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,Bollk 1

D .. S -K"'- _. - ed ,.

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Presentation N',otes & Exhibits

From His, Fil,e,i

ALL RIGHTS ARE RESER VEJ). No ~ of this ptlbticado.n may 'be :~prodtR:oo Of transmitted in any rOiDl or by by m.egs, mec:hJrni,ca]. or d~nic, iiDmu.cIi.:n,i!: phtltoc:opying lilind reoomio_g. (lI,r b")i any iniormaltIDjlj, storage arnd retrieval gy,str:m. withaw. pemrifis,f'~rl in writ~n8, fr;om 'the Pub]itih,tr.

pubnsb~ hy:

Kimb]i!: it, KeElfi~c.y Pulblishi~g 3355 B=~~ CSl~'S Road, Suite .202 A~ TX ''18746

Tel; 512 ... 323-4334

Fax: S,]1-328-4464- 'WWW.1mnble~lJmeilfy .. oo,m


While aU a:Uempt5:1mve be~[Ij made tQ' vcrif:y ,iMelInaQO<l':II pftI,vijdcd in this pI.Lbl1imtio]l~ nLrither the Autbars nor me Publisher ~'Cs ,liLl:I!y J1espons,ibiUty far WIJ]'S. i!MOturaci~ or amissio:m", A.rI1y slights of people 01" a,rlmizatiom are unmlmmonal.

This puhlimQ(Jn is Dot mtc1ld'ed for use as a, sliltm:e of ~eg~ Qt B~Ufiting ,advice. 'fb,ePUib~]shet

" • ..,. ..... ' ................... " ~\" .. t' ~lk .. ·l-~ ............ .,":n ... "".......,,;"';r, .. I"'.;iI 1..~",o:oH.. _ "''101 IL.~ .. " ..... ; _~ t".. ..... !Ii'IFV'i"''''' .. _,_ ~_,,;ii I - 1_~~11 "~~ l .. 1UI1 au,~,~'~ UlLJu., m\n~.Lu~41.w. rW-Jl:I~_!:lL~ .I!I.Q.I~ .LUzI&/' ~ \aSlUJ~'~ W "!If-.&li.~ ,1Ji~ ~m w~

laws or f!r!piatio:m. M1 'usm are ,advised to' xc'lain eom~t ctnmse] 'to ,d~s what stai1ie aIldlor. local ]aw; Of ~m:jons. )[1#:1 apply te tb llser.'S, pmtimtlw; bllismes.:5.

1"he purelmser ,Of ~der of this public-nOll RS'SWDe::.s ~spi:lm:i'biiity €or me use o.f1lhese mmerlals mid. inlQrolflttlJD,. Adberax:e to 8,]1 apP'licabl~ laws ant! r.egWatlclJits, bolh fed.eml:and ,~~;and loc;al, gt'Ivcming professioDati ij@~ bu:sUxss f~ce~ ru:h" and all mila' ,~ of doms,

• .. ' a - - .... ,t.~ _ ._-_p. . .'L.;' ·w· ,- ,

blL!5l:liitSS m the: Unn~ Sta~, Or ,any >i;lIY.~r ,lIun~lctlon lS "Yilt! sole respaMlD: ~_ty of the. Il!l.v.dmser or

re;;do. The A:umcn:-s ami P1Iblishe'r ,asSumE' nQ. responsibility or liability wbmlsocvw- liJJ4 the bilmlf of MY pur"cJmEer of're-ader of'ihest mBteri~5.



1. This Sem.inar is heing Audl.iio and VideO'" Taped, as was

noted in. the invitation letter. Your fbre.k;n,O\ijj[ed,ge of thar and anendance eonstitutes release for use o,r YOW" name,

pef'son" comments, etc. in said. tapes, for commercial

,PU1l"pOses! ·\.Vimou t compensa UO[l. Sb,ould thiS, NOT be acceptable, you have uutil9:'30Mf D.ay~.l ro 'exit and receive a full

fee refund.

2. Indudin,g Primary R,eglStraLn ts' employees and assoctates, we h,atve over 150 people, here. T'llis. 'Will make breaks challenging, however we 1Will! NOT wail" for you, ~O' rerum from breaks 'to resume the Seminar,. for your O\.Vn best interest and as courtesy to the. other' partictPaID ts, it: is 'lmpemtiv:e. that you. rerum from breaks" ,take your seats, r~y 00 resume ai: iim!DOUUCe(l times. (Th,ere' l"i'il), be I'@freshmen,t bn!8S iiLt a.p'p~ lJJr!3,O ~ and. 1:30 PM~ a ~W1m break fr,om approx .

. neonto 1:30PM.)

3, The El:hfb[Jts IPfl8sente-d dur~nl the' ShJrnl'nlar' [f,ld Ini~llUifl!d

En b ~ h MalRiUa 1 i ,~1 B nd 1,2 ARi c'oPl'rlglh1 pr'Olectlld I(whet her IndivildlllJal[ly marked ,IlS iH,U:J.h OJ'' IilI~O and al. fi'ghtg are

re,~._ rv -til effil'un by IMlr" Ke.nned,. f& 'the ElIi: h Iblttl fliom lhls; ibUIShlSSe& er n~I' I lindiJvWdllll!ll1 BlW:ho.ll',SI ,a~uiV;~"r owners of the other Ex:h~bi~s," V'OI", "re. NOt' to C DIPly' fr'Oml th . "S81 rmatewla 18 Qrutflgihl air ·V'ertuIUm. 'De, entl,re. S:emirnaf l& a laC).

co'pytlg ht p'rDte~ -til by Knn e.d, in'fier Cireli~ hi\1iC~I' Ind t&\Plr,odi~etllon Itn: p:rh'tt, [I udlQl' vl,(;h!D.1 'OJ 1"'I:1!it' 'f'Q,rm Dr Inecn.

18 IP,r'Dih~biit!ed by. [law.,

4. .Remarks: made awing the: Seminar do NOT comti:tu.~e financial or pro,fE!!ssional .advice. :fMr •. KeDn1ooy. K.~eclY']nner 'Cirde me" or otber presenters accept any re~pO'nsibilUy or liabWty fur yOW" use of any of tbe m nfonnatioD, convey,ed here. Sh,oulld legru. or omer proftessional advice be ~anted1 i't should be sough!:.

u~ ~lT!eu' hHm:s. [tolliu <ilind cI~lt! ~Ii,c:h iitc-m of'M'W !nfOlmatlon, a~d! knowiedti:i!i'. 'f! en \I l!Utab~1t 1d'1!iI. iiU:'(I!.!lired lin ~,ur' dJI,C:UI<$ian~ .aJllld won.., OO,lile:lnil!!!fj iIInd! lro!1!l I'he bil:l(li::~, and Q.lner ~.!!it-er ii;;!lh we' recolTl!mer:to,

1.0 llf!':, _

Wlhiit [do "au I' ill inli ~b;jjj!iriC' il.deu !I:nd~ itrv'olmUition CiIIilil NyC l!ilid[lor Iffil,k. 'you in ~:h!!! Im~i: 1.~ ,"on~Mi Of ,lm_1!i!!i: ffiLuch ~I!! Ih~ I I nfomutio.!IlIl .or~b ~1!Ii 'ilUI~ I=.""... ...... ~

In Simplest Form =

Who You Want + 'Who You. Don't & Incentive To Respond

Cont,e:nt Keys::;

L Alarm.

2 ~ Huge Promise 3~ Curiosity

4,~ Credibtlity

5,~ Message ... To-Market Match


Tri-Fol,ds Other Folds Postcards

Oversize Postcards

Different Sizes Dtfferent Colors Blind vs, Teaser O:fficlal Look Priortty Deli-very

Ch 1-", In- . W· d

... 'eeA ':- ·'········In·,QW


B --'[0" c h ure

r . .. _

Tear Sheet

- - -

Lift Note Photographs Checks

Testimonial Inserts. Article Reprints Au .. dio'* Video Tapes"


Bookl ·t

,','. ' e_

ICOUpO[DS Certiflcates

Order Porm - Response Porm

*(a) Smt With l.ener/Ome Form.

(b), Sent Separately j' lettv/OF. To., Follow (c) Sent Separately "if. .Phone FODc)'Vll-Up (d) Sent S:eparately!, To Stand[ Alone



Change headlines into ffll-in-blank, in swipe files

Before/ After








- -

(Attention, Alarm, Curtosity, Huge Promisej)

(Story-, Support) (Personalize; Promise, Offer" Guarantee)

('Close, Instruct What To r». U'rge'ncy)

Internal Repetition

Trudeau Pormula:

Promise--Bxample-Same PromiseTesttmontal/Story +Sa'me Promtse

P ~ F'· t P' d t S'" d remrum ,lrS·I., -roauc '··.,econ···.·

Told By The Testimontal

(Incl. elements of prior control)

C R ErO IBI urv

Assoc. Mlember.shlp~Afft1il.ti()n Ex-pert Q-·eden'tiills

'ICi, .. , AI Jj.,"".=·n:."'..:j ...... uranu . .tUJL.LLJ.d.Uu.n


.rill __


R,leal People T,es.tiIno·ruals

:a) Prospect can id'enti.{y lWi th b) Ans~s Objec:'tions

cl Proves ~

"'.Magic hl l'4il1u:tia n


l~ Befora/ After 2~ Bulk

3;; Demo1n.stra'UOD

4,., Represen tau ve/Suggest! ve IOu tcome s


1 ~ Tes timontal s, Case Histortes, Stories 2,~ Users r( ,Fu lly Iden tifi,ed )

3,~ Cedebritie,s

4 Ii, Exp errs

5. Quan '[i ty

6. Quality

(a) Spectfirc detail (b) E'mo-tio n



1" P~ausi,bie reasonts) why

a- .. J'.... eo we can .' p. as 'f" th: ~~. e se savin gs on

~.~~'_' .. ~'.: . _ 1 ~1 \: ".-,' I •• "],,," • ",- ," • ',"


b) Moving Sale

c) Reward for fast response

d) "Slightly Damaged"

,e) Charter member, 'introductory

f) Seasonal

g) Celebration

2.. Price drop without discounting' a) Extend installments

'b)' Pay 1/2 now" 1/2 after you .. u~.n

c) Hold, your check, for.i., -

d) 901 Days Same ,As Cash

e) First month free

,3., "Silly,n reasons 'why

a) Accountant's out of town

b) i made a bet

c) "The mouse letter" @~,~.


- ~

Multiple VS~ Single

What To. Guarantee:

S ,".t:' ~

a ttstacuon

Results Perceptions

How To Say It

Creatlve Wording'

"M .. .: ;Y' personal 'word- n

.. ', I,' I,: ""'"' . 1::)' ','" _' . "..:.. 1, .......

"Bonus" Guarantees

K,eep these 'bonuses even if"~I.'1

M tb b k

ore - -,an y,our ,moneYc'lac '." .. ~I


:P H:,OT'OICA:PT'1 01 N S

'1, Flagging

2 Curiosity ,_ Mystery

3~ Promise - -

,~ Promises

5i, Cuarantee

6,., Brand Identity' 7. Fear

& Pain

9~ Story

1.0. News Bulletin 11.. How 'T,o

1-2'---:' H'" =--1

.rz, I, ow

13. Shocking Statement 14;; Question

15 Eve nt

'~' - _'-:', .I-~,


E'-FiA-' IC' TO', ,.'R',: S",

\,' j. • • - ,'. I.' .'



Love - Lust

Ego - Pri,de Anger - Resentment Envy - Je,alo'usy' Sloth - Laziness Immortali ty


1 Ii AblDU1 ylou

2. n:blDut t hie p fO ,PI D'Sli t:~ Din 3~ RbIIDU't 'themsedlUes'

,.. Bold-Pacing ~ I tal i c

'- Typlesty'.les

~ Type Sizes (Point Sfzes) Indents


Boxes, Borders" Breakers ~ Screens


Yellow Hi-liter

... ,. Handwritten' Margin Notes.

