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WaLLAvER, vm V. 586. dlitor cindy Conjeet. 603. Apobry, tepiirr dow — Apolry wepalvat devtpd pd ‘H. Voss. 655. 8 “Apsior ‘yepaipoy 680. AiBouydvory tiv Bpnov AiSounévons 780 Spxov. Stnl. 66. “a *H ‘718. 720. ‘Optoras. Kopids ‘ArddAwy Robert. 71. Badovaa TlarXowa 7. dup “amp Borrow. 736. Ewokees erjoeur Ald, 739. dusmpakiaur Susmpablas Oowject. 751. 784, mpbrenat: Sésoerra —ryévogar Bvsolate 758.785. wohirass wABor rodirais. Hdéw 159. 786. weydRertor neyada rox buf. 202. 898. yi ‘yas Herm, 808.884. drieror, Ged, abo — dvierov yiaot (Ald.) oes 805. 886. of of, ot oi, 823, tedobe! exxoroia' + Cotiject. 826. adds Bépous 8. §. 48. V.658. 1 do not ake repaipoy wo be the right word, but 1 hare edmitd it {nwo the text, beeaaue the penage cannot be translated without « verb. Besides, ost conaeration, as it appears fo me, require thatthe name of the Areopagae ‘oald not be mentioned elon v. 66. V.221. Mddew ls the term properly used of shaking together and turing cout the fon which roemble the Ballot fm many repech, I have seuied ere ‘hat ft may sland’ intrasaively inthis weno, as it frequently dics fiw diferent ion, Cf. Poron on Ore. 816. On the Interchange of withew and Ain ‘Stephan, 1. ¥. dd V. 781. Tt x im my opinion much barber to aupply +i from the preceding sentence, fot the object of yivapat (besides that it dow not seem to me to give tatafncary and connected’ neue), than 10 put che conjunctive, implying deter ‘mination, without « preliminary dye or ships; a mode of expremion afte used by Homer, snd sometimes admitted by Tragedlans. I have Joined yévmpas $6 the flowing words, on the prefuiptcn hit Acie tight wit teeters tn the fr. fr, for Bdwcurtor,qalit es cortlly an Ha rarapeéva wie, at We Hike sand Tha choter tht frm ft erdet © give more weit to the Beet mee. V.768. The augment may Se omited is wdlor quite wt well a in dSouer, Choeph. 418; and thongh the entation of Ghe augment in x word of two elas ke ator it somewhat Hah, the departre from he common age ix justifed {inthis nntance by the highly excited tone of tie pimige: