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Magician books

Aaron Fisher The Paper Engine

FISM 2003
The Graduate
Genii article 2009
Aaron Shields Dribble Block Pass
Al Koran Legacy
Professonal Presentations
Alex Elmsley Collected works vol 1-2
Allan Ackerman Las Vegas Kardma
2004 lecture notes
classic handlings
here's my card
the cardjuror 2012 notes
Andi Gladwin The Cheetah's Handbook1-2
Andrew Wimhurst Down Under Deal
Andy Nyman Bulletproof
Annemann Practical Mental Magic
The Jinx
the life and times of a legend
Anthony black Acaan
Resurrection dreams
The sight of madness
Antinomy 2005, 2006
Arthur Buckley Card control
Improved and original card problems
Asi Wind Chapter One
Arturo de Ascano The magic of Ascanio vol 1-3
Atlas Brooking The prodigal
the crusade
Banachek Pyschological Subleties 1-3
Psychological Thought Reading
Benjamin Earl Past midnight Bonus Booklet
Dr Strangehand
How to fool a Physicist
Gambit 1&2
Bert Allerton The Close Up Magician
Bill Cushman The Dr's Billet Tear
Bill Dekel direct
Mindcrafts psionics, visions
Air Writer
Bill Goodwin Penumbra 1-11
lecture 1988
notes from the batcave
the ancient empty street (1997)
At the expense of grey matter
Mini Lecture SAM 1994
Picking the carcas clean
Bill Montana psychic motherfucker
Bill Simon Effective Card Magic
bobo Modern Coin Magic
Boris Wild ACAAB
Brandon Queen Phatom
Bruce Cervon Lecture notes 1995
card secrets
Hard boiled mysteries
Ultra Cervon
Bryn reynolds the logar scrolls
bullfrog issue 0-2
Caleb Wiles High Spots
Cameron Francis Aberrations
Everywhere Spell
Lets get small
Moments notice 1-7
more headroom
Charles T Jordan The four full hands
Charlie Miller Card Index
Chris Kenner Totally Out of Control
Magicman examiner1-3
Chris Mayhew Clockwork Apple
Chris Rawlins Mind Experiments
Clarke Crandall The Senators Returns
Colin Mcleod Contributions
no shit
Remarkable effects
Force be with you
Corinda 13 steps to mentalism
Dai vernon inner, further and more secrets
vernon book of magic
ultimate Secrets
Vernon chronicles vol 1-4
the Vernon touch
Dale Hilbrandt Hand Bluffs and More stuff
Red and silver
Risk and Reward
The life and times of b bizarre
Dan&dave Five the notes
Nursery Rhyms 1-3
Sleightly magical
If an Octopus can palm
Dani Daortiz Card Cemetry
My person stack
Daniel Madison Anthology
how to cheat at cards
2011 lecture
Darwin Ortiz Cardshark
Designing Miracles
Gambling Scams
Scams and Fantasies with cards
New book syndrome
Strong Magic
Pracitically Impossible
Lesson in Card Mastery
Annotated Erdnase
Ephemeral notes (2008)
David Ben Zarrow a life time in magic
David Berglas Berglas effect (kaufman)
David Britland Not the berglas effect manuscript
the mind and magic of david berglas
David Harkey Aha
David Regal Close up and Personal
Approaching Magic
Constant Fooling vol1-2
David Roth Expert Coin Magic
David Solomon Solomons mind (eugene burger)
David Williamson Williamson Wonder
Aunt Mary Terrible Secret
Dee Christopher How to get a way with murder
The Knowledge 1-2
Denis Behr Handcrafted Card Magic 1-2
Derek Delgaudio Magic Con notes, only notes
Derren Brown Absolute Magic
Pure Effect
Digital Pabular Pabular magazine
Doc Docherty Nothing to hide
Eastcoast Super sessions
Doug Conn Wedding notes
Connfidential 2.0
Earl Nelson Variations
Ed Marlo Magazine 1-6
MINT 1-2
Marlo Without Tears
Marlo in Spades
the ten hand poker stack
patented shuffle
revolutionary card technique
The card magic of Ed Marlo
off the top
early marlo
riffle shuffle finale
the shank shuffle
faro controlled miracles
the olram file
deck deception
card fan production
riffle shuffle system
classical foursome
eric jones fingertips p1
Eric Mead Tangled Web
Ernest Earick By forces unseen
Farther cyprian you are magic
Flord Collins Taking center stage
Francis Menotti Full notes
Frank Garcia Super Subtle Card Miracles
Frank Simon Versatile Card Magic
Fraser Parker True Mysteries
Gary Ouellett Close up illusions
the pass
the hollywood double lift
Gary Plants On the Zarrow Shuffle
Gene Maze The art of bottom dealing
Genii Jun-12
Greg Berman inspired
devils acaan
Guy Hollingworth Drawing Room Deception
Harlen Tarbell Tarbell course
Harry Lorayne Best of Friends 1-3
Close up Card magic
Personal collections
Personal secrets
Reputation Maker
Classic collection Vol1,4
The card classic of ken krenzel
epitome location
apocalypse 1-20
