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Antrag auf Zulassung bzw.

auf Immatrikulation / Application for admission or for enrollment

Posteingang / Received on [for offical use only]

Technische Universität München

Bewerbung und Immatrikulation

Arcisstr. 21
80333 München
München, 28.9.2017

Studiengang / Course of study

Studienbeginn / Start of course Sommersemester 2018
Art des Studiums / Type of studies Masterstudium
Abschlussziel / Intended degree Master of Science
Studium / Degree program Informatik: Games Engineering 1
Form des Studiums / Form of studies Konsekutives Masterstudium

Personendaten / Personal data

Akad. Grad vor dem Namen / Academic -
degree in front of name
Vorname (Rufname) / First name Muhammad
Namenszusatz / Last name affix -
Familien- oder Nachname / Last name Rehan
Alle Vornamen / All first names Muhammad
Geburtsdatum / Date of birth 28.10.1994
Geschlecht / Gender Männlich
Geburtsort / Place of birth Lahore
Geburtsland / Country of birth Pakistan
Geburtsname / Maiden name -
Staatsangehörigkeit / Nationality Pakistan

Für handschriftliche Notizen des Sachbearbeiters / [Schule im Ausland (AHR)/Pakistan][ST]

space for administrator's notes 034: Eignungsverfahren

Antragsnummer / Application number: 1-00425388 Bewerbernummer / Applicant number: 2-01934022

*1-00425388* *2-01934022*
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Korrespondenzadresse / Correspondence address

Zustellungsanweisung (c/o) / c/o (if House # 8/5, street 9, Jinnah Park , Gulberg 2 , Lahore
Straße/Hausnummer / Street and number House # 8/5, street 9, Jinnah Park , Gulberg 2 , Lahore
PLZ/Ort / Postal Code/City 54000 Lahore
Land/Staat / Country/State Pakistan
Provinz / province Punjab
Telefonnummer / Telephone number +923224959399
E-Mail-Adresse / E-mail address

Heimatadresse / Home address

Zustellungsanweisung (c/o) / c/o (if House # 8/5, street 9, Jinnah Park , Gulberg 2 , Lahore
Straße/Hausnummer / Street and number House # 8/5, street 9, Jinnah Park , Gulberg 2 , Lahore
PLZ/Ort / Postal Code/City 54000 Lahore
Land/Staat / Country/State Pakistan
Provinz / province Punjab

Hochschulzugangsberechtigung / Higher education entrance qualification

Art / Type Schule im Ausland [Allgemeine Hochschulreife]
Zeugnisname (Originalbezeichnung) / Name Bachelor's in Computer Science
of certificate (original name)
Zeugnisdatum / Date of certificate 18.04.2017
Durchschnittsnote / Average grade (gpa) 2.63
Name der Schule / Name of school COMSATs Institute of Information and Technology
Ort der Schule / Location of school Lahore
Land der Schule / Country of school Pakistan
Provinz / province Punjab

Akademische Vorbildung / Academic background

Land der Hochschule / Country of university Pakistan
Hochschule / University COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology
Abschlussziel / Intended degree Bachelor's in Computer Science
Form des Studiums / Form of studies Erststudium
laut Statistik 1. Studienfach / Major (1st Web Technology.
laut Statistik 2. Studienfach / 2nd subject -
laut Statistik 3. Studienfach / 3rd Subject -
Semester von / Term from Sommersemester 2013
Semester bis / Term to Wintersemester 2016/17
Semester gesamt / total semesters 8
Urlaub / Leaves of absence Praxis / Internship Klinik / Hospital internship Unterbrechung / Break
- - - -

Zwischenprüfung / Intermediate exam nicht vorgesehen

Abschlussprüfung / Final examination insgesamt bestanden (Note 2.63 am 18.04.2017)

Weitere Angaben / Further details

Ich habe an außerschulischen Aktivitäten teilgenommen (z.B. "Jugend Forscht", Naturwissenschaftliche Olympiade, Praktika,
ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit, soziales Engagement, etc.).

