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Rajni Fucked by Her

Hi! I am anil here. This
time I am writing a
story, which I got from
my friend, who reads my
stories and become my

Rajni came home from

her work as she was
doing internship in an
bank and had to work
hark to clear her exams
and Dinesh was already
working in an company .
when she came she
knew from the faces of
her parents that’s there
is some news she asked
what happened , mom
said oh dear nothing its
just so that we r so tight
up in our schedule that
we cant leave the city
and there the wedding
coming of your cousin in
Islamabad and if none of
us go it will not look nice
at that time Dinesh
came n the lounge after
getting freshen up he
said who is not going
and where , mom said
me and your dad, dad
was quiet all this time
he said Z if we cant go
why not send the
children they’ll enjoy
there Dinesh can take
off for a week and so
Rajni can and they both
can go , first Rajni didn’t
want to go but then she
agreed and Dinesh was
ready as ever and he
always needs the
pleasure time and so
they decided to go on
wednesday this week as
wedding was on
saturday ,

There was only one day

in between so Rajni
submitted her
application for leave and
took half day and did all
the packing Dinesh
came to her room he
was surprised to see she
was taking 2 suit cases
she said u go out im
doing my work but he
was stubborn and he
stayed there , her
undergarments were
there lying on top of
suitcases he looked at
them they were quiet
sexy piece he thought
ohh what a good choice
his sister have then he
said ohhh after she is
my sis. he had already
done his pacing so now
they were all ready to
mom gave many
instruction to them and
then in the afternoon
next day finally it as
time for departure.
Dinesh took some books
also with him magazine
etc as he is very fond of
but Rajni didn’t take any
as she thought agar dil
chaha to lay ker perh loo

she was younger then

Dinesh but use to call
him Dinesh only as they
were friendly and free.
At last it was time for
them to go and Rajni
was looking quiet smart
today she was wearing a
trouser and shirt when
they were seated Rajni
sat on neat near the
window and Dinesh next
to her plane took off
after some time Rajni
hand carry she had kept
it on top so she wanted
to take out she took out
her kit from inside and
when putting it back she
forgot to close the zip
and when it fell down
things were scattered
around she bent down to
pick them and at that
time what Dinesh saw
was that he saw her
boobs from her deep
neck as bent down , he
could not escape the
sight she was his sister
but they were tempted
he had read an incest
story and had thought
that u cannot develop
feeling for sex for your
sis but when he saw her
boobs there something
inside him shattered him
fully and he wanted to
touch them . after a
while Rajni was back in
her seat but Dinesh was
got disturbed he was
hiking she is my sis how
can it be possible but it
was he wanted to
seduce his sis he looked
at her carefully now she
was pretty, her body
was full and well
shaped, .
she was busy talking to
him but he was in his
own world and he put
his hand on hers and
holded her hand in his
she looked at him and
said nothing , and like
his they were heading
towards their
destination. meal was
being served and after
finishing his meal he
spilt the coldrink and it
fell on him as well as on
Rajni , hurriedly he
started cleaning her
with towel his hands
touched her body and
electricity went in him
he was cleaning her
shirt and his hand went
on her thighs and on her
curve and he pressed
them a little ohhh he
wanted to do it with
ease but he is not sure
what’s going to happen.
Rajni also felt that
something is bothering
him but she was not
sure what she asked him
he could not tell her he
was waiting for the time
when he can take some

In islamabad Dinesh was

very uncomfortable , its
thursday and every one
getting ready for mehndi
Rajni was looking
gorgious inher choori
daar pyjama suit after
the rasm during the
dance the light went off
and Rajni was scare of
darkness so he went for
her he heard and went
close when she knew he
was near her she
hugged him OHH Dinesh
im so scared and he
pressed her against him
her boobs pressing him
he was caressing her on
back its ok Rajni I m
here his went to her
buttocks they were
round and smooth ohh
he didn’t want his hands
off from there , now
Rajni realised that where
she was she tried to get
release but his grip was
so tight she could not
breath she said Dinesh I
m ok , then light came
and he released her
cursing the light.

next day was Barat and

when they were going
Dinesh was left behind
he came out running
and most of the cars left
the premises there were
1 or two cars were left
Rajni was also in one of
them he came to them
she squeezed her self
and gave place to him
he sat down Rajni's
thigh was on Dinesh 's
and this he was enjoying
it , his hand was on hers
thigh and Rajni was also
little disturbed but he
was not he was sitting
so closely to his sister
that he could hear her
breath . her smell was
making his cock bulge
out it was semi hard ,
when the car took a turn
Rajni could not keep
balance on her self and
she was on him her
hand to get some
support holded Dinesh
but what her hand was
on his bulge and she
was so confused that
she took off her hand
and looked at him he
pretended as if he is
looking out where as he
knew what she was
asking him , then he
looked at her without
saying a word and both
of them sat quietly.
Valima was schedule
after 3 days and Dinesh
decided to go to muree
after the booking he told
her I have made
bookings and we r
leaving early morning so
we can be back after
two days, she wanted to
go to muree but at this
stage when they r
having function , she
agreed and they left for
murree next morning
and after 2 hours ride
they finally reached cecil
motel which was fully
booked due to the snow
season , only one room
was available Dinesh
was happy but Rajni
wanted separate room
then he said we cant go
to bhurban now and its
also fully packed so lets
take it what ever we r
getting it.

they got one room , and

now they were
unpacking things and it
was so cold Rajni wore a
sweater that Dinesh had
bought for her it is so
warm and soft, she liked
it wearing without bra as
the touch of it would
give u silken touch ,
after the lunch both of
them were sitting and
watching the movie
Rajni wanted to go out
but there was something
else in his mind , he
stood up and kissed her
on cheeks and said in
the evening well go out ,
she had kept her box on
the cupboard and now it
had gone to other side
of cupboard she wanted
to take it down she
asked him but he said
ohhh u do it, he said ur
know sis u r gorgeous , i
lov u and if u would
have not been my sis i
would have loved u only
loved u , she was
shocked by his remarks ,
ohhh uuu and she
climbed up There he
was watching her
holding the stool for her
her sweater was
widened up and he
could see her nipples
were hard and watched
fascinated as they
glided slowly back and
forth against the soft
material, as her body
moved. he wanted to
suck one, his body was
saying yes yes, yes, yes,
but his conscience said
no. he watched them
moving back and forth,
back and forth, . Yet it
was so unsatisfying. It
was just too short.

it was snowing out When

after some time
spending in the room it
was snowing and Dinesh
said to Rajni lets go out ,
Rajni wanted to to be in
snow and the thought of
soft snow falling she
said yes and they went
out it was all white the
tree tops the roof of
houses and all mall road
was covered with snow ,
she was feeling hungry
in this cold people were
having icecream Dinesh
holded her hand and
they walked she was
enjoying the weather ,
now it was not that cold
earlier she was shivering
biut the warmth in the
touch of Dinesh was
something she could
feel something passing
trough her hand to all
over her body , she
thought for the first time
that Dinesh was with her
and it gave her so much
security and by the
thought of Dinesh
touching her she felt
masculine touch not the
brotherly touch and she
also felt something for
him it was not sisterly
love she wanted warmth
of his body, she was
trembling and Dinesh
thought it was coz of
coldness so he pressed
her to himself so she get
some warmness and to
give her some relief. and
said go back to the
motel before we get
pneumonia when they
returned to their room
they found that there
was only one blanket ,
he said u sleep and take
the blanket take it so u
don’t get cold and he
order for coffee while
having coffee his mind
was there he wanted her

Night was very cold and

he was sleeping on the
couch and Rajni on the
bed she could not sleep
as there was only one
blanket and he had
nothing at last he was
her brother how could
she let him sleep in this
coldness in the middle
of the night she stood
up and took the blanket
and put it on him and
sat there watching him ,
he opened his eyes and
saw her sitting on the
sofa he asked feeling
cold , she nod her head
he brought the blanket
to her and said common
u sleep and he made her
wear the blanket as he
was going away she
holded him and said its
so chilly u how u can
sleep on couch Dinesh
she called him to bed
and said sleep here he
looked at her and slept
next beside her.

the thought of sleeping

next to her made him
more erotic and
passionate then ever
she was within reach
and his meat piece was
fully erected he could
not hide it , Rajni went
to sleep or may be
pretend as sleeping he
touched her face with
his finger and his finger
rolled down her nose
then lips and he could
feel the hot breath of
her and hotness of her
lips .

