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Micro Lesson Plan (Trumpet)

I. Introducing the Instrument

A. Parts of Trombone

2. The parts of the trombone and their purpose
a) Mouthpiece- where mouth goes when playing
b) Braces- where you hold the instrument
c) Slide Lock- the piece that locks the slide in place so that it does not
slip out
d) Water Key- what you press to get condensation out of instrument
e) Bell- where sound comes out
f) Tuning Slide- how you know if the trombone is in tune
B. Instrument Assembly
1. Take the instrument apart and show how it fits in the case
2. Show how the tuning slide can come off and how you know if it is on
3. Show how to put together the instrument, starting with the mouthpiece
4. Then put the slide onto the instrument and show them the correct angle
that it should be on.
C. Care of the Instrument
1. Water Key
a) Show how to use the water key properly and when to use it
2. Slide Oil
a) Used when the slide does not feel as fast
b) This lubricates the slide
D. Holding the Instrument Correctly with Good Posture
1. The instrument is held in your left hand while the right hand handles the
slide. Your index finger should wrap around the mouthpiece receiver
while the rest of your fingers wrap around the first brace.
2. The slide should be held with your thumb, index, and middle finger to
allow easier movement.
3. Sit up nice and tall with your feet flat on the floor
E. Creating Embouchure
1. Show correct embouchure
2. Tell them to say “wee” and “pooh”
3. Take the mouthpiece and have student buzz into it
a) Lips should be nice and relaxed
F. Producing Tone
1. Have student buzz into instrument until they create tone
2. If the tone is too high, tell them to relax lips. Tell them that your lips
should basically fill the instrument
3. Once they get the tone correct, do some echoing
4. Introduce the notes C and E