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The Thomond Times

January Edition 2018

BT Young Scientist Project

The Year Ahead Three Transition Year students
from Thomond Community
Second Term College are honoured to have been
Monday 8th January 2018 asked to display their BT Young
to Friday 23rd March 2018 Scientist Project and to discuss
their findings at a major
Midterm 2
conference in Dublin to mark the
Monday 12th February to
Friday 16th February 2018 2018 Suffrage Centenary. Toni
School Closed Corbett, Robyn Kiely and Manika
Friday the 16th & Monday Chaddad completed their project
the 19th of March on the lack of female participation
in politics. The Conference, to be
Easter Holidays held on the 1st February, is
March 26th of March - organised in partnership with
Friday 6th April 2018 the Royal Irish Academy and the
Houses of the Oireachtas. It will
Third Term
Monday 9th April focus on female suffrage a
to Friday 1st June 2018 hundred years on from women securing the right to vote.
It will also celebrate the lives and experiences of women in Irish politics, past and present.
School Closed The girls surveyed over 100 national and local Politicians for their BT Young Scientist project.
Friday the 4th of May and The students were delighted with the response from female Oireachtas members in particular,
Monday the 7th of May where almost 70% of those surveyed replied. They were particularly surprised at the high num-
ber of female Politicians who said they had been discriminated by their male counterparts in
State Examinations the workplace. The students results showed that the fact that politics had been for so long male
Wednesday 6th June 2018
dominated in Ireland was the biggest block for women entering politics. This was followed by
Parent Teacher Meetings childcare challenges. Lack of confidence was also perceived as being a sizeable block by the re-
2017 spondents. The students concluded from their research that the gender quota will make a big dif-
ference to female participation but will have to be supported by a number of factors such as girls
3rd Year & 6th Year being more active in student councils, debating teams, studying Politics and Society as a leaving
Thursday 26th October certificate subject, completing transition Year etc. which all combine to increase confidence. Sup-
2.30 - 5.45 port groups such as women’s caucuses also have a major part to play as women become more
involved in political affairs. Mr. O’ Brien, congratulated the girls on their achievement saying that
2nd Year, 5th Year & TY the school is proud to have representatives involved in this conference and creating awareness
Thursday 30th November
about women’s participation in politics.
2.30 - 5.45

1st Year
Thursday 8th February
2.30 - 5.45

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all the latest news and Beth O’Donnell, Rachel Murphy and Keri Long
events with their project on Automated Emergency Toni Corbett, Robyn Kiely and Manika Chaddad with
Services Alerter in the background. their project on Irish Politics in the background.
Transition Year Students Ice Skating

Former Students return Parent’ s Corner

A lovely visit from
a few of last years
Leaving Certs; Luke
Hogan (LIT), Grace
Rogan (University of
Limerick) & Rosanne
Roy’s (Maastricht
University, Nether-

They were back to

give some sound A number of Parents of First year students
advice to our current recently attended an information morning with
Leaving Cert JCSP Coordinator, Marie Toomey and HSCL
students. Coordinator Christine Dunne.
Community Arts

5th year students proudly displayed their Art work depicting their
favourite Limerick City scenes at St Munchin’s Community Centre,
Limerick on the 19th of December.
Furthermore, the students had a very engaging interview on Live FM
about the undeserved negative representation of the local communi-
ty in the media. Some very reflective insights about how the national
& social media like to paint limerick in a negative light. Their artwork
demonstrates the real and positive experiences they have in the local

A fabulous piece of Art work by one our students

which describes many of the characteristics of our
hard working Class Prefects.

Student of the Month Awards

Caherdavin credit union prize-giving and entry prizes to some of our

first years art students.

DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

Interview with Jan O’Sullivan TD

Students and staff at Thomond Community College love celebrated

their love of reading with DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) on
January 23rd at 3pm! You could have heard a pin drop in the school
as everyone stopped what they were doing and took time to enjoy
reading for pleasure. Students and staff borrowed books from the
Former Minister for Education and Skills and current JCSP library for this initiative. Reading is good for our mental health,
Dail member, Jan O’Sullivan dropped by recently to helps us to do better in all school subjects and is relaxing and fun. As
talk to Manika Chaddad and Toni Corbett about Roald Dahl said “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to
female representation in Irish Politics read a lot of books.”
A selection of our Transition Year students are hard at work
rehearsing this years entry into the 18th All Ireland
Transition Year Drama Festival 2018 and the 8th All Ireland
15 Minute Light Entertainment Festival 2018.
The preliminary rounds for both Festivals will take place
in Mullingar (from 23rd January 2018) and Riverside Park
Hotel, Killarney Road, Macroom (from 30th January 2018).
The Grand Finals will be held in The Riverside Park Ho-
tel, Macroom on Friday 23rd February and Saturday 24th
March 2018.

Basketball Update Rugby Update

Our first year basketball team had a busy morning beating On the 26th of January, our U15 rugby team took part in a
Desmond College and being unsuccessful against Salesians blitz yesterday in very cold conditions. Their faces says it all!

Fr Gerry Daly Christmas Food Appeal

Picture shows this years contributions to the Fr Gerry Daly Food Appeal. Thanks to all our class prefects for their efforts over
the last few weeks & days.
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