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Lesson Read-Aloud Social Studies: Social Studies: Civic Science: Basic Plant
Lesson: Character Citizenship Leaders Needs

Unit Goal Students will learn Students will learn Students will learn Students will be
that even though the importance of about civic leaders in given a plant to
bullying is a large being a good citizen their environment research and learn
concept to tackle, in their community. and end up writing about that specific
they can use little They will learn that thank you letters to plants basic needs.
acts of kindness to even though they policemen for how The students
fight it. Eventually may not be able to they protect our discuss that even
these little acts of change their entire environment. those these plants
kindness can put community at this Students will discuss end up to be
an end to bullying point in their lives, that this little act of beautiful creations,
all together. they can do little kindness will end up there are many
acts of kindness that impacting the whole little factors that go
all together will of their community. in to them to keep
alter their The thank you letters them healthy and
community. Even will encourage the alive.
by starting with a police men and
smaller goal of the remind them how
elementary school important they are to
they attend, they our community.
can have a positive
effect on their
Objective(s) 1.Students will be 1. After discussing 1.After completing 1.After this lesson,
able to look at the and practicing, centers, students will the students will
characters in Pout- students will be able be able to identify identify the basic
Pout Fish and the to identify the two characteristics of needs of a plant to
Bully-Bully Shark importance of being a police officer in grow and develop.
and write or say a good citizen, and their community.
the feelings of the demonstrate the
different differences of a
characters, and good and bad
note how their citizen.
feeling impacted
the plot.
2.Students will
look at different
characters traits
and identify by
speaking or writing
how that trait
motivated the
character to act in
the story.
Standards 3.RL.2.3 Describe NCSS: CIVIC IDEALS NCSS: 10. Civic Ideal 3.LS.2 Plan and
characters in a AND and Practices conduct an
story (e.g., their PRACTICESIAS: investigation to
traits, motivations, 3.2.5 Explain the IAS: 3.2.7 Use determine the basic
or feelings) and importance of being information from a needs of plants to
explain how their a responsible variety of resources grow, develop, and
actions contribute citizen* of your to demonstrate an reproduce.
to the plot. community, the understanding of
state and the local, state and
nation. regional leaders and
civic issues.

ISTE: 3 Knowledge
Materials  The book  Puzzles for  Chromebook’s  Healthy and
Pout-Pout the students  Police: dying plant
Fish and to complete Hurrying,  Video for
the Bully- during the Helping, students to
Bully Shark anticipatory Saving watch
by Deborah set.  Questions for  Chromebook
Diesen each center  Paper to
 Scenarios for
 Cards for  Blank sheets record
the students
students’ of paper answers
to act out.
character  Police Officer
cards  Large sticky  Hand cuffs
 Markers paper for the
 Posters collaboration
with of what a
questions good citizen
 Anchor looks like.
chart that
explains  Paper for
characters students to
feelings, write down 2
motivations practical
and traits. ways they
can be a
 Paper for good citizen.
students to
write their
letter on

