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Price: 2,500 Price: 50 Price: 150 Price: 500

Description: Imperial stormtroopers wear full-enclosed Description: A good leather jacket or thick woolen cloak won’ Description: Some ancient Jedi Knights favored heavy Description: Padded armor is woven with tough, energy-
plastoid armor that deflects and negates incoming damage. It t stop much damage, but it can misdirect and occassional knife concealing robes for their anonymity, and now Force users resistant fibers. It tends to absorb and resist some of the power
won’t stop a direct hit from a blaster, but it is reasonably blade or blaster bolt away from the wearer’s flesh. throughout the galaxy still use them to avoid detection and of a blaster bolt, although it often proves little use against a
effective against indirect concussive damage and shrapnel. blend into their surroundings. solid hit.
Models Include: Various.
Models Include: Imperial Department of Military Research Thanks to their cut and construction, concealing robes add to Models Include: TaggerCo. “Protector X” Law Enforcement
Stormtrooper Armor. checks to notice or recognize and individual wearing them. Armor.
Models Include: Various.


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Price: 4,500 Price: 1,000 Price: 5,000

Description: Armored robes are distinct and unmistakable, Description: This category of armor covers light vests, Description: Certain heavy stormtroopers, bounty hunters, and
making them uncommon in Imperial space. Durable, hard- jackets, or pants plated with plastoid or ceramic pads. This even droids are fitted with heavy armor. Ostensibly, heavy
wearing robes are draped over a variant on the standard Jedi armor type is very ligth but covers the most important vital armor pretects against most normal blaster shots, but in the
tunic and pants. Attached to the tunic and pants are sets of organs. An Average Perception check detects that a person’s arms race of offense versus defense, the offensive power of a
plasteel plates that provide similar protection to heavy battle clothing is plated. good blaster is still far ahead of most anything a humanoid can
armor. wear.
Models Include: Tenloss Syndicate “ShadowStalker” Assassin
Models Include: Imperial Department of Military Research Gear. Models Include: Mandalorian Shock Trooper Armor.
Stormtrooper Armor.