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for a Brighter Stonehill (ABS) Leadership Program Rubric Grid

3 2 1 0

Applicant has submitted resume containing Applicant submitted both a resume Applicant only submitted one of the Applicant did not submit a resume
Full name, cumulative G.P.A., previous work and an achievement record. required documents between the or an achievement record.
experience, and previous involvement/ However, not all the information resume and the achievement record
Record volunteer experience. Submitted an required on previous work, with minimum information on
achievement record, which outlines on and volunteer and campus involvement previous work, volunteer and campus
off campus involvement. was provided. involvement.

Applicant has thoroughly answered all of the Applicant briefly answered the Applicant answered some of the Applicant did not answer the short-
short-answer responses and has given a Short-answer responses and gave short-answer responses and gave a answer responses. Did not provide
Short-answer clear explanation of what social justice an explanation on what social basic explanation of what social their meaning of social justice.
Essay means to them. Applicant incorporates their justice means to them. Applicant justice means to them.
Responses own identities into the responses. somewhat incorporated their own

Applicant came prepared, on Applicant came prepared, on time, Applicant came somewhat prepared, Applicant did not come prepared,
In Person time, and with an understanding of the ABS and with an understanding of the and on time with a basic did not come on time and did not
Leadership role. Applicant provides relevant ABS Leadership role. Applicant understanding of the ABS Leadership come with an understanding of
information with supporting details and provided some relevant information role. Applicant did not really provide the ABS Leadership Role.
relates job expectations to personal work, with supporting details while relevant information to the
experience, and educational background. relating it to the job expectations. responses.

Applicant is knowledgeable on
Applicant has a strong working knowledge diversity and inclusion, and Applicant has a basic knowledge on Applicant does not have a
on diversity and inclusion. Has the maturity embodies an adequate level of diversity and is somewhat mature knowledge on diversity and inclusion
and emotional stability to support maturity with an emotional with an emotional stability to support nor embodies the level of maturity
Qualifications underrepresented students on campus. Has stability to support underrepresented underrepresented students on and emotional stability for the role.
the willingness to learn and will fulfill the students on campus. Applicant has campus. applicant somewhat has the Applicant will not fulfill the mission
mission and vision of the ABS Leadership the willingness to learn and work willingness to learn and work and vision of the ABS Leadership
Program. towards the mission of the ABS towards the mission of ABS Program.
Leadership program. Leadership Program.