Dinesh trying to sleep

he laid his hand on her
waist and moved her
closer to him she
opened her eyes and
was staring at him she
did not protest that why
he has put arm around
her waist then and
hewas caressing her
rubbing her she just
stood up and said no
Bhai u cant do this what
r u doing and then
Dinesh he took her by
force in his arms and
asked Rajni u don't luv
me just say yes or no,
she said how can I say
no , he said then its
yes , he took her and
said u know u do same
thing just being with me
in a same room as any
girl do to me during
intercourse, u without
touching me without
even saying a thing
make me hard and its
unbearable for me he
went on top of her trying
to rip her cloth off she
wanted to yell but could
not what the motel staff
would think if they hear,
and when Dinesh was
about to touch her
kamiz she cried silently
and tears started
running on her face but
Dinesh didn’t care but
licked her tear and he
tried get her bra off she
resisted so much but it
was of no use she was
under his control his grip
was so tight that she
could not get out .
this made him him to to
get his hands on her bra
and from inside it he
took out her boobs with
full grip and pressed
them fully ,she was
feeling so ashamed and
was saying no Dinesh
pleaseeeeeeeeeee! but
of no use , he continued
fondling it then he got
them released from the
bra and they came out
her big brown nipple he
hungrily suck them and
press his hardness on
her Choot when she
realize that he will go
further anytime he will
also tore shalwar she
first time open her eyes
and said with trembling
voice ohhhhhhhh Dinesh
no please don’t go so far
not go sofar pleasee its
ok u seen my boobs and
suck them but don't go
so far we cant ,
pleaseeeee Dinesh and
he again pressed his
hardness to her softness
he released her nipple
and trying to kiss her
lips she move her head
to other side to side and
was trying not to touch
his lips but he forcefully
grip her Hair and placed
his lips on her lips and
one hand on her Hair
other on her boobs and
humping his hips to her
choot suck her lips and
also press her boobs she
wanted to getup and
move a way from his
strong body which was
not possible as he was
more forceful and she
helplessly withdraw his
struggle and lose her
body and only tears
were running down her
face she feel so
ashamed but when she
realized that now after
surrendering herself to
him and she was just
starring him she was
also feeling something
that she could not give
any name. He hold her
and started kissing her
again and she clung
herself to him , he
moved his hand over
her body till they
cupped her ass and
pressed them , said I luv
u Rajni jaaaan my jaaan
don't u want that she
said no , he said no that
means yes and he
buried his mouth in the
soft hollow between the
breast and said u wont
believe it how much I
wanted to do it jaaaan ,
oohhh Rajni I luv u aaah
jaan thanks thanks
jaaan she was trembling
uncontrollably now,
hardly able to speak as
she told him, I know how
much u want and now
how much I hate u

he came to her Choot

and slowly and gently he
cupped her Choot and
massaged and rub she
closed her eyes again he
slowly withdraw his hot
lips and placed again
her Nipple and suck
them so hard she get
new session as Dinesh
massaged her Choot
and suck her nipple she
realized that her choot
now wet why she dont
know but she get some
wetness between her
cunt and she trying to
close her legs but he
said no Rajni don’t do
this other wise i parted u
legs and then he press
his hand on her
Kamarbund and going to
remove her shalwar she
grip his hands and said
No bhai please u suck
my nipp and dont
remove my shalwar i will
die pleaseeeeeee but
again he don't care and
loosen her kamarbund
and placed his both
hands on her shalwar
and in one jerk he
remove and now she
was completely nude
and he see her bra up
on her chest and
nothing on her body she
bent down her knees to
hide her Choot view but
he grip her and forcly
parted her legs and
when he saw her choot
he eagerly place his
hand on her open Choot
and massaging and
rubbing her she trying
resist and close her wet
choot from his eys and
hands but this time he
forcedly and angrily
open her legs as wide as
he can do and gently
found his way to her
cunt first she tried to
hide it but it was no use
he locked his lips onto
her clit and using his
tongue and his lips he
worked her clit over like
he have never ever felt.
she could not help but
moan out loudly and her
eyes opened wide. her
resistence stopped when
he was licking entire
Choot in quick motion
and she faint she don't
know what her body was
responding and her
body against her mind
she start new feeling
and again she surrender
herself to him Now he
wanted to lick the lover
choot her honey is so
sweet he want to just
lick her she screamed
out "oooohhhhh Godddd
nooooooo please
ss….pppleeeeas stop..oh
pppleeeeaaa Mani
ohhhhhsseeee please
dont do this s." He did
not stop, whether he
wanted to or not, her
hands grasped his hair
and tryed to pulled his
mouth from her mound.
He continued lick on her
clit with his sucking lips
and swirling tongue. she
was sucked right into
heavenly bliss, Choot
first. As the first
shudders of my orgasm
raced through my body,
he sensed this and
stopped abruptly.

He was caressing her

and his lund was in
erection and he
caressed her naked
body till it was burning
both of them were
burning inside he was
caressing her , stroking
her till her body was
responsive in every way
then he slid his hard
lund inside her with a
jerk, she yelling “Bhaiiiii
ameeeee mar gaiii off
bhaya pull out please I
m dying and screaming
My Sister Punam
My sister named Punam,
is doing her B.Sc.2nd yr
in a local college here.
She is not so smart that
can attract everyone but
she is like an average
college girl. We used to
talk on almost all the
subjects freely at our
home. My father is a
headmaster of a local
school and mother is a
teacher in girls’ high
school. My elder sister is
married and is well
settled in Pune. Our
paternal grandmother is
staying with us. She is
partly immobile with
feeble eyesight.

Normally we remain
alone at home in the
afternoon, barring few
occasions when she
goes to her tuitions in
noon. Normally we
remain busy with our
own work and granny
usually sits in her room
near the verandah. Until
reading that incredible
story ‘Sonal My Behna’, I
never thought about sex
with my sister. However,
I really like the views of
that author about incest
sex for reasons like that
it avoids AIDS and STDs
possibilities and allows
you an in-house
entertainment too.
Friends you will not
believe but before this
incident I never had a
sexual encounter in my
real life. I was so
unlucky guy until my 22
that had never seen a
naked girl or women in
my real life, so the
matter of fucking
doesn’t arise! All the
things what I was doing
were limited to
masturbating ( hand job,
hatthoo or mooth ),
chasing or flirting the
girls, erotic chat on adult
sites, seeing blue films
etc. – Even after
knowing clearly the fact
that the so called ‘girl’
chatting across me is
not a girl in reality but is
a Naughty Tom like me
having a fucking stick in
his pants and is idly
sitting like me in the
cafe nearby his college
and passing his leisure
time there! However,
there were no other
alternatives of
entertainment in small
towns like ours. After
reading that story I
started thinking
seriously of fucking my
sister and finally
decided to seduce her.

I was not getting clue

how to approach her.
Although we were
talking and chatting on
almost all the subjects in
our leisure times but
previously I never
thought in this intension
before. Normally we
used to talk freely on
our friends, their affairs
how they ( friends )
search for privacy to
meet each other’s
lovers’, for that how
they bunk tuitions,
lectures etc etc....

We were free in
discussing films and
filmstars their affairs like
why Abhishek left
Karishma; but soon I
found this was not
sufficient to seduce her
for fucking! One day my
father asked me to
accompany my sister to
our district HQ, so as to
get her homeguard
cadet certificate from
the office of District
Sports Officer. As I was
searching for the
chance, I immediately
nodded. On a safer side
father advised us to
travel by bus instead of
my motorbike. It was
Thursday that day, after
taking lunch we left the
house. As there are
frequent buses going to
that place, we got the
bus soon. We were
sitting nearby in the bus
on a two-sitter bench.
Punam sat on the
window sit and I was on
aisle seat. It was approx
1-hour distance. As my
intensions were clear, I
intentionally sat closer
to her touching my
thighs to her thighs;
arms to her arms and
like that. While chatting
I was getting more
closer to her as if I can’t
heard her conversation
in the noise of bus. Due
to closeness, my penis
was getting partly
erected and bulge was
clearly visible from my
pants. I was sure she
must have definately
noted that changes in
my behavior and
obviously in my pants! -
But she did not showed
anything like that on her
face. Taking liberty, I
clapped on her thighs
for few times and also
on the pretext of reading
fortune on palm, I
fondled her hand too. By
my moves, she was
getting nervous and shy
but she was quiet all the
while. After journey was
over, we reached to
D.S.O. office at 11 noon
sharply for certificate.

As usual the sarkari

babu told us to collect
that certificate by 5 in
evening as the DSO was
on the tour outside and
would be supposed to
returned by 3 PM at his
office, after that he will
sign the certificate and
we can get it. Now how
to pass the time until
evening was our task so
after thinking we
planned to go for a
morning movie of 12 to
3. I referred the local
newspaper and we
decided to go to ‘Razz’,
although previously it
was seen by both of us
with our respective
friend circle but we
decided to repeat it. The
movie theatre was
nearby so we could
reach easily to DSO
office after movie. We
went to theatre, got the
tickets, and sat inside
the theatre. Being
morning show and
movie was no more
remained new by now,
so there was no rush to
show except the strayed
audience. In balcony,
hardly 100 spectators
were present out of
which 90 were the
couples of lovers and
balance may be strayed
viewers. As we were
among the first comers
entered the theatre; we
sat in the last row and
many couples were sat
in front of us. It was
obvious that they all
were lovers and were
reached here to get the
privacy by bunking their
colleges or tuitions.
After some time the
lights were made off and
the movie started.

As the lovers around

were no more interested
in movie, they started
their work of
lovemaking. Presuming
us as a couple one out
of them,they were least
bothered about our
presence nearby. Exactly
in front of our eyesight
one couple was sitting.
We were observing
them, soon he started
kissing her.