Management In this lesson, I will I will expect the I will use positive In this lesson, I will
manage students students to remain reinforcement to manage students by
by using positive at a talking level of encourage other using positive
reinforcement. At 3 or lower during students to do well. I reinforcement. At
the beginning of this lesson. I will will give the 3 the beginning of the
the lesson I will have positive students that stayed lesson I will instruct
instruct students incentives for the on task and worked students that I will
that I will be students to perform hard throughout the be looking for the 3
looking for the 3 well and keep the lesson 10 dollars. students that are
students that are talking to a (They use a money staying on topic and
staying on topic minimum. I will system in their give them a reward
and give them a have students flip room). in the classroom.
reward in the their cards if they
classroom. are not listening (as
that is the
disciplinary action
taken in the
Anticipatory Set Students will Students will have Students will brain Teacher will bring in
create their own puzzles to complete. storm civic leaders in a healthy and dying
character card and The puzzles will their community as a plant. The students
will write have scenarios and whole class. After will discuss in pre-
characteristics answers to the this, I will hold up a arranged groups
about themselves scenarios that pair of handcuffs and what they believe
on the back. They students will match ask the students helped one plant to
will share some of up to complete the which civic leader be healthy and the
their traits with puzzle. they believe would other to die.
surrounding peers. use them.
Purpose “Today I am going As you have seen, In this lesson, In this lesson, we
to read to you working together students will learn are going to be
Pout-Pout Fish and and supporting each the role and impact talking about what
the Bully-Bully other helps of police officers as makes a plant
Shark. You are accomplish a task as good citizens in the healthy and
going to learn a team. Today, we community. continue to grow.
how. the are going to learn
characters traits, that a good citizen
motivations, or works with the rest
feelings impact the of its community to
story. We will positively effect
learn that when those around them.
you know a
personality, it will
be easier for you
to understand the
Lesson I will start by There will be a Students will rotate Students will learn
Presentation reviewing grand conversation through centers. the five basic needs
character traits and in a graphic Students will be split of plants through
and motivations organizer, the class into four pre- discussion and
with students. I will compare good arranged groups. The video. They will
will then read citizen first center, students then be given a
aloud “The Pout characteristics to will look at a specific plant to
Pout Fish and the bad citizen provided online research in pre-
Bully Bully Shark”. I characteristics. The interactive article arranged groups.
will send students students will be put that teaches them They will answer
to pre-arranged in their pre- more about police questions about
groups in which arranged groups officers. They will go their plants basic
they will answer and receive a through this with needs.
questions about scenario about their pre-arranged
the characters in citizenship. They will group and answers
the story. Students create a skit based questions that guide
will share their on their scenario them through the
findings with the and act it out in article. The second
class, then return front of the center, students will
to their seats. They classroom. The rest hear a read-aloud
will pass around of the class will performance of,
their character state if they believe “Police: Hurrying,
card they created the skit represented Helping, Saving”.
and those at their a good or bad They will create two
table will write an citizen. interview questions
encouraging here to ask an actual
character trait that police officer. In the
they see in that third center, the class
peer on the back will return altogether
of their character and listen to a police
card. officer from the
community talk
about how he
impacts the
community. They will
ask interview

Closure/Conclusion Students will take I will have students Students will thank Each group will
characteristics watch a video about the officer for coming present their
from their citizenship and they in to speak about his findings about their
character card and will write two ways impact on the specific plant. They
incorporate them that they can be a community. They will will discuss that
in a letter they good citizen in the then write thank you even though the
write to the Bully school right now. letters to the police basic needs of
shark. In this Whole class will in their community plants may be little
letter, they will use discuss that even for protecting them pieces, the whole
one of their though they are and keeping them of the plant would
characteristics to young and may not safe. We will discuss not be healthy
fight bullying. We be able to impact in a whole group without them.
will discuss as a their entire how this is a way for
class that even community, they them to use one
though bullying is can start little and little act to impact
a big concept in its impact their school. the whole of their
whole, they can Eventually these community.
use little words of efforts can impact
encouragement or the whole of their
kindness to fight community.
Formative I will watch the I will be able to I will walk around as I will listen to
Assessments students as they assess which the students are students answers in
are answering students have a working at centers the classroom
questions about foreknowledge and see if they are during the lesson
bullying on their about citizenship getting the basic idea and gauge if they
posters. when we are on the of how police officers are grasping the
carpet discussing are helping our basic needs of
what creates a good community. plants and what
citizen. I will also be those needs are.
able to tell from the
students skits if they
can differentiate the
actions of a good
and bad citizen.

Adaptations 1 .I will allow Remediation – I will Remediation: I will For the grouping of
students to create allow the students place lower students, I will be
their own to talk in groups functioning students sure to place
character card before calling on in groups with various learning
which leaves room student to answer students that are at a levels in each
for diversity of questions. This will higher level than they group. This will
personalities. allow those with are. This will provide ensure that there
2.I am giving a disabilities time to them support as they are not groups of all
kinesthetic activity think of what they switch through high students and
so that those in my would like to say, stations. no groups of all
classroom with rather than being lower students.
ADHD will have an rushed to answer a Enrichment: For
activity that gives question. students that finish
them stimulation Enrichment –I will early at each center, I
to stay focused. allow them to share will have extra
2 ways that they questions or
could implement discussion questions
this in their own life. for the students.
Exceptional They will be as
Needs- I will group follows:
the students before
teaching to allow
equal groups
throughout the
classroom. I will
place lower
students with
middle to high
functioning students
so that they will
have extra help
within their group if
it is needed.

Summative I will read students I will be able to see I will be able to hear I will look at the
Assessments letter’s to the after the students the questions the research that the
shark and see if write two ways they students created for students present to
they are using could be good the police officer, and the class to see if
their own citizens if they have will be able to read they understand
characteristics to understood the the thank you letters the basic needs of a
fight bullying. lesson or not. for the police men plant. I will also
that the students look at the end of
write to see if they class slip that shows
better understand 2 basic needs of
what police officers plants that they
do. remembered.