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1. What type of pathogen can only multiply after entering a living cell?
a) Bacteria b) Virus

c) Fungi d) Protozoan

2. What are microorganisms that cause disease called?

a) bugs b) germs

c) pathogens d) toxins

3. What type of pathogen lives in the air, soil, food, and on the bodies of plants and
a) Protozoans b) Fungi

c) Virus d) Bacteria

4. What type of pathogen grows best in warm, dark, moist areas?

a) Bacteria b) Protozoan

c) Virus d) Fungi

5. What type of pathogen has the ability to move through fluids in search of food?
a) Virus b) Fungi

c) Protozoan d) Bacteria

6. What is another name for an organism that can only be seen through a microscope?
a) contaminate b) microorganism

c) toxin d) infectious

7. Athlete's foot and Ringworm are caused by what type of microorganism?

a) bacteria b) virus

c) fungi d) protozoan
8. What is another name for a disease that has appeared in a population for the first
a) infectious disease b) reemergence disease

c) emergence disease d) persistence disease

9. Which of the following are ways that a pathogen can enter the body?
a) breaks in the skin b) moist linings of the
eyes and ears

c) nose and mouth d) all of the above

10. Infectious diseases are the major cause of what problems among people?
a) chronic diseases b) death and disability of

c) headaches d) acute illnesses

11. What are the causes of infectious diseases?

a) animals, plants, water b) air, evil spirits, miasmas

c) bacteria, fungi, virus, d) dirt, warm places, cold

protozoan air

12. Which of the following are symptoms that a person might suffer during an infection?
a) cold hands and feet b) swollen feet

c) shortness of breath d) fever, weakness,

headache, rash

13. Some bacteria injure cells by giving off poisons called?

a) germs b) toxins

c) poison d) contamination

14. What is the name of the infectious disease you can get from the bite of an infected
a) strep throat b) HIV

c) influenza d) rabies
15. What is the name of the type of disease that once was a major health, then declined,
but is again becoming a health problem?
a) acute disease b) emergence disease

c) persistence disease d) reemergence disease

16. This substance interferes with the growth of bacteria by killing them or inhibiting their
ability to reproduce?
a) toxins b) antiviral

c) antibiotic d) vaccine

17. What type of country does infectious disease impact most?

a) developed country b) First World country

c) developing country d) industrialized country

18. Can pathogens survive outside a person's body?

a) Yes b) No

19. What microorganism takes over the cell's reproductive mechanisms, resulting in cell
damage or death?
a) bacteria b) virus

c) fungi d) protozoan

20. Contaminated means?

a) To become cold or b) To make impure by
frozen contact with something
unclean or bad

c) To be healthy d) To be tired or lifeless

21. How can pathogens be spread?

a) Infected people and b) Contaminated objects

c) Contaminated food, d) All of the above

water or soil
22. Can disease and non-disease causing microbes exist in the same places?
a) Yes b) No

23. Which of the following are examples of how a pathogen can be spread from
contaminated food?
Select all that apply

a) improper storage b) not cooked properly

c) too cold d) food set out too long

24. What is the best way to prevent the spread of infectious disease?
a) good hand washing b) not covering your nose
with soap and water when you sneeze

c) coughing into d) washing your hands

someone's face with water only
Answer Key
1. b
2. c
3. d
4. d
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. c
9. d
10. b
11. c
12. d
13. b
14. d
15. d
16. c
17. c
18. a
19. b
20. b
21. d
22. a
23. a,b,d
24. a