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Vani Dua, an active counsellor in the field of personality and stress,

behaviour and spirituality is well known trainer for soft skills and
retreat programs. With an experience of National and International
programs she has conducted various invigorating trainings and
workshops for various groups of people.

She is a meditation practitioner from past 16 years and has actively

engaged in sharing her experiences. She spent an year in UAE
teaching meditation and conducting various self help and
motivational workshops for youth. She believes in inspiring and
being inspired to spread goodness in the world which is much needed today.

Constant learning & learning from each other is the philosophy of her trainings. She always
emphasizes ‘Listen to your Inner Voice’.

Currently, is an architect by profession with masters in architecture. She has an experience of

years of professional practice and from past five years, she is teaching architecture to students
as an assistant professor.

She has done advance courses in ‘MEDITATION & ART OF LIVING’ as a part of her stress
management study.
Exploring new places, making new friends, spiritualism and dance are some of her mode of
Vani Dua
Contact No- +91 9899626999
Mail id: