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Student Name & ID Number: Adrian Cooke, G00308480

Day: Friday Subject: Construction Studies Topic: Revision of chapters

Date: 9th February 2018 Lesson Number: 26 Time of Lesson: 8:50
Year Group: 5th Year No. of Pupils: 18 Length of lesson: 40 minutes

How has the previous lesson informed my planning for this lesson?
In the previous lessons students have completed the fireplace and chimney, roofs and stairs topics plus, many more before my placement
took place. When reviewing students exit cards/ review sheets I identified areas which students were unsure of and needed more reinforcing
on. This lesson is tailored towards peer revision of the previous topic. Students are place into groups and given A2 sheets of paper for the
poster activity. Students will be given a topic and have 15-20 minutes to construct a poster which explains the most important aspect of the
topics. Students will be selected to present their poster to the class and while peers and the teacher will pose questions to the students on
the material. In the previous lesson students have worked well in groups, however students are keener to be with selective students. In today
exercise I will divide the students into groups which will address this problem. In the previous lesson students have been completing exams,
which involved a lot of preparation. Today’s lesson is designed to be more of a relaxed class allowing the students to have fun while
reviewing the previous material. Students will be encourage to all present in front of a class and develop their speaking/ literacy skills
however students’ will not be forced to present if they do not wish to do so.


The main aims of the lesson are to: Students will be enabled to: Each LO has an assessment:
Revise previous taught chapters Explain the definitions associated to each topic. Poster
Define key terminology. Class discussion.
Sketch key aspects. Monitor
Collaboration between peers Work together with other classmate. Group work.
Respect the views and opinions of other students. Monitor.

Develop literacy, oracy and presentation Present a poster to the class. Peer assessment.
skills. Answer questions posed by the teacher/ students’. Questioning.
Develop their diction. Observation.

0-3mins  Greet the students and monitor them to their  Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion and take (O)
seats. their assigned seat.
 Record attendance once total silence is achieved.  Achieve complete silence and participate in the
 Inform the students of the learning targets. class roll-call.
 Recognise the lessons learning targets and realise
what will be achieved in today lesson.


3-10mins  Explain the recap activity to the students.  Students are engaged in teacher presentation on (O)
 Divide the students into groups selecting the roles the recap activity. (G)
within the group.  Students are selected and placed into groups by (HT)
 Provide each group with a topic. the teacher.
 Monitor and guide students through the poster  Students identify their role within the group
activity.  Students review their topic, posing questions to
 Provide constructive feedback to each student on the teacher on the material before proceeding in
their work. the recap activity.
 Students proceed with the activity receiving
guidance and feedback from the teacher.
10-22mins  Monitor the poster activity, assessing students’  Students are engaged in the poster activity, (V) (G)
posters. working with peers on a creative and effective (O)
 Assess/ monitor group work quality, giving poster design. (MA)
guidance and feedback to students, in order  Students identify the most important aspect to
improve their collaboration skills. their topic.
 Correct areas of difficulty.  Students are questioned on the material
 Reinforce time restriction. throughout, retaining student attention on the
 Students work is assessed by the teacher, receiving
feedback on their work.
 All students are expected to respect student views.
 Students are encouraged to work with their peers
proceeding through the recap.
 Students’ are aware of the time restrictions.
22-35mins  Assess students’ presentation of poster to class.  Students present their work to the class, explaining (GW)
 Each group has to question one another on their their poster. Students are expected to identify all (MA)
presentation of the topic. the key principles associated to their topic. (PBL)
 Assess students’ poster.  Students are questioned by both groups and the (G)
 Review students understanding of the material. teacher on their topic. (PT)
 Monitor the tidying up.  Students poster design and presentation skill are
 Each group will receive constructive feedback.
 Every student is expected to respect the views and
opinions of one another.
 Student peer review one another’s work.
35-40mins  Revise on class learning targets through exit cards.  Students participate in the exit card activity, (O)
 Outline the next chapter which will be explored reviewing their group work experience and their (FA)
after the midterm and highlight the homework understanding of material. (MA)
exercise.  Students hear to the homework explanation.
Dismiss class and monitor the students exiting.  Exit the classroom in an orderly manner under the
supervision of the teacher.
*KEY: (L): Literacy(N): Numeracy(O): Oracy (G): Graphicacy(SEN): Special Educational Needs(MA): Mixed Ability (MI): Multicultural
Inclusion (PBL): Problem Based Learning (HOT): Higher Order Thinking(GW): Group Work(V): Visualisation(FA): Formative Assessment
(SA): Summative Assessment (PT): Peer Teaching


Animated powerpoint Homework SW model Text book Notes copy
Learning Targets Worksheet. Word wall Section detail Poster

Class reflection