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Lightning Speed

created by mark green
Mark Green

Table of Contents

Mark Green……………………………………………….......3

Lightning Speed….…………………………………………..4
Why Speed?
Can I increase my Speed?

Three qualities ……………………...........................5

Economy of Movement
Non-Telegraphic Movement

Gain the Edge with Speed…………………………………6

Eye Speed
Mind Speed
Hand Speed
Linking Speed
Power Zone

Three Phase Process……………………………………….8


Training for Speed…………………………………………..9

Mark Green

Mark Green
Mark has designed and implemented safe and effective self-
defence and physical conditioning programs for hundreds of
people, including 1st Grade Rugby League and Rugby Union
teams, law enforcement and military personnel, bouncers,
amateur fighters and local high schools. Mark has been
featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age
and Blitz martial arts magazine.

Mark has over 20 years experience in training and teaching the

art of Kung Fu and is the only person in Australia authorised to
teach the rare Indonesian combat system Pentjak Silat Serak.
Serak emphasises practical application of weapon and empty
hand fighting techniques. Mark has distilled his knowledge of
these arts down to the most essential elements, resulting in
easily learned fast, effective training.

Mark teaches martial arts and personal protection to

corporations, groups and individuals and can be contacted on:

Phone: 0412 174 174

Mark Green

Develop Lightning Speed

In almost all sports, all things being equal, speed wins. More
importantly for the martial artist speed is a vital component for
gaining explosive power. M ark Green from Jute Kung F u
explains the advantages of being lightning fast.

Why Speed?

1- Control
Speed gives you the ability to be one step ahead of your
2- Endurance
Speed gives you the ability to sustain extreme levels of
intensity against your opponent.
3- Power
Speed gives you the ability to deliver powerful blows that defy
the physical effort behind them.

Remember power is a combination of strength and

speed. Without s peed one can be very strong but still
be unable to generate a lot of power.

Can I increase my Speed?

You don’t have to live with the speed you are born with. The
potential lies in all of us to increase our basic speed capacity.
While genetics does play a role on how fast you are qualities
can be developed through training to make you faster and more
Mark Green

The three qualities

1- Economy of Movement
2- Non-Telegraphic Movement
3- Relaxation

To be proficient requires repetition, hard tr aining and


Economy of movement
Developing economical body mechanics results in a body, which
generates speed and power with the least amount of wasted
energy and movement. Simply the less wasted movement, the
faster the strike. Why go the long way, when you can take a
short cut?
Non-telegraphic movement
There is a great saying in Martial arts, strikes should be felt
before seen. By not telegraphing your movements or intention
your opponents simply won’t know what hit them. If they can’t
see your strikes coming then you will appear very fast.
Relaxation increases speed and increased speed means
increased power. To move at maximum speed, the body has to
be free of tension. Once this is achieved, explosive speed of your
attacks, defences and counter attacks becomes spontaneous.

1 Start No Recoil Impact

2 Start Recoil No Impact

Mark Green

Gain the Edge with Speed

There are many components that make up speed. Such as
balance, muscular and mental pliability, sensitivity, awareness,
body unity and freedom of movement. Below are five spee ds
that are essential to develop for gaining the edge in combat.

1- Eye speed

2- Mind Speed

3- Hand Speed

4- Linking Speed

5- Power Zone

At any level, speed separates the outs tanding from

the average
Eye Speed
If your eyes are speedy in response to the attackers intentions
or movements, you will be able to react quickly. Just before the
person attacks the eyes pick up on cues, which are available
about body positions and limb movements. This allows you to
predict the direction and force of response.

Mind Speed
Once the eyes pick up on the intensions of the attacker the
mind accesses the information and quickly decides which is the
best reaction and strategy to take. If your mind becomes slow or
hesitant in its response to the information then your reaction
will be slow. If your mind is speedy then your response to
stimulus becomes lightning fast.

Hand Speed
When attacking and defending the hands are relied on the
most. When the eyes are sharp and the hands are fast you have
a winning formula. The simple fact is the faster you move, the
more explosive your technique. Therefore if you can make your
hands move twice as fast as the opponent, you can do twice the
damage in half the time.
Mark Green

Linking Speed
To move in a fast fluid motion you have to be able to coordinate
every part of your body in the correct relationship to each other
part. The force generated from the legs is bounced of the floor
and coiled through your body. The force cannot pass through
any kinks and tension will hinder the flow. So from the legs to
the waist, torso, shoulder, elbow and fist. The one behind
multiplies the speed. This happens in an instant and once
released, the power is devastating

The Power Zone

The power zone refers to two things. The first is the posture
that contracts to store power; the second is the expanding
posture that emits the power. In a fight after your mind has
decided what to do, regardless of weather the decision is to
defend or attack, your power has to be stored and released. The
quicker you can access your power zone the faster your reaction

Hit before being hit . You only need to be 100th of second faster than your
opponent to gain the advantage..
Mark Green

Three Phase Process

In order for a martial artist to enhance movement speed and
reaction time for combat. The mind and body has to be correctly
conditioned to deal with the enormous nerve impulses it
receives in a split second. The faster you can Recog nise,
React and Act, the greater your odds of being the victor not
the victim.

Your intuition, environment, the level of the potential threat,
your mental and physical state.
React is the time between the presentation of the stimulus and
the initiation of the response to that stimulus. There are many
factors that could slow this process, such as how we cope with
an adrenalin surge, if we are tired, intoxicated or untrained.
If the decision is made to act, then the optimal outcome would
be to act in the shortest time possible expressing speed and
power as quickly as possible.

The best defence is to be quicker than your attacker

Mark Green

Training for Speed

Correct training results in a structure and base that generates
speed and power efficiently, with the least amount of wasted
energy. To develop these principles follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1
At the early stages train techniques slowly so that you can
learn the proper body mechanics. Over time, train with speed,
precision and power.
Step 2
Train techniques in a relaxed and loose manner exerting the
minimum force required, thus avoiding tension in your
Step 3
Practice simple techniques and build speed through repetition,
once you master the basics, gradually move towards flowing
combinations at full speed.

Black Sash student Joel Russell demonstrating flowing elbow combinations.

Contact details
Mark Green
Phone: 0412 174 174!