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AutoTrak G3 RCLS

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

AutoTrak G3 Steering Unit AutoTrak G3 Rotary Closed-Loop Drilling System
Next-generation AutoTrak BHA delivers step change in RCLS performance
Drawing on our unmatched RCLS experience worldwide (5+ years, 100,000+
operating hours, over 4 million feet drilled), Baker Hughes INTEQ designers in
Compact Design
our Celle and Houston technology centers set about re-engineering the AutoTrak®
In addition to the design system to further enhance its state-of-the-art drilling performance. The result:
improvements shown a completely new AutoTrak bottom hole assembly representing the fastest, most
below, the new AutoTrak
steering module is shorter
robust, and most precise rotary steerable system ever.
than its predecessor –
moving critical The integrated, 3rd-generation AutoTrak BHA consists of totally new components.
measurements closer
to the bit. These include a redesigned steering unit for increased mechanical strength and
Superior durability, a new OnTrakTM formation evaluation sub with additional near-bit LWD/
Instead of mul-
MWD measurements, and a separate, two-way communications and power module.
tiple, rotating
seals and bear- Benefits of the new AutoTrak system include:
ings running in
hydraulic oil, Increased reliability
AutoTrak incor- - highly rugged components and increased mechanical strength
porates mud-
lubricated bear- - 30% fewer parts
ings similar to
those used in
- redundancy in critical components
downhole optimized stabilization for smooth operation across
Improved Downhole
a full range of RPM & WOB
Computers enhanced bit/tool life
Completely redesigned
electronics for
superior wellbore quality
improved efficiency improved, near-bit MWD/LWD
and performance up
to 350°F (177°C).
step change in 3-D navigation precision

Redesigned AutoTrak steering unit increases system reliability

The re-engineered AutoTrak steering unit offers several advantages over the previous
generation including smooth operation over a full rotation range (up to 400 RPM) and
Near-bit WOB (max = 55,000 lbs.). The unit’s bending moment capability has been increased by
Survey-quality Independent
approximately 25% to survive higher mechanical loads and deliver more reliable per-
inclination Hydraulic Control formance under the most extreme drilling conditions. And, instead of multiple, rotating
while drilling
refines horizon-
3 independent driver seals and bearings running in hydraulic oil, the AutoTrak
boards (1 per
tal control. hydraulic module) steering unit incorporates mud-lubricated bearings
deliver enhanced similar to those used in downhole motors –
steering reliability. lowering the part count and eliminating
Steering Power rotating seals for increased durability.
3 Independent
micro hydraulic Enhanced
modules provide Steering Pads
Enhanced directional control
redundant steer-
Active springs and steering precision
ing power.
ensure pad retrac-
tion “on command.” Unlike our competitors’ RCLS tools,
AutoTrak steering ribs are designed
with independent hydraulic control –
providing redundant wellpath control
and added reliability. In addition, the
AutoTrak G3 system incorporates
long-life materials and is engineered
for improved dynamic stability and
perfect steering precision in both very
State-of-the-art Bit Designs hard and very soft formations.
Specially engineered Hughes Christensen
The redesigned AutoTrak steering
bits for improved hole quality and module is shorter and more rugged
added drilling efficiency. With the addition of real-time rotary than its predecessor.
directional measurements (inclination and
azimuth), the next-generation AutoTrak sys-
tem offers greater directional control
than is possible with stationary directional measurements. These rotary measurements,
combined with AutoTrak’s unique automatic drilling (hold) mode allow us to drill
“laser-beam straight” tangent sections and smoother trajectories for exceptional
wellbore quality and the industry’s most precise hole placement.
OnTrak MWD/LWD Sub

Establishing the new standard in RCLS MWD/LWD measurements

INTEQ’s OnTrak sub provides critical MWD/LWD measurements for
the new-generation AutoTrak system – improving both real-time reservoir
navigation and post-well petrophysical analysis.

Improved downhole electronics/processing

Modular Design
Superior components and enhanced processing have refined the accuracy Two-way communi-
cations and power
of OnTrak’s state-of-the-art resistivity measurements an additional 20%. for the OnTrak sub
The OnTrak sensor sub incorporates our superior Multiple Propagation are provided by
a separate
Resistivity (MPR®) technology (compensating antennas, two operating Bi-directional
frequencies, fully digital electronics, etc.) to produce the industry’s Communications
deepest-reading and highest-quality resistivity LWD measurements. and Power Module.

In addition to best-in-class resistivity measurements, the OnTrak sub

provides real-time: Superior
near-bit directional dual azimuthal gamma ray Redundant
(resistivity and
bore and annular pressure vibration/dynamics monitoring. gamma) and
(flow-on & flow-off) power supply to
improve reliabil-
ity and elimi-
rotary directional surveys nate trips.

