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Instructional Materials Order

Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 1

Books in Spanish Language: The following books shall be purchased because of the large Hispanic population whose native language is Spanish.
The books would provide access to literature in native language, as well as, providing text for those in higher level Spanish courses. Some of the
choices are books that were initially written in English and translated to Spanish.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

En El Tiempo de las Julia Alvarez Plume 2001 Fiction In Spanish
Mariposas Language
De Como las Muchachas Julia Alvarez Vintage Espanol 2007 Fiction In Spanish
Garcia Perdieron el Language
Cuando era Puertorriquna Esmeralda Santiago Vintage Books 1994 Autobiography in Spanish
La Casa en Mango Street Sandra Cisneros Vintage Books 2009 Fiction in Spanish
Alguien esta Mintiendo Karen M. McManus Alfaguara 2017 Fiction in Spanish

Hispanic Fiction and Nonfiction: The following books will be purchased to provide the large Hispanic population access to literature that is
relevant to his or her life, and in his or her voice/perspective. The literature in the Media Center currently does not provide the Hispanic
population proportional amounts of books for the size of population.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

145th Street: Short Stories Walter Dean Myers Ember 2012 Hispanic Multicultural
The Education of Margot Lillian Rivera Simon and Schuster BFYR 2018 Hispanic Fiction
Drown Junot Diaz Riverhead Books 1997 Hispanic Fiction Story
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 2

Enrique’s Journey: The Sonia Nazario Ember 2014 Hispanic Memoir

True Story of a Boy
Determined to Reunite
with his mother
Estrella’s Quinceanera Malin Alegria Simon Pulse 2007 Hispanic Realistic Fiction
How the Garcia Girls Lost Julia Alvarez Alginquin Book of Chapel 2010 Hispanic Fiction
their Accents Hill
The House on Mango Sandra Cisneros Vintage Contemporaries 2009 Hispanic Fiction
I am not your perfect Erika L. Sanchez Alfred A. Knopf 2017 Hispanic Realistic Fiction
Mexican daughter
In the time of butterflies Julia Alvarez Algonquin Books of 2010 Hispanic Fiction
Chapel Hill
Portraits of Hispanic Juan Felipe Herrera Dial Books for Young 2014 Hispanic Narrative Fiction,
American Heroes Readers (Penguin Group) Biography
Show and Prove Sofia Quintero Alfred A. Knopf 2015 Hispanic Historical Fiction
The Surrender Tree: Margarita Engle Henry Holt 2008 Hispanic Poetry
Poems of Cuba’s Struggle
for Freedom
When I was a Puerto Esmeralda Santiago Da Capa Press 2006 Hispanic American Fiction
Rican (immigration)
100 Hispanic Americans Rick Laezman Bluewood Books 2002 Hispanic American Non-
Who Shaped American Fiction

Special Needs: Being an alternative school, our population has a large amount of students with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, and
other mental illness. The Media Center currently does not have much representation of literature for this population. Also, it would be beneficial
for students that do not have special needs to read a piece of literature that exposes them to the special needs perspective.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Anything but Typical Nora Raleigh Baskin Simon and Schuster Books 2010 Fiction – Autism
for Young Readers
Five Flavors of Dumb Antony John Speak 2011 Fiction- Special Needs
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 3

Last Night I Sang to the Benjamin Alire Saenz Cinco Puntos Press 2009 Fiction- Mental Illness and
Monster: a Novel Substance Abuse
Marcelo in the Real World Francisco X. Stork Scholastic 2011 Realistic Fiction- Learning
Owning It: Stories about Edited by Donald R. Gallo Candlewick Press 2010 Realistic Fiction-
Teens with Disabilities Disabilities
The Running Dream Wendelin Van Draanen Ember 2012 Realistic Fiction-
Wonderstruck: A novel in Brian Selznick Scholastic 2011 Historical Fiction:
words and pictures Disabilities

Graphic Novels: Adding a few fiction and nonfiction graphic novels will encourage reluctant readers to the Media Center to check out these