He was smooching her

lips for almost 20
minutes, and by closing
her eyes she was
enjoying his kiss. Punam
was disturbed to see
those lovers. She was
shying and getting more
nervous. I was sure that
now she would said to
leave the movie in
between but amazingly
she didn’t said any word
like that and was
carefully observing what
was going on nearby.
After some time, the
nearby lovers fulfilled
their thirst of kissing and
were moving ahead.
They were becoming
shameless. The lover
sitting in front of us has
inserted his hand in the
kamiz of his fiancée and
started rudely rubbing
her breasts probably she
was not wearing her bra.
He was least bothered
about our existence
there as we are seeing
them may be presuming
that we are there for the
same work! She was
now leaned down her
legs below the front seat
and laid her head on the
hands of chair and both
of his hands were inside
her kamiz caressing her
breasts wildly. In a short
while, she started
I saw -like me- punam
was also watching the
same movie! My penis
got erected but I could
not do anything as I was
sitting with my sister.
Now the lovers were
moving one step ahead.
He put her hand on his
erection and down the
zip of his pant. She had
drawn her palm inside
his pant and started
probing his tool. As we
were sitting on
uppermost step chairs in
the last row, we could
easily see their
complete drama from
our place. After fondling
his tool for sometime
she could not controlled
herself as he was
fondling her breasts and
was arousing her badly,
so finally she pulled out
his tool outside his
pants. Oh what a seen
that was! His black
coloured monster was
now in her hand and we
could see easily when
there was enough light
on the scenes in the
picture. The lund was
getting larger in the
outside air! Soon it
becomes fully erected
due to her gentle
massaging. As the
foreskin was down the
head of lund was
glistening. Now she
leans over him and
started masturbating his
tool. Punam was
carefully watching their
drama like me. I don't
know if she had already
seen an erected lund
before. Thinking this my
penis was getting
erected inside my

In a minute or two-he
cummed forcefully on
her and her face was
clunged with his load on
her chicks. As there was
no A.C. in that hall,the
humid air inside the
theatre was getting
hotter and we could
easily feel the whiff of
some pungent aroma
inside the hall. She ate
some of his cum with
her fingers and rest
cleaned with her hanky
and put that hanky
carefully in her purse.
Next she loosened knot
of her shalwar and put
his hand inside her
shalwar. From his
actions, it was clear that
he was fingering her
phoody or vagina. By
imagining the scene of
their finger fucking I
could not control myself
and was about to cum
inside my pants.
Although the treasure of
sex was sitting next to
me but I could not make
any move because she
was my sister and I was
her brother! I know both
were ignited from inside
but could not do
anything. What I could
do was that I put my left
hand on her right hand
and that is too on the
arm of seat and I could
feel that she was hot,
and was shivering, I was
quietly watching her
reaction. However, she
did not make any move
as I was expecting and
watching the in front
love making
couples'affairs like a
statue. After some time
of finger fucking of his
fiancée’s pussy he
removed his fingers and
was licking those
I was sure that he was
eating her cum that was
sticking to his fingers.
She was sitting in a
manner that he could
easily scratch her lava.
By the time, all the
surrounding was filled
with some pungent
odour probably that was
emitting from their body
parts like choot and
lund! After fulfilling their
desires they neatened
their clothes and leave
the theatre. By the
interval almost three
forth of theatre was
vacated so we decided
not to watch the movie
further and left the
theatre after intervals.
In the outside
circumstances, I
observed Punam was
somewhat disturbed so I
changed the topic of
movie and we went to
nearby restaurant for
refreshment. Now she
was getting normal but
was shy and was
avoiding me in meeting
her eyes direcly like
what she was doing
previously. Then I took
her to the DSO office
and we collected her
Homeguard certificate.
In evening we got return
bus at around 6.30 PM.
Sitting arrangement was
like morning. But this
time I built some more
courage for the reason
that it was darkness
inside the bus after the
booking was over and
the afternoon movie
scene was witnessed by
both of us. So this time I
could not control myself.
I directly put my left-
hand palm over her right
thigh in the darkness
and waiting for her
replies. She did not

So I started caressing
with my fingers on her
thighs but she was
seeing outside the
windows as if nothing
had happened. I could
not built more courage
than that within me so I
could not go beyond
that, as I was not sure
about her extreme
reaction if something
goes wrong. By the
time, our small journey
was over and my entire
efforts went futile. From
next day onwards I was
searching for more
opportunities to seduce
her. Now she was
became an angel of my
dream. Although she is a
medium girl of wheatish
complexion long hair up
to hips good body
something like Shilpa
Shetty ( what I
think! )....and is really
beautiful, I mean it. Now
when she came to my
room as usual for
chatting about our
college gathering, youth
festival, friends & profs
(I believe, that's the only
topic on which I can
debate with my sister!) I
use to stare at her
(particularly at her
breasts) in the manner
that she should take
note of my intentions. I
was eager to show her
that I was magnetized
by her physically
maturity, her magnetic
eyes, magical smile, her
makeup and costumes
that carved her novel
picture in my heart.
Since recent past I also
noticed her boobs are
bubbling to new heights
and were erecting my
penis. There onwards I
use to search every
occasion of talking to
my sister lonely.

Although I was not sure

whether we both had
mutual attraction but I
observed that we both
us are glancing each
other on time to time. It
was my duty to drop her
to the college every
morning on my bike. I
observed many times
her hand touches to my
penis, earlier I was
overlooking this
considering coincidence
but then I decided to
harvest this every
opportunity. When her
hand touches to my
penis, I started my penis
growing more and so
she should feel the
erection. Later I come to
know that she removes
her hand like touching
an electric wire that is
carrying a current when
she feels my growing
erection to her hand.
Here I was expecting
that she should hold my
erection so that I could
make a further move but
it was not happening.

Time was passing and I

was getting more and
more desperate to fuck
her. When I cleared my
ICWA entrance recently
and that was come to
know me on 1st Jan. 03 -
that day CA and ICWA
results were declared- I
hugged her deeply on
the pretext of joy and as
if I am doing it
unintentionally I keep
her in my embrace for
almost a minute. When I
released her, she was
blushed and was shying.
Because this time I
touched my full erection
to her body. Later I was
thinking that she might
surely complain this to
our parents so in
evening when our mom
came home I hugged
her in the same manner
-as I hold my sister in
noon- but obviously this
time my penis was not
erected! She didn’t said
anything but matter was
not progressing at all. I
was searching for all
possible chances. I
started to withdraw
underwear while
sleeping and was
sleeping on merely a
pyjama or bermuda or
on shorts so that she
should view my erection
like a tent and should
make further move.

I observed she saw my

swollen tent many times
but was quietly
observing. I also bring
some porn magazines
and leave them on table
or below my pillow so
that she should at least
take note and glance
them. I know she saw
those issues but neither
shown like that on her
face and nor complained
to parents. As we are
sharing same bathroom
and toilet so when she
takes bath earlier to me
then I started
masturbating on her
panties and bras, leaves
my cum thereon, and
later put that panty or
bra on bath stool or at
other place than the
normal pile of clothes so
that she should guess
later while collecting the
clothes for washing and
should note that what I
did to her
undergarments! If I take
bath earlier then I use to
spread my cum on bath
stool. Once I shaved my
penis, removed pubic
hair- Zata- and keeps
the entire shaving kit
clinging with hair-zata-
and foam intentionally in
bathroom as if I forget to
clean it. After some time
when I peek into
bathroom, I found my kit
was washed and was
kept on its place! Twice I
showed her my dick
from the corners of my
Bermuda (short), when I
was resting on my bed
with pillows below my
head, reading a book
with my knees upward
and I was not put on my
underwear inside the
Bermuda. So I was sure
that my dick was clearly
visible to her when she
was sitting on the corner
of the same bed. Finally,
I concluded that she is
neither showing any
interest in my moves
nor taking initiative. I
got frustrated. On the
other hand, I was
thinking like although
even if she is not
showing any direct
interest in me nor she is
complaining to anyone
in house means

I could say that she is

neutral moreover. So
why should not I take
the initiative by directly
invading her and test
my luck once. For that, I
was searching an
opportunity. After a few
days, a solitary time

Our parents have to

leave for Pune for a 3
days meeting for setting
the SSC board papers.
As both our papa and
mom are on the
committee of paper
setting and every year,
they have to visit board
office at Pune. My sister
and our grandma were
left behind, My mother
instructed to sleep us all
in the same room. It was
13th Jan, Monday.
However by the night
my granny requested
that she would like to
sleep in her regular
room that is attached to
verandah, as she could
not sleep elsewhere
being the new place and
that may cause her
sleeplessness at this old
age. So at around 9 PM
granny left for her room
and asked me to lock
the door inside carefully.
We were alone watching
the TV in our main room.
She was sitting in the
sofa & I was lying on the
bed watching TV. There
was some love story
going on! As I was
thinking something
different in my mind so I
was shy watching the
movie with her that day.
Once or twice I went
purposefully to kitchen
(to drink water) to avoid
to see those love &
kissing scenes on the
movie. But she was so
cool girl seriously
looking at the love
scene and enjoying
them, as it seems like
she is unaware of Love
and sex. Thinking her
innocence like ‘Sridevi’
in the movie ‘Sadma’
my penis was getting
erected and I was
waiting for a chance to
fuck the innocent girl.
When I could not control
I jerked off in the toilet.
It was around 11.30 pm,
by the time she made
herself comfortable to
sleep down-thank God!-
and laid her mattresses
on the carpet side by my
cot. I was pretending to
be sleep on my bed and
my tent was once again
on its full now.
I was waiting for her
replies. I know by now
she had noticed my tent
many times -not directly
but from the corners of
her eyes but she was
quiet. After complete
movie was over, She
switched off the TV and
drank water from a jug
nearby. Then she went
to toilet for piss. In the
quiet background of
night, I can easily hear
her pissing sound. That
made me crazy and
desperate and I decided
to fuck her at any cost.
Again she came in the
room think for a while
and then switch off the
bedroom light and went
to her bed. At midst of
darkness I couldn’t
really sleep, Some thing
like monster inside me
ignited to have a perfect
fuck with her now. After
long thoughts, I made
up my mind of how to
make a love affair with
her.... After a careful
thought, I was sure this
is 'Yes or ever or No or
Never' type battle. I
finally decided to test
my luck. I stated with a
e, twice, thrice and
watching. I was heart

Eagerly waiting for her

replies......Oh my

God.......Finally you
blessed me!....... She
replied with the cough.
Now I understood that
she is sleepless and she
is of the same intensions
as I am having! In order
to confirm further I
coughed this time.... and
oh God she gargled in
replies this time! In fact I
was waiting for this final
sign. I started and come
on rolling on the side of
my cot...I approach her
with my hands from my
cot (As I told you, she
was sleeping on the
floor besides my cot). I
first put my hand out of
my bed and slowly
crawled my hands to her
from my bed (I never
made an attempt to
peep from my bed, all
my hands did)....I was
about to touch
her......and was shaken
by her meekly voice,
"Bhaiya....didn't you get
sleep??". I immediately
took my hand and my
mind was boggling to
death. I said, "Punam,I
couldn't". She raised up
her knees leaned to the
bed, and said "Let me
make you sleep",. She
started, she reached my
right hand and placed
my palm on her cheek.

