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combination of User and Dveice, which gets a person into the Matrix.
DEVICE Icons in the Matrix which represent real world hardware such as a computer, music
player or a car. Usually looks like what it represents.
PANS Personal Area Network - icons in the Matrix which represent the many
devices a single person might have on their person.
FILES Collections of data.
HOSTS Virtual places you can go in the Matrix. No direct physical location, but sometimes
representative of real places. Can look like anything their designer wants.
MARKs Matrix Authentication Recognition Keys - how the matrix keeps track of which Personas
have permissions for devices, files, etc. They tend to have a link to what your persona
looks like, and can be seen stamped on icons which are locked to your key.

GRIDS What a service prodiver uses to connect you to the Matrix.

Icons and public areas tend to be slightly customized by network providers.
GOD The Grid Overwatch Division - the law enforcement of the Matrix.

COMM-LINKS Every character has access to a basic Comm-Link, with simple Matrix access.
AUGMENTED See a Matrix overlay over the real world. Your persona can still travel anywhere, enter
hosts, etc, however your icon will appear slower than a VR user.
You do not take biofeedback damage, but can cause -2 to dice pools if distracted.
COLD-SIM A protected, filter VR Matrix view. Your body is relaxed and senses dulled as though asleep.
Biofeedback is Stun damage
HOT-SIM VR Matrix entry with filters turned off, allowing you to FEEL the Matrix.
Bonus +2 to all dice pools for Matrix actions, but biofeeedback is Physical damage.

NOISE Interference caused by diatcne to target, or nearby electronic disturbances, or

intentional spam or defence zones.
Any level of Noise acts as a negative modifier to all of your actions (equal to Noise rating).
All Attack and Sleaze actions are illegal, and being watched for in the Matrix.
If you fail an Attack, the target's security software responds. For every net Hit the target's
defence gets, you suffer 1 Matrix damage which can not be resisted.
If you faila Sleaze action, the target places a MARK on you, informs its owner and the Host
launces an IC.

Every time you perform an Illegal Action (Attack or Sleaze), the number of Hits the defence roll scored
are added to your OS - Overwatch Score. This is refreshed every time you reenter the Matrix.
Every 15 minutes after you first gain some OS, the rating increases by 2d6.
When your OS reaches 40, the demiGOD's have detected you. This is called Convergence.
First, you are hit for 12 DV Matrix Damage. You are then ejected from the Matrix, causing
dumpshock if you were in VR. The owner of the grid you were on is also informed.
GOD does not track you inside Hosts though, but your OS remains. Inside a Host, you will be attacked by
ICs - Intruder Countermeasures. These will attack and try to force you out, and once you leave the Host
a demiGOD will converge on you immediately. Ics can be found on page 248.
RESONANCE The way Technomancers describe the energy that they feel and manipulate within the
Matrix. It consists of data, interactions between data-streams, intentions, thoughts, etc.
If you ever lose all of your Resonance, you lose your Technomancer abilities.

SIGNIATURE When you perform an action in the Matrix, you leave a specific signiature behind
based on your own personal Resonance. 3 Hits on a Perception test can allow other
Resonance beings to detect and trace your individual Resonance.
5 or more hits gives you an idea of what sort of creature left the signiature.

Technomancers have a special type of
Persona which follow all the normal rules,
can look like absolutely anything, but can
not store files as you have no onboard
Your Persona's device rating is equal to
your Resonance.

Technomancers can also perform Matrix

actions. Matrix actions cause Overwatch
as normal, but Resonance action (left)
do not.
Threading Complex Forms is how Technomancers describe the way they do what they do in the Matrix.
Threading is a Complex Action.
You choose a Level for the form, the higher the stronger, but also the riskier.
You can choose a Level up to three times your Resonance attribute.
Threading is affected by modifiers such as noise, etc, and some can be sustained
imposing -2 to all other checks while you are concentrating
If something happens which break your concentrating, you can pass a Resonance +
Willpower (2) test to keep it going.
Threading causes Fading based on Level, with a minimum Fading Damage Value of 2.
If you get more hits on your Threading test than your Resonance rating, the damage is
Physical rather than Stun. Forms can be found on page 252.

