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By Ayushi Agrawal (Section A 09P071)

Dabur has replaced its age old brand identity of a banyan tree with a new
younger, colourful and vibrant tree with the tagline – “Celebrate Life”. By
transforming the logo Dabur plans to modernize the 100 -year old equity of the
Dabur brand. Tree is a symbol of nature and a provider of food, shelter and
protection. Also the tree is regarded as sacred, trustworthy and a symbol of fertility.
While the new Dabur identity retains these enduring and valuable attributes and the
essence of banyan tree, now it exudes a more contemporary image by adding a
fresh, healthy and holistic dimension to the tree.

It can be observed that the tree trunk mirrors the form for three people with their
arms raised conveying exultation in achievement. The broad trunk represents
stability and its multiple branches represent growth. The new identity
appropriates nature as the wellspring for Dabur. It conveys Dabur's heritage,
commitment and stability through the form and colours of the tree; its
branches and leaves. It also conveys that the brand stands for wellness
across age groups. Taken as a whole, the tree appears well rooted, implying
stability; and its abundant canopy implies that it can provide amply for those
who seek its produce and shade. Further, the entire image, being well
proportioned, evokes a harmonious, well -balanced, wholesome and holistic
In India, the tree is a symbol of life. It is a giver of fuel, food and protection. It
is a heaven for creatures it generously harbours in its foliage, as well as in the
shade of its canopy. The tree is held auspicious as it spreads through the three
spheres with its roots meshing through the earth, its trunk rising through the
terrestrial world and its branches reaching into the heavens. This symbolism also
occurs in cultures across the world.
Keeping these vital associations in mind, the tree in the new Dabur identity
has been carefully created to communicate Dabur's invaluable 100 -year old legacy
as well as its future aspirations. It now takes on a younger avatar, in its form and
colours, and strikes a rapport with the consumer as a proactive brand with a
commitment to wellness and to nurturing an active lifestyle across age groups.

Thus, through its form and colours, the new logo identity combines freshness
and stability. It expresses a brand that is positive, proactive and progressive. The
burst of leaves and their colours symbolize growth, rejuvenation and inner strength.
The form and colour of the trunk convey growth, youthfulness and stability. Thus,
the logo identity lock up presents Dabur as a stable yet evolving, contemporary,
vibrant and active brand cherishing nature as the source of all its endeavours along
with an abiding commitment to the wellness of consumers across age groups

In combination with transforming the logo Dabur put new brand architecture
for its 50-plus brand portfolio in place, segregating all smaller brands into five
power brands: Dabur Healthcare (natural health brand), Hajmola (a digestive),
Vatika (hair care),Anmol (value-for money),and Real (juices). This was done in order
to put Dabur's brand equity in sync with its brand architecture.


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