My heart started
pounding and my vain
blood started pumping
out. We were motionless
for minutes. Slowly she
her cheek on my palm. I
was relaxed by her love
whisper and slowly
fingered her cheek as
gently as I could. After
fingering for about 2
minutes, I slowly took
my hand off her Cheek
and hold her shoulder to
rise her knees. At last
words came from my
mouth "Punam Please
sleep with me"!!. Oh my my surprise
she did as I said and laid
besides me on my bed
and did not even
protested! For a few
minutes we were
motionless, suddenly
she tightened my hand
with hers slender
fingered tender palm
and placed it on her
belly. I made up mind
not to waste time
anymore.... I crawled my
hand to her boobs, she
was holding my hand
tightly and never let me
press it. She guided my
hand to her neck...face
and I started tickling her
ears. I can hear her sex
ecstasy voice
and said bhaiya please
make love to me, I was
half way on her, and
started with the first kiss
& smooch of my life.
With that she lost her
control, holds my hair
tightly, and never let me
take my lips. I reached
her tongue with mine,
and she gave a bite. I
kissed her all over her
face, and so did she. I
started to probe her
boobs on her dress and
was lucky this time that
she let me play, kiss and
mouth them over her
kamiz. I was pressing
them over her kamiz
with my tremendous
vigor. We were hugging
and spinning each other
rolling all over the bed,
kissing each other. She
was wearing salwar-
kamiz, I started
unzipping her tops, and
she was much co-
operative turning her
back for unzipping. We
kneed on the bed and
she raised her hand to
take off her tops.

As did to her, she did

the same to take off my
t-shirt. Still on the
knees, I released her
ponytail as she got big
hair touching her hips
and whiff of hair
fragrance went into my
nosrills. Now I could
never resist and started
hugging kissing her
boobs and around. At
the same time scents
emerging of her bare
armpits were
intoxicating me. I found
her armpits were full
with a black jet of hair. I
caressed there. She
whispered my name ‘
Naren, Naren....’and
hold my buttocks tightly
to hers, as my hard
penis was touching her,
she was shocked, and
hold my buttocks still
tighter and reached my
neck hugging with hers.
When it was on the go, I
slowly put my hands on
her buttocks and slowly
released her salwar
nara. She suddenly
realized and hence
refrained me doing so.
She was still half-
dressed, I removed
forcefully her salwar at
last. I released her bra
and saw her pair of nice
breast standing stiff and
erect. This time I
carefully observed her
boobs. She had a very
nice pair of boobs.
Whitish in color with
faint brown or you can
say reddish colored
nipples. Although they
were big in size but they
were very hard and
tight. Her nipples were
erected. That site
astonished me. We
hugged in bare body
and I realized the heat
of her body in mine. I
dragged my tongue all
over her face, her hairy
arm pits and boobs. She
was so curious and
demanding even as she
holds my back hair, and
guides me from her
boobs to belly.

She was screaming by

the tickle of tummy. I
went down licking and
reached her toes. I
stated going back
kissing her legs, thighs. I
raised her legs and
kissed her thighs and
started my journey (in
side the thighs) towards
the treasure of cunt. No
word can explain her
sexual appearance in
her panties in the
darkness. I then camped
few of my kisses and
licks in and around her
panties. She realized
that I would never leave
this area, with out
stripping her panties
and making her fully
nude. She never wants
to do so immediately.
She raised and turned
me down and started
kissing me from top to
bottom. I was amazed to
see that she was not shy
when she tried to
remove my short, Now I
am nude before my
sister. When she saw my
lund first time she
blushed with a feminine
shame may be due to
the thought that she
have to gulp this entire
lund inside her small
and tiny pussy. She was
also getting very shy to
look at my nudeness in
that fade lights. When
she was probing to
touch my penis,

I voluntarily took her

hands and lead her to
touch my hard tool. She
made a feather touch
downed my foreskin and
fondled my lundsupari
or supada with her
gentle feminine touch,
and my penis soared up
to new heights, and I

She understood I am
getting erotic by the
time due to her tender
touches so slowly she
tightened her grip on my
lund. I was so delighted
that I hold her head
down to my penis to
acquire a kiss
voluntarily. She then
started her kisses
around my penis and
balls. I hold her hair
back and hold my penis
and started trusting it
into her mouth. As she
was immature and
innocent in sex, she
started with a rough
work, teething my penis,
it pained my a lot. After
a moment, she removed
it from her mouth like
what she was shocked. I
thought she was
disgusted with the taste
of my precum. I did not
said anything. I was
rather much curious to
have an intercourse and
to thrust my hard tool
between the great love
tunnel that is situated
within the dense jungle
between her legs. Now
our body twisted, hands
twisted around and I
planted few kisses on
her neck. She lost her
control, when I kissed
her neck area, she
I realized that this is the
golden chance to
undress her last panties.
I was anxious to see her
love tunnel so I got up
and put my thumb on
each side of her elastic
and pulled her panties
off, I could never missed
this moment as she was
feeling heavenly and so
now let me bring down
her last piece of dress
"the panties". A real
mystery of nudity ends
here! I saw, She had a
thick bush of dark black
hair between her legs,
the hair were dense and
curly -each around 2-3
inches long- and it
seemed as she had
never ever shaved down
there, I caressed her
pussy mound and tried
to locate her cunt with
my middle finger. By the
time her phoody started
emitting her sweet
aroma the air and that
was intoxicating me. To
helped me in probing
her pussy she had
spread her legs wide but
I found it was difficult to
locate her hole so she
took my finger in her
slender fingers and
guided my middle finger
to her cunt, she was
soaking wet, taking a
closer look I found that
her juices on her pussy
hair were glistening like
a dew on a grass in
winter season and were
spreading sweet cunt
aroma in the
atmosphere nearby by
this time.

I love that exciting

aroma. I was sure the
same aroma was inhaled
before, so I was recalling
my memory when and
where we found this
smell. Soon I recalled
that we inhaled this
nature’s scent in the
cinema-talkies where we
saw the movie during
our district visit. I filled
that smell in my nostrils.
That really made me
mad and horny. Now I
inserted my middle
finger in her pussy she
screamed with both pain
and ecstasy, as she was
virgin she could not bear
my finger in her phoodi.
I found the she was very
hot like furnace inside.
Finally I could get her
clitoris and started
stimulating it, her clit
was big as big as a
peanut and was
glistening pink in that
fade light. I massaged
her clit with my thumb
and after a while she
started moaning very
loudly, it seemed she
had never had such
pleasure before this in
her life like me, her
breathing got heavy and
then suddenly she just
closed her thighs tightly
trapping my hand
between them, she was
now gasping and said
bhaiya I can’t take it any
more, something is
happening to me, I knew
she was having an
orgasm because I could
feel her juices wetting
my hand. I licked her
juices off my fingers she
tasted salty with the
intoxicating aroma of
her piss mixed in it but it
was marvelous, I then
rubbed my wet and
sticky hands on her
boobs and then stuck
two fingers in her
mouth, she tasted her
own juice, I then sat
with a leg on each side
of her stomach and put
her hand on my growing
Lund. She now held my
Lund and started
rubbing it on her boobs,
then she let go of my
lund and held her boobs
from the sides and
pushed them together,
this formed a nice
cleavage, I got the hint
and I stuck my lund in
that valley and started
making fucking motion,
precum was oozing from
my cock which provided
lubrication and my cock
started moving easily
between her boobs, on
my up strokes my cock
would cum out at the
top of her boobs and
Punam would stick her
tongue out and lick the
head of my lund, the
sensation I was getting
was fantastic.

My cock was now once

again fully erect and
was ready for some real
action, I tit fucked
Punam for a while and
then I removed my lund
from her cleavage and
gave my lund in her
mouth but she resisted
and removed from
mouth instead of
persuading her for the
same I started rubbing
my lund on her thighs,
she was loving this and
was making sexy sounds
like ah ah ah ah ah , the
room was filled with
such sounds and the
scent of our sex mainly
the exciting scent that
was emerging from her
phooddi. She then took
my lund in her hand
started rubbing it
moving my outer skin up
and down and then
touched the head of my
penis on her pussy lips,
the sensation was out of
this world, she was now
pulling at my lund trying
to insert it in her cunt,
after a while when she
found she was unable to
take my cock in her cunt
she said bhaiya please
fuck me, I spread her
legs with mine and
thrusted my hardest
penis in to her cunt, I
was unsuccessful,
because both were
virgins and 'New Lads to
Sex'. Patently, I spit on
my hand and applied
that spit to my penis to
lubricate the passage.