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

This One Summer Mariko Tamaki First Second 2014 Graphic Novel
American Born Chinese Gene Luen Yang Square Fish 2009 Graphic Novel-
Nonfiction- Multicultural
I am Alfonso Jones Tony Medina Tu Books (Lee and Low 2017 Graphic Novel- African
Books Inc) American Fiction
Monster: A Graphic Novel Guy A. Sims Amistad (Harper Collins 2015 Graphic Novel- African
Publishers) American

MakerSpace: With the growing trend to offer STEM and Maker Space areas, these resources have been chosen to increase and diversify
activities. The resources focus on STEM, Arts and Crafts, and Gamification. These offer means for students to be creative independently, Media
Center programs, and/or collaborative lessons with teachers.

Product Description/Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Bloxels Team Builder 5 This is a tool that can be Pixel Press Technology 2016 STEM/Makerspace
Pack used to easily create
games for phones, ipads,
Kindles, etc.
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 4

Breakout EDU Kit and Similar to Escape Rooms Breakout, Inc. 2017 Maker Space
Platform Access in that students must Collaboration with
solve clues to break out of Teachers
the room
The Green Screen Maker Todd Burleson McGraw Hill Education 2018 Maker Space
Space Project Book
Maker Space Sound and Mary L. Glendening McGraw Hill Education 2018 Maker Space
Music Projects for All Ages
Number Logic Brain Games for Teens Findaway 2016 Maker Space
using Playaway
Puzzle Drop Brain Games for Teens Findaway 2017 Maker Space
using Playaway
STEM Paper Football Kit Activity where students Cross Braining 2017 STEM/Maker Space
make paper footballs and

LGBTQ: At our school, we have a high population of those who identify as LGBTQ, but our library collection does not reflect this huge fact.
Having literature such as realistic fiction that acknowledges the acceptance and struggles of those that identify as LGBTQ could increase self-
esteem. Also, many of our LGBTQ are also students who have attempted or threatened suicide because of bullying or stress about feelings of
sexuality that they are feeling. Having a collection that offers examples of others who are facing the same struggles and survive would hopefully
reduce suicidal thoughts. Great effort was made to also provide characters of diverse backgrounds.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Aristotle and Dante Benjamin Alire Saenz Simon and Schuster 2014 Realistic Fiction- LGBTQ
Beyond Magenta: Susan Kuklin Candlewick Press 2015 Realistic Fiction- LGBTQ
Transgender Teens Speak
Girl Mans Up M-E Girard Harper Teen 2018 Fiction- LGBTQ
I’ll Give You the Sun Jandy Nelson Speak 2015 Realistic Fiction- LGBTQ
If I was your girl Meredith Zusso Flatiron Books 2017 Realistic Fiction- LGBTQ
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 5

Keesha’s House Helen Frost Square Fish 2013 Realistic Fiction- LGBTQ
Openly Straight Bill Konigsberg Scholastic, Inc. 2015 Fiction: LGBTQ
Pink Lili Wilkinson Harper Teen 2012 Fiction: LGBTQ
The Realm of Possibility David Levithan Knopf 2006 Realistic Fiction: LGBTQ
Simon vs the Becky Albertalli Balzer and Bray (Harper 2018 Realistic Fiction: LGBTQ
Homosapiens Agenda Collins)

Multicultural (World): To allow exposure to other cultures around the world, the following books will be added to the collection. These books
are narrative non-fiction and realistic fiction. A few are also e-books, but I found that the majority of our population prefer tangible, traditional
books versus e-books.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Outcasts United: The Warren St. John Ember 2013 Narrative Non-Fiction-
story of a refugee soccer Multicultural/Africa
team that changed a town
The 57 Bus Dashka Slater Farrar Straus Giroux 2017 Narrative Non-Fiction-
The absolutely true diary Sherman Alexie Little Brown 2009 Fiction: Multicultural
of a part time Indian
The Authentics Abdi Nazemian Balzer and Bray (Harper 2017 Realistic Fiction:
Collins Publishers) Multicultural
The beauty that remains Ashley Woodfolk Delacorte Press 2018 Ebook- single user
Multicultural (grief and
In a perfect world Trish Doller Simon Pulse 2017 Fiction: Multicultural
IraqiGirl: Diary of a Iraqigirl Haymarket Books 2009 Narrative Non-Fiction-
teenage girl in Iraq Multicultural
All American Boys Jason Reynolds A Caitlyn Dlouhy Book 2017 Fiction: Multicultural
Sold Patricia McCormick Hyperion Books 2008 Realistic Fiction: Indian
Sex Trafficking
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 6