Handwritten mlJunku Pingerprtnts, paw prints" coffee status


Charts, Other Illustranons Cartoons


- I ~ , ' - . :;

1 ~ To Increase Hkehhood ' of readership 2", To keep the person reading (AI Pacino)

3 ~ To highlight key points

4"" To make long copy seem less Intirnida tin g


Story Curiosity Person (Head Shot), P,erson/Family Position In Letter/ Ad

Dollar Bill

Million Dollar Bill Wooden Nickels

Foreign Money Coins" Tokens


Print Bro 'a'<'d' c a st

•• _. : - .' _I,' '.'

'N' ILi~ k IS' ~ I {"\iI ' D 1

···,·"ame·.·· ixeness/Smg e ~uot,e, 'e,a'


1.. Multiple vs, Single

2 ,II If 3,. middle most. important OR emphasize 'by typestyle,

type size, color" handwrttlng 3 ~ Re-state promise

4. Re-state offer .

s:. Add to' believabiltty

6 H ~I, hi' h t ' - ~', - -- - ( )"

,'ll 19~ tg premIum,S,

7, .. Hi,gblight discountrs]

8,;; Highlight change from first letter to second, second - to thtrd

9 i' Focus on urgency

1. Core Productts)

2" Complimentary, Secondary Items 3 ~ Does "it' have a name'?

4., Names of items

5. Value Buil,d

611 Options: Basic/Deluxe, 1 Yr. vs, 2 Yr., etc ..

'7, Add-On Options: Express Delivery, Gift


8,. Payment Options

9:·· - 'B:' on U· ses

-. ii' [,' _I .• .:._:_. _.~ll._ ,'"I

101,,, Bonuses For Response, :By Deadline


1 ~ Market behavior, norms 2 . A ppraisal of elas ticity .3 . Competition

4." Comparables

51' Price VS~ Value Issues 6,,, Margin.i.your need

7.~ Context (Minnnlzation) (Apples To Oranges)

8.. Odd VS'i Even Numbers

9. Wording (egs, "only", "just",

~~ ". . ... _. ~'i Co)

Investment . ...

io. Installments

'FO' R'M'A' TS/A- os

.. ', , "., '. - I' .... -.' I

_ I < _." J' .~: _.': '.:.~ _ • _> .'.: : .~._. . . ... ,' .....

, I

Display, Pictorial (Ad:-d y}

D" 1 C" T' d~ - ~ 11 H b ld , lSP ay, ,', -o:PY- ,ra nnonat riy orto

(S" 'U" garman) ~I! ' " ~ J_i!l~~l!!,

Display, AIl ,CoPY'

Display, Letter (No Columns VS~ Col's but read s like I e tte r)

Display ~ Advertorial

Display, Advertorial/ Article Hybrid

Display, 'Warning' -

D"'"c, -,',1'-'" T,',' ,tl,~, '-' , ',- "~. 'I' F --,' -,-, ,-,/"'I'S-' ',~" Thl- e . 'B' ",4':- iii

ispiayv ies momai rame Saw rt s tserore

,M ulti-Pa ze



Ads Advertising Ads

_._ - ~ - - ~ ,. ,I' .

1 ~ Within #' Days 2,. B,Y X-D'ate

3~, By Date StampedIn Re.d

4~ On X Day, Between Hours Of X And Y 5. Limited To First ,X,#

6,. Umited Supply

7~, nil Bxclusivtty"

8. Reason Why Limn

9.. Belief In Need, For Rapid, Response lO~ Warneo Against Procrastination

1'1 "If 'yo ou tr resoon se r-'-"e' ceiv .. e· ··d·· aft er ~II

_:_ i; ..:' . .'_. _' I ,~.- "v",: I ~: ."; ~." _ . _ .. 1 ... ' - _ jjI!J~!!

12~ Waiting List

1,3~ ren How TOl Respond Fast:


F,ACT: Bonuses Ca,D an,d DO drive sales

1~ Multple V'S~ Single .2 ~ Choice

.3~ Relevant 'VS~ Irrelevant 4~ Instant Cratlfication


Re-Statement Of Offer'(s] Guaranteets)

Payment Options Response Options

E or U

- ase ",.,"_: se

USPS: FirSl, B,ulk

~! PRIORITY": . USPS Priority Mail, Fedfx etc.


Messenger Service

"B x 0' t'~ C 0' "11·"lji1-·i10:-': ns n i Bri -_. ks G' lad' i1"' a' t ors S:, I" D' g' '. n g'

.' '" ~l· .,¥u, .. i. ,'.' " c..n ,'J .,' ", _-= .'" - "'_,, 11 I_~

Telegram, Pizza Guy t- etc.

,Technology o,pti,ons:

Bro ',a·'; d ca s t F A V

._, " I ~ _\..,', '_ I ~








iii " .... ,

2~ Promises '& Benefits in order of priority 3 i' Reasons They Wo"n't Buy

4", Ways you'll prove

5:. Offer


Always make a,

UWhy' ,A W,ouldn,'t T'h,ey' B'uyn



1 i' Tape reccrdings/transcripts (salesmanship in print)

2' ," Il CO" nn petit! "'0' n

.-,. __ .. ~b.I . I.'· •. _

4.. Historic


2~, Commercial research sources ,- egs,

FIND-SVP; Jordan,-'Whitney

,3 ~ Trade or Special Interest Publicatlons 4,~ In terviews

s. Surveys

6~ Observation 7,~ Go~t

8. T'rend Info: Dent,. Popcorn

9~ Advertising and Marketing Trade Pub's 10 .. Experts

11., Internet

-B·'AS]'·C·'· R- Ep··E- RE'N·· C:::-·E 'T'OO·- ··LS

, _._ - ~:. :1_, 1.1 J,." ._

& S: EC-:··Ri'ET~I- - ·W··:·: E' "p·O· ··N···~S

'.' ". ···~'l . r .~,,:__ '.

I,. Dartnell "Greatest Sales, Letters" 2 ~ Jv.U.niion Dollar' Mailings,

3. Who,"s MaiUng What I' Wha,t's W'ortin,g 4~ Scwab book

5 ~ Swipe .FlIes

6. Words That Sell (Thesaurus)

ME·.S:·.··· S·········A············· G·.'. ,E···

- ' .. " .. _. . ..

. - -



1 i Qlu,antitty 2. D i vers ity ,3. Quality'

4. Organiz ation

A) Head lines

B) Opening par.ts ,e) Q/A

:D) Proof

,E) Offer's

'F.) Order Forms 'G) Bnvelopes

''ILl') M· 'isc 'C"'O:"PI"Y""

,l["].,,_,: .·.IJ..~~., :.__ r

1 ,~ C lassie Ads

2,~ Current, contemporary advertistng a) Tabloids

b) Ma,g~z ines read 'by yO'UI' c ustnmer s 3 ~, My newsletter

4'11' Exthan g'ed samples, and. info (eg s, Pla t~n u'm" C.1 ub) .5 ,~ 'Mail you receive


i. Theatre Of The Mind

(Egs.: Spend a day with your prospect)

2 ~ Mental Rehearsal

(Egs.: Role. play' the pitch)

T,'Q,' 'G" 'et W,' '0, 'r-' k Do ;n' e Fast er '.,

',. ," ':",' I :..' • ," ,'-. • • • • ...:_ ". " iii!

3.. Clearing The 'Calculator

(Bgs.: Ability to get to work, Instantly)

4~ Conscious Distraction ;..

Subconscious Assignment

For' ,wee "i"t1.!onna,tion about to.,e fsycho=Cybemetics, ,FOUDdaJ1iO,n, can '6.02/26,Se1922o..r fax 60,2/269-3] 13~

3 X 5 Card Sh~ffle'


N'c>teboo;tJLe,gal Pad - Page Headlngs


Stream Of Consdousness Rou,gh Draft


1" Rewrlte existent letters

2~ Recycle previous controls

3~, Tum ads. m to, lert,e;rs'; letters into ads,

5. OjA, format

6~ Master and use Psycho-Cytu~m,ietiC's Techniques

7.. Concentrated effort



Condensing More Punch

Unanswered Questions And Obiections


.3 i Reduce options to work faster

1. Read out loud

2 I, Have someone else read, out loud 3 I Have a kid read tt

4~ Try it out on peers and associates 5, Try it out on other competent

COI:PYWri ters

6~ Try it OU't on customers and potential customers

7 'I' Search for its weaknesses

'HIUM" . O' ·R·

'I 1 _.' _'I I ..•.. I .•

1 ~ Risky but rewarding

2" Part of a st)lle, rCA personality

3~ If serious about using it, study it


11 Buy As Trained To Buy

21 uuubut Can Get Bored With Presentation

3 II Never Be Lazy Or Assume Pre-Sold ,,4. Feel Entitled To A Better Deal

5 . u ~ ... but Never Apologize For Asking For More Money


1,~, Selection

2t Economics

3,t Sequencing

.L TypicalitYlof dahns

2. Anecdotal VB;; Sdenttfic

3,., ln-Contexa Disclaimers vs .. Prominent Disclaimers

4~ Medical- .Legal-· Investment Advic,e

5~ Prices and Discounts

6~ Fu.lfillment

A,s you canl ,se'e, II'v'e, se,n" 'VO,U !

a wholle, bag fun o,f menev I ~

Itlieor,e,·lls IQ l~ot more whelre fhal ceme fl'Olm.1

'~-- ~ ---

Thae:s right = ex:dllsively ,for 'my Inner Circle )i'embers" I'm prov.iding a DOtTB1.&:yo1lU""'mOfiey-b~ck guar,an tee with this Dew II tOol. u

You will have: ,a.:mn lWO MONTHS' w, revl~w ~,t and! profit fr,om it. ]I YO!U, i!liTe not absolutely thDJ]ed 'Nim iii eager WI kee:p it, .and eag~ ~o co..nti.rn,u~ l'\ecdvmg certa in benefits ,a."mdUID to U:, you CMl SQply renun EVeortltiDS. f-o.,T, a full. c~h fiefund, of every prmflY' ,you paid PLUS a,gam. 'dia,t mnotJ.nt in, '" scriptrl that you, can use for ANY p.1lirCbase with m~ Of' my oompanie5~' for [books, tape:St ;subscription upgrades IOf reD!ewaJ!s" s~ ~ce" even co.n.sulting fees.

I trust 'YOU to be fair'" _

And. 1 mow you, 'Will rant. this H'w.cdl1 as the v.,elY' best' thing' .1 have 'eV€r sold you AND the very best "bargam'' you've e!\iI&' ,gotten,~ me, But if you. dis.agree" for My reason, you get your ,money back ~lus, ,again that ,much 'fo~d ower pmdwses.

In all my ,years of publi~hh1g j 1. have NEVER offered $och\ a gUlrantee .. That sboWld kmnOOla.t6_ytell you something abour just bow profitable f\eading: 'IDs letter ,m!1IS en,tirety, carefully, m~orougb!y, might be to you..

The pro D.illa:m: how to access w.iuu· I know effici~ntly" to gEl't' wha~ you need, w:be~, you need lt,

Let me [expiaill how litis ~i tool ii VIlaS: built. Two years ago~ a very capable [editor and. ot.8;mi2ed.-'~er'l very famillfm- with my'WOtk,. 'took everything we could, find tha,t I had said~ 'rau:gh,l", recorded or Wtitt-en. pubJJsbed and 'UlijJ,ubl]1sbed., even consuJ:ting sesston not as , smce .l97.5.m ... ~ .. quit~ llterally a" '1:I"Wiler-,tr.Uck, full [of mraw materia I' ', ...... and set' out to ,edit Qufan the dup,ikil!Jio.n, pu1ll '1!og·,etne.r. an me' I. gemsl] , and, ge'~ it o'q;anUed: in 10 categories and diSdpJines~ som,ewhat Jike an encydopedia.

