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1 What do we call a period of 10 years ? Decade

What do we call a period of 100 years

2 ? Century

What do we call a period of 1000

3 years ? Millennium

A specialist who repairs leaking water

4 pipes is called as ? Plumber

What is a painting of person head

5 usually called ? Portrait

Where would you find an urban area:

6 in a city or in the countryside ? a city

What do we call it when the Moon

completely blocks out the light from
7 the Sun ? A Solar Eclipse

What point of compass is directly

8 opposite to East ? West

Where do you pay for your purchases

9 at a supermarket ? Till or checkout

What do you call an apartment that is

below ground level: a basement
10 apartment or a penthouse

What feature do pianos and

11 computers have in common ? Keyboard

If you are feeling fed up, is it a positive

12 or negative feeling ? Negative feeling

What emergency service is usually

called when someone is in trouble at
13 sea : ambulance or coastguard ? Coastguard

Name a month that falls between April

14 and June ? May

15 What word describes moving a Downloading

program or other material from a
website to your computer ?

What do we call a picture that a doctor

16 takes to see inside your body ? X-ray

A famous canal links the

Mediterranean sea with the Indian
Ocean. Is it the Corinth or the Suez
17 Canal ? Suez Canal

What crime has someone stealing

items from a shop committed:
18 shopfitting or shoplifting ? Shop Lifting

If someone is feeling a little ill, they

may say they are feeling “under
19 the ” what ? Weather

Who is the person in charge of a

20 football match ? Referee

What do we call the last game in a

sporting competition, which decide the
21 champion ? Finals

What is the general term of paintings

22 of the countryside or natural views ? Landscape

Which of these would probably be

found in an office : a printer, a blanket
23 or a nail brush ? a printer

Where would you store meat you wish

24 to keep frozen at home ? Freezer

What is the most important document

you would have to show if you wanted
25 to hire a car ? Drivers Licence

Where would you go to work out on a

26 treadmill ? Gym

What piece of equipment would you

use to go diving in the sea, an
27 aqualung or an aquaplane ? aqualung
What piece of equipment would you
28 use for floating on the sea ? Aquaplane

Where would you most likely go to buy

some flour; a bakery, a florist or a
29 supermarket ? A Supermarket

Which hospital department would you

go to for an x-ray : radiology or
30 cardiology ? Radiology

Where would you go to see an

31 exhibition of sculpture ?

Would you measure the volume of

32 bottle water in liters or Kilos ? Litres

What’s the joint called where your

33 hand is connected to your arm ? Wrist

What do you call a system of

government in which people vote for
34 the people who will represent them ? Democracy

What do we call the piece of paper

that proves you have bought the
35 item ? Receipt

What do you call the document that

gives details about your qualifications
36 and work experience ? certificate

How would you describe an economy

37 based largely on farming ? agriculturist

What is the study of stars and planets

38 called ? Astronomy

In business and advertising what does

39 PR stand for ? Public Relations

Which section of a Newspapers gives

40 the editor’s opinion ? editorial

What instrument would you use to

examine very small objects or life
41 forms ? Microscope
What is a destructive program that
42 spreads from computer to computer ? Virus

What term is used for animals such as

humans that usually give birth to live
43 young : mammals or reptiles ? Mammals

What is the quickest way of traveling

44 from Hong Kong to Paris ? by plane

What is the name for the huge natural

45 body that orbits the sun ? A planet

46 What can be added to the drink to cool it down on hot day ? Ice

What special document do most people travelling from one

47 country to another carry ? Passport

What kind of equipment is used to protect motorbike rider’s

48 brain from injury ? a Helmet

49 What is the last thing to do when baking a cake ? cook it in the oven

Would you go to the pharmacy or surgery to get a prescription

50 filled after visiting a doctor ? a pharmacy

There are two main way to pay in shop, one by cash and
51 other by ? Credit Card

52 How many days are in a leap year ? 366

To improve their health and fitness, most people either try to do more physical
53 improve their diet or ? exercise

Would it be better to use kilometers or kilograms to measure

54 the distance between two cities ? Kilometers

The large island just off the coast of mainland Europe is home
55 to which country ? The United Kingdom

Would it be better to go jogging at noon, or in early morning, if

56 you wanted to avoid hottest part of the day ? early morning

In which century did the automobile manufacture in large

57 scale ? 20th Century
58 Name the country located in North america ? United States

Some calendar begin the week on Sunday. What is the other

59 day which commonly start as week ? Monday

60 Where would you see the exhibits of dinosaurs ? A Museum

Which country is in the southern hemisphere, Canada or

61 Australia ? Australia

62 In which season people will be least likely to go skiing ? In summer

Which of these was last to be explored, Himalayas, the moon

63 or Australia ? the moon

Would letter or email would be the fastest way to get a

64 message to your professor ? Email

Jane and Peter have 3 children. They are 4, 13 & 15 years

65 old. They only have one son, who is their youngest 13 years old

child. How old is their middle child ?