Aktuelles Passbild / Passport style photo (as for ID)

passbild / 17,2 KB
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Personalausweis / Passport
18043101_1518967644803991_139589992_o.jpg / 174,4 KB

Angaben zur Krankenversicherung / Health Insurance details

Ich weiß es nicht oder bin im Ausland versichert und lege meinen Versicherungsnachweis oder die Befreiung von der Versicherungspflicht
für Deutschland spätestens bis zum Studienbeginn vor. / I do not know./ I am insured through a provider in another country and will verify
my coverage or my exemption from statutory coverage in the German public health insurance system before enrollment at TUM.

Bescheinigung über eine studentische Krankenversicherung (ausgestellt von einer gesetzlichen

Krankenkasse) / Evidence of student health insurance (issued by a compulsory health insurance company)
keine Angabe / -

Essay / Essay
keine Angabe
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lückenloser und aktueller Lebenslauf / complete and current Résumé (CV)


Born: October 28, 1994

House No. 8/5, Street # 9, Jinnah Park, Gulberg 2, Lahore

Mobile: 0322-4959399 Email:


To secure a position where I can efficiently contribute my skills and abilities to the growth of the organization and build my professional

Work History:

I worked as an Internee in Android Development at ArhamSoft for 3 months, where I worked under supervison and learned many different
Phases of Developing an Application from scratch, managing different tasks and completing them in an efficient way.


Technical Skills

¿ Android Development.

¿ Database design and implementation.

¿ Project management.

¿ Web development and web design.

¿ Hardware troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.

¿ Game Development.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux

Languages: C, C++, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, PHP, assembly, Java

Database: Mysql and mongo db.

Applications: MS Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, NetBeans, visual studio, Eclipse, xamp, wamp, Android Studio.

Frameworks: Android Studio.

Others: WordPress

Personal Skills

¿ Excellent verbal and written communication skills

¿ Good management and organizational skills

¿ Excellent logical, analytical and computational skills

¿ Strong motivational and leadership skills

¿ Capability to work under pressure

¿ Capability to work as an individual as well as a team member

¿ Good motivator, enthusiastic and open to learn new ideas


Feb 2013- Feb 2017 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore

BS Computer Sciences

CGPA: 2.63

Sep. 2010- Aug. 2012 Fazaia Intermediate College, Lahore

Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)

Grade A
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June 2010 Garrison Academy for Boys, Lahore


Grade A1


1-Channel Planet (Final Year Project):

It¿s an android streaming application, for example PTCL smart TV with the features like live broadcasting, channel streaming, newsfeed
and announcements, password protection on streams.

2- Semester Project (Unity Game Development 2D Platformer):

Designed a 2d game in which the character was imported form an open source and had the following functionalities, moving, jumping,
attacking, sliding, with animations of the functionalities and had one enemy which did all the functionalities but had AI characteristics as well
like following the player and dogging attacks. Furthermore the game contained a background and level design.

3-Sales and Purchase Website:

Duplicate, Develop Front end in CSS, CSS3, HTML, Bootstrap and back end in php using MYSQL.

4-Hangman Game:

Develop Hangman Game using Java Language and design GUI using AWT.


1. Knowing about:-

¿ Cosmos origin and its end

¿ New Scientific Researches

¿ Latest Technologies

2. Indoor Games (Snooker, Chess, Badminton).

3. Computer Gaming.

4. Reading books and articals.


Will be provided upon request

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Motivationsschreiben / Letter of Motivation

Motivation Letter

[Muhammd Rehan]

Humanity started from such humble beginnings, and today we¿re living in the age of technological advancement. Man used to walk miles
to go from one place to other to meet there family and friend and it took days, then they started riding horses, then came cars and now
we¿re at the point where we are able to converse with our loved ones with the help of different Social Apps with no concern to how far they

Taking inspiration from all this way that humanity has come, I constantly think about improving myself and that what is around me through
innovative and out of the box thinking. From a very young age, while my friends were busy playing there games, I always wondered who
made those games, and in my struggle to know, I ended up corrupting many of my gaming dvd¿s and one cellphone of my brother as well.