It took n~ady an entire year of ViIU'y.' del1itated effort. I iDves~ed: a ,larg:e sum of money in her' ,effort..s~

'!;"'ow '!!,'I;u.a '"- ........ ~ ~,~ .... ,,...1J.;-;'I!'IIAI - ~.;,th, ···.I.' ... 'I· - .... ;iEI, .... I ... U'L"' .... _ .. _,..II ...... - .. ,'t.'e 'r """"_,Bfl _'"

J."'I,,~ ,,"~ .IL',,"'IOi' ~.yy..,;;;,~ ~i"'. 'R'~ :s_u~ u.w~a!!:l.'h 11/V.LIl~ 1", '~,,~ .... i!!W,n~

useable ~d actE:'.sSible,

[n to'wl 19 yeG!J's, of my e~me:ru::e ,and nearly .3 }'eMS of arduo.~s iaibo,f, b.a\'1e' gooe .into as.semllJlli:tg PQ[\\'B{ PO:OOS fOr you...

'M- _- " ' .- , ", ...... ~I ' l,A, .... - ...

L ere W,a_.s my ,g'l;.ik;U,~, my ,~.

A'i any dme, fo'r any ,si,pedfic p'u.:rpose~, you coutd go rig hit to the prcper place in tbls, OitooIH and ge.f ,i! quick~ ,cO,Q!dSIe refresher - wh,a r would lJan ,mink and' say a~,b(nn~,?

SOI,t let·s, ,say y()UD!~re gettin,g readiy to go and ,gwe ,I. speech, [0 p~uar:Je 10 or .10,000 to accept yom:- Dr' bu;y your pfiOOUCU. Ybu ~O'U.IDdl ins-aw.dy yaok me ,Dlro 'th-e !100m, and get al,lquick If doWDloadl! of my best ,advice and slI'a:te:gi,es. for ,gT'01llP s.elI:i.tlLg'~ plaJtfunn, seUilng and ,p,ubHc s,pealW1g.

Or ]$R!s. SAY ¥O-l1'~m putti;nlg 'mgetie·t at Q!W slles letter of .al!dverdsement. ,mctym:lT,nt.&tt1mptd onl'ltb_e offer.,m You. ge_it ,me,ln instandy Ilibelm do",,",fj tnee the ClbtMr :nm m ygur d~sk M~ ,[fern aft' my \igor best suggestiQns for building .,e mgstpowerful. ,ma.gneuc offers nqssll),lS;

OJ" yo~:!r~ about 00 g!ll't OIl the phone ,and De,gothlte' a ded widll a

, .. ,~' ....... 'I - 1 ... ,:~ ",.iIIt ... ,.: ... ..:;,'t. '!).~i __ '1' .. , vn.'.' .... ~r!' I,a ...... :D!.r.,_L.."' ....... , ~.;i~ ... , - 'd P 'o-; .... ,e,r,e,

p~,,Y 1I.LU.LJ.C'!i;I;!II LoU,~" ,J!J'~ i";"~' .... J ,.,:Iii ~' ,Ud.l uwd ,£u~, an: ~ ,za . - U.,!,""';; 11m.

I am, to' go over a hatldful of. key ideal, atOO'lll,t MImin g in neg'ou31dons ..

I'm at '{RUT bedumd Ran. MY; As needed .. As often as_~needM.

Of course, some J'::nlva'te dienu do 'tbis, now' ~ by getting me O,D, tae phon,e ~ at $700.100 an hour., Or evm ilY'iD\g in 'to ,see me. But you may not W'iW:t 1'0 face consulting bJJ.b of 52"lf}(U]Os $,3,5.00.00, $5,6.OCJi.IOO or more eadl month. I know :y[ou1r.l, i[eally p.rofit from tbe mcredlible cQnvenienoe of belm' a,bleto d.ipJn:ro_ my bUlin, and guD om: !he. appmnnate II ~.xpen:sive ,'XDe:rience" am:yrtme VOULCWGl(JJ:' to. JUSt ~ ,I do,

:Many of my rsmdents,t hav'e been ,asking fm- a ,fe'SQ.'W:"ne Uk€! tl1i:s for years,.

Maybe you,!:r.e, C!'ll,e of mem. It's ,final),' here. Now y,ou can kEe:p me, OD, the shelf' rt~b.t next to your [desk, ask m~ a questiOn any time you waa t to. and get an

mstan't answer, (Il'you~V'e p(f-ofite,d at all: u[om, Whalt' I've provIded to you se far" why wo~ It you, jIWI'Jl,P at 'thl~n

Th,e "birth ,of the 5S ,8 ~800.,O 0. book,

In fact, a Quick story; wha:1! prompted, tlle de:V\e1opmen. t ,of POVVER pooos. in, 'the first ,pJa,~:

Three y~ar-s ago, a long:""IWne n srude1uliI and [OCC'ia~ client ,ca.J.]ed. me, an_d said, "I've dedded ,rd, likE!: to have some ,kind of ,3 reference ,of just abo~t ev,m"y piece of adfvi[C'e you iv[e ,ever giV'eD Oill! an a,'dv, in ODE!: pJa,ce. Bow mum, 'W'Otdd it cost for you to ,go through an yow- rues md notes and put ~t in nae pU,ce for mE!:r

,Af'reT a bil: of 'tbought, I sa14, "'Probably fi\!'O full weeks. II At my' m.~Phoem day rate for C':on$~wting, matr.d run $'5; 8,8DO,QCt QW'te u:iUlldy I' I kn,e'W' be a daan ting~ b:erculetan projeet" 50 ,1 q;,ucted, $5 8'm,IlOO.;QO" cerrain such a pmice would

end 'me dlKussion.. -

il As long: as }'IOU, don It give: it Of ~eD. it m anybody else," he said, Irao ahead aad 0.0 .it., It'lll probably be worth the ,55 8,~OOO.DO to me 'IDe frr,st mon:th. I haV!ft n .. ~ (Does, that seem Qru'tlas:u;i1sh to yo~,1 Well, ,llmt vweek, ]: ,~ave oae of my on:gomg clients one sttateg)'UI in, under ]JJ mmnt.u']3S, tha.J.t h.E!, 'turned mto over

S 17 rOOO.OO in 'IDe very BeXJt, 4, days ~, very' ,a,ocura;mly measured.)

,After t.binking U: over, I refused [be S58 ,000.00 ,fee: aD,d instead deddoo to ,asiSemb~e vitis resource and it avdable 00, ,an my Imlu Cirde M.emberc$, at ,a_ much more ,aftior[dabl,e mveswent. And, dle ,gimt 'project big,aD" as ,r've liready desmbed.

Q,h,., and. by the ~y" his $5[8",000..00 ¥IOWd amy have go'ttm him, ooe--tbird of the complete Power Po,mm tllall now have for you..~." yo-u~,re goin.g to. set a S150~OOO!<OO ~s,ySten1" ,

:N,Q .f1,uff~ No, fiUei'~ ,No fu .. fu~ N,o wading w,ough clever stories, j.okes Or uythW.g else to get to 'me p,o-iLmn,.

A wPowu Prunt' is some·tWng so ~p'ortant[ so aitica], so pv().tal that ,it ?JQlil.'e can ml1&Lor bf'eak the ptujec~ th[e m.ark,eWlg piere;. 'tbe ad., the letter~ 'the pholu!! caJ:Jl., 'the p~~tatlOD, 'the e,m,treprmeUJ"ial plw of actfO;g~

A 'Power P,om,r is, so,m,e' so useful, mfiueDJ'tiru and ,effective it em resolve even a seernln_gly enonnmJi:!i problem, ran break. through, par,alysJ.$ of analy&ies, p[rpvide light in darkness ~o ~bow you the, best \Wy out.


'11_ -, . ' 1'IIf"'\,1.1; reiD' to ,n • .Ftfte< 'M·' I. • , ... 1 'Ii'I', ' ,,0.'" ..... .i:l: _..!I', "CC: 600 . 'f' ... 'b., 'IEI.-,.., il.IL!I, .my new ('v'' 'f Q'\., " u."Il 1 ~ "mu~i1' ve 1 ,e.nIWR:i1.lL over "" ' 0: UJ.ese ,r"u\"Ver

Polnts1 divided into 3 m.ain cal:eg.o.ri!!s:

1 ~ Ad'vertlsmg. Mm;keting & S'ale,5

2~ Entrepre:I~H~Uf."sb.ip & El'Mine~:s Suc\ce.s,s :3 • Persoaal AdIievemen t & Prod:uctivity

.~ ... .but there are a guimOD. sub-categcries .. Just for example, in ~Adv~sin,g;,

Marketing '&- S-ale's,l, there. aresub-categortes ]jk,e: Headllnes Offers. .,

G'uar-mtees~ .. ~, .. 'Comume:r Psychology ww.Multi.-Step ,t4aikiettDg i. .... Lead

Gmeratioo .... .S'ense ,Ofu::rg:ency ...... P'm~ition1n,8·.~ • .anc] many more.,

A sm.aJl! sam.pJing of 'me important strategies r. racucs F "pearls of. wisdo.m'll etc. ilndud'sa ill Povver'Pomts"can be,f,ound on me '!~gold~dl,MI weeit of~aper enclosed with 'bS let:t~., I d,efy. you to go, tbroug'h it Mid: NoT find things certatn topur money 'm your ,podtetl

The Power" :Poin U, [ncred~ b]:y DetaIledil Index Ma~es All This Wo:rk F'Of V ou A!, If I ""'as Si rtln g Kigb [; 'There, ""raiting To ltutanUy Answer Any Qu.estion

The' lNDE.\: is darned near ,;fc:a1 •. Puttin,g 'tOgether the End~ ~ almost as herculean a ,ilroject as~, dom__g eV~1 else"

l'his, fs a detailed, cress-cress-cress m~ced, .b!ghly o.r;~~ao.izEd. easy '[0 use JDdex" 5·0 yOrU can 11111:' from, question lor top'i,r. 'to ~s fast. Wen' Power Fointis numJJged, eV'E!.Pl pigais n,um·bered .. and !both .sets -pfnum'ben ate. Nm .in the Index.

You can g'o to the lndex Mid! instantly imd. all my' Po.~ Points for:

sales feUers; 'arn'Veropes

mum~ste.;p mmetrng campaigncS lead generlatfQ.n

rei:ord~d !ifI:e-5sages


order ferms lpremo~cnal baoks usir'lg m,mllng ,lists etc,

preparirn;g ter ,an imPQrtMt N.E~01"JAiION

i ncre,a_sing a bu'si ness'! C.AS~ FLOW cheap, dci-it~Y.OUfSe.lf MARKET R ESEA~C~

F'~aotrng to S UIJ DEN A[J'VE'AS~TY dElVe-fly FI[~e I NVENTltNG In business adding !Sizzle ~ a SPEECH, e'k:',

I have consul ted in over 176 diffiERnt businesses, industrIes md professions, ~:th clients r,angmg W, size from less than a milllioo, dollar~ a year. in sales. (0 aver a billion cloUus a year in sales, and e.verythin.g in, between~ ,My' diEm.~s I successful re5mlts :hav~ made me a marketing le;g,end.

,I have boot, bo.ught, sold busmesses, Created pubruhing and marketing busmesses for $500.00 to SS tOOO~OO that have subsequently produced m.illJO,fi5. oJ dollars;in sales.

J have had mnnnou.s; and embarrusing fuilu.res~

I private dients Ul [condn,ttiDg relaJtionsbips as long ,as J. 0 years~ customers and subscribers Vliholve been ~rh me as long as, 15.,

I have faced hundreds of business problems, r.housand$ of ,r:oarkedfig chauengea, turned ,iQsm.g, PfOj,€!C'ltS Into mnna-s:; multiplied, ,profits ,Md, ,mco'mes, in vented tnlly new and irulovatiye' metaods and strategies, even, revel u.tiO(llZed a, few en Dl'iel ,mdustri,es.