She then hold my penis

and guiding into her
passage. I thrusted my
penis with a vigor to
reach inside ignoring her
loud noises. After a
many unsuccessful
attempts at last, my
penis reached deep
inside into her hole, and
she shouted of pain.
Now she was no more
virgin. As her screaming
was increasing, I
immediate smooched
her to stop shouting.
She started biting my
mouth deeply of pain
but I was more generous
to let her does that!
After a stand still
silence, I gradually
started moving my
buttocks in and out of
her phooddy. I was
approx. 4 inches in her
pussy and realized that
she is very tight in her
pussy. I pushed my lund
completely in up to the
hilt, she has now gulped
in my big seven inches
long and 3 inches girth
penetration deep into
her phoodi than ever
before, she was in some
pain but at the same
time her life long wishes
of having sex- like
everyone- were being
fulfilled, I could see her
satisfaction, her eyes
were closed and mouth
open and was gasping
with ecstacy, her boobs
were sexily dangling and
the sight was erotic. I
started giving her slow
strokes and I found she
is moving her butts to
meet my strokes and
take my lund as deep as
possible, my lund was
going in her choot very
swiftly and that sound of
fucking was natural
music to my ears, she
was steadily moaning
and urging me to go
deeper and fuck her
harder she said bhaiya
please fuck my choot
harder I want you to rip
my cunt apart, your lund
is big and thick it has
stretched my choot to
its limit, please fuck me
harder, then she put her
right hand between her
legs and massaged my
balls and it felt very

I in turn with my right

hand found her sensitive
clit and rubbed it and
that took her to her
second orgasm. I could
feel her cunt muscles
were contracting and
they were holding my
cock tight, as her
orgasm subsided I
started ramming her
again and this time I
was fucking her hard
and fast, she was now
shouting with pleasure,
her tits were violently
moving around, I held
onto her right breast
and fucked her hard, we
were sweating like
anything, I then took
hold of her hip long hair
and pulled them and
with that her head came
up I hold again tightly
and started fucking her,
the sex was rough and
there was pain for her
but she was liking it. I
then decided to change
the position and asked
her to come on top of
me, we got into the
position and she started
riding me, she was
moving her arse round
on my cock, she had her
hands on my shoulder
and I was massaging her
tits, I was pinching her
nipples and at few times
would suck them, my
cock was deep in her
womb and our mixed
juices were trickling
down my balls and arse.
She had now picked up
speed and was
approaching her third
orgasm and I too was
near to cumming, she
was now moving her
hips up and down with
my cock and finally with
a huge grunt she
cummed and at the
same time I also
cummed deep inside her
pussy. She was still kept
on fucking me, and then
collapsed on my chest,
she was kissing my
chest and neck and was
thanking me for a great
fuck, we lied there stuck
to each other for about
10 mins and then she
slowly got up, my cock
came out of her choot
and some blood was
dripping their and with
that my cum started
pouring out of her choot,
my thighs were full of
spunk and blood mixed
together she saw this
and was somewhat
frightened and went to
the bathroom, I was just
lying there recovering
from a great workout,
my cock had shrunk and
was lying loose between
my legs. Punam came
back after 5 mins with a
wet flannel and cleaned
my cock, balls and
I then kissed her and
thanked for allowing me
fulfilling my desire after
such a long time. It was
now 11.30pm we were
relaxed but still naked
and sat on the sofa, she
went to the kitchen and
bring a coke for us from
a fridge, she then sat
next to me and said
bhaiya will this bleeding
hurt me? I said, ‘ No
way! It usually happens
first time only. Next time
onwards you will only
enjoy my lund grinding
your phodi and that will
satisfy our hunger. I
further said to her
Punam remember this
lund is always available
to you and whenever
you feel the need you
can have it straight way
in your phoodi, then she
said bhaiya I am your
slave from today and I
am available for you
always till my marriage,
Today I don’t know who
will be my official
husband tomorrow but
for me today you are my
true husband and I love
you from the bottom of
my heart, I was well
pleased hearing this and
we went to bed with
sweet memories and
slept kissing and
hugging each other. .

The next morning I woke

up at 8am and found
Punam was left the bed
earlier to me, so I
finished my morning
chores and the sat in
front of the TV sipping
tea made by Punam, I
did not had my bath by
this time though it was
9.30 morning, I was just
lazing around the house
waiting for the the next
chance as my memory
was recalling last night’s
drama. Soon my granny
rushed to temple saying
she will be back by 12
noon. I was overjoyed. I
called Punam, but she
called me in a kitchen as
she was cooking
something. I went there.
Sitting on a chair of
dining table, I asked her
if she was having any
guilty feeling about last
night’s happenings then
I am sorry for that but
she said, no bhaiya it is
not like that, in fact she
was waiting for my
move since very long
time. I was appalled and
cursed myself with her
reply for the reason that
I really missed
something in my life
otherwise I would have
fucked her far before.... I
told her that I really
enjoyed last night and
asked her if she liked it,
she ignored to reply so
she just nodded in
affirmation. I stood
behind her and hugged
her and said Punam, I
love you and you can
get all the love you
require from me, my
hands were on her
stomach and I was
caressing her there, she
felt a lot of comfort in
my arms, she then
turned around and
kissed me and said I
know you will always
love me and I am very
thankful for that, I wish I
could be with you all the
time next to me in my
bed at night. I said I will
be always there for you
but we must respect the
laws of society and be
discreet about our love
and keep our relations
secret hereafter, Now
she was in my arms and
her boobs were crushed
against my chest, after a
while we broke our
embrace and she
attended to the cooking

Once the meal was

ready we come to the
living room, and there
we sat close to each
other, I asked her what
are her plans today, she
said nothing is planned
except my routine
tuitions in noon and in
the evening I just have
to cook food and rest of
the time I am free, I said
that is fine today you
will spend the day with
me as I my bunking my
college today she said
that’s fine. I went and
sat next to Punam and
took her hand in my
hand and started
caressing it, I was
wearing pyjamas and no
underwear inside and
my cock was getting
harder by the second
and soon a tent was
prominent, she saw the
tent and asked, ‘is it me
or the someone in
dreams?’ I said ‘it is you,
I have watched you
many times seeing this
tent’. She smiled at me
and then put her hand
on my lund over my
pyjamas, I was rock hard
and precum was oozing
out and wetting the
front of my PJ’s, she
asked me to take my
PJ’s off so I could be
more comfortable, I took
them off in a flash and
stood nude from waist
down in front of her, I
asked her to stand up
and she stood up, I went
closer to her and
unzipped her top and
removed it and then
undid her salwar and let
it drop to the floor, she
was now standing in
front of me with only her
panties, I hooked my
thumbs in the panty
elastic and pushed them
down she gracefully
stepped out of them and
then came closer to me
and removed my shirt,
now we were naked our
clothes scattered on the
floor, I hugged her and
my cock wedged
between her pussy lips,
her tits crushed against
my chest and our lips
French kissing, we fell
on the couch and
started caressing each
others private parts, we
did this for a while till
Punam was hot once
again and then as
expected she said to me
bhaiya fuck me.

I said I intend to fuck

you Punam but before
that we need to do
something she said
what, I asked her if she
had ever thought of
shaving her pubic hair?
She laughed loudly as
she remembered the
earlier episode as I kept
my shaving kit in the

She said you penalize

me by cleaning your
shaving kit I may be the
first person in the world
who cleaned the kit
before shaving because
she had never shaved
her hair before; I asked
her if she would like me
to shave her hair? She
said if you want to, I
don’t mind it will be
something new for me. I
said ok then I went to
the bathroom and got
my shaving kit, I asked
her to lie down on the
carpet and spread her
legs, I laid some
newspaper below her
butt and she lied on it,
first I trimmed her all
long pubic hair from her
pussy to her entire anus
region. She was very
dark haired in her
buttocks slit. First I
trimmed them all with
scissors. I then observed
her entire private parts.
Smelled and licked her
pussy up like a dog does
to bitch and that is up to
her anus. I liked that
salty taste feeling. Then
I applied some foam and
shaved off all her hair
with a razor except a
small bush at the top of
her pussy, I then asked
her to shave my lund
hair which she did very
erotically, while shaving
my hair my cock got
erected she-at her own-
back the foreskin took
my pink head of cock in
her mouth and sucked
my precum for first
time, I liked it very
much. We also shaved
each other’s armpits
and that added

After the shaving

session we cleaned up
and again sat together. I
pulled her onto my lap
and she leaned on my
chest, my fully erected
cock was between her
legs inches away from
her pussy, I stood her up
and asked her to spread
her legs, she did that
and then I kissed her on
her pussy smelled her
pussy inhaled the
intoxicating aroma into
my nostrils until I felt
fully satisfied, she had
her left leg on the sofa
besides me and I was
between her legs, my
face was comfortably in
line with her pussy so I
found it was easy to lick
her choot, her pussy lips
were thick and fluffy and
her clit was hidden
under the hood so I
stimulated her clit with
my finger she started
moaning and within
seconds her clit was out
of its hood. Now I took
her clit in my mouth and
sucked it hard and then
almost bite it in ecstacy.
She yelled, it must have
pained her so I
apologized, I again
started sucking her clit
and at the same time
inserted two fingers up
her choot, she was
enjoying the dual
pleasure she was
receiving from me, I was
sucking her clit hard and
finger fucking at the
same time. Soon I felt
her thighs were
shivering as she reached
her orgasm.

This orgasm was so

intense that she could
not stand up on her feet
so she felled on me and
I gladly held her in a
tight embrace. After a
while I sat her on the
sofa and I knelt between
her legs and rubbed my
Lund on her choot, I was
rubbing my lund from
top to bottom of her
choot and whenever I
touch to her clit I was
dabbing my lund head
on it. Soon her pussy
became wet and sticky
with her juices and my
precum, after doing this
for about ten mins I
shoved my entire lund in
her choot vigorosly, a
scream came out of her
mouth, my whole lund
was in her choot in a
second and I stayed
motionless for a few
minutes, when I knew
that she has
accustomed herself to
my big lund I slowly
started fucking her, with
every stroke her hard
tits with light brown
nipples were bouncing
up and down and I like
to see the tits bouncing
while I was fucking, I
was massaging her tits
while fucking and she
was moaning like hell,
beads of sweat had
formed on her forehead
and she was getting
really hot, I increased
my pace, my balls were
hitting her arse and the
feeling was great, my
knees were rubbing on
the carpet and I knew
that I will end up with
carpet burns on my
knees but I did not stop I
wanted to fuck Punam
to my hearts content. I
now was fucking her at
my fullest speed and
she was asking me to
stop but I ignored her
pleas and kept on
fucking her,