The strain caused by using Resonance abilities.

Each Complex Form describes its own damage value, and is resisted with Resonance +
For Compiling, Decompiling or Registering a Sprite, the Fading Damage Value equals
twice the the hits generated by the sprite on the Opposed test, with a minimum of 2.
This applies whether the test is successful or not.

Digital creatures formed from yourResonance.

A Sprite has a Device Rating, Resonance and Initative based on Level, with 4d6
Initiative dice. Their Matrix Attributes are all based on Level.
As soon as a Sprite is Compiled, its Overwatch score starts to build.

COMPILING Bring a Sprite into existence.

Choose a Level, up to twice your Resonance. Each net Hit gives you one task from the Sprite.
Causes DV2 Fading per Hit in its defence test.
This is Stun damage, unless the Level is greater than your Resonance.
ACTIONS: a single use of a Sprite power
one combat turn of Matrix actions on the same job
participation in cyber-combat that lasts an entire encounter
You can also send a Sprite to a task on another Grid, but it will vanish once complete
DECOMPILING Make an opposed Decompiling + Resonance [Social] V. target's Level (+ comiler's Resonance
if registered). Each net hit reduces tasks remaining by 1.
REGISTER Take hours equal to Sprite's Level to extend its existence. During this time, its Overwatch
Score doing not increase, but neither of you can take other actions.
Make an Opposed Registering + Resonance [Level] V. sprite's Level x 2, with Fading of 2DV
per hit the Sprite gets, minimum of 2.
With one net hit, the Sprite becomes registered and its OS score is wiped, but it will
restart if the Sprite does anything illegal.
The Sprite now no longer counts towards your maximum number of Sprites, and you add
excess net Hits from the roll to its remaining tasks it owes you.
CONTROL RIG The device a Rigger jacks into to vehicles and drones, and controls them.

MANUAL CONTROL using actual physical control

AUTOPILOT the vehicle or drone using a piloting program
REMOTE CONTROL using the Control Device action
RIGGER CONTROL jump into the device
requires an implanted control rig, three MARKs on the device, and the
vehicle needs rigger interface gear.
Complex Action in AR, Simple if already in VR when you make the jump.
Also a Simple Action if you have made a direct connection to the physical device.
Control Rig allows you to treat Vehicle Actions as Matrix Actions.
Limits of Vehicle increased by the rating of your Control Rig.
Whenever the vehicle or drone takes damage, you take feedback.
You must resist half (rounded up) as Biofeedback.
If the vehicle is destroyed, you take 6 DV biofeedback damage.
COMMANDS You can send a command to one or all of your slaved vehicles as a Simle Action
Drones which receive contradicting commands will fail to perform any of them.
NOISE If running an RCC, you can perform a Complex Action to make an Electronic Warfare +
Logic [Data Processing] test. Each Hit reduce Noise for the rest of the turn.
DEFENCE If you suspect an attack is coming, you can use a Full Matrix Defence Action to protect

IN THE MATRIX Drones appear as Devices in the Matrix.

As such they can be the target of Hackers, but can also be accessed from anywhere on the
planet. If you are "Jumped Into" a drone, attacks target you instead of your drone.
PILOT Specific programs to each Drone, used as a Mental attribute.
When faced with something unexpected, or a complicated command, Pilots must make
a Device Rating x 2 test, on a threshold determined by the Gamesmaster.
AUTOSOFTS Programs which omprove the effectiveness of a drone's performance.

COMBAT The same as physical combat.

PERCEPTION Pilot + Clearsight [Sensor] test, or a Jumped In rigger's normal test.
INFILTRATION Pilot + Stealth [Handling] V. Perception + Intuition [Mental].
INITIATIVE Automomous acting has a value of Pilot Rating x 2, with 3d6 dice.
When Jump In, use the rigger's VR Initiative.