Every' eunce ,ot ali that e'q)En£11c·e, S' (IJJ!ld unsuccessful, is

- . -d '. d .... ' .... ,'"". ....lIud ,AI', PO"'ILl:I'CD po' ,.n.,n"if'

COU ense.::.. WY.Y m'U[ eQ,m·"u~ ' .. .IIlill!.;;:i~

POYtER--;PL..OUfl'S is so g;h!gn.c h em It ev~n bs----.put in 9t1!t! vo~un;iJ '1_ POV!l& Poin'ts \¥.ill. be delivered to you ,m tl:U'ee ,hu"ge volumes, across three' months: me fiflii vG,lume, I' Advenismg!. M'w:"~e'1ing &: SaiU[' will anj,\re early tn August; 'tt'li!i sEQond, IIEn:ttepreneursmp '& B,usines.s S'u.cces;~t 'Will. anive in Sep.·tember,: and m.e tlUn1~ ~PenoDal & Prodw:urvityi"i iii ,October.

] i ve Made. R As ~i Pai:fih:~ 53 ~ As Possi b~:e To Acq,~ire Power Pomts

,0 PT I e'H A ;'. You can i nstruc't, 'lIS 'to, c.hal:'9,e Y'our ere d:.i t C i!i.rd the we.e·}:: ,ot' ~ach of' the5'e~ shipmelJ1t.s" SC' you "pay a,s, you, go I~ ~ O'PT'!"CH R: 'Or, if Y'O'!l ,pref'e:r smaller IiiIOnt;,hly ins1t.allments, ,in $ t.rue: to U 5 to (:: h arge, :YOUI:" '0 red! t. Cg r'd in, f,1 ve ins·t,allm.ents:

July 15, AU'~PJ,~t ,_ 5" Sept..eme-e:r, 1.5, October' 15 gnd NQ;v~er 15. fj'PTION C = Or ~ if YO'Ill, l;jlLe'f'~r 't,o prepCl,Y.r y"ou'll save lQ%. ,¥'ou c'an p:t"'B'[Ja¥ a chec.k~ n,Qw', or a ,5i.ngle credit. car d c:b"e.irqe \id th 'the shipment of t.he .: irs,t v,olume.


.!"- - -- .-

'You ,way indicate your ,praer-ence, '00, th~ Order. ,F()tilil\l returned by FAX or mall, or if you '~t, to cd m your',or-der; ~ 1-&OIlJ-22l-7180" be sme'to tell the persoo, taking Y0rwlr Miler of YOW" paymmt pref.eren~:e: A" ,B,,;ot C~

\Nb;y am__I go:mp! to such an ex:tgt 'to ~e it MiY f:q.tyou. '00 ~gtU ,Pgwer ,Points? ... even though 'everybody,m. my offices i~ rrumblml ,mJ;ghtUy about' aU tbJis oomplca:ted accoWltWIg? le~e, I bel1eve tfltis' is 'the most im,portantj valwible ad benmdalll,pro4ucc" rye aea:ted ,in :mY'eDtdre car-eer and I Wbt evetl'; ,one of my hmer aroe Members to have it. I do Dot, MD,! to ,leavE! ,any stone w,t'U11:IIed In ,my eIfon '00' PlU' 'this in, YOm' ha:Dds and! in the' ba~r.1s of everysingl~' Circle Membu.

ThaI means ,1m, seekmg an wiliem1 of.~ never befO'Rili a.dUev,ed, "impossible,1I 100%1 response to tbis [ettm Uf J glf![ tlla~, toge'tha" ''rNe'n have made ,bisrr:oryr)

Re.m.embe,r.-; It, Is ,Fm,possible To; Be Unhappy 'With ',ower POI,WIU:S, ,Impossible Nat To Pr--o.lfit Bim!d.s'o.,ely

',rom This ,Decision

YOijl, Cm Sav,e BIG - DuriD,g The In,U'-oductOl.'y o.fiel'"

,PO''\N'ER 'OOO'S willlb.e r~~y pdcid, ,at $"S99.00'~,a Cifde MembeT.'S who, Kt~, up fOr POI\IVElPOOOS nolater tilanJwy ,lIt AAveSO%:. s~vmgs ~e

...... ,; ... .,.,,':"!'~ 'Ik TCiL.Jl'CD b <R!:r._;;41 , ... ,i_

~rii,y, i;"'~;'Y i:on. . e 'iO\ua l~ ag;r;Yii.

Yo,ur in,vesunent ,fs just $2:9.'7..00.

JU;S,it As A Refremer' .. Bow P,f-of1mble Is My Advice 1.

Take ,a, ~rJok at the emdosedl IIpUlk sb,eets:" of paper - P.RooF Wt paying CAREFUL AND mOI.OUGH atten:ti!.QD, to ,my advice ,is, wmth tlIJO'illSands, teas of tbou~andSt even hundreds of thou.sands Qf dQl1a~rs;o

YO'll might put thousMdsi lof dollars m your ,poc'ke:t from, just ODe: use of p~ Poin,ts~ :~gme 'WDat you might'mate. by ask~ii']g' it a q:ue'Stlon everyday1 :MGS OF 'MONFi~ ~mat',s wlmtl

Wake M,e Up m The Mlddme Of The ,Night

,Go ahead: worry me, endlessly "With y01!lr questions .. Pob me! m the side aad ask ,me ijuestioDs all! ,r_la;y kUig'. Ron me over and as- me a Q.,~esdan in the

__ o :- _ 0:


ntidd1.e of the ,r::!anmed. m.g;bt. ,pi:eJJi[cus :se~ :mion. 'who does· il. slOmersillult

eve:nr timLLde'aJd. fi:sh is 'W"IIeiffi. Iq,ve.r it-:S he~d, I 'NiL1 to .,

':a]ert:ne's~'_Jr__ru}D:'V ,m~9m 't'01 give.dlO~Lm·¥' v~OLhest· id~e._as", advice· and an-s-~Ts!'omen:~$J\o~ti'C'J!, an}t tim eu.___a s, ,often as VIlU di,B'sire. Tqat~

wh,at ha-\tiU,- __ Jn,y PO\-~lEJK __fOIN],S ena h~,_es"'y:o'U W, do,. ,~. -

-II'~I o. ~ 'I III

.BY the way, to bean :mner Circle .Mem.ber ;~. 'NOT hav·e m±s at your fing"ertlJ,:'-'s~ ~ that doe::sn'tt mak-e much sense, d.oos ,it1, This Feally' is THE wtilm'te 'Dm Kelim.edy p,rod!Uct: if y® l~le benefited from any oif my Jjrod.ucts .•

'W,eD, yo,u must' ,tins product : . . ,,'

.Be tb',er€' .M. huJier' CJrde .Mpmber· ~tb .sour 50 dad he .Of'· me. is . .H·ot orga:smic:aUy udt:ed aboL! f' ha:v.iQr' m¥ i21:j~,~ Jl.rai:Er m a. box. desJ:side, ~ifUJ.g' to .f~sp-O'nid· to '~l!' .btttmeS-&i ,qu~£ti'Orif' -

Now '8---' ~''F'oCI,1 If: n,n-_. T-" '0'--: ·""riII,a'r----

.- . __ ,_" '!iii" 'IiO ,." Du'_ ' '!;J . -,~,u ...

(lm:ln.edia tely, To Save s:O%U I')


8etween 1 GAM ,Md 4,I?M Eastern Time~ 'VO~ I~ ~I 'toll-Wi~,

, ~B[)Q..22J.. 7180 .. Have the endl~5ed AC.fION 'FOI!'IM i~ 1fcrn or you, ,alitd order OQIi 1ne

phone" . , s " .


Ainvtimet, 2'~ hours ,~,day" ., dayS a 'Week. iii' rtght Ids minuts - 'you ean 1m ICiU1; tlfl.ri!' ACT,~ON ,FORM and FAX it G02I2aS-S 1 '1,3.

A!e' jB ..... ·d -FA .......... D'iE'e..,1 -T'"",, C'a°'!lr' 1!I"I"lII..:_ T .. '''f'i'I,._ B'I F\ . 'In

'" ~u. ,'1!0;1\~ '- ~ .Yo , .... ' WI. '-;,1" ,,l,~ ,Q' ," .!Y,'e, ,___'_ g, vue.



ti,ght .now, you s.ave 50%1' get YOW" dJoke' of oonveDient payment cho.ices, and get a. double .mon,eyback g~.tee·", 'VI/haJt ,m~ em, .~. do to Ulod:v,ate yo~. to say '!~ye8~ti rlgD't .now? (Don't o-v,mook the endosed ,l1ol"qe'li sheer oJ paper,~mo


50~ it allWY:S romgs, to ttBi.s: tbere~s, no,'filmg ~: 'to say'., I ,haVE: dome' everytbine; I .mo,w 'to do, to pu't you and PO'WeI' P,oint! tQ.,gether. In fact" if tbe:r-e's something I haV€D'~t done (Shon of givhlg: it ,away) tbat yo,u think l' sboWd ,have dOJ:1ej rd like to mow about it. And if yoU do get Power Pomts and you do not agI',se f.'E: is 1HE mOST ,po,werful wol rve 'ev,er providetJ~, ag,ree ir's 'easly .wor.tb, 'ten. tm'Ules ~a price and more, I defj',ni·te:ly want you to, Te:nmi ~,t fOt' yoW" dcubl'e .~

r;~ll be. a huge .mystery to me if you choose not 1)0 put p~ Poim.ts to ~rk

=Y~ ~

Dan, S. K~'Medy

fSI; ~!I!r r6-ft.din·1J !ftf .ut.1H; Lti.ter ~ t,h~nt' tM.iii 0'Iil'1l-E' ~il1I:Ii" ... fo' day., :I:'V>t1 ,daCl1~ tli:!' Up tb_ nUl. t ,1m ,,uly ",,~.a, m pi; ~ CJ!itil cf l1W I:.DI!!.r c..t.ri:i 1 Jii, -mDllirilli 'lIi!liiiflrf ~ Im.uq. SUji 1I~Ii't y.w brI ,dt •• .tidJ .. adI" lIIot 'mII.l;v will I ~!;i, ~ ~,f i'Ltltii ,,£;'I,I'1I1:f'=D w;t, :!I~ .. ~ .bi 1Ii._~1Ii &'9'Y Pi["adlQ~i II~U. Dr .I'enic. - t" 11 Um:I il'A1' IDtJI ,20" 00 D' Rl'r:!D CU'B "c:, ywii

~~vtll1Ji, m:e~ ~t 'a, r1iJtb.1:.:: ~ ~n. :'l' ~k p1\1.11 'tvg;ty' .biiI!U:. G'l.t1i. ~f m;y .~~

PJl'B' If ~ 'td.'I! r#fI ~~t. ~ 700. GO .per :b~ :r-&'t!IiI,. .ad .U~! 1t. 1:a)..u' ~~ 5 ,~IIJ!'tiili!1I to ,uk i8J l!!iiDiJlLiiI III!!il!!iilft:1iU. iIlQIiI, bAVt!i __ . .ImrWK j,t;~ t:.M.t baa ~ tc ,lIbout ,~, flCir 0iIl81 pbC' _ cf &fii:Q ~ 'U-iie ,f1;Vt1" ~u jiDlit , ~. !I!Dd yn '!!r>t!I ~!iiI"a. !:;I~ t.U:

g .... But: ULa'it ' •• Ull. "',ama.U tI~toIi.~ iii ~ir1D.. ~ ~Si ,",-'" U!i .~ :t"i:lX:,. v,U·tJ..q 't;g u.ival!i y~. g.~r ,:!l.!!=U!,t_J.':r~ ~V1. :be _rtJiiJ ~r til :f~'!!!l ~I

ilI'PS: ~ ;I "~vel .'lI'!flft !ba4 (. Ji,,1l-_ni e.d: ~ ,Of) Pi:nIU' ;p~ ~~ "'i:nCmII~aQjJ" mado ~,~ 'th.a fl¥mBli8pad 111 bUl elf !Ei~r iPal.n't. lJ~Ul'lll1l ~ UBg.. t1:;;.1 ~ &II ill ~ Gift ~ s- .' " :lf1n't. ccma" ~U.t •• ;R\iI!ili!l,,·liIntil t.Q 1!!I~p;il1,'f :i.I, ~ - ,I'm ~. ~~ij ~~. '10 _ ilNX'S. you, ;;~ a. =nou -:tIJiafit. li:!lIil..l :li,-Ir!'OO ... :i!~3-,"r:ii.illlo. ~ !'AX 'O::il'-~,f,~-JlU l:.~Dn..'l'E~'l., ~ If 'ya;u. I'!.XJ lot ~ d.te ,UIIIi t..t.m. en ~ hDli~)


Here's just a, tiny sampling o:f the "gems" to be found in PrO'WER POIINTS,


1.. l.ME par:Jidigm sbirt: in how you ~ r-'O'ilt"~;eH; thial~ ·p.t'Oduces ·a0if.mCU.'Ii_s"Jn $1 'liari'ns In sales and! 'profits

2;. 'Wba t is the secret ·of rhe entrepreneur 'who call take' r.1 sl\:;s

'W!;itbou~; wcrr.ry1 _

j..Wha'[ to do if ·ev~ryl!looy ~ your' :idita.