On my journey in the pursuit of my dreams, I have completed my bachelor¿s degree in computer science from the COMSATS University of
Information Technology, Pakistan, in the year 2017. I started working as an Internee at ArhamSoft (Arham is an IT company which provide
high quality software, web development and mobile app solutions). After spending some time in a Software company and seeing the
atmosphere, I have reached the determination that a product building chief who knows about coding, structures, limitations, distinctive
programming dialects, and diverse working frameworks and has great involvement with different devices can best fill this crevice and
henceforth chosen to seek after a postgraduate degree in Computer Science. Having experienced the course substance of a few projects, I
observed the program to be profoundly complete and balanced by the requirements of current industry.

I trust my degree in Computer Sciences has furnished me with the basic speculation and intelligent critical thinking capacities which are the
key properties of a fruitful Software administrator. Besides as indicated by my perception, to be a successful chief one needs to have the
center information of the subject under thought and one can never truly pick up the regard of his subordinates unless he himself gets down
to get his hands grimy with them every so often. My far reaching four year certification in Computer Sciences has furnished me with the
fundamental profundity and expansiveness to have specialized and legitimate comprehension of designing subjects. Different courses like
Artificial Intelligence (Robotics), Programming Languages. My cooperative work with ArhamSoft has given me a comprehension of
specialized imperatives and has shown me the significance of a Project Manager who drives the venture and knows everything identified
with a product extend, in addition cleaning my aptitudes with the expansion of hands on understanding.

I understand, my result in the 5th semester was unsatisfactory but my grades do not reflect my actual understanding of those subjects as a
focused most of my time on creative activities i.e sports and different competitions and was not able to focus well in the exams.

My Final Year Project was in the Domains of Android Development. I led a team of 3 to achieve the complete fabrication, assembly and
programming of an Android Application, my task was to create an Application that would help different students to Stream live lectures and
Stream different channels provided. We did research and started to learn how to develop an Android Application from a scratch and after
daily hardwork altogether were able to create a working Prototype of Project on Android Studio. It was not so easy doing this Project as we
were studying a completely new framework and it took us a lot of time to understand the basics of it so we could go further in development

I am considerably anxious to receive and know new innovations. I am truly excited to go to a Master of Computer Science with a specific
end goal to comprehend diverse Computer Science Concepts, on the grounds that each industry needs the idea of Computer Science.
Great notoriety of top notch instruction guidelines, an amazingly recognized employees and research offices are the variables which have
spurred me to decide for my M.Sc. studies from Technical University of Munich. Besides I anticipate being a piece of the diverse
understudy social orders of my host establishments as I have been a dynamic individual from such get-together amid my single men.

After the completion of my master¿s course, I plan to return to Pakistan and apply the knowledge gained from my time spent at (Technical
University of Munich) towards improving the IT industry of my country.

Nachweis über außerschulische Aktivitäten / Evidence of non-school activities

keine Angabe / -

Vorprüfungsdokumentation - / preliminary documentation

(VPD) -
3452094.pdf / 3,8 KB

Sprachnachweis Englisch / Evidence of English language skills

IELTS - International English Language Testing System
1-00425388 Seite 7 / 8

Ich beantrage die Zulassung bzw. die Immatrikulation im oben angeführten Studiengang an der Technischen
Universität München nach Maßgabe meiner vorstehenden Angaben. Ich versichere, dass ich die Angaben in diesem
Antrag vollständig und wahrheitsgemäß gemacht habe. Die geforderten Nachweise sind beigefügt.