helder guimaraes ontology project
reflections (english)
Don’t xerox
Hofzinser Card Conjuring
The magic of JN Hofzinser
Howard Hamburg D notes
Howard Thurston Card Tricks
Ian Keable Stand Up - A Professional Guide To Comedy Magic
Ibidem vol1-3
Jack Carpenter Modus Operandi
experts portfolio
Jack Parker 52 Memories
ashes 2 ashes (jason alford)
exploration vol 1-2
set to stun
set to kill
kentucky fried aces
Jason Alford Cyber Sessions
Thinking and Wondering
Dr Jacob Daley Daleys Notebook
Jared Kopf Open Triumph (genii)
Behind Your Forhead
Jason England Jammin With the fellas
From the Celler - Notes on the Bottom Deal
Second Thoughts - Notes on the Second Deal
Jay sankey the definitive sankey vol 1-3
Jean Hugard& Fred Braue Royal Road
Expert card technique
Encyopedia of card tricks
Braue on False deals
Jerome Finley Farewell Book
Forbidden Mentalism
Full Contact Mind Reading
Guerilla Q&A
Psycho Spiritual Mentalism
Random Act of Kindness
Taboo Treatise
Professional Choice 1-3
Though Channel
Thought veil
Psychic Directions
Jerry Sadowitz Card Zone
cut control
cards on a table
crimp issue 1-6,15-19,25, 27,28,31,32,39,40
jim Swain 21st century card magic
miracles with cards
Don't Blink
JK Hartman CardCraft
Card Dodgery
Card dupery
After Craft
Caan Craft
Trickery Treats
John Bannon Dear Mr Fantasy
View to kill
smoke and mirrors
John Born Meant To Be
Cheating at texas holdem
the flip shift
John Carney Book of secrets
John Guastaferro G notes
one degree
second storm
ready set guastaferro
Discoveries & Deceptions
John Mendoza Book of John
verse two
John N Hilliard Greater Magic
Jon Allen Experience
John Scarne Scarne On Card Tricks
John Racherbaumer Counthesaurus
Pastiche II
Hofzinser lost ace problem
Jose Prager Goats Grimore
Joshua jay Destroyer (troy hooser)
Session (joel givens)
Runes World (rune Klan)
Joshua Quinn Paralies including supplement
Juan Tamariz mnemonica
5 points in magic
the magic way
Justin Higham West end card sessions
Reflections and refectors
dexterity manual
non automatic card tricks
illogical dribble force
All Hands on deck
Kainoa Harbottle Cointopia
Coins on edge
Karl Fulves the Chronicles 1-30
riffle shuffle techniques preliminary notes 1,2
riffle shuffle techniques part I,II,III
Faro Possibilities
13 Prophets
28 card tricks
a die of another color
card under glass
Hocus Poker
Cards #1 four card brainwave
Cards #2 52 forces north
Cards #3 interlock
Cards # 4 Side steal
Cards # 5 the multiple shift
The Best of Slydini and more vol1-2
The Magical World of Slydini vol1-2
Parralel lines
Discoverie 1-9
interim report
interlocutor 1-52
jack in the box
kannibal kards
method with cards 1-3
notes from underground
off the book: index, 1-10
Packet Switches 3-5
Prolix 1,2
Quick Card tricks
Riffle Shuffle Methods
Setting up exercises
Shape changers
Swindle Sheet 1-9
Tenvelopes Two (Supplement for Prototype)
The Noir Test
The Nyria Effect
The Pallbearer Review 1-10
Transpo Trix
inner sanctum
When Psychics play poker
Wireless 2
Workshop Series No. 1 - Animation
Workshop Series No. 2 - The Topological False Count
The History of Brainwave Principle
card counting
coe norton omega wallet
fr cyprian tv card rise
hardcore aces
roy walton the spread half pass
shuffle off
teleportation notes
trick with dice
riffle shuffle control
word play
fr cyprian on the hofzinser problem
under tension
underworld:index, 1-10
more selfworking card tricks
Ken Weber Maximum Entertainment
Kevin Ho Smooth Operations
Kostya Kimlat candle-abra
card work card play
Thoughts On The Artistry
Mastering The Cull
The Joker Game
Labyrinth Magazine Issue 1,6
Larry Jennings neoclassics
The Cardwright
The Classic magic of Larry Jennings
jenning 67
Lee Asher Diving board double
hand jobs
Le Asher
sex sells
The Ripper
Lennart Green Snap Deal
Green Northern Lights
Louis Tannen Stars of Magic
Mark Elsdon conversation as mentalism
Martin Nash Ever so Sleightly, Any second now, Sleight unseen
king incognito
Matt Mello Signs
Pulse Rate
White umbrella
Michael Close Workers
Closely Guarded Secrets
Michael Murray Between the lines
Sublime Influence
Springboard+ bonus
Michael Sibbernsen Frame of mind
Magicians dream
Michael vincent close up classics
4play with foursome
Michael Weber Incredibly Difficult Things With Cards Made Easier
Black ram 2
blackpool lecture notes 2012,2013
landing pad
an ear full of outsiders
back to the drawing boards