4. TIt-e !best: p'ieiCrl2: of peoll~IEl' m.margem'!!nu advtee tba,1t; ~ve!r'.ybiiJdy ~ Inc

5. THE car,t\mal Rule; rOf' !h!l~p~q

'0. THE finSlnCi-a1 :seCret lila'!!: pWJ:s rextrao:niiiIJ~f 'proJ~ts from. 'ol"'rdinat)'· blJlsi!;~e$

7. W:by incr·easiog :s:a.~I!!., iSi r.uel.)!' 'tbe right ·#1 priority'

a The' ~~ Rules Of Mana,g~mt q-ail:: prevent !pmiic I in,sun: ifli.h'jecti,'ri.1l:y. 'in:S'j[,e:ad of em.orh:lllllall:',erop.o!lls.e, and fUE·W

('am mapl! of m'tind

9. H.ow tbe Mlim ...."ate, Sm!itegy cu co.nq.' mo:st mtr·epRneur:,· bl.gge:st, mOSt freq\ileDdy l"'eDcellH'f':ilo8" mQS~Lcti§·ta2i!!rul,-DmbJ;m

In H@1Af m Iml. ~t '!'LUiS~r niJ'renitkbn.'"

Il.\Nbat eae jj1in;grediieJl t." ShOr1l1d eV'f!ry pn)du[;:,t nave i befo:r,e :yo~ inV'es,t iii. muketi'og itt

12. How '[fi Icreate: a. C:a:d;J!._;Eh}\'!I' :Sl1rgf!: wh~ you Deed! 11: most

13. What s:mgle; .reoccuf'1ing dedsioD, has more to do, ' yOrur l08;g=tenn ,s;u,cces.s m business than any de-cisio,n. yOu, I D, ever' ,make - and wby rdo .most·\lr,S blow this a,ne .mrlJfte oftren WaD. not

14. The power of' pa.rrastte ma.R.etkns;:: bOlr.'i' to gmlemllJdiettDI: c3.'ptml Qifl.I'tt off dUn air

].:S • Wh'a:1t Is, tile: parpO$e ·of being; in busiiIiJ>eSi ,1' (Mo,s!:

e'D'~ r IIl::P f' Ie: A,e·u:r!5i thts all ICT':e:wed up,n I)

1.6. Tbii! POWeJ" of "'Qverl\eadi c-ree"

17. VYbv KiP]~ v®.[ worn: ~ arid. 'how'~ proreet yOiiJ.n,e«!

UL The Fiv·e .!t1i,dei5 Of lSYi.iiine.$.s t'hia'l!, followed, \'in:lIJod,y ~p1U"omtee ultlmate we.ditli


1 Tn!!! om Iy :k'ind o'.r que:nh~iI'!l Ito ,a:st., wh.en (:Io:sing ,a sale

l. Hr[}W ,LP-mp'e_m.j§'U:n.d,enmru:ltn! costs mo~ 'p:rof~onm (}mc:~,. serviee Dus;inesse5 a.nd. stores m\1lIll f.;QI['tuflielSi y,e_u ;aft:e:r rear.

3. mat ya;u- mu~t 'know ;;[' 2~ndins Mgpl€

4,. The one 'tbiDg eve-I)" p,:r'ospect'l CIl$ ramer or d.feu t 'wan is S!D de,Si,pua~l.y that, 'tfi,e), van 'buy jus,t ,about anything from lb,ybody whQ CaD flilfiU this: pPmal need

5'. HOW t'Q' make_pfice @ npn,"issu_J - every limel' (Z sbDp.:le

tee'h Ij! ignes 'that take ',price' I01ll!:t of 'the buyiDg detision" even in price senstd"'e ibmioesse.s, fiD,ed W,:i,th "cheapesr ,pnce~"

6.. b'!! pt.I"SOIl .... IiD-peUCCIiU :se1Ung' 'O'f negotlaWlI" the ,most i mpanur "'lrJ;c,kf!l that melm :f'"'9istall.c-e' t\'Wi),y

1;. The \pQN1:f' to;! pat~ sel]jns

:2. 3" .t. 5~

9~ 10~

u. 12

14, 15. H,),.

11. 18.

VVha:t ,is ,more itQ.pomni 'than creative, copy, offer, mrget matkeul, etc" in ~g yoW" adverti&ing pay offl ,f[ow' to (;at ~east) doub~e: thereaderlhipi of' j"us;t a.bout wyad.

1H.E: mom ,1!.'fJ~ kind of dire.ct,.;m.aU campaign

How 10 U~ Itb;:e lJ:w'!(uieq;)all, F'Q;d:gps"' 'W:.Fnmk:e pdyenlsiljl,g _stzz,li! What: is, THE IO,'IU~ tb~~g' peQP,~e _tel l~.@e>ef' 'EO blU,)'! above ,~U gh,e'7

The power lof im.fii'lr rroJn]m'i501t

To,le rwo most fre'1ueo,t1,y made mis,mkes ill aavertising Two~lme' wrds that boost the puJUng power of most' bea.dthleSi

The );)OlVer of the IiII!I o"ffer

Two o'l,;:stacles, thaI even. me' very' besr COpy., ,messagle

and, lo:fter CaA nevS' ovef"co,nu~ .

wfiv shoull1 yO'1iJ, ad'lolle,nlle? (B'eld>eV>e it or not, mOGt pe(lp~e

don 'I kn9W~ and! waste. a 10'1 O'f mtm~ D$ a result ... )

A toU!h, C'hallen'ii.!Dg~ in""your-face Q~CIJi1 Wl 'W,W ,tmI!Ke !ll your a.dV«tis:t.:ng ib~tt.e'r.

,.1\ ilisu:re w,lllillJ:er)l dlncl-mal[ c,am'pa~lin for l~!S,t aibo'u:lt afl,y' bu.drH!5S

The power.' of me bidden '&!fti: how 'to 'l1I.$.e 'dlb smL1!egy

, t Il _ ~ IJ -~...... ,_

10 re:mnv!n~ nr~ 9u~1J

,five :Dlilli.onalms met 0']1, :iI, Caribbean, ~,$I~nd., a-s, a telt:limeDlt to we power of thl@ one lSe~\.,

The ,pO'W'e'r 0;£ :risk !reverQ.J::. .bow to ttea'I;,! eompeJJlna; l'UiUlrilU'I lees;

The power of primii.1tC'y £i.fid ~C'e'llcy

The saltS ~etter I" trick'" most cnp,YIovri !hr-get

Renlen,lbm' t4illm PotUiff' P6ia:t5. tlol'~;liil'ljt I:'O;HI~S with a 'l!:o'IIP.1'th'!liS·ive IN'D'~ ,~(a' :£IOfl Ctltl .I\1;il: yDttr qu~stig,,u!S iind g:d: 1Il:r1'Wt't'J :instil.ntl'yl

Look,! .. II~ve had, no perso.nal cans:ultj'"g time

wt- .. ' .... the' " , ' ·'_'ill...... 'b-' "~" _ 'ba'" tb'_ I "

__ :L11 '_ Be. ,W~lIi 1iIII·.,n ,'er.e s: w_· ,'- .1_ ey ve

achle1?"ed Jus,t b,y paying close attention to my advice: via m" boolml' tap-es and newsletter -

ImallDe, _halt tbey''ll do once· tbey'le.t 'their

pa-"s' O'D 81 \ftUiN!iilP nom'· _, ts'l-' I ,'1' A -d ,fi .... , '-, boul.!l- It

"_'. I rV'n~ ,,1""'1:,, ",.,,1 ;n.!U.' ,.uy,. ; J ',~ _Ql.1

you hit it even biggert

II In ,199 2:~, we· atlmost. went:, gnd~.. 'OIilt' III ~leB 'wer'B ~,'7 3,5 , oCilla .. 0. 0. ~ 1 s:a:t. dlown, and ~'B ,Il 4; yag"r.' placiJ in, Wbi.dh .I for'Bc.astedl III 10'0.' iIJ.c-r,ealSB O'VEilJ:" the , yDiIU:'S r w.i~b ~otd I!nDil,al SalE! tho .. "th "lBar of' $1.5, .mill..lOD '0' n,tl·gtly _' .X ·t~01lIght 1 t:; 'wa'S w:i9 b1!.ll thi:llkiIiq;o ,J'f' you possibly r,ameldber,f I :i5Iitayed ,aftar t;]18 i S~es:s 1994 I event at; Sxhibl,ticn Col.iae~ in '~o_rm'l'tc, ,11M t.b:aDkedi y'OU~, I ·told .rOUl ,e:f my s:u.ocess i.:n the p.ast. 1-1./'2. yea.liB! wi,t:n. tu.1n'gi· .:I!ly,ers", but; ,admit:tecd t.hat I Ittad J:ilCI otber idBas: loa :h-ow ee increase sales - Ilm'til I list-en-ratl. to yo.'IJr p~8Dtil.t.iot!li ,., I iImsw' ·tlt. FAX ~Jterting 1IIM:i'llJ!,.td! :110t l,gt,. (It. teilds ee aoney people;.~, ~ ~'t:be ,ef:lB.ct. was: more :ne!Jstiw· than posit.i ve. ... ). 0\1ij,jD9 you!Lid 'II.' y thl!!l' '01"' fir.1I t: ,,~i 1, ill,g' I, IdJ. iii wa II ~D .LA ~ 55, f!t~' ni,;,i!!8 .1 iii q ... !t!l!!I'.!!i! O:' ilt,,", l!I',;,!te lI,a,l'li!!i:!!t we Qdel fr,,;~ tb fi,r-:t. ~,ili.IliLei:',I:c·eed ,d ';t5IO'l'I!liIO'O~ D_O~ We have beQD! - mall.iuq ,g iII.V9irage Of ·t'OO aov.e.lop818i each _ek~ O&:nJ:" ~o-tal ~ales, 'the 41t,b year f':t'om my 1992 :planning 'were 1$.2.F.S 1lI1111011 ~ ~ .. ~

