleeding every two
weeks. Sleep been better but

Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009 43

P38-45.dh3.sw2.Sharratt.QXD:38-45 16/2/09 14:51 Page 8


husband wakes with screaming

nightmares. The dragging feeling
has subsided. Thrush symptoms
have returned and are worse after
sex but generally she feels much
calmer. Her husband has comment-
ed on how much better she seems.
She comments that she has been
everyone’s carer all her life and
that when her mum was in hospi-
tal, she would cook for her father
and look after her younger sister.
Carcinosin 30c sd week 1; 200c sd
week 2; 1M sd week 3.

12/8/07: Sleep is good and last

menstrual cycle was 27 days. No
thrush symptoms, even after sex.
Lac humanum 30, twice weekly.
With her mother absent so much
during her childhood, and her
subsequent eating disorder, I felt
that Lac humanum would begin
© Ahnhuynh |
to resolve some of these issues.
17/10/07: S was very angry and
depressed with terrible PMT. Her
periods are more frequent again,
coming every two weeks. They are
Saccharum officinale (sugar cane) can help secret addictions. very heavy and painful, for three

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44 Homeopathy in practice Spring 2009

P38-45.dh3.sw2.Sharratt.QXD:38-45 16/2/09 14:51 Page 9


to four days. She usually takes during S’s childhood. She still Conclusion
a maximum dose of Paracetamol felt very upset at the time of the When I began researching candida
(this has been the case for over appointment. overgrowth, there was no mention
20 years but was the first time Ignatia 30c sd week 1; 200c sd of physical or emotional separation
she had mentioned it to me). week 2; 1M sd week 3. from parents, either permanently
Fraxinus americanus 30, daily or for a short period as a possible
for four days. 8/6/08: Thrush has gone but there cause. As I have seen more cases
(Over the next few months there is a yellow discharge and she feels it has become apparent that, for
were no thrush symptoms, and acidic. Sleep is deep and S is not a significant number of patients, an
sleep was reasonable. S’s husband worrying about the row with her early separation is a contributory
came for three appointments, after father and step-mother. Went to factor and resolution of the emo-
which his relationship with S’s son a party with her husband and tions around this can result in per-
improved and the jealousy and both had a great time (this was manent resolution of the candida
nightmares abated.) their first social outing for several symptoms. Other therapists are
years). A bit of PMT but not often surprised that homeopathy
20/2/08: S phoned with a terrible severe, and feels able to express alone can treat candida, without
case of thrush. She had visited her irritation with husband. adhering to a strict dietary regime,
father and step-mother in Spain Natrum carbonica 30c sd week 1; but I rely very little on nutritional
and has argued with them. It 200c sd week 2; 1M sd week 3. supplements, and still achieve very
reminded S of her mother’s death No thrush symptoms have been positive results with remedies.
and how her step-mother had evident, the discharge has cleared
moved in just a few months later. up and S is generally sleeping well. REFERENCES
She felt as though the thrush was Candida 6c has been added to the Appleton N (1996) Lick the sugar
eating her alive. BCC combination and she takes habit. USA: Avery
Staphisagria 200 sd. a couple of tablets if she feels any Ball J (2001) Understanding dis-
indication of thrush. She continues ease. Essex: CW Daniel Company
1/4/08: After the Staph she cried to teach her aerobics classes, which Ltd
a lot and felt real grief about the are fully booked, and has begun to Chaitow L (2003) Candida albi-
loss of her mother and her absence practise Reiki. cans. Wales: Creative Print and
Design (Wales)
Francis T (2005) Saccharum
Officinarum Project for South
Downs School of Homeopathy
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homoeopathic remedies.
Beaconsfield: Beaconsfield
PHOENIX TA L K S Publishers Ltd
is proud to present a weekend with Holford P (2002) The optimum
PAREEK nutrition bible. London: Judy
Piatkus (Publishers) Ltd
Murphy R (2000) Homeopathic
Saturday, 6th June 2009 HANA Press
Murphy R (1998) Homeopathic
THE ROLE OF HOMEOPATHY medical repertory. Colorado USA:
Dr. Pareek will present fascinating evidence-based cases in Murray MT (1997) Chronic can-
which surgery was avoided through the use of homeopathy: didiasis. New York: Three Rivers
brain tumour, hydrocephalus, chronic liver disease, renal and Press
large ureteric stones, traumatic paraplegia and others. Phatak SR (1999) Materia medica
Sunday 7th June 2009 of homoeopathic medicines.
New Delhi: B Jain Publishers (P)
GYNAECOLOGICAL DISORDERS Smith S (2005) Medical homoeo-
Dr. Pareek will again present difficult and challenging pathy. Brighton: The South Downs
evidence-based cases of female disord e rs such as Publishing Company
fibro adenoma of the breast, medium to larg e - s i zed Winderlin C (1996) Candida-
fibro i d s, ovarian cysts, cervical erosion, miscarriage, related complex. USA: Taylor
menorrhagia and sterility, all of wh i ch he has Trade Publishing
Tomlinson C (2000) ‘Candida and
tre ated successfully.
the endocrine system’ Candida
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