I was nearing my
orgasm and so I
increased the speed and
then with a grunt I
unloaded my cum deep
in her choot I spurted;
jet after jet; of my spunk
in her that filled her
phoodi and the spunk
started coming out of
her choot, she said your
spunk feels nice and
warm in my choot, I kept
her choot plugged with
my lund for a while then
removed my lund, she
realised that there is too
much spunk I unloaded
inside her phoodi so she
ran to the bathroom to
clean up, I followed her
and saw her squatting in
the bath and pushing
my spunk out of her
choot, I got in the
bathroom and turned
the shower on, we both
had a good shower and
came out and dried each
other and relaxed in
each others arms on my
bed,. By the time we
were tired and now
physically hungry as
Punam cooked the food
earlier it was ready to
serve. So we had our
lunch together. After
lunch for desert I licked
Punam’s pussy once
forcefully. Soon then the
khujjat granny comes to
home and we stopped
our love affair. Our
newly founded love is
flourishing nicely and
our lovemaking is
getting better and
better day by day. We
are not afraid to execute
novel experiments and
doing many things,
which are our fantasies.
Once again I am
thankful to the authors
of the stories like ‘Sonal
my behna’ and 'chandu
story'- because their
stories inspired me a lot
about brother-sister
affair which earlier I was
thinking pure sin.
Contact for good
friendship at my email
through the link below.
My Husband's Friend
Hi, I am anil once again
with new story of a
married women who is
taken by her husband's
friend. After this I am
narrating this story as

Let's me describe first of

all myself, my name is
Sheena. I am a married
woman of 36 years but
have a nice body shape.
No one can say at first
glance that I am 36
years, I have got a very
nice and attractive
features and figures
from heaven. I am tall of
more than 5' 6'' with a
slim body as I keep very
care of my body. I have
a great, praiseworthy,
and attractive figures.
My waist is still 34''
while my breasts and
hips are 36'' though I am
mother of three children
and my first child is 14
years old. And all on
them my complexion is
white reddish. My lips
are thinning with small-
mouthed and my eyes
are wide big black
colored and have long
black hairs.

I am living with my
family and my husband
very happily. I think my
husband loves me that
very rare husband love
their wives. My marital
life was nice. As we are
not newly married so we
have no continuously
sexual relationship but
we have yet a routine
twice or thrice in a
month. May be this is
enough for other woman
but I don't think why I
think that this is not
enough for me, but I
have never thought
about it seriously. I loved
my husband and this the
fact that I had only
given myself to my
husband but as I got
older I sometimes
wondered what another
man would be like. I had
no thoughts of finding
out but it was
interesting to think
about it.

My husband has a friend

named Sachin from his
childhood who living
near our house. We have
very good relation
between the two
families of us. We use to
go each other houses
without any hesitation
on every occasion.
Sachin's wife Deba
begum and I have very
good friendship as our
hubbies had. Sachin is
very nice and mannered
man. He keeps all our
small needs. He is very
charming personality. I
must admit that he was
very attractive. But I
never think about him
like it this point of view,
I mean sex with him nor
he showed me that he
looks me in that point.
We ever meet like a
sister and brother.
Although we have met
so many time in
solitude. My husband
had never objected
whenever I met him nor
he objected met his wife
with my husband. We
were like one family and
we don't care that we
have no blood relation.

Once it was noon and

my husband was out of
station while children
were sleeping and I
have nothing to do so I
went to Sachin home to
meet his wife as usual
we meet once or twice
in a week. When I
entered the home
Sachin's wife Deba
begum was not at
neither home nor the
kids were there. I called
so many times Deba
begum but there was
not any response. I
became wondered that
what is the problem that
no body is responding
me. I stood there for a
while and after few
seconds Sachin shouted
from the bathroom that
he comes bhabi with in
a minuet please wait for
me. And after few
minuets he came out
from the bathroom. His
hair was wet as he
recently took the bath.
He became very pleased
to see me and asked me
to sit. I asked from
Sachin that where is
Deba begum bhabi and
kids. He told me that
they have left just an
hour for her native city
as her mother is ill and
that she called her in
hurry so she couldn't
meet you. He asked me
for some drink and tea. I
laughed and said that
now you will make tea
for me? Then he said me
ok if you don't want to
make it by me then you
should made it, as I
need it. So I went to the
kitchen and that was not
unknown place for me. I
don't know but I was too
nervous today to feeling
alone with him, as it was
not the first time alone
with him for me. When I
was fumbled around in
the kitchen I was
thinking about an
excuse to leave, but
couldn't. So I prepared
the tea both for us. He
was in lounge when I
brought the tea and I sat
with him in one sofa and
put the try on the table
near the sofa. We
started talking and I
inquired that why he is
at home at this time, he
said that he was not
feeling well. I asked him
about his sickness but
he didn't tell anything. I
offered her to take her
to doctor but he refused
and said that he has
already taking medicine.
We were talking on
every topic. He was
looking me today very
strange and I was
thinking that what is the
new and soon I realized
that there is some thing
new. I felt some new
thing and it could lust in
his eyes.

He started talking about

my cloth and said that I
have wore very nice
cloths today and that it
looking so nice and
gives extra charming to
my personality which
has already extra grace
full. I was wearing the
red color shilwar kamiz
as I usually wear. I shy
for a while and then said
thanks to him. Then he
said how my husband is
lucky that he has found
so nice, beautiful,
gorgeous and so sexy
wife like you. I found
myself once again an
embarrassed position
and said him Sachin
bahi what are you
talking today, you have
never talked like this
before. Then he said you
mean that I should have
talked it before. No I
don't mean like this but I
consider you as my
brother, and Mr. Sachin
you have so nice and
beautiful wife. But not
like you. He replied.
Then he turned his
conversation towards his
martial life and said me
that his martial life is
not so satisfied and that
his wife doesn't care
about his desires. I was
surprised that how
Sachin is talking today?
He proceed his
conversation and said
me that he wants to
talked with me on this
topic from long but he
had not get chance for

I was now fully confused

and want to leave. So
said him that I should go
now as the children
were expected to awake
but he request me not to
leave him alone and I
stayed there I don't
know why? He started
state away about his
sexual life and I started
to feel nervous as
Sachin was talking
about sex and I was
feeling lightheaded. I
felt for the first time that
something might
happen that noon.
Suddenly he moved
near to me as we seated
on one sofa, and I
became astonished
when he grabbed me
from my waist and put
his mouth on mine. My
whole body tensed as
Sachin warm lips
touched mine. I followed
my marital life and was
going to get out of
there. As I started to
turn around, Sachin
grabbed me in a
powerful embrace. I was
trying to escape from his
grip but truly not from
my heart. His body was
tight against mine and I
couldn't help but be
turned on by how well
my breasts fit under his
massive chest. He was
kissing my lips
passionately and his
hands were on my
breast rubbing them
gently. I was really in
double minded at that
time, that what should I
do? I was feeling this
rush of sexual tension
like I never felt in my life
but at the same time I
knew it was wrong. At
first I resisted but it was
surprisingly feeling
good. I tried to pull back
but the empowering
embrace made it
impossible and Sachin's
warm love was not more
ignore able for me, As
Sachin lips were pressed
tight against mine, I
started to feel a hot
sensation deep within.

Our lips melted together

as if they were
becoming one. I
responded him
unintentionally. Then he
parted his lips and
wanted to slide his
tongue against my
mouth. First I resisted
but then I parted my lips
and allowed his tongue
deep inside me. His
warm tongue slowly
entered my mouth. We
were motionless. He
warmly licked my mouth
as I was fighting for
some sort of control. I
didn't kissing back but I
was not stopping him
either. He was
passionately sucking
and licking inside my
mouth as I was losing
control. I always liked
Sachin, and may be
there was this passion. I
was feeling nice so I
raised my tongue. When
our tongues met it sent
a shock wave shivering
through my body. I was
beginning to lose control
of my inner sexual
power. I passionately
licked his tongue back
as we started to deeply
kiss each other and I
forgot all about my of
my husband or anything
else as I was so turned
on by this incredible
sensation. . Nothing else
was on my mind but this
powerful kiss. As he
pulled his tongue from
my lips and started to
lick my neck forehead
nose and neck. I was too
excited at this time but I
muttered to him that we
are married and
shouldn't do this. But he
was not hearing me. I
wanted to stop him but
couldn't, and he re-
entered his tongue into
my mouth as we started
to kiss wildly again.
After some time he
again made his way
down my neck. I again
told Sachin to stop.
Sachin magically licked
my neck and ears, and
the warmth of his mouth
on my erogenous zone
did not allow me to
notice his hands on my
breast this time. His
hands were now on my
impressively inviting
breast and he was
rubbing and massaging
them. Now this was out
of my control.