Allegedly: a novel Tiffany D. Jackson Katherine Tegen Book 2017 Realistic Fiction: Diversity
(Harper Collins Publishers)

African American: Our second population, African Americans, is also in need of additional representation in the collection. Although, in
comparison to our Hispanic population, they are more represented in the collection currently. The fiction and non-fiction books were chosen
because they offer opportunity to read about characters similar to themselves, and who likely experience similar struggles or challenges.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Dear Martin Nic Stone Crown 2017 Realistic Fiction: African
Fake ID L.R. Giles Amistad (Harper Collins 2015 Fiction: African American
Ghost Boys Jewell Parker Rhodes Little Brown 2018 Realistic Fiction: African
American Race Relations
The hate you give Angie Thomas Balzer and Bray (Harper 2017 Realistic Fiction: African
Collins) American
Long way down Jason Reynolds Atheneum 2017 Fiction: African American
Monster Waller Dan Myers Harper Tempest 2001 Fiction: African American
Piecing me together Renee Watson Bloomsbury USA 2018 Realistic Fiction: African
Childrens American
The Poet X (2 copies) Elizabeth Acevedo Harper Teen 2018 Harlem Novels in Verse

Professional Resources: With the change in science and social studies standards, it is necessary to offer resources for teachers that offer ideas of
how to teach students how to effectively argue, how to collect evidence to formulate an evidenced based claim and reasoning, as well as, how
to ask questions or inquire. There is also a need to provide resources for those students who struggle with reading and also ELL students.
Although some teachers might prefer digital, the majority are not yet technologically savvy so providing only digital versions would result in the
resources not being utilized to justify the purchase.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

5 Minute Mysteries Kenneth J. Weber Running Press 1989 Professional Resource:
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 7

The 5Es of Inquiry-Based Lakema Chitman-Booker Shell Education 2013 Professional Resource:
Science Inquiry Based Science
Make Just One Change: Dan Rothstein Harvard Education Press 2011 Professional Resource:
Teach students to ask Learning to Question
their own questioning
Reading, thinking, and Chauncey Monte-Sano Teachers College Press 2014 Professional Resources:
writing about history: Effective Argument in
teaching argument writing Social Studies
to diverse learners
Teaching argument George Hillocks Heinemann 2011 Professional Resources:
writing: Grades 6-12: Effective Argumentation
Supporting claims with in Science
relevant evidence and
clear reasoning
Teaching arguments: Jennifer Fletcher Stenhouse Publishers 2015 Professional Resources:
rhetorical comprehension, Science argumentation
critique, and response
English language learners: Larry Ferlazzo Linworth 2010 Professional Resources:
Teaching strategies that ELL
When kids can’t read: G. Kylene Beers Heinemann 2003 Professional Resources:
what teachers can do, a Struggling Readers
guide for teachers, 6-12

Class Interactive Books/Sets: The new standards allow for formulating claims and often resources are not up-to-date or relevant. The following
interactive books were purchased to support standards lacking resources, as well as, the novel 1984 read in 10th grade literature.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

The Water Crisis Lightbox Jared Keen Smartbook Media, Inc 2017 Science Standards of
Interactive Book Excellence (Environmental
and Earth Systems)
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 8

