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April 6, 2018

To Whom it May Concern:

As former staff for then-Congressman Mike Pompeo, we are proud to offer our full support for
his confirmation as the nation’s 70th Secretary of State. Mike will be an effective leader who
will listen to and empower his colleagues within the State Department, just as he did in his
congressional office among his own staff.

We witnessed Mike’s hard work and leadership while representing the people of Kansas in the
House of Representatives. We know that he will bring that same level of honor and resolve
while representing the American people as Secretary of State. Our faith in his ability to lead the
State Department and to defend America’s interests abroad is grounded in our collective years of
experience working alongside him. We are confident in Mike’s commitment to excellence
because his leadership drove us towards excellence as well.

He has led by example at every step of his development:

As a cadet at West Point, Mike ascended to the top of his class and graduated with an education
in military leadership that emphasized discipline and integrity, an education he has upheld to this
very day.

As an Army officer, he led American soldiers deployed abroad amidst the tensions of the Cold

As a Harvard Law School graduate, he trained to consider all sides of an issue, to ask the hard
questions, and to build a case for the best course of action in accordance with the law.

As a small businessman, he dived headlong into the marketplace, built a thriving organization,
expanded it, and learned from and overcame great challenges.

As a congressman representing the people of Kansas’s Fourth District, Mike articulated and
fought for a clear vision based on consistent principles and his love of the Sunflower State. He
never shied away from speaking the truth, even if it wasn’t immediately popular—whether his
audience was congressional leadership, fellow elected officials, or the voters—because his
respect for others demanded the courtesy of intellectual honesty. It follows that he would
consider all sides of a debate, because he understood true leadership to mean patience,
deliberation, and, yes, decisive action.

During our time working for him in Congress, we found inspiration in his willingness to engage
with and attentively listen to members of his team. His confidence empowered us to solve
problems and truly serve the public good in a manner consistent with his principles.
He approached every problem with intellectual curiosity and rigor and demanded the same from
us. He seized opportunities with a commitment to delivering results, and we have done the
same. He maintained the highest standards for himself and his staff.

We are all better because of his leadership.

We have seen in action Mike’s unfailing belief that the American people are a force for good in
the world. We are confident he will serve with integrity, intelligence, and fortitude. Mike
Pompeo’s leadership at State will empower American diplomacy, strengthen America’s
influence, and make the world a better place.


T.W. Arrighi Courtney Peters

Greg Baker Caitlin Poling
Ralene Bergquist Toni Porter
Scott Bishop Lauren Puzder (O’Reilly)
Mark Chenoweth Alice Relihan
Kenya Cox Jim Richardson
Keith Dater Amy Rider
Heather Denker Aaron Ringel
Malea Deschner Sean Robinson
Patrick Fleming Christian Rodrick
J.P. Freire Natalie Schmidt
Karen Gelvin Ellie Sophocleous
Jenna Heard John Stout
Madeline Hesse Matthias Struble
Lora King Juvetta Slane
Sarah Metz Paige Sutherland
Grant Moody Reagan Thompson
Shelley Packard Josh Wells
Chris Parinello Kalli Wheeler