I again tried to pull

myself from this carnal
spell but by this time he
had moved his hand in
my neck as it was too
low cut, I asked him
once again that Mr.
Sachin this is sufficient,
and we should stop it.
He was very expert and
well known about the
woman psychology. With
in flash he released me
from my kamiz and left
only in my bra. He
unhooked it releasing
my tight tits. My ripe
breasts were beautiful
and inviting. He knelt
down and took one of
my erected nipples into
his mouth. His warm
tongue licked across my
swollen nipples, and was
sucking my tits like they
were his lifeline, which
was sending me into a
sexual confusion my
body was so filled with
passion that I became
weak. Sachin lifted me
off the ground and held
me as he continued to
suck my tits. Sachin
licked my tits up and
down. He laid me on
couch. I felt like this was
a chance to stop this
erotic heat. As I laid
there half naked and
wanted him on me. I
thought about how I
secretly wanted another
man at least once in my
life. I wanted him now
really, as I probably
couldn't have found my
husband as hot as
Sachin. He was now
trying to take my shilwar
off. I whispered once
again not to do like this.
But I was wondering
how it would feel to
have another man taste
my love and that
thought sent my mind in
a naughty fit of desire.
He took off my shilwar
slide it from my legs. As
Sachin took off my
shilwar, the exotic
feeling of being totally
nude in front of another
man sent a shiver up my
spine as instinctively my
legs spread open. He
leaned and put his
mouth on my pussy lips
and kissed, licked it.
I could not believe I was
letting Sachin to suck
my pussy. I was
powerless to stop his
oral attack, I again
whispered out in a
frantic but orgasmic way
that I couldn't do this I
am married. He said me
married can do this very
easily, don't worry you
will fell well. But I will
never for give myself for
this entire my life. I
replied. How can you
say your husband so
loyal to you? Doesn't he
go to anther women. He
said to me. But I don't
care what he does but I
couldn't. With out
replied me he took my
swollen cunt lips against
his mouth and let his
tongue in to probe.
Sachin sucked and
licked inside of me.
Sachin licked me deeply
as my pussy was on fire.
It was too incredible,
and pleasurable, which I
had never felt like this
before in all my sexual
life. Now it was not in
my control and my tight
little cunt and whole
body was burning and I
grabbed Sachin head
and was burying his face
into my wet cave and I
started moaning and
bucking wildly. Sachin
was licking my clit as I
moaned like an animal.
Sweat was pouring from
my body as I was
yearning to be entered.
Would I let another
man's rock hard cock
enter my cunt where I
have never imagined
letting any other man
cock? But Sachin was
sending my body into a
sexual frenzy as his face
was buried into my
drenched pussy. Sachin
was relentless and
experienced, as he knew
exactly what a woman
wanted. He was really
aroused me and I felt his
cock in my cunt madly. I
felt nervous excitement
as I knew exactly where
this was leading and I
realized I was losing the

After a long time, Sachin

whispered that he
desired that I should
take his cock my
innocent married mouth.
First I refused that I have
never done it, and that I
don't know how one can
take this in one mouth.
But he insisted very. As
the passion filled my
body to the point of
thrusting, explosion I
argued within myself. If I
were to suck Sachin's
cock I might be able to
quench my thirst and
satisfy this stud without
allowing him to put his
cock into my cunt as I
wanted still to stay true
to my husband. I wanted
him to be the only man
who I tasted. Sachin was
fully erected and he had
the biggest dick I could
ever imagine. It was a
good eight inches long
and thick twice then my
husband. After some
arguments. I leaned in
and put my mouth on
his cock. I kissed and
licked his cock for while
and then I opened my
mouth as far as I could
and took in his head.
The swollen head of this
prick needed more
space. I opened my
mouth as far as I could
and took in his head.
Sachin moaned in
delight as I was fulfilling
his desire. I bobbed my
head back and fourth
trying to mouth fuck this
man. I hadn't had much
experience in this area.
As I continued to slide
his huge cock in and out
of my mouth Sachin
continued to tell me
suck his dick. I was
sucking his dick which
was now so excited and
pleasurable experience
for me and me hand
went to my cunt which
stuck up my cunt. It was
gushing with juice and
was begging for more. I
knew now the obvious, I
was going to get fucked
by Sachin it was really
totally a new experience
for, as I have never
sucked my husband
cock nor he ever asked
for it. My husband had
not give me what Sachin
giving me now, and if
my husband were here I
would tell him this is real
sex. I needed to be
fucked now and Sachin
sensed my urgency and
pulled his monstrous
crank from my mouth.
He had really the big
one, twice than in
thickens and long from
my unaware husband.
Who never think that his
loyal wife will suck his
best friend cock, and
she was going to take
his fiend dick in her
lovely pot. The thought
of this huge cock inside
of me sent my body into
a shiver. But I my inner
core was begging for his
dick to ram me. By this
time I couldn't control
the passion

And I fell back and

eagerly spread my legs.
He was rubbing his over
powering cock against
my pussy lips. I knew
what he was doing. He
was not giving it to me
unless I begged. He was
rubbing it to my clitoris
and I had a fire inside
my cunt that only a
long, hard cock could
extinguish. He knew that
well. So I started to beg
and cry for his cock. I
took his cock and put it
on my pussy hole saying
stop it and insert this in
me. I was so swollen and
wet. So Sachin had very
easily his cock head
inserted in my cunt as it
was too wet but due to
his bigger cock I felt
little pain Aaaaa aahhhh
a big and loud sound
pours out of my lips but
as no one at home, it
was safe. Sachin then
grabbed my legs and
held them up as he slid
his dick further in my
cunt. He had to pull
back and push forward a
couple of times to
stretch my tight cunt.
He had really big cock,
which made my pussy
hole resized more my
husband's custom fit
hole. I was screaming
with ecstasy as Sachin
vibrating eight inches
cock easily deeper into
my love hole. My legs
were straight up in the
air and my fingernails
dug into Sachin's hips.
As he pumping all of his
8 inches rock hard into
my cunt hole. He was
slowly pulling his dick
back and fourth. He was
fucking me in very
sophisticated manner,
which I appreciated very
much, and I wanted him
to fuck me in this way

Sachin was giving me

what I was mercifully
begging for. He was
fucking me strongly, and
I was feeling his hard
rock cock in my depth of
my cunt flesh. I also
start having pleasure
and started jumping
under him to
accompany his moves.
His testis starts making
noises with every hit to
my buttocks. I was not
in this world but I felt I
was going in and out of
conscience as he fucked
me. I was numb to the
world as I was being
fucked like a wild
animal. Sachin opened
my cunt with his rock
solid wide eight-inch
cock. He pumped me
fast and hard. Sachin
fucked for a long time
and was now looking
tired, he could not
control my legs
anymore. As we were
doing all this in the
couch so my feet were
planted on the ground
and I was bucking like a
bronco. Sachin was
ripping me in half with
his huge package and
couldn't get enough. I
was now in full control of
him so he asked me to
ride on him now. And
this was the last desire
of mine that I want ride
on him. He pulled out
his cock from my pussy
and lay on his back, and
I climbed on top of him.
By now my shyness and
loyalty to my husband
was gone. I caught his
8'' cock in my hand and
guided it on my pussy
hole. My proud pussy
took in his eight-inch
pole in one stroke. his
long cock went in my
pussy like a fish in water
cave as I needed it so
bad. I bounced and
bucked so hard, I
thought this thick prick
was going to tear me in
half. I was jumping on
him, I took him in even
farther than when he
was on top on me. I
couldn't keep up
anymore, The massive
size of his cock was
getting the best of me
and I was slowing down.
Sachin put his hands on
my butt and started to
pull me down deep onto
his dick. That was very
nice and I was crying for
deep and hard fuck from
Sachin. My breasts were
jumping up and down
which he caught by his
hand and squeezed

That was my thrust for

fuck as I have been not
fuck like this from long,
and I was wonder how a
conservative woman like
me begged to be fucked
like this. I needed to get
fucked and begged
Sachin to finish me off.
Then he asked me to
turn I wonder that what
he want but without any
question I turned and he
came just behind me
and put his dick in my
wet pussy he inserted
his cock in my pussy
from my ass side. Now
he was fucking me from
behind with his full
power and I was bearing
his all-powerful stroke
very happily as he was
really giving me the
nicest pleasure of my
life. And I gave him all I
had. Now we both were
too exhausted and I
asked him to finish it.
And he increased his
rhythm of stroking. After
few minutes he and I
both came together
felled my pussy from his
heavy load, while this
was my third cum. I
came so hard I felt like
someone let the air out
of me, we lay there for a
while and were kissing
each other. This time I
was kissing him with lot
of love, because he gave
me lot of pleasure, the
pleasure that my
husband had nerved
give me in my whole
martial life. We talked
and I said him compiled
an innocent married
women, beg you to fuck.
He laughed and said
your fucking was my
dream from the
beginning. But you have
never showed it to me. I
replied. He said I know
that you were not that
type of woman who can
do this so easily. After
some I asked him to
leave now and He
helped me dress for, as I
was hardly able to move
due to hard fuck. When I
was leaving him he
hugged me tight and
kissed me, he asked me
that when we meet
next. I said him that I
want to tell you clear
that this is our first and
last meeting like this
and that we will never
thought about it again.
He became very sad to
listen this. I left him in
that situation and went
to home.

He insists now for more,

when he meets me, he
tries to meet me always
alone but I let him only
to kiss hardly but he
wants more then kiss.

My Bhabie & Her Lovely

I want to share my
sexual experience. My
name is Anil and
presently I am 25 yrs
old. Me and my parents
live in delhi. Once during
my summer vacations,
we planned a trip to
bangalore. The reason
was that my parents
wanted to buy some
property in bangalore,
as it is our hometown.
We stopped at mathura
because one of my
cousin brothers is
staying in mathura with
his wife. We thought of
spending a couple of
days in mathura and
then proceeding further.
When we reached my
cousin's place, we found
that my cousin was not

He had gone to mumbai

on business purpose for
two weeks. So at home
were Bhabhi(sister-in-
law, Brothers’ wife) and
her elder sister Neha
who was also married.
Bhabhi had two children
- one a girl of 4 yrs (her
name was Deepa) and
another a boy of 6
months. Neha's husband
had also gone on a
business tour to Hong
Kong and that is why
she was staying with her
sister. Bhabhi was 26 yrs
old and without any
children. They had been
married only for a year.
Bhabhi was stunning.
She was tall and fair and
had a very attractive
figure. Her sister (30
yrs) was also beautiful
though she had
delivered two children.
the initial two days were
of great fun. After that
my parents decided to
go to bangalore and
they told me to stay
with Bhabhi as they
would be busy dealing
with property dealers
and told me that I would
get bored.

I started complaining to
my parents and at that
moment Bhabhi came
into the room and said
to me, " Anil, you would
not regret staying here"
and saying this she
stroked my cheek. that
afternoon my parents
left. Now Bhabhi, Neha,
her two kids and myself
were the only ones in
the house. After my
parents had left, I went
to Bhabhi's bedroom
and switched on the TV
and started watching it.

