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A Project Report
Submitted by:

Asit Kumar Pandi (1441012187)

Soumyakanta Sahoo (1441012196)
Rajat Kumar Patel (1441012197)
Ankit Mohanta (1441012208)
In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree





Institute of Technical Education and Research


Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

(April 4, 2018)

This is to certify that the project report titled “BLOSSOMS FLOWER SHOP”
being submitted by Asit Kumar Pandi (1441012187), Soumyakanta Sahoo
(1441012196), Rajat Kumar Patel (1441012197), Ankit Mohanta (1441012208)
of CSE ‘D’ to the Institute of Technical Education and Research, Siksha ‘O’
Anusandhan Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar for the partial fulfillment
for the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering is
a record of original confide work carried out by them under my/our supervision
and guidance. The project work, in my/our opinion, has reached the requisite
standard fulfilling the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Technology. The
results contained in this thesis have not been submitted in part or full to any other
University or Institute for the award of any degree or diploma.

Mr. Rourab Paul

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

ITER, SOA Deemed to be University

The success and final outcome of this project required a lot of guidance and
assistance from many people and I am extremely privileged to have got this all
along the completion of my project. All that I have done is only due to such
supervision and assistance and I would not forget to thank them. I respect and
thank Mr. Rourab Paul for providing me an opportunity to do the project on
“BLOSSOMS FLOWER SHOP” and giving us all support and guidance which
made me complete the project duly. I owe my deep gratitude to our project guide
Mr. Rourab Paul who took keen interest on our project work and guided us all
along, till the completion of our project work by providing all the necessary
information for developing a good system.
Also, I am thankful to and fortunate enough to get constant encouragement,
support and guidance from all Teaching staffs of Computer Science and
Engineering Department which helped us in successfully completing our project

Place: Signature of students

We declare that this written submission represents our ideas in our own words and
where other’s ideas or words have been included, we have adequately cited and
referenced the original sources. We also declare that we have adhered to all
principles of academic honesty and integrity and have not misrepresented or
fabricated or falsified any idea/fact/source in our submission. We understand that
any violation of the above will be cause for disciplinary action by the University
and can also evoke penal action from the sources which have thus not been
properly cited or from whom proper permission has not been taken when needed.

Signature of students





Date: ————–

This project report entitled “BLOSSOMS FLOWER SHOP” by Asit Kumar

Pandi (1441012187), Soumyakanta Sahoo (1441012196), Rajat Kumar Patel
(1441012197), Ankit Mohanta (1441012208) is approved for the degree of
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.



With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce had been widely using by
more and more people, so had shopping online. A Flower Shop system was
designed and implemented based on the analysis of the actual needs of users.
Through running test for a period of time, the system could be operated steadily,
and its function was complete. The system could achieve flower sales on line that
was highly efficient and convenient, and the design purpose was achieved also. A
user can view different types of flowers and they can order online as per their
requirement. The dealer will manage the requested order.
Table of Contents
Title Page I
Certificate II
Acknowledgement III
Declaration IV
Report Approval V
Abstract VI

1.1 Problem Definition 8
1.2 Project Specifications 8
1.3 Hardware Specification 8
1.4 Software Specification 9

2.1 Existing System 9
2.2 Proposed System 10
2.3 Feasibility Study 10


3.1 Functional Requirements 12
3.2 Non- Functional Requirements 12
3.3 Use case Diagram 13
3.4 Class Diagram 14
3.5 Sequential Diagram 15

1.1 Problem Definition
The project titled “BLOSSOMS FLOWER SHOP” is a comprehensive
system which co-ordinates various operations in flower shop. This includes a
variety of collections of flowers and flower made products such as flower
arrangements, flower bouquets etc. This project deals with the booking of
various flower products to the various customers, updating and editing of
flower products rates.

1.2 Problem specification

The aim of developing and implementing the software titled “BLOSSOMS

FLOWER SHOP” is to automate the complete system of FLOWER SHOP
through computer with maximum user interactions. The system is designed
using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
The developed software is easier and flexible to handle. Computerization
can give fast services to the customers. The system is more efficient and
cost effective and manual errors lessened. The software is user friendly and
completely based on menu driven.

1.3 Hardware Specification

• CPU: Intel Core

• RAM: 1 GB or more
1.4 Software Specification

• Operating System: Windows, Linux

• Web Designing: JavaScript ,CSS, HTML

2.1 Existing System

The existing system is a manual system. The proposed system tries to simplify the
difficulties encountered in manually handling the information about the flowers
and sale. The existing system needs number of staff and a lot of time consumption
for the process. When we compare the existing system with the proposed system,
there are many drawbacks for the existing system.


The system under study is a non-computerized system. The main drawbacks of
existing system are:-
 The existing system needs a number of registers for handling the records.
This leads to tedious manual labor.
 Updating of written records is very difficult.
 Low accuracy.
 Data processing is very low.
 The system is less reliable due to the possibility of human errors that occur
while entering data and during calculations.
 Accessing previously stored records is a time consuming task.
Proposed System
The main objective of the proposed system is to overcome the drawbacks of the
existing manual system. The need for computerized system arises as the manual
maintenance and handling of process becomes more and more tedious and complex
.The computerization of the system helps to save a lot of time. It is very difficult to
maintain all the details of each of the record manually. Also reference to a
particular record leads to consume more time whereas the computerized system
rectifies most of these drawbacks. The wide use of computers as they offer
valuable facilities with less time consumption.


 Reduction of process time.

 Number of employees is reduced.
 Simple and easy to manage.
 Cost of establishment and maintenance are lower than a manual system.
 More efficient and reliable than the existing system.

2.3 Feasibility Study

System that meets the performance requirements at Feasibility study is performed
to choose the least cost. The most essential task performed by the feasibility
analysis is the identification and the description of the new system, evaluation of
the new system and selection of the best new system. In general, feasibility study
of a system means checking whether the system proposed is practically possible or
In feasibility analysis, there are two key considerations and they are as follows:
Technical feasibility and Operational feasibility.

1. Technical feasibility
Feasibility is performed to check whether the proposed system is technically
feasible or not. Technical feasibility centers on the existing computers. This
proposed system is technically feasible. The interfaces designed are user-
2. Operational feasibility
Operational feasibility is done to check whether the system is operationally
feasible or not. Using “submit” button in the “Contact Us” menu enhances
operational feasibility. So maintenances and modification found to be easier.
3.1 Functional Requirements
 The customers can choose the flowers that need to be present in the flower
bouquets from the system.
 The flower bouquets that are available in the shops must be updated and
given some description about it.
 The price of the bouquet must be mentioned clearly.
 There should be some delivery boys available to deliver flower bouquets to
the customers.
 Keeping the detail about the product whether it is delivered or not.

3.2 Non-Functional Requirements

 The system will be available to the customers 24*7.
 The system is flexible for further extension to future updates.
 The system allows user to contact the dealer in case of any issues.
 The system is Reliable.
 The system is easy to Maintain.
3.3 Use case Diagram
3.4 Class Diagram
3.5 Sequential Diagram
4.0 User Interface

In all, we had a lot of fun creating the project titled as “Blossoms Flower shop”. It
was a successful experience that solidified our understanding of JavaScript and
html and CSS.

Making this project had taught us that:

 Maintains Developer Focus.
 Learning Atmosphere.
 Quick Fail and Refactor.
 Fully Tested Code