Which would be better to report the population of a major

66 global city – hundred, millions or billions Millions

This work is due for submission, one month from 15th June,
67 on what date it be submitted ? 15th July

Who would you consult to treat a fear of crowded places, a

68 philosopher or psychologist ? a psychologist

How would most people travel to work each day, in big cities by public
69 like Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York ? transportation

Would a supermarket, a cafe or book store probably have the

70 widest range of products available ? a supermarket

In which room of their home would would someone usually

71 wash their clothes ? in the bathroom

Despite all the advances in equality between the sexes, would

72 more men or women play professional football ? more men

Which major branch of science deals with classification of

73 human beings ? biology

74 In most university courses there are two ways of being written assignments
assessed, one is orally, the other is through

Name the month that falls between September and

75 November ? October

Would a town, city or village probably cover the largest

76 area ? a city

Which of these would probably be found in most homes

77 around the world, a computer, a bed or a tv ? a bed

What does the main difference between the wrist watch and a
78 clock relate to ? their relative sizes

Which section of the train timetable will tell you, what time the
79 train leaves ? Departures

What do we call the list of steps, which tell you to put

80 something together ? Instructions

What do we call the meeting, where an employer ask

81 potential employee questions about their work experience ? Interview

Reception or Check in
82 What desk you go to when you first arrive to the hotel ? desk

83 What is the job title, someone who designs building Architect

What term is used for the amount you pay to landlord, for
84 living in his house or apartment ? Rent

85 What do we call a first meal of the day ? Breakfast

What word is used for someone who watches the sport event
86 ? Spectator

What object will you use to climb up to the roof of the

87 house ? Ladder

88 If you don’t feel like eating, what do we say you don’t have ? appetite

89 What do we call the organ in our chest, we need to breath ? Lungs

90 If someone lives in the urban areas, where do they live ? in city

91 What does the king or queen wear on their head on official Crown
ceremonies ?

What do we call the book with list of words, with their

92 meanings ? Dictionary

93 What is the source of solar energy ? Sun

When the writer of the book is unknown, what word we use

94 for the writer ? anonymous

What do we called a company or organisation that gives

95 money to sports event in exchange of advertising Sponsorship

96 What do we called a study of living things ? biology

97 What a winter, spring, summer and autumn ? Season

What is the collective terms for cows and bulls, specially on

98 the farm ? Cattle

99 Is something is not expensive, what do we say it is ? Cheap

100 What a people wear, if they can’t see very well ? Glasses or Lens

If something such as fabric or medicine is artificially made,

101 what do we say it is ? Synthetic

102 What type of food is an apple ? Fruit

103 How many months are in a year ? twelve

104 What is the opposite of East ? West

When ice is in the room temperature, what does it

105 become ? Water or liquid

106 Which sweet food is produced by bees ? Honey

107 Where can people go to borrow books ? Library

108 Who serve food in a restaurant ? Waiter or Waitress

109 What is the word in geometry, for shape has three sides ? Triangle

What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book,

110 that tells you where to find specific information ? Index

111 What is the word for the place, where rivers start ? Source
Who is the main journalist responsible for producing
112 newspaper or magazine ? Editor

A business does not want to make a loss ? What does it

113 want to make ? Profit

114 What is the economic sector that deals with the farming ? Agricultural sector

What do you call a very long essay, that student have to

115 write for doctor degree ? Thesis or dissertation

116 What is the word for period of 100 years ? Century

At what ceremony, the students receive their degree or

117 diploma at end of their study ? Graduation

What do we call the date, the piece of work must be finish

118 by ? Deadline or Due date

If telescope is used for far distant object, what instrument is

119 employed for minuscule objects ? Microscope

A list of events placed in time order, is usually describe as a chronology / a

120 what ? timeline

A manufacturing process releases noxious gases. What is ensuring good

121 the most important safety measures for workers at this ventilation

plant – ensuring good ventilation or appropriate footwear ?

What kind of punishment is less severe, an imprisonment or

122 community service ? community service

123 In a figure of hexagonal, how many sides does it have ? six

What key minerals makes sea water different from fresh

124 water ? salt

125 Which is a longest, a decade, a millennium or a century? Millennium

126 How many sides are there in a bilateral agreement ? two

127 What organs do cardiologist specialist in ? Heart

In the animal kingdom, the purpose of camouflage to attract

128 a mate, to find food or to hide ? to hide

129 How do we weight butterfly ? I think it is grams

Skin – Baldness &
130 What Dermatology specialized in ? Hair

132 What is Hematology relates to ? blood test

133 What is Orthopedic relates to ? Joints, Knee, bones

brain injury or mental

134 What is term Neuro-Psych ? health

Immune related,
135 What is term Immunology ? HIV/AIDS

ENT, Ear – Nose &

136 What is term Otolaryngology ? Throat

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