After fifteen minutes,

Bhabhi and Neha came
to the room with Neha
clutching the baby in
her arms. I asked them
where Deepa was and
they said that she was
sleeping in the other
room. Neha sat very
close to me on the bed
and Bhabhi said that she
was going to take a
bath. Bhabhi took her
clothes from the almirah
and went inside the
bathroom. suddenly the
kid started crying. Neha
was swift to react. she
dropped the pallo of her
red saree, started
unhooking the hooks on
her black blouse from
the front and in no time
exposed the translucent
black bra that she was
wearing. She had
unhooked her blouse
completely and her two
bra cups were
completely exposed to
my gaze.

My goodness, what a
breast she had. Perfect
round cups and the
nipple being clearly
visible owing to the
translucent bra that she
was wearing. The bra
was a low cut one and a
large portion of her
cleavage was exposed. I
had a sudden hard on.
After that she took her
hands behind and undid
the clasp of her bra. Her
breasts shook briefly.
then she pulled one bra
cup and exposed her
breast completely. She
had a milky breast and
the nipple was in perfect
contrast to it. It was of
perfect black color and
the circumference was
too large. It almost
occupied her half breast.
She took the nipple
between her two fingers
and guided it into the
kid's mouth. The kid had
stopped crying and was
suckling the nipple
hungrily. My cock was
rock hard in my
underwear and I was
feeling the pain as my
monster tried to tear
apart the fabric of my

After placing the nipple

in her kid's mouth, she
was casually watching
the television, but now
my eyes were glued to
her breast rather than to
the TV. I was feasting
my eyes on the nipple
that her kid was sucking
as well as on the other
nipple that was less
hidden and more
exposed by the sheer
fabric of her lacy bra.
Very soon because of
the body movements
that she was making her
other breast also came
out of her bra and was
hanging loose outside. I
just could not control
myself. After a little
while she stopped
nursing the kid. She
gradually pulled him
from her nipple and
placed him on the bed.
As she did so, her both
breasts were dangling
outside, the nipple that
the baby had sucked
was rock hard and the
other one was of usual

She then took of her

blouse completely
through her hands and
placed it on the bed, still
with her breasts
dangling outside, she
got up from the bed and
undid her saree. As she
threw the saree onto the
bed, I could not control
myself any longer and
started rubbing my
penis from the top of my
pajama. She was now in
her pink petticoat and
the black colored bra,
which was hanging loose
on her body. She went
up to the dressing table,
sat in front of it and
taking her hands behind
hooked her bra. After
hooking her bra, she
took her hands in the
front and started
cajoling her breasts and
adjusting them so that
they fit inside her bra.
She then opened the
almirah and took a towel
and came to the bed
and sat near me. My
mouth was wide open
after this sexual
experience. I was
sweating profusely. My
forehead was perspiring
and she noticed it. She
gave a naughty smile
and asked me whether it
was too hot. I nodded
obediently. She said that
it was okay and I would
feel better once I paid a
visit to the bathroom.
then I thought - "So this
bitch knew it all the time
and she had done
purposefully." But I still
lacked the courage to
make an indecent move.
She was still sitting in
her black bra and pink

She told me, " Even I am

feeling very hot" and
saying this adjusted her
petticoat below her
navel. I was now in the
process of forming a
mental image of her
body. Her pink colored
sexy petticoat, her deep
navel, her flat stomach,
her black bra
imprisoning her milky
breasts, her nipple that
was clearly visible and
her deep cleavage of
which nothing was left
hidden. Suddenly Bhabhi
came out of the
bathroom and she
expressed no shock or
surprise on seeing her
elder sister scantily
dressed. Neha went to
the bathroom and as
she was walking to the
bathroom I noticed her
back. Her bra strap was
clinging tightly to her
body and her wide
buttocks were
protruding out from her
pink petticoat.

I now looked at Bhabhi.

One look at her and it
sent my already rock
hard cock even harder.
She was wearing a silky
nighty of yellow color.
The nighty was a perfect
see-through. Inside she
was wearing a yellow
color petticoat and a
black bra. Her bra cups
were clearly visible
through her nighty.
Around 5 P.M in the
evening Deepa got up
and she said that we
play something. Bhabhi
asked her what she
wanted to play. She said
that she wants to play
kabbadi. So Bhabhi
said,” Me and Deepa will
be in one team, Sunny
and Neha will be in the
other team," but Neha
said that she is not
feeling like playing. So
Bhabhi and Deepa were
in one team and I was
alone in the other team.
Neha sat nearby to
watch the game. firstly,
Bhabhi came to my side
chanting "kabbadi..." I
was staring more at
Bhabhi's anatomy which
was all the while more
visible whenever she
bent. Her breast clad by
the black bra was
becoming more and
more visible.

I caught hold of Bhabhi

from behind and had a
good grip on her
stomach. My dick was as
such rock hard and I was
having a difficult time
holding Bhabhi's
stomach and controlling
the pain in which I was
reeling. Now as Bhabhi's
nighty was made out of
silky material, she was
able to break loose my
grip and get onto the
other side. I then
protested, "Bhabhi, your
nighty is made up of
slippery material and
that is why you escaped,
you please change your
nighty." Bhabhi said, "
Now who has the time to
change the nighty. I will
remove it for you."
saying this, she
unhooked the front of
her nighty and holding
the hem of her nighty
pulled it above her
head. My goodness, I
had my tongue caught
between my teeth as I
looked at Bhabhi who
was now wearing a
yellow petticoat below
her navel and a black
bra. She was smiling
naughtily and she said
pointing to her clothing,
"This is my bra and it is
made up of cotton. My
petticoat is also made of
the same material and
now you cannot
complain anything about
my clothing." Neha was
laughing loudly at this.
Now I knew that these
two were real bitches
and I will royally fuck
them before leaving for
delhi. But still I was not
able to muster the
courage. I then went to
their side chanting
"kabbadi..." I was not
able to concentrate on
the game and Bhabhi
would occasionally bent
and expose more of her
cleavage for me. Neha
was all the while having
a good time laughing.
next when Bhabhi came
to my court, I held her
tightly from behind. This
time deciding not to let
her go. She started
struggling in my grasp.
My dick was hard and it
was rubbing against her
ass on the fabric of her
petticoat and from
behind I was getting a
better view of her
breasts now jumping in
and out of her black bra
owing to her rigorous
body movements.

All of a sudden without

any warning she brought
her hand behind and
gave my dick a sudden
and violent squeeze. I
yelled and let her go.
She reached her court
and said that it was an
escape at the nick of the
moment. Now I
understood that the
bitch wanted to play
dirt. Now when I went to
her court, I went near
her and gave her
breasts a mighty
squeeze. She yelled
loudly and
simultaneously started
laughing. Deepa was not
able to understand
anything. The next time
Bhabhi came to my
court, I decided to play a
little more dirty game. I
caught hold of her black
bra from the front and
told her, “Now you won't
be able to get away
from me this time." She
winked at me and in one
swift action took her
hand behind, unhooked
her bra and let it come
off through her hands.
She got back to her
court bare breasted
leaving the black bra in
my hands. I was
stunned. She was
laughing voraciously
along with Neha and I
was looking at her

Magnificent in size and

shape with the same
sized nipples as her
elder sister. I took the
bra to my nose and
started smelling it. I
noticed the size tag on
her bra. It read 40 inch -
100-cm. Bhabhi came to
my court and asked for
her bra. Now it was my
turn. I quickly put the
bra inside my pyjama
and asked her to take it
if she wants it. She
looked at her sister for a
moment and then took
my hand and placed it
on her breast. I just lost
control of myself and
started squeezing her
boobs and fondling
them. I pressed her
boobs hard and started
playing with her nipples.
I tuned them and soon
they became rock hard.
Bhabhi turned to Neha
and said, "Didi, you put
Deepa into sleep and
come to my bedroom.
tonight is party time."
Saying this she dragged
me to her bedroom. I
was still clinging onto
her breast. once inside
the bedroom, she pulled
the string of my pyjama
and got it down. the bra
was inside my
underwear and so she
had to pull down my
underwear. She got me
off my underwear.

The bra was now

hanging from my dick on
one of its straps. With
the bra hanging, she
took my shaft inside her
mouth and gave me a
good blowjob. I came
instantaneously and she
took the entire thing in
her mouth. She was still
wearing her petticoat. I
untied the knot of her
petticoat by my teeth
and had it down
instantaneously. She
was wearing a red
colored panty. I was
about to pull her panty
down when she asked
me to wait. She sat on
the bed and laid me on
her lap, lifting my head
to her nipples, she
guided one of them
inside me. I started
sucking them as hard as
I could. At that moment
Neha joined us. She
came near me and
asked me to help strip
her. I pulled the pallo of
her saree and unwound
it around her. She was
wearing a pink colored
blouse and a matching
petticoat. I started
tracing my hand on her
boobs. she liked that
tickling sensation. Then I
went behind her and I
squeezed her boobs
from behind.

She yelled aloud. I then

came to her front and
started unhooking her
blouse gradually. She
was moaning and biting
her lips. I removed her
blouse and this time she
was wearing a bra with
the nipple completely
exposed. She had
actually cut her bra at
the place where the
nipple would thrust out.
I could not control on
seeing this and started
sucking her breasts.
Being a breast-feeding
mother milk started
oozing out and I started
sucking harder. After
about five minutes of
sucking at one breast, I
switched my attention to
the next. I then
unhooked her bra and
untied her petticoat. I
helped both of them
remove their panties
and made both of them
lie on the bed. That
night I really feasted
myself on them. The
next day the three of us
took bath together and
till my parents came
from bangalore we had
a great time. Now
Bhabhi has gone to the
states and Neha has
shifted to Kuwait, but
the memory of those
days is still fresh in my