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Winter 2018, CARE 91

Date of submission: Week 6

NAME: Simarpartap Singh Jaura

ID: 4271021





Create effective cover letters and resumes to target employment opportunities;

CARE 91 – Business Career Strategies

Assignment #2 (15%)

Preparing resume for a job:

The purpose of this assignment is to acknowledge students with the intricate process of applying
to a job. The task involves researching relevant job postings from various sources like print
media, job search/company websites or through personal network; tailoring your resume to the
job description and applying to the job.

You must research and choose one job posting preferably in line with your educational and/or
work background, that you wish to apply for. Customize your resume and apply to the job using
the customized information.

Part 1
 The source / link of the job posting and the job posting itself comprises of part 1 of the
 Be as detailed as possible with the job description and specifications
 Write a brief paragraph about why you choose to apply for this job.

Part 2
The second part of the assignment comprises of the tailored resume. (Refer to pages 39-53 of
your course workbook)
Resume Rubric
Name: Simarpartap Singh Jaura ID Number:4271021

Content Excellent Average Need improvement

5 3 1
Header Accurate, complete, Accurate and Missing important
polished complete Element
 Includes name,
address, phone
number and
professional e-mail
Objective Clear, concise statement or Very general No objective or
skill specific to position or cover letter
Skills  Listed in order of Unrelated to position Skills too generic or
importance to the or industry no skills
 Use of numbers and
bullets States top
skills that employer
is looking for
Experience  Effective use of Some use of action Ineffective use of
action verbs verbs, Some results action verbs No use
 Appropriate use of Limited use of of industry
industry specific industry specific language
language language
 Used bullets, not

Education Includes all key elements Includes most Missing

University name, city, state fundamental fundamental
elements information
Sell yourself 
Student sells Resume is basic and Resume does not
themselves well qualifications are sell best
enough to get an general qualifications
 All skills and
qualifications are
relevant to the
career field
 Set yourself apart
from your peers.
Total Marks: ………………..
Company : Red Lobster
Posting Link -

Job Description
Do you have a passion for food and a craft for cooking? As a Line Cook at Red Lobster, your
execution of our delicious recipes will contribute to the extraordinary dining experience that
keep our guests coming back for more. The results of your work will allow our guests to "sea"
food differently!

BIG plans are on the horizon for Red Lobster. Our team and restaurants are great today, but our
future is even better. There is no better time than now to join the Red Lobster Family!
Great Seafood
You can be proud of the food you serve. The tremendous variety of seafood makes us the perfect
destination for seafood lovers. Our annual “Ultimate Events” like Lobsterfest, Crabfest, and
Endless Shrimp are more widely known than practically any other restaurant.

You will serve fish at a premium standard. We are a global pioneer and an industry leader in
Seafood Sustainability . W ith seafood served from over 30 countries, Red Lobster has a long
standing commitment to sustainable fishing and farming. We are a founder and current member
of the Global Aquaculture Alliance and a current member of National Fisheries Institute. Our
team is proud to be known for not serving any endangered species on the menu and for buying
only from fisheries that are sustainably managed through BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices)

Great People
You will work at a destination for celebration. Our restaurants have a rich history of hosting
birthdays, anniversaries, receptions, reunions, and other important memorable occasions.

You are part of an amazing family. Our restaurants are a place where you can both make friends
and find a mentor. It’s important that our family of team members flourish, learn and grow. Our
RL Cares program, for instance, is designed to help team members with unplanned expenses in
times of great need.
You give back to the community. Our RL Shares program donates millions of pounds of food to
Food Banks and Food Shelters across the country – making a significant difference for the
homeless and hungry in the communities where we operate.

Great Results
The #1 Seafood Restaurant Company in the US. Opened in 1968, we have earned an exceptional
name, brand recognition, and reputation.
The #1 casual dining employer for our size. (Forbes Magazine 2016 List of America’s Best
Employers and 2016 List of Canada’s Best Employers)
A restaurant that is loved. Our ratings are among the highest in casual dining for restaurant
followers and consumer engagement.
Job specifications

•The Willingness and Ability to Cross-Train and Work in Multiple Positions – We believe in the
concept of ONE Kitchen, where your training and flexibility will enable you to become an expert
in all Heart of House roles
•Skills to Make the Grade – Multi-tasking, following recipes to create delicious dishes
•Job Qualifications – Must be at least 18 years of age, any culinary education is a plus!
•Perform the Physical Demands – Remain on your feet for several hours at a time, ability to lift
and carry up to 45 pounds, withstand high temperature conditions, bend, kneel, and stoop

Reason I choose to apply for this job

I chose to apply for this job because I have taken culinary as my additional subject and the main
reason is that I have worked as a line cook in a restaurant inside the airport and have a year
experience in it. I have learned skills of cooking and it has also boosted my interest in cooking . I
have the skills as per the specifications required by the Red Lobster restaurant and I think I
would be suitable for the job also worked in the open kitchen and understand the value of
cleaning and sanitizing from time to time.
Simarpartap Singh Jaura
6320 Kestrel Road, Toronto, M1Y7K2

Objective: To obtain a position as line cook in Red Lobster Company

 Cooked in an open kitchen before.
 Ability to interact with the customers
 Good seeing and hearing abilities
 Completed training with additional experience as a line cook
 Persistent person who is able to continue on, until the task is completed
 Actively looking for ways to help people
 Willing to take challenges, self-discipline, initiative, energetic
 Proficiency in food service, food packaging, kitchen assistance
 Demonstrated ability to work in a team-fostered environment with minimal supervision

Work Experience:

Marathi Restaurant, OTG, Toronto Pearson Airport ,Toronto Mar 2017 – Feb 2018

Line Cook
 Determined and capable of handling many orders at same time
 Acted alone as chef and knowledge of different types stuff used in cooking and can easily
learn new dishes
 Achieved praise for competence in cleaning and taking proper care of the kitchen by
cleaning time to time and replacing sanitizer buckets
 Developed interest in cooking and interacting with the customers
 Dealt with and comfortable at cross-train and working at different locations.


General Business Diploma at St. Lawrence College, Scarborough, ON Jan 2017- present
Secondary education with culinary classes, DN Model, India Mar 2014 – Apr2017

References available upon request