Previous Generation OnTrak Next-Generation

Resistivity Sub MWD/LWD Platform

Pressure Limit: 20k psi 25k psi

Azimuth: Stationary Azimuth Rotary Azimuth Multiple
Inclination: Stationary Inclination Rotary Inclination Frequencies Increased
Multiple Memory 400%
Dynamics: Vibration Stick Slip (VSS) VSS with Conditional Telemetry measurement increase in
frequencies downhole
Gamma: 2x Gamma 2x Rotary Azimuthal Gamma (2 MHz, 400 kHz) memory storage
facilitate real-time, capacity vs.
Resistivity Curves: 4 compensated 8 compensated (20% greater accuracy) fixed-depth previous-
(10”, 20”, 35”,60”) generation.
Sub Length: 45 feet (13.7 m) 25 feet (7.6 m) resistivity logs.
Downhole Memory: 8 Mbyte 32 Mbyte Packaging
Secure subwall
mounting and
robust compo-
The OnTrak measurement sub offers multiple advantages over competitive systems and nents protect
against mechani-
previous generation INTEQ resitivity tools. cal shocks
and severe

Built in redundancy for improved FE reliability Real-Time
We engineered the OnTrak sub to provide reliable data acquisition with dual Pressure/Gamma
OnTrak provides
gamma detectors, multiple compensated resistivity antennas and redundant real-time, near-bit
Superior compo-
nents and
power sources. And, under potentially destructive drilling conditions, the gamma and bore
enhanced pro-
and annular pres-
OnTrak sub can automatically change its telemetry format to communicate sure measurements.
cessing refine the
downhole dynamics — allowing drillers to immediately adjust drilling accuracy of
OnTrak’s state-of-
parameters before failure occurs. the-art resistivity
measurements an
additional 20%.
In addition, an optional Smart Battery Module (SBM) can be added to the
AutoTrak BHA to supply power during pumps-off and to automatically act
as a backup power supply while drilling. As an added benefit, this sub facil-
itates logging during leak-off tests or while tripping.
In 1997, Baker Hughes INTEQ
introduced the AutoTrak Rotary
Closed-Loop System – initiating
a step change in drilling perform- Bi-directional Communications and Power Module
ance and changing the way oil
companies plan and execute their In order to improve system reliability and BHA configuration flexibility,
field development programs. INTEQ design engineers have separated the AutoTrak system’s power and
communication module from the OnTrak measurement sub. Our downlink
The following are a few of the communication system does not disrupt drilling – allowing us to match
many AutoTrak milestones: changes in the downhole environment by reprogramming the system “on the
fly” to optimize wellbore placement, ROP, data rates and telemetry formats.
1 9 9 7
• First 6 3/4” AutoTrak pilot series run in In addition to supplying communications and power for the AutoTrak
Norway, Statfjord C-23. system, the Bi-directional Communications and Power Module (BCPM)
performs this function for other INTEQ tools, including the Caliper Corrected
1 9 9 8 Neutron (CCNTM), Optimized Rotational Density (ORDTM) and Acoustic
• First 8 1/4” AutoTrak unit deployed. Properties eXplorer (APXTM). Because our MWD and LWD systems can
• An AutoTrak system drills 10,184 ft communicate with the surface via a single downhole sub, tool length and
(3104 m) of reservoir to establish sub placement is optimized so logging measurements can be gathered nearer
another RCLS world record (longest to the bit than with conventional systems.
horizontal section).
• AutoTrak exceeds 100,000 ft. in
cumulative footage drilled.

1 9 9 9
• Cumulative AutoTrak footage surpasses A new Ethernet communica-
1 million foot mark. tion protocal allows rigsite
• An AutoTrak system drills a deep hori- personnel to download the
zontal section at 18,307 ft (5580 m) OnTrak memory data at a
TVD on Shell’s Mississippi Canyon 809 rate 50 times faster than
A-6ST2 well. with previous MWD tools.

2 0 0 0
• An AutoTrak system establishes an
RCLS world record (single run-time)
on BP’s Miller well 16/8b-A23 (286.2
circulating, 241.7 drilling).
R edefining “The State-of-the-art in Drilling Performance”... again
Since its commercial introduction in 1997, the AutoTrak Rotary Closed-Loop System (RCLS)
• AutoTrak RCLS sets a new world record has defined the state-of-the-art in drilling performance. AutoTrak systems have drilled over
(single run-distance) on Chevron’s Alba 1000 wellbores worldwide – changing the way oil companies plan and execute their field
A-37 well by drilling 13,245 ft (4037 m) development programs while saving them over $500 million dollars in overall drilling costs.
in single run 138 circulating hrs).
AutoTrak RCLS benefits include:
• AutoTrak passes 2 million ft. mark in
cumulative footage drilled. continuous rotation for optimized penetration rates
• Using an AutoTrak system, Shell drills
major improvements in drilling efficiency
a hole at 164.7° inclination (TVD rise:
223 m [732 ft.]) on Iron Duke ID-19. the ability to drill the industry’s most complex 3-D well profiles
reducing the number of wells required to develop a reservoir
2 0 0 1
pay contact in areas of geologic uncertainty for increased productivity
• AutoTrak exceeds 3 million ft. in
cumulative footage. unmatched extended-reach capability
• New steering unit introduced for 6 3/4” exceptional wellbore quality.
AutoTrak system.
• Cumulative AutoTrak distance drilled And, our fully redesigned, 3rd-generation AutoTrak system delivers another step change in
surpasses 1 million meters. drilling performance by combining the most efficient LWD/MWD sub ever designed with the
best ever rotary closed-loop drilling system.
2 0 0 2
• Next-generation AutoTrak system (new The AutoTrak System
was developed by
steering unit, OnTrak, BCPM) introduced. Baker Hughes INTEQ
and ENI-AGIP S.p.A.
• AutoTrak reaches 5 million ft. mark in
cumulative footage drilled.
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