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One of the major causes of STRESS is inaction, which is
caused by conceptual misunderstanding of the aphorism
“I am BRAHMA”. We have become apolitical, petty,
indolent, indifferent, irresponsible, degraded and self
destructive. We are BRAHMA in our talks, imagination
and preaching; but (due to insufficient and inadequate
NAMASMARAN and SWADHARMA) mediocre and
petty in our personal and social behavior.

We do not realize that “I am BRAHMA” is true only for

extremely few exceptional (transphysical,
transphysiological) individuals; and not for all.

All of us are [brahma + (body + mind + society + and

many things included in internal and external
environment called “maya”)].

Hence our aim should be to gradually transcend through

SWADHARMA and NAMASMARAN; as evinced in
Gita; and no more remain cut off from participating the
international and national perspective, policy making,
plans, programs and their implementation!

This must be done for our own blossoming in view of the

fact observed every day; that even though; “I am
BRAHA”, is true; we are also a body, mind, society and
the mankind” and through NAMASMARAN and
SWADHARMA we would reach the state of being
BRAHMA and not merely declare that “I am

What is true about BRAHMA is also true for


Much has been written about BRAHMANA. Some praise

BRAHMANA and some blame them for all the maladies
in India. Some adore the BRAHMANA for acting as
conduits of the knowledge and wisdom; from the ancient
past to the present; and some hate them for allegedly
writing and propounding scriptures such as MANAU
SMRUTI and for allegedly being responsible for the
socio-political discrimination and untouchability.

I have discussed the concept of the word BRAHAMANA

in my book SAHASRANETRA. But brief consideration
of the concept of being BRAHAMANA is worthwhile.

Even as BRAHMANA community; exists; and even as it

is not easy to overcome the prejudices, preconceptions,
grudges; related to a community; we ought to realize that
every individual in the world; has all four tendencies viz.
SHUDRA and being BRAHMANA is not restricted to
any community.

Being BRAHMANA (irrespective of one’s community

and caste; by birth); is being in a continuous process of
conscious evolution; embodying; blossoming of
perspective, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, conceptions,
articulations and overall behavior conducive to
individual and global blossoming.

Holistic politics, holistic economics, holistic education,

holistic health, holistic medicine, holistic agriculture,
holistic industries, holistic trades, holistic banking,
holistic art and literature, holistic sports and overall
holistic way of living; are hallmarks of a BRAHMANA.

Being BRAHMANA is; the vitalization, promotion,

regulation, coordination and harmonization of the
inside and outside; and realizing blossoming of individual
and universe, as envisaged by Saint Dnyaneshwar.
Everyone; irrespective of birth has the privilege and
opportunity to evolve as BRAHMANA and participate in
the process of blossoming of one and all, realizing that;
merely blaming BRAHMANA community; is suicidal
and bound to jeopardize; the individual and global