34 O!I. ~rea.s,e £r;;om 1992,~ And ~Qf ttabla. Thank you :D~n bDr:U:~dy. ' ..


If Allt.boug:h tld9: t;hai1~f01l. g'Ut ~: .JL,ong ovQlrIciue; t· bope it'. B:trp.t'eSEH!.S my ~t'·at.itude tQr what y~u:r .bOOklS, eapas Mid. Qe~let.t.el',~ have dOM t,o, :l.Dlp.rove nOit. r;:mly :my ws:iiiless_~ .tUl't my en,tU<B .lite .. , I,cu .lII8.y :recall.. D19Bt:.U,g ,my- y,cu1tlqe'r t!rot:he~'f Hi~e" at. ye~I" Orla:nd.c sSliUnar E Hike;; u,Ql,1kems j' blid. littliB I~S'U.:r'B to yal11lr Wirt.". altbough I eften sanael your. princ,ipJ1es' wiU, 1U:mJ .. Be Jla:ft Orl,ando • a, chan!ed. :marn'! f not only !bas his buiS'in.eS.!Si ,s'Ubs-t.ant.ia:lly i..mpr1oved., .b.Uit he l:i:aa ~ gena on a t- cU' w,it.1Ji QUI" .Alpine a.iJ::" ·p.UJ.:r~f.iQ." nus,iness ~ ~

_ W.111.iam, James ,L86 , pres.i,ttant " F'lUEWS POI, LiFE .~.ING


• As ,a, ~eiSul,t: of study,ing yOilJ:::' i-deas, I li:a;ve tl!b~ il, prlCd'lil:cttJriat I bad ~'Ii}\es'ted: yaar!i!l, ,:anc:t i!:KV"O::Jr ,:ill 00 ,j' Ll ilIH!I Ii QdC, ,in" that was dlB'ad in t.iIls w~te::L j' aDd ooiDpletiel"y, ,!illS, you :Slay ~ I :L@'-in'Vented; _ i. 't" 't::a~ell it: d1r.eetl'y to !l:Q;1l9,~:r",S wi,t::iti, yOlll~ :ilti.nd of advetrti:sWg r ~nd b!!l'q,Il.IlI, !@ok ins :mpil8yt:be v-e:E"y f J. r.:I!l,~ :~MLtJL~ If' I Iii t.a:t a,it; the c'!!rran,t :pi&CB ~ :lI:' 11 ha,ve, all 'IIW' d'ebtlS pa.i.d iO~:f ~tJ, be :r.u!l[[l!iDg' a lll"cifi,tatl,la :busi'i:n:ts9 in 'jtlS,t; four ,more :ili.Ofit:h~; ~ r onclBi s:pen,t. $1,5"," 0 0' ~ ,0 @ wi't.ih, ,a,' ad,Vlerti:Sl iDg at'!;'e!i[ii,cy' a.nd 9",_01: b!!l:pkus flQr it, ~ I'!' ve' 8'p,t!!'nt le~,:s tJ~i:!U'i i$ ,1 .. 's,GlI (II Iii !1!1 0. wi't::til, :yeu. arnd am mklll.g' ;!I. :fortune, ~ '"

,- (!:arol. Van, CEO, DmWATIo.lfS, L ~ L ",e~,

Au,d burel',s ... ba,tls :hapPCD'fnl,g 'with, B, few personal clients "", co,uldone of'the ,pg,werr P,Oints t'hat ]'rve giveD 'them :pel'SQ,na)ly have a,

bl!'11Id"A '-'pa,:l'!it 0- • .,'o'ur L::";~_;"'AiiC!;iE!' to-' 0'" I "~I~ QQ. ~ ~~ ,".1 - . :"<''".'. .: Uf~~, - .. ' :,:-1 l~

iI $,1' 0" ,0 00 '.' 'o'a .1n. bus:ines!!li in 41~ days, a:n'd ~ bi,g ,cbunk cf t:bat l'o'\'8;~' le:l:t;,r,~ .r,e~nue, I '. d h:a,ve, never ,I!i!'!eiliD, with~t ,the one!n, yOll! gll.v-e :!JIe '.' If !' d been, 'I,\Is1D~ t! ,ana :aD'C'B ,the f1r~;t; o:f~ t.he yeatr,.

I • d ,be BI,t laa!!!j't, ,$ I 00 ," 000 .010 futIler iD,erui. Ii ~ ,JiI:'.ie P.o11~,b r ~U',~bilina Hi!lLt'}tetUgl

·!Ere p-~,t 'illS ,in 'u.s h.igb""!pl:'icedJ :semnar bt'l:Sinai!!l'f;ji,~ S h'O'Wed 'Iili![l, how to levera.qe ~, ,'early :~,~iDg' '~~aigiIJ, ''MiIi \'f9~e ,illre;Qdy doi1il.9 s~oes:!5 f'ully in,t-o a:.'bolll,t. 30" ,mare profits ~ ti~ impa'ct, on ,@~r

bus ines:!!' bas been 'e~u!:!!'~, Ii .... li;,i,:regl :staiDliE!,y f Whitellall ,MHna,'g"ame;n,t;.

"Your i!;d h!!!! Q"(:1!t"'l[:iiI!Jll'iBd, the I'c:o-n~' by' ,J-'t-c-.l.1!! - ,Micnael :K.imt!le:

I!!''l hAv,e :P!il~cba:!lad ~~us:ands ,of dollar.El' worth QI:i!: Dan :K,einMdy' ~ boob r 'iI:.!l'pas: I' !lBWS let~er1S ," et!i:!' ~ and itIIQ,'I7e ba;d him :GiPE!4k at, '~ o,:t: my _:d;B~ing1 ~t ca.~s :heJld :for tllQ ,~bc:t".iogr,apby' ;industry,. 1.1~ 'W'e41t.b at: :b1lJS!b&~ Iiii,-ibuildi'ng :iti:e"a;s JUlV-O ihe'lped me qt'c-w' :~r:sona] and, :profB8 !,,alljl' .... and d,irect.:l"y' adQad no :le I!!l 8, th~ ,$ J J,ifi; , OlD 0 ~ OlD '~O :my Sllle~ lal3,t yeu,~,;' ... J"C!\I1'11 lBia,rtman, Co:n,"I::ismpQ~l!r.Y !'.!lc'tcgr:m::apby

M,' Cl1Cllts &QUTJNEL Y !Due $1 O{hOOD.,OO, $20D"OOO'~COi' $500, .. 000..'1)01. cVCn·:~~-~ogS Dr doDus :rr~ bn~:lemcntm,g ~"_:B~F:_~t.cgijE!i! .. 0_, fil.f'_thcl first . ~Ime evll!l\ JO'u, eaa ,have: read,' acCIi!SJi!, ltD all, of 'theBili fOf ,a, 'tiQ

l:iDVes~~D,~"',.'u~ 'tb~"? ,~DS!iiblY' ,~~ a ~~iC l'~UQD NOT, to., e~t PO~R P0Df'(.':5? (If ~1U1 \f,e gnt one I reallJ UBI' I U p.ay S 110'0.001 rar it, M.d ,pwUBb I

"It in ., newsleU,~n



A P'-IIC" TU-'RI' E O-"'F' HER'S' E"LF

, _" ' •••• ,______:_... " I:"___' ~_ •• : I ""':'


""I jllll,t ~ at t=o _1" y-cum, .II,ov ibid ! 1Q1,,;jIGlJ.,1I fOlU.r .'If.l!!li"a,:- ~ in Raw or':Veamil ~b1s Vlaek. !~pec.ially 'tbe~ \B tory :yeo mld la:b~t; t:!le e,]l.,sp.ibMt t.e~ who d1dn I,t w'nt, ~CI' ,iv'S up Sihc'r.f ibW;;,in.etSSI W Bow paop.le: clin,q t.c <tbe collllf'o~lB ratiber' ,'tban impl:'CNe tbeir fhancW cti~~tu~es'. ,Boy r d till ,I ide.nti.fY,1 AD ai, zotike rpM' ,aJU, ,anima.l hudl,er-, ,! ~aV9 not ,bean uk;b,g ,!ill lQ~ of !!I~CUley'f SiD ,I' _ibat"~ sUippl.'~t - ,dl ,my ,UcOl- - d09!i dl1ff'e.r,en~ ,thmgs'r e.van working} as a coe,ktaJl, wai,treEUI .in BOll!r.bon Stteet... ,But 'tJi:le difference bet~el'l ,the 'BrlSml ;g, yotU' s;tor.J." and, m;y.,self. is., :II decidsd ,I :Ilad to ,ma.~, is ..... -,- def'iDJ.'b:' a~q.ea i.n :lILY' ,ltfle~ I fOUnd lIlY CPPQrt1mity wt'ttl, ,8, ales ICODllJ?.etm,y '~Bll.led (DImai c:c!!i'tted,). t.his. pu:t,., By Oc~~, I had; le:ft. the. zeo. to. cQ.!DCElntn,t;e all f1J['f 1ilI':f:t:ort:s Ion '11I!J

tnls~e9 ... I am dlcd.Ii9' quite. 'WliIll DOW Md ,am ,on my 'way ~c .indept;lfidenc:e ~ Bow I VOJ!.:wl:toe:r e-v:ar:J ,!&'r.Lc2aJ a-t; the ,Z:OO~ T'h8 ideas y,ollll ,sb-ued are t~ hel.,p me acfiieve more, tg~er i' i8.!I:IIrj, ,1 I m le~c:i:t.ed, &boat. Iqteit.tUg out. t;.h_e an.dJ gcd.lIg ~ WO~k 'wi tb yow: mBt.hods ~ ~

Conn;, M. DiAJi'cangel~

New' QJiI\eans" Lcu[lSlana


I-r.\" * ~


iI'YES, .... :rd b al" fool NOT w mke you ~p an. thl~ doubJe--gruuanleed. offer·~ to :h:awe Dan~ ·b.:m:in·.in·a;,,·b~ ready ito answl!~ ,my 'rpeslliraru DllIlming .. rm,~Da Of night" kur just: ,$2'-1.00 (a :hUlge dJscuunt bum the r.e,gumu ,rice rof 5599.001 .. gloing i alto eft:ed: a.fte'l' HUs iattodUlcwJY offed\. If there1!J .In loner Cirde .Membei' wh!l does nit dOl this 111 b~ Slu·rpri.:sedl As, ;SOlO''" IIaiB irs av,u]ab~ef nJSh the .first P'owef' p,o~ Db vo~ume to:


Str,eel Add~es'S __ ~~~"""""'_~~_~-=II. City', State"lJlp~_~'"""="_--==""_~~_=----=4I

pncne~~~ ~ __ ~~~. FA~~~~I

PI,' ch:uJe :my Credit, Cud. !lliu!' w~'I"ijf each of thl! .s;hwpments. So 1']), ~e cha~d 199.00 with 1he of the fi rst padu,g'(!' In AUgo:st, $W.OO Qcam. W.l~ th,;e s~wnd. s.N,pme'l11It in .septe.mber~ and! ;$99.00r wi1h. fM' ~liIst ~hipmel!l't tn Octo~l:'. -

(Shlppin,a: ~ bte~,

_Option 'B:: I prefeJ ~ve:i1l smane.r D1IlIi'IHdly .i~staUmmtm iPJe.~se chuge my credi:l. card, 159.140 ,~~,clI JQGlltlh. mr' five' mg,1irti:hsj! ibegimun,g; wUh ,One dtliUg~ j'Wry 15;. the 2nd" A,u.GJm~ 151k; .3m Sept. 15th; ·4th Od. ~>5lbJ bLd t~_,e finm . .lMta[imfllnt Nove:mDtt 15. (ShippJmg iSi IRe),

~Op11o:n, C: [ wmt: 'to save ,1m ~ 10% by pRc-pa:}ling .

. __ A meek is 'endD~d fat $.a61.JIJ (POIIyUte 1m Kmnedl' lnr:Isr CY'da) _ 'Otarg>e' my Ciml {or S26i .30 when you .ship the first ,package..