Sofern ich mich um einen Studienplatz mit Eignungsfeststellung bewerbe, versichere ich, dass ich die schriftliche
Begründung zur Wahl des Studienganges (Motivationsschreiben) selbständig und ohne Hilfe anderer angefertigt habe.
Entsprechendes gilt für das Essay, sofern es im Rahmen des Verfahrens gefordert ist. Der tabellarische Lebenslauf
stellt meinen lückenlosen Werdegang bis zum Zeitpunkt der Studienbewerbung dar.

Mir ist bekannt, dass fahrlässig oder vorsätzlich falsche Angaben ordnungswidrig sind und jederzeit zum Widerruf der
Zulassung und Immatrikulation führen.

Ich erkläre weiterhin, dass ich mich als Student der Technischen Universität München selbst über die für meinen
Studiengang gültige Prüfungsordnung bzw. -fristen, sowie jeweils auch über Rückmeldebekanntmachungen
informieren werde.

Anschriftenänderungen werde ich der Technischen Universität München unverzüglich mitteilen bzw. unter sofort ändern.

Darüber hinaus habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen, dass meine Daten im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen für
ein Jahr aufbewahrt werden müssen.

I request admission/enrollment in the above course at Technische Universität München based on the information
provided. I confirm that all the information in this application is complete and truthful. The required documentary
evidence is enclosed.

Insofar as I am applying for a place with aptitude assessment, I affirm that my written rationale for my choice of course
(personal statement) was written independently and without assistance. The same applies to the essay, if required by
the application procedure. My tabular CV shows full details of my education and development up to the time of

I am aware that false information provided negligently or deliberately is contrary to regulations and can result in the
withdrawal of admission and enrollment at any time.

I also hereby confirm that as a student at Technische Universität München I will find out about examination regulations
and deadlines for my course as well response announcements myself.

I will inform Technische Universität München immediately of any change of address without delay or make the
necessary changes at

I acknowledge that my details have to be stored for one year in line with legal requirements.

Ort, Datum / Unterschrift des Bewerbers / bei Minderjährigen Unterschrift des

Place, Date Sign of Applier Erziehungsberechtigten /
for minors signature of parent or guardian
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Erforderliche Dokumente / Required Documents

für die Einschreibung / for enrollment

Bescheinigung über eine studentische Krankenversicherung (ausgestellt von einer gesetzlichen Krankenkasse) (Upload,
alternativ: Kopie) / Evidence of student health insurance (issued by a compulsory health insurance company) (Upload, or: Copy)
Studienabschlussurkunde (beglaubigte Kopie) / Diploma (certificate conferring an academic degree) (certified copy)

Studienabschlusszeugnis (beglaubigte Kopie) / Degree certificate (final grade transcript) (certified copy)

Die hier aufgeführten Dokumente müssen Sie Ihrem ausgedruckten und unterschriebenen Antrag beifügen und
postalisch einsenden. / Documents stated herein must be included in your printed and signed application form
and sent postal (mandatory).

für die Zulassung / for admission

IELTS - International English Language Testing System (beglaubigte Kopie) / IELTS - International English Language Testing
System (certified copy)
Essay (Textfeld, alternativ: Original) / Essay (Text field, or: Original)

Curricularanalyse unter: (Kopie) / Analysis of

curricula at: (Copy)
GRE (Graduate Record Examination, Institution Code 7806, Department Code 5199) oder GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in
Engineering) (beglaubigte Kopie) / GRE (Graduate Record Examination, Institution Code 7806, Department Code 5199) or GATE
(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) (certified copy)
Notenskala mit minimaler und maximaler Bestehensnote (beglaubigte Kopie) / Grading System with maximum and minimum
passing grade (certified copy)
Fächer und Notentranskript von bisherigen Studien (beglaubigte Kopie) / Subject and grade transcript of studies to date (certified

Die hier aufgeführten Dokumente können Sie Ihrem ausgedruckten und unterschriebenen Antrag beifügen. /
Documents stated herein may be included in your printed and signed application form (optional).

für die Zulassung / for admission

Nachweis über außerschulische Aktivitäten (Upload, alternativ: Kopie) / Evidence of non-school activities (Upload, or: Copy)