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Content-Based Lesson Plan Analysis

Grade 2 Art

Overall Expectations

D2 Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing: apply the critical analysis process to communicate
feelings, ideas, and understanding in response to a variety of art works and the art experiences.

Specific Expectations

D2.4 Identify and document their strengths, their interests and areas for improvement as
creators of art.

D2.1 Express their feelings and ideas about works of art.

Cognitive Skills

Ink Blots
In a previous class, the students created a piece of art work that they will use for this lesson.
The art work was created by:
1. folding a piece of white art paper in half and opening it back up
2. placing dots of the three primary colours (yellow, red, blue) on one side
3. folding the paper in half and rubbing on the exterior to smooth the dots together
4. opening it up to verify that they now have all three secondary colours (violet, orange,
green). If all three have not been created, they add more dots to create them.

Today’s Task-Inner and Outer Circle Discussion

Speaking: Give your partner feedback on:

1. Do you see all three secondary colours (if not-“How could they do that better next
2. What image do you see in the “ink blot”?
3. How does this image make you feel?

1. I will listen to the information my partner gives me.
2. I will think of how to apply the feedback next time.
Language Expectations and Demands

1. identify
2. describe
3. express opinion
4. listen to peers in pairs
5. analyse

Language Objectives

Primary colours Secondary colours
Yellow Violet
Blue Orange
Red Green


Language Structures
I see _____ secondary colours.
In my opinion, the image looks like______________.
The image makes me feel________________.

Language Demands

Students are able to express their ideas, opinions and feelings to their peers in a constructive
way. They can reflect on feedback in a positive way and apply it to improve their work.

Students are able to listen to the ideas, opinions and feelings of their peers to analyse their
work. They can take feedback in a positive way and apply it to improve their work.


I have taught French as a Second Language for many years. I was very aware that language
needs to be taught as well as content. However, it wasn’t until I put it down on paper that I
realized that the language demands on a student may be equal or even greater than the
content on certain lessons. The influence I take away for my future planning is that I will make
sure to introduce more sentence structures along with my current vocabulary list.