Please use my I;J American IExpr,BSS IJ VISA Cl MasterCard

Card'; )({JI. ~ate,_~~

,S,tgn,a,tu re'-~~Q'.uirlild)

I a:tn orde.ri:tiS 'BEf.O.U ~ULY. 11m ~ So ,]~e !be S,lIe-.m I;et::-erv,e alJ tJit~ ib-onl.15E'5:

the Power ,F'O:int'5, MQUf'pad;. O.rJn~dlc ,S'emi.n3Jr Casseue., 31 ~P'B,;g!i!! b!:.!IIJs:ivt! ]:n. ... ernew ' 'US}' a:u~c:klist1 $.2:99 Savin,s CmifiC8.'N ~dl. :Fn:llal. ]!In;rrepre.f!Le'lU' bo-ok. CrnMuJting' Trlc,k; C:neddi~'I~ 1Jla, 1he "',free' Droney"' . .All toldl. $1,200.00 tn value, aD. FREE.... '(S~lraSlIDI SQl'Ii'iiEIltems ilmIlc.e~: t:ssu!lld firlia rO:::lI:r~, [I~ :IiBNer:U

[E~UJ'W '1'0 rD'J1'Dat: (' ) ~EiiURN 'nus FORM ,iVSI:. TO e02.I2GM ~ rs , Q! by M!!!h to Den Ken!,- -, 'i s Office at

5818 N_ 7~m Strr. #103" PhoeniX, AnZQf1a ea014 (But" "f.n,Qtfib&r ~ It mtt,fl' be. fJD~d til' ~ '1 T&h!}

~ (2), CALL 1~OO-223-718C1. ~ ~ fES,T. Mond~Friday

- ~V' t\B csu, OAN'S OFFICE enlR ECTL Y' MJ2J2iS9-3111 ONLY TUES, s iH1J1A S, 12-4 AIiiz:Qna liI'Ti:I?;!·.


/' tv



LA·: S·· .,'TI 1- O-···N· LV······· A·····RER····

_I' ,.~ .... I 't II 1 . _ :

............. 1





DUTRA.It; IE.[D US~ IB Rn!n~'1 '~

~'~u~;d.iAJ;;'T .. ~! ~~.~~:, obi,· A~.,7OtOdM!O Si?~;d-,~.It\~ th~J!~~ Ih~, mgcd!ti~. [illrlg~ ~ iI!,w1!~~,h~ ki.H~r' ~rket:in~ Me!CiB';7.II~Dw~ l!illt:!!Y ii~~ ex~,a .t}u: SP'f~,~l!S8£t1J.e prn04]R:1Wm ~~ ~~_.fkhl!lg ~or.te.-'!,I\ery ~t'OmeT.. Th~! ~~ILim~ecs r.:a~:Fu~idl ;III_C' 1es1 ~Mn _ Sl95.~Ji!d~ ~~ [D;fiC"lli~yj fy]1 i!ita.y, m~VC' ~~!L N~' ~ cg, [e3v-e!5idmp on il. iwD'f!1l·. "'-'00 ~ ,i5. 1ihe oruy ''iii'i1Y 1'0'!lI !km;: '~'Tapa w.iU. NOT be .i5@id [[ill'

iI;IUterwkil I!!iiaidle· .ilv4lIUille·: .

Vc lue: At IIIG:S!' $l ~~ 'I,~~~"~'


MiduJd J~" :11·"p.ti!! g~lIEi.w :m-~e:w' \rilh ~ ~·'!l-'OI:u m~.-di.e.nb Dldi :ml!lI'hi!!!'l!il of :h;i. ~-e-,UJi.'b-Wldm' W;~hoP[r:lTt'hI!·.~~ih! •. Mcii~. i5.a·lf'B!'}'· ~~te, ,~e~ "siwritJt~~. ~ i·~.-~~- ~~~: h ·..uiked ~RiI.f tm right [qu~'IlfiS, ~D ~ o.-u,t~" ~ ~r~ n)y Ve~ ~~ m·~}if!i- w mQn~1ijp_g; jd~~ m. a ¥~ h;!ii~ ·1I.I;5ri!.I\u[~enm .Afltttt:·WII!i iii! [D¥@-I'aOO!] !i8Jw'~. inlft'View"~:, Ikn~w:1 ~tvW :lUid ltl! G~t 'it ror, 'my lmn~ uruli! Mii:m:hi!m ~ bl!~iii5Q I~ ih5. ~i'llJ;e_Ibmt==(kI6~ of tOllirlhC 'I've. iWmI; ([~ ,YDUt. my m_eth~_ ~ 3"J'1'IBi-lg !book -is; ~I!f}' libJ)' ~D H wotllnniilm mDfi!! fum r{ruf~E ~~~in.s:1:n iPowtr Foo'it5'J •. a;.un... ~. ia t'h-~ only w~ t~· S,d it,

Val1le: At ~Elaid $ ~Oll.OO.


"I?II.. lfrD'i!liW '!I'\ ""'_~te Ai GIlIY<~ u-= ~,~·W~ ..... -"B,-=- - -.~ - - iIi;r"'L 1Z'~- - l;. iiL._.......... ..ii, e~· , ~€. ,_,_. ' d'

H~ll!:-IU - ~ 0 _"""'- _.I!"!o .. _:__ _1 ---' ""~""''''''''''"-''l1I_~ 1;""1'!WI: .. 1mi '~l. n'l ~ ; ....... DIIIIO' ,.;;H;im.i~. ®fi~ '00' l.IIili!< iiilJit_m~ ~. ~ ,II,

'!:o~ip~ mli'tl!tarlg ~~Un;gt in ~. Q1o'fO fight ~ ug:fld m~ to :~t (In. ~FE.iII '"mA5tcr: 'llLItR of' the way,s I d~!J1j: ~i~to II

-'I: l"i!i ,___.~-. --..I 'I:...-"~ l' a dI .~·I,"""W ' u-· - - ,e._i1.;- .. ", 1I"i;..._ '!li 91':Ii.:;~ - - "'I~'il:l I -'!... 'B 1""I!,lllIm __ ,'!n-.o! ~~!:___ __ g,_~ ~r.,=CL_ !!d ............ OIl [""'IlIJ~'~"""'_\iljI !rn!!'pI):!iI~y~ ~~!0!.:;!1 W>M," v-c-ry [!oil UIN t [tiDiHr;. ..... u.II: e- dm

.it, :Ii' f@1l!I'~ ~ 'M""nt~d w~~ ,!II. ~UF fer· ywr. pood! Si!!m:"~, b"ll5i!1i~' 1!lI1" !!I[ pm!.o!:ubr amp:dp yw'_[L lEnd. ~: c::hed:llt5t v:at!ll~ble Ry~{[ allI: meawre_menU "'["0'11 kfitioW g~~' itlulil U,SP ~~ :rig,ht .ia [itc-up. ~ IN.'ke' :it cll~Q''s

IPQ~.f ~. -

Va~ iEI~ Ai' :ieCid arm hour 101 ,coNlUIiI'ln-g: $'OO.iI:CI~

0, UTR A ·G· CnUS'[· lC!'''' 'I--elf "'4'·

,~ :', . 'Ml.: _V._:_," -,c ~'-'~ .. , .["ii,

~. u.mer'Ji:·ruRy ~i}t1lIe: 'bQ.;~ '1U\~ ·F.mitd EwI:fqi~tL:I!J:.!· !OljiVb~u~f rm :hrb;l· .~G :fMner,. !But :hey-, .SA·\i1N,G :m-m1ll!f iB !l;oo4 IlIXl.m 'I~ b~, Y(ii!,!!·l1lll'il.d ~ :iOf~ o:f I~ ,imd SOURi!i!; tlnill'1lli hli!lp ~, .iii lew QlLQ~ bucks- iUlL yO-uJ' .P~' ~J!lt~"'tbill\~ -ned $11'; 1 ~ ~ndy pl~ my ~Lg~t. ,8)f~d~ ifrnmt ~]~~t_~ mDSt vaJj~l~ M~ung:.~ CGfliefEnce !e"!;'-@"£. You.lI ie~.iIU ttt.c· d~t.A31s in <!!i te:w 'monlh5!. iBUii risb~ iI!I.O'W" j'!l!!i1.Ill g;f!t d~,Jl!l!:JSi\\~'GS ~m. m hi!!ilcli ifInto.. ,gl)Odi tow~ Con.£elleMe r.eptr.lltm .. (Yep. ·~e· ta'iitiIR ~1 [D( PawlCT P<!lints; mVIEmEQ.!; 6- ubaJ~n ¥oll.!-e: ~.t ~aClsi' $M!CM:lCt

pUntA (niDUS BR I!B!Ld~i!t;;

My "'C~itt5,~~ flic:b ,au:ddl~tH.,. At h 'IOIe:rr' 'megiill'lniftg - wh-m f.OIL @P-~~' i.U.p ~ p-~~P' ,~nd! i(1lund :r~ ba,fl of' l~~; .1. pro~. 'y<!1;1 tMt ~hl;!rl!! was. 'mDr,1!'!ni· !that· ~ fmR't. ~.~, :~~ [ hope .. H'5! QIlile_~whelmtil1l~~' ~'ltiiIJ!lt!iI. ~hl'l ~{!! ro-mR. PO-liNTS ~t.1Qw;r .'~P_~_P!5 ~~[~'O ~!ly'Ol;Jj 'Ns5 ,ancl! 'bill~ Q'I,d. 'basI!: gi' 1nO"i!iJ,.Ili.ut hew .. oo~d '~' :FAST ·CA.SH.? l'!EIiiJ tOOne to :illtdui;le my ~B:5t,_('iIIs-h - CM,"IinMt', 'Jdel:j§"'. ~ "it~ iIDl!' '!:he 'W-ilf!!i [ WI.ooii;l!~ hii:Li:llm .• _O$t '~[jj;Si!~t~ .li!vaiJu.~i!! iIiLwiIkII. cf ,~h.:i1'I. ju!rl ,Blhmm.t ~I!IJ' C:1.i~l·:il, 'b~tuI. Up 'lm1f:llll1lDw. I''lfl! Ib;,~ i1ih1!Sf m my' h~d .mil. ~d ~.em, om1':!O:r pnvatt 'C~~~llt9, r~n,g at ~ ~r~:~O ~~~' do'!ly~Fo:r'~am-F~@;. ]1,1.·~v'~.~D~,mn,~\j¢·'lhts~ B1i:n:k:!l.1I tiOO!k ~m~. a diiltLI: w~ ~~ay ,dlO:ing and illLCRm;:d .IIB lP{f\~~Wl1~-b~moc.~ M ~Dl~~liRiitmt1Y,1' ~. --11"J!l:k-:" 1;I',fJ. t'~!!i ,~ :ils. 'THAT :po;w:-evf!!d. ,[ ·IJ!iH. !be, Uiin:t .i!'l'tol!1J; ,Blil'!hl!!i!i!' ·kI:Ji:(lIlLl!hOOcy.~CllliIleti I}~Q. ~ 't1u![!fi. lTtP~l~, te fk:le.s.A. V(ilIl.,J9 On Tn~

m;EEt-roNEl': [FYil!lLl'r1' not a1~r OJ GOl.D IC-MtmblJf. Yoi;li'n ~e't ,iii C-J:i.ri:i,rief!!t!i!:tliCiOd r"o_i-_.~ ~'1'S..oo D'J5COUNT tilL'!: C.oId r_1 !."'!!:~ .. d(!' L.'!~ i h(l 'm.",d '~Lm[!l ~ ~~!JT Iht' IIIP~'i",D-dil!' (iF'~~~ni'~ ~If ~f!.!'h~e I:ihro!JiR~ l~. If y!."!U i:lR! iii (iO,'[J) rC~MlI!mbl!'r,,, /I'IL J1Z/fv£L

n W ,p..L,t L"£ blh'l''''

As you con 1"vQ' sent you ,C1] mU~~on doUer' bU~~

There's 01 ~ot mlot'e 'w'here that came from.,

:Dear Inner Circle, M·e.miber!

