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INGLES III 90121A_363

Act. 1: Recognition

Presented by:
Jaime Garzon MEndez
Code: 7276514

Presented to:
Gloria Consuelo Gómez

National University Open and Distance UNAD

School of Basic Sciences, Technology and Engineering – ECBTI
Systems Engineering Program
Part 1: Update your “Profile” and send the screenshot. Present the Act. 2:
Preknowledge Quiz and send the screenshot.

Part 3: Answer the following questions in this forum:

1. How many units are there in the course and mention their names?

In the course there are 2 units, Expressing ideas and information

effectively, Using language creatively.

2. How can the “Course Presentation” help you?

It helps me to know the methodology, contents and activities of the

3. How many activities are there in the Intermediate Evaluation and
mention them?

There are six activities, writing assignment, quiz 1 unit 1, speaking

assignment, quiz 2 unit 2, task - General course review quiz, task - Oral
written production reviwe quiz.

4. What can you find in the Academic Management (Students’


One finds the administrative management and the academic


5. Explain with your own words the aim of the link Listening and

The aim is to complete the practical activities and to improve listening

and declaring.

Part 4: Make two (2) comments about your partners’ answers making

Jose Daniel Palacio

1.I can see in the course 2 units, Expressing ideas and information effectively,
Using language creatively.

2. I thing that the course presentation, can help me to understand how the
activities are carried out, and the methodology to be used
3. There are six activities:

-writing assignment

-quiz 1 unit 1

-speaking assignment

-quiz 2 unit 2

- task -General course review quiz,

-task -Oral written production reviwe quiz.

4. there I can find the academic management and administrative management

5. the intention is to improve student listening skills, as well as to complement

the proposed activities.

Jaime Garzon Moreno

Companion Jose, his answers are guessed right, there is understood what to
written, i believe a good work.

Part 5: Each student provides two (2) ideas answering the following question
and supporting his opinion:

How can you improve your listening and speaking abilities using internet?

- You can improve watching movies in English.

- Interact for video chat.