Nineteen Eighty Four Blaine Wiseman Smartbook Media, Inc 2017 Fiction for 10th grade
Lightbox Interactive Book literature (requested by
Climate Change Trevor Smith Smartbook Media, Inc 2017 Science Standards of
Lightbox Interactive Book Excellence
(Environmental, Earth
Systems, and Biology)

Collection Analysis: Based on the collection analysis of the 500 section, I found that many books had already been weeded out, but some of
those remaining were outdated or irrelevant to the courses taught at this school. It was necessary to identify the content lacking resources, and
then locate appropriate resources to add to the collection.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

De-extinction: the science Rebecca Hirsch Twenty-First Century 2017 Collection Analysis: New
of bringing lost species Books Science Standards (Earth
back to life Systems)

Extreme Weather Events Global Viewpoints Greenhaven Publishing 2018 Collection Analysis: Earth
System Standards
A Global Warming Jeffrey Bennett Big Kid Science 2016 Collection Analysis: New
science standards (Earth
Systems and
Environmental Science)
The Global Water Crisis: A David E. Newton ABC-CLIO 2016 Collection Analysis: Earth
Reference Handbook Systems, Environmental,
and Biology
It’s getting hot in here: Bridget Heos Houghton Mifflin 2015 Collection Analysis: Earth
the past, present, and Harcourt Systems, Environmental,
future of climate change and Biology- Non-fiction
A Periodic Table: a visual Tom Jackson Aurum Press 2017 Collection Analysis:
guide to elements Chemistry and Physical
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 9

Reactions: an illustrated Theodore W. Gray Black Dog and Leventhal 2017 Collection Analysis:
exploration of elements, Publishers Chemistry
molecules, and change in
the universe
The Story of Life in 25 Donald R. Prothero Columbia University Press 2015 Collection Analysis: Earth
Fossils: tales of intrepid Systems and Biology
fossil hunters and the
wonders of evolution

Reference: Many of our students do not want to attend college, but they don’t know of alternatives. Our graduation coach requested the
following book for students.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

But what if I don’t want to Harlow G. Unger Harlow Unger 2006 Reference: Graduation
go to college? Coach

DVD: These have almost been obsolete at our school, but with the standards in science changing, a couple of DVDs were requested by the
science department to supplement content.

Title Producer Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Evolution, the evidence Films for the Humanities A films of Media Group 2005 DVD: Biology and Earth
for modern ideas on and Sciences Company Systems
evolution: Fossils, reptiles,
and mammals
GMO OMG MPI Home Video MPI Home Video 2014 DVD: Biology, Earth
Systems, and
Environmental Science

Other: The following 3 additional books are realistic fiction that didn’t fit under any of the other categories, but would be valuable additions to
the library collection.

Title Author Publisher Publishing Date Reason

Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 10

Far from the tree Robin Benway Harper Teen 2017 Realistic Fiction: Adoption
A step toward falling Cammie McGovern Harper Teen 2015 Realistic Fiction
One of us is lying Karen M. McManus Delacorte Press 2017 Fiction
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 11
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 12
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 13
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 14
Instructional Materials Order
Erica Carrillo (Spring 2018) 15


The above pie charts reflect the allocation of funds throughout the collection. The majority of funds were spent on Young Adult Fiction because
with research/non-fiction being easily accessed virtually there is no need to purchase reference books that quickly become obsolete. Internet
resources tend to be more up-to-date because it is usually updated in a timely fashion. Although, students and teachers would need to be
careful and evaluate the sources for reliability and purpose. The non-fiction books were primarily Social Studies/Sciences (300) and
Science/Technology (500-700) to supplement both the new Social Studies and Science Standards of Excellence. These also include the
professional resources that were purchased to help teachers transition to the new standards. There is a trend to go to digital e-books, but for
the population served by this media center collection, the majority prefer and request tangible books over technology. This is not only with
books, but assignments. Although we are a 1:1 device school, many students opt to not get the device because they do not want the
responsibility or risk so offering e-books would not be an effective use of funds. I managed to stay within my budget (actually a little below), and
I stayed within the parameters of the instructional order requirements and purchasing constraints.