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SEQUENCE: 1 - Roll Initative Roll Base initative Dice, and add Iniatice Attribute.

Break ties with Edge, Reaction, Intuitiuon then Coin Toss.

2 - Begin initative Pass Highest Initative goes first, then in descending order.
After everyone has acted, subtract 10 from all Initiative scores.
Characters with a positive score get another Action Phase, in order.
HOUSE RULE: Players with no extra passes instead get one Simple Action.
3 - Action Phase Perform either two Simple or one Complex Action.
A single Free Action can be performed at any time in the pass.
Attacker declares an attack against a target(s)
Defender then also declares their method of defence.
Standard Defence (Reaction + Intuition) is free.
Dodge, Parry, Block or Full Defence have a price.

Attacks rolls:

Defender rolls:
REACTION + INTUITION +/- modifiers
If the attacker rolls more Hits, the attack succeeds.
If the Defender rolls more Hits, the attack fails.
In the case of a tie, it is a GRAZING HIT.
No damage is done, but any contact
effects (such as poison) still apply
If the attack succeeds, add the net Hits from the roll to the
Damage Value of the weapon for Modified Damage Value.

Apply the weapon's Armour Penetration (AP) to any

armour value on the target.
If the modified Damage Value is:
EQUAL or GREATER than the modified
Armour Value, deal PHYSICAL damage.
LESS than the modified Armour Value,
deal STUN damage.

Defender then rolls Body + modified Armour Value

Each Hit scored reduces the modified Damage Value by one.
Apply any remaining Damage to the target's
Condition Monitor.
Each point of Damage Value fills one box of damage.

(COMBAT SKILL + ATTRIBUTE +/- modifiers)] - (REACTION + INTUITION +/- modifiers) = MDV
MDV - (Armour - AP) = Damage
IF AP ≥ AV, then attacker = PHYSICAL, otherwise Stun.
DEFENCE Only standard (free) or Full Defence can be used to defend
against a Ranged attack.

FULL DEFENCE Take -10 to Initiative to add Willpower as a Bonus to your Defence Test pool.
PARRY If the character has a Melee weapon in their hand, they can add their relevant
Melee Weapon skill to their Reaction + Intuition test.
BLOCK If Unarmed a character can add their Unarmed Combat skill to their standard
defence test.
DODGE Roll Reaction + Intuition + Gymnastics as your Defence test.
Parry, Block and Dodge all reduce a character's Initiative by 5.