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Write Short note with example (marks 2 0r 3)

alternative complement pathway ,alveolar macrophage, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) ,bacteriocin
,basophil ,B cell ,B lymphocyte ,bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) , bursa of Fabricius,colicin ,colony-stimulating factor
(CSF) ,comedo ,complement system , compromised host ,cryptin ,cytokine ,defensin ,dendritic cell ,ectosymbiosis
,endosymbiosis ,eosinophil , fever ,gnotobiotic, granuloma ,gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), hyperferremia ,hypoferremia ,
immune system, immunity ,immunology ,inflammation ,innate or natural immunity ,integrin ,interdigitating dendritic cell ,interferon
(IFN) ,interleukin ,intraepidermal lymphocyte, keratinocyte, lactoferrin, Langerhans cell, lectin complement pathway, leukocyte,
lymphocyte, lymphokine, lymph node, lysozyme, M cell, macrophage ,mast cell ,membrane attack complex, monocyte, monocyte-
macrophage system, monokine, mucociliary blanket, mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT),natural killer (NK) cell,neutrophil,
nonspecific immune response, nonspecific resistance, normal microbiota, opportunistic microorganism or pathogen, opsonin-
dependent (opsonic), opsonin-independent (nonopsonic), opsonization, Paneth cell,pathogen ,pathogenicity ,peristalsis
,phagocytosis ,phagolysosome ,phagosome ,plasma cell ,polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) ,probiotic,reactive nitrogen
intermediate (RNI),reactive oxygen intermediate (ROI),respiratory burst,sebum, selectin,skin-associated lymphoid tissue
(SALT), specific immune response (acquired or specific immunity), spleen,T cell, thymus ,T lymphocyte

acquired immune tolerance,acquired immunity, adjuvant ,agglutination reaction ,agglutinin , allotypes ,anamnestic response
,anergy ,antibody or immunoglobulin (Ig) ,antigen ,antigen-binding fragment (Fab) ,antigen-presenting cell (APC) ,antigenic
determinant site ,antiserum ,antitoxin ,artificially acquired active immunity ,artificially acquired passive immunity ,B-cell antigen
receptor (BCR) ,CD95 pathway ,cellular (cell-mediated) immunity ,classical complement pathway ,clonal selection theory ,
clone ,cluster of differentiation molecule (CD) ,constant regions (CL and CH) ,crystallizable fragment (Fc) ,cytotoxic T (TC) cell
,cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) ,domain ,effector response ,epitope ,fas gene ,H-2 complex ,hapten ,hemagglutination
,hemagglutinin ,human leukocyte antigen complex (HLA) ,humoral (antibody-mediated) immunity ,hybridoma ,idiotype ,IgA ,IgD
,IgE ,IgG ,IgM ,immune complex ,immune surveillance ,immunotoxin ,isotype ,J chain ,major histocompatibility complex (MHC)
,membrane attack complex ,memory B cell ,monoclonal antibody (MAb) ,myeloma cell ,naturally acquired active immunity ,naturally
acquired passive immunity ,perforin pathway ,precipitation ,precipitin ,precipitin reaction ,regulator T cell ,secretory IgA
(sIgA) ,serum ,superantigen ,T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) ,T-dependent antigen ,T-helper (TH) cell ,TH1 cell ,TH2 cell ,TH0
cell ,T-independent antigen ,titer ,toxin neutralization ,T-suppressor (TS) cell ,valence ,variable regions (VL and VH) ,viral
neutralization ,

long answer type question...(4 to 6 marks)

1) Write down the different blood cell classification and function in immunology?
2) What is the main role of memory cell in immunology? Describe the process of the development of B and T Lymphocytes?
3) Describe the process of phagocytosis? With a suitable diagram.
4) What is inflammation? How immune system protect in the inflammation.
5) Describe the importance of the Physical barriers in Innate Resistance?
6) Descrive the SALT function in the immune response. How do M cell function in MALT?
7) What is a Chemical mediator in Innate resistance? Briefly tell about the role of Bacteriocins, complement, cytokines in
nonspecific resistance.
8) What is specific immunity? Describe its Characteristics.
9) What is antigen? Describe its role in immunology.
10) How immune system recognize the foreignness?
11) What is the significance of T cell Receptors? Describe all the types of T cell.
12) Write a short note on T cell activation process with a diagram?
13) What is superantigens? How it take place in immune system?
14) What is B Cell? Write a short note on B cell activation process with a diagram?
15) Write down the difference between T cell and B cell?
16) What is Antibodies? Classified them according to the immunoglobulin structure?
17) What is the function of immunoglobulin?
18) Explain the Antibody kinetic in immune system? What is Secondary Antibody response?
19) Write a short note on Clonal Selection?
20) Describe is Action Of antibodies? Step by Step
21) Describe Immunity during Viral infection/bacterial infection?
22) What is acquired immune system?
23) What is hypersensitivity? Its classification.
24) Write a short note on immune disorder and autoimmune diseases.
25) Describe an immunodeficiency...with an example.