side effects
thirteen step backwards for mentalism
weber winning ideas
Mick Ayres hoodwinking
in plain sight
Opus Vol 1,3,4,5
Paralabs sense and meaning 2012
Patrick Redford Glemme
triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon,heptagon
Paul Brook Book Of lies
the gift
Two in the bush
you know who card
this way up (colin mcleod)
one in the hand

the brook test

Paul Cummins FASDIU 1-2
Tricks of my trade (doug conn)
Paul Curry The Power of Thoughts
Worlds Beyond
Paul Harris Art Of Astonishment 1-3
Paul LePaul The Card Magic of LePaul
Paul Swinford Faro Fantasy, More Faro fantasy
Paul Vigil Diplopia
Persi Diaconis Magical Mathematics
Peter Duffie miraculous mind scotland goes mental
brain sell
21 card tricks
area 52
by all means
Card Conspiracy vol1-2
Card Flair
card insight
christ meets balduccie
duffie on disc
four cast
card magic usa
Hidden Agenda
Kolor Killer
Method in effect
card deceits
Mind Blasters england goes mental
miracle 3
New inspirations
Power Trip
Pure Devilment
card school
effortless card magic
england up close
mind master
selected tricks
open secrets
The magic of fred robinson
scotland up close
card addict
ulterior motiff
virtual miracles
the celtic cabal
Peter Turner Dare To Be Bold
Confabulation Of Confabulations
Bigger Fish
Devious Realities
Portugal notes
Peter Warlock The David Berglas file
Digital Pentagram
New Pentagram
Pit Hartling Card fiction
R Paul Wilson crash course in brain surgery
out of your mind
absolute zero evolution
Across the void
Boxed Transpo
Double Your Pleasure
inslow effect
Progressive Poker
Refried Poker
Stick Aces
taking them easy
The killer foursome
the non faro
westcoast slow
completely crowded
Ramon Rioboo Thinking the impossible
Rene Lavand magic from the soul
Rich Aviles Above the Fold
Richard Kaufman cardmagic
5x5 scotland
Gary Kurtz Unexplainable act
secret draun from the underground (steve draun)
secret of brother john hamman
complete works of derek dingle
5x5 japan
new magic of japan
Roberto Giobbi Card College 1-5
secret agenda
Card College Light, Lightest
Homage to dai vernon
The art of switching decks
the trick that cannot be explained
Roger Crosthwaite Roger's Thesaurus
Ron Bauer 2008 Lecture Notes
private studies
Ross Bertram Bertram on Sleight of hand
Royal Walton Complete Walton 1-2
Simon Aronson The Aronson Approach
Try The Impossible
Simply Simon
Bound To Please
Steranko steranko on cards
Steve Beam Semi automatic card tricks 1-8
Steve forte Casino game protection
Poker Protection
Steven Youell Stanley collin Force
Classic Force
Weapon of Mass Destruction
Weapon of Mass Deception
Stewart james index
james in print, james file vol1-2
T.A Waters Mind Myth Magic
Tom Stone Vortex
Deserting the legion
Prey of the Prestidigitator
Random Walk
Self Publishing for Magicians
Sleapless in a Pipdream
Way of the Warpsmith
Tommy Wonder Book of wonders 1-2
Tyler Wilson Dominatricks
Reinventing the Real
Wayne Dobson wd40
Wesley James Enchantments
Woody aragon A book in english
Yoann F Put your hands up
Zenneth Kok Cards you softly