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1. Main road towards East, North or North East

are advisable with wide Gates on two sides.
2. Gates in north, east , north east and north
west are recommended.
3. Guard room should be either on the north
west side of north gate or south east side of east
4. Minimum space should be kept in south and
west where big trees could be grown. More open
space should be left in north and east where lawns
and other greenery can be grown.
5. The floor levels in south-west must be higher
than other sides and height of the building also
must be higher than all the other corners. Care has
to be taken to have the store rooms in south-west
fully loaded with stocks to the extent possible. As
and when the stocks are consumed they should be
replaced immediately.
6. Car parking may be provided in north-west if
open area is available. For light vehicles north east
also could be used.
7. Administrative Officers are to be located
either in north or east, away from boundary walls
with less height than the main factory. Here special
care has been taken in keeping north-east corner
8. Staff quarters may be constructed in south-
east and north-west. If quarters are multi-storeyed
and if the height is more than that of main factory,
they should be constructed in south-west without
touching the main premises.
9. Toilets should be placed in north-west or
south east part of the building, and not in north-east
or south-west.
10. Wells, bore wells, water sumps and water
ponds etc. should be in south east area.
11. Over head tanks may be errected in west and
nearby, duly maintaining the heights. South west
and north east sides including north and east
should be avoided, for constructing overhead tanks.
This is a bit controversial subject and hence one
should be very careful in locating the overhead
tanks and also the water tanks above the ground
12. Heavy Machinery has to be installed in south,
west or south-west in the factory.
13. Raw material storage, whether inside factory
or sheds outside, should be in south or west or
14. Products under process or unfinished goods
may be kept in west direction.
15. Finished products are to be kept in the north-
west corner. It will help for quick movement of the
16. Weighing machine may be located near the
gate either in north or east because that area is
subjected to permanent weight.
17. Transformers, generators, motors, boilers,
furnaces, oil engines should be kept in south-east or
close to south east.