VVhen I say·s alor m.ore where that (ame from" . ,al monevm.aking ·[oIt,ool"~ extnJjo.r.dUlaire~ tha t I have i~ve,ned 15 call-ed ·1I}OVilER POINTS"', ,ruldl. it is,. by:far and awav, tbe most v "' tool [I or .product of any ,kind rve ev~ brough 1 fo:l'""NaI'd., and J to. you in au o,f. its, glorious detail,

_ But let. me be-. . _ .' Its· '-, . linary :~riLl~tee:


That's light • ~xdusively .fur my hIDer CiKle Membus, 1 your-,mOD:ey~back g1J1aran~ee ~:tl:I, 't:l1is: D_ew ~tool.(;

You. Will hav'e a full. TWU MONIBS to review' it and profi1 absolun1y ·thriled 'with i~ ,eager to k~1 n, and ei!lger to 'COQ.tirJ benefits at,' tathed to :l~· •. V'o~c ~ s~~.y' f~lum ey'~tlWn, .. :' g for.,a ever:y P~y you pmd J:!iLUS again _:_ t amount m i'sCript_"' dl3:t

purchase "Witll. me or lD:Y 'i:ompanies: for booksi, tapes" .su.bscrtp~ a15" .serobiar" a:tte.ndlan,ce, ev'en oonsulting fees~

~ In ,an fDJ;,rear.s ,o.fpubUshmg, ~ MY-e. NEV'ER offered. such .~h.O.'1lJ!.l~ irnme '. : . ~,. t~ Y,O'~ ~o,m~tmng ~tlo~t lust how pmfttat Its eattretyl' care:fW!l:y, thoroogblly. mJght 00' to' you .•.

The pr-oblem: how, to access wha:t 1 kl, efiiden tly i [,0 ,get wllmc you need" w.hen yer

The ,m;5wer.: Power' Pomts~


Let me no- .. , thd,!i Oiwo] II ~ baik T.wo. yearl. o!l.lO, i!!l Vtr:y cal ",~z~d~", "Elf').' :f.aml]htr'ifllb lIllY ·wott. It'oo'J:. eve.rythl~lll we roUl~dl fill. r~mrd'i!d OW wrin,e,n,. J:"tlhili:shed. n_nd u;n:pu'blia.bed, even e~!uIUng s@si5i,m:

1975 !liJ GI\~: ~ir.eraUy OJ! trW..lefl-tnck .. fiYU IOf -rnw mat~ri:a.Il ~ ••• ~ •• undl Sie~ QUI'

eatien, p\llll wgeither ilU Ule Bgems jj. and. ge:t: it: org1miz:e:d lirno e.ueg)Ories ,

Iike a:I!iI enC'}'C'lQPeldi a, '

If too~k. her nea.dy u. e1'l.Ur~ yeili.r of 'V,ery d<i!!dtt:"u~ ,effort. J 1,IVI,'~$t~

~ n. net" effo.rts,·: Now ~'ve been wor'ltin,g \\.ilh. ~loInat she deJ ."','end. to. mak)! a" ~. __ .• , •• ""'"" .-~..tUj.1!: iJrnu

.Ll,i." "I!:ssm.MI!. In! Itotilll! .~ 9 yeu~ of ,1II!i)' e."-"P'~rie~el!al"i~ lI1~arJ:y .3 yeiJIn of ii.l1i'du[Ju! 1 ilbnr h;~vf! g:one i'tun il.SBembUng POWER. POJ ..... rrs ftOr yeu,

Here \Wis m"v go3il .my idea:

I At any time, for ally spetlfic purpose. you could gil ngll t to the ~

Qr'o,p,e~ place hl ~bis 4"toolmJ rul,~ get a :CJ...ukk~ cenclse .re:fn~sher - what W[),r.d'd _

Dan Kennedy dunk and say abou[ £ius.?

So~ let's say you're getting rsady 'to go and give a speech. [0 persuade lO- or lO.QOO to acce'pt your proposinou Of buy your products. You could iD~i'randy yank me

n ~

, .....

11/E:_~ A·' ,II ,4' ~.4 li··~L·'·

-'.' I:'~ ,': . tl'l"--.{' .' } "__',I v r::=' .

~' iI:,

- '. I , . - . ......;;t'

. .~~hA. ~L.. - _»: ,,,...fC~'


ASI yOlu Clan ,see, I'lv. sa,nit VIOU 'C ml~Uion Idlotiar bUIF

'Ther'e~s a ~ot, more w'fnere 'that came 'flrom~

Dear Inner'(],e Member;

\\then 1 say u'tber--;el's a lot mere wt.t,ere 'wt came from" ,- I'm ''N.11ting' tJO yOiU: about a ~onelrm,.ruti.ngl'rOQI'" extraordmau:? that J 19 vears in ~g'. It Is

C. an ed ~~PO\¥ER POJ.t.n'S". ,~d 11: Is, by raT' iUl:d I~Waty, 'the mosty,al~~ie ~d ~P0rf!nt. "tcol" Qr product of any kind llye ever bifiougb,t f~, and. I can't 'N3.1it to descrtbe l.t [0 Y0l..l in au of Irs glorious detaR.

Bu.t let me be . , . _: r ~ts _ . " c .ary gnaranrme:

.' " U'R M'ONE'Y BACK~ .___:~~- ~~

That'Si 'right' = exc]us.iveJly f9f' my Inner Circ]Ei M~bers,,. tm. prov1~g, a OOUBLE= youT-money-bac.k guaran tee rw.i th 't:.m:s new' (,!'toot H'

You WilJl have II full TWO :MONTHS to review it and. pr-ofi:t from j;{. U' you are not abs,olute~ly thrillEd with U. eager' 'to keep ,it!iWd, eager to cenunue n~ceiving ~ neneftts a.'·Cta;,chedl tQ_i't.,_yo.,.u can, ,~iinrK!Y reN,rn ey~g fOr.., a full cash refund of every penny you P3JI.d PLUS agi!Un' ,. at OOD,Q.W11 m tij',scnpe' that vou cam use' f.or' Al"-fY purch,u.r;' with me' or my Ciornpailie$~ ~o:r books;, rapes, s.ub&cnptm:o.n, upgrades orrenew-

als, semlnar artendanre, evetl fees. _ _ _

.In au my ~ of pu:,blisbJng'i I have .NE'V'ER. offered su:c'h ~, guan:w,OO:e. lliat ~how~ immediavet.Y' itcll you so~e'~g abnut j a~:r. bow ,p,rofitab.le t"f!adlng this letter' in

),U, Enltl!iety, C'arefuny~, tboroug'hlYI nu,gbt be to ,you. . '

The pro bh~m; how m access what t, know effi'Cie1l:tly,- to let wbat y,o~ need" wb,en Y,'OD need it.

Th,e 8n$.Yref,: PIOW€r Pomts.

'leii:' me e,:~plaiJ) ho'Lv this "tool"~,~ras: builf. '['we yea;~; ago, =t \',er:y ~apCl!ble edhor and, o:r.Bn~ tdze:d-t:ihtnker. 'lI'err' famUJiQ.'i:" 'with my wort.. itQOk ev.fl:rytb1nAi we t,ould. find: lb:at ] bud S<llJ,d:~ tau,ghit, rue 0 rdIed, or w:n.t1Dfn. published ,omd unpuhU!libed. e\<en r::o;[isufUng selt-$iQQ notes, .$int"e

19'7' ~, •.... ".quite lEte;rnUy a tmiler-il:fll.t:k .fua l oi II1mw maTieriaJ:.ii ... " ".ati.d s.e;[ out U) edEn: OYt .olin the diUpl ti~ ("Oitiofli. puU mg-ether :ilIU 'flu! "':ge:ms It, ;md get ~l[ o.rgani:zed 'LotiO 11;,·,;:lltegori~5. ::mid dmsdp~ine:~, $Ol:I:!H~:'\!j r h .. ,t

li kif :ttl eo~,·,t'loped:ili!.. -

h tQ@l her near,b- w;u ,e;ruir.e yeilT of \-'ef.)* dedk~wd. '~fo", J il'!i'l!i'~.$~edi OI! ~;;tf'gt ,sum tf.If mo.ne_:; ~11 her eff.ans, N'm\' !"",e:- been woT',king with what is,h~ rJ!eH"'~-reclii to mal;:,e mt: even more u!'eilbl€!: and u.t"CIe.$sib.le,. ~]i tmal. 19 1>~'i1iS, pf my exp~rien.('-e ,ad] fl.,early l yeat.s of ;j[rdUOI:L~ Ia:DOIF na,\'~ ~D'n'm.!' mnw ussem bli ng' roWER ro.;mNTS for you.

Her-e was my goal, my idea~

'I~ At ~ny time" f,or. any specifi;c pUtr.po~e~ you 'c:~~ [d ,go ~igl1 t [0 . the

C' p~o~eJ' liaC~}n ~~lS.UtooP· .an:d_g~t a ~~,rCk!1 'CQ'jlC'U,e, refresher - wh'at 'Wou.ld .. V,an Kenn~c1Y thlnkand say about.Uu$"

So.l~t'.$ say vcu're getting :r--e.ady to go and giv,e I. speech. to p@I"Suadle 100(' ,10,000 '00 accept' your prcpositlon or buy your products. You, could tnsran tty ~ 'ank me

As you can see, 111've sent you a q'UHlle mloneVlii~

Ii ut I there j S D' llort 0:1' II b ha: ~mlQ'ney iii 'DOt w'here 'thef eeme 'fr'Qml,


~~",7~","" I~~I

'~ ~~, '~I.t

rP ..k,.o ',".'01':: ~ o

o,.,g '-i~,:;~--

'. '

". .• I

" '

Dear ,Frten,d ~d. Cu,s tomer I'

VV'he:n I say ~~llieHi'~S ,~, wlt,.,m III~fug ,mooey'1 wb~e tha1: :catne ,from!!!' - r't!l '~1i1lg

to ~u, aOO,1l1t a monevmakins "tool" extraormnairet t;Jha~t I have in,v·esC~dJ ,] 9 years In ~ak.i.n.'B:. It is (ruled t~ro\NER, PQrDmI!!'! and, it' ts, 'by ['at" and, aW'aYn! mel most val. u.ab!'e aIld ,W1P~~t "tool" o.r p,~od;u~~' ,o,r, att.y tind~'y'e. ~-vru-' 'brQught :fo~" and, E can't wrut t:o describe n' to yei'u W :an of Its ,~lono,u$; detail,

,But l~t:me be~in Mm, lb, ~,aOTdW.ary g1!.1arnJl,tee:

r'@UBl'E . .!9uR MONEY BACK.

" , That'~, right ~iV·i?lY fOf" my specially seJ.ecoodl customers l,'m, providing' a

DDU!_L.E-your-'money-'pac'k gu:aran;tee lNitll n,ew' "rcot, u

_ y~u 'will.hav.E! ,a_ ~, 'lWO MOl'ffHS ~ tEl· and ,]:)rofit from. it; [f you :af,e not

~b501~ mly thrilled ~!b, n, _gager ~p_ ~~. _~ :u:, .md ea_g~ ~ contin:ue_ 1"eCeJ. .. :vmg cereatn benef],t'S. anacbed to'.l!'I!~, !Iou _c~ ~~l!yrew~, 'ey~;, f9:1:' a hill, cash Wtm,d.of , ever:yp~lmy,ym.1, p:aJid ,Pl.US aogatn I' ·_t,am,OWltm !!Iscnpt 'mar Y01;l!, can use for ANY

P1U:C"hase 'W'tth, me 'or m_y ,compaDies1 fo,f.' books, 'tapeij su,bcsmp,tion upgrades or :re:new~ aJs. ,~~ attend:aneel evm, rnnsuJ,tblg teas ..

. _ in 1lI!l1 rn~! of pll~bIJshmg~ ,[ ha:ve NEVER offered sucna, guar.antEle~ That ~~ou~l~ .. ~e'_ . _,t~X.'te:l!I .fO~ Is~me:tllini.':. :. _ ,-::,a_bou't j~s~ how' ,profitable reading tbds tereer :In irs 1M \'Ire'ty, em-eJW1y, tb,Qr-o~My, mig5,t be to you.

The prDhlem~ .bow to access w,h;a,t m: know ,effici,iend~l,! 00 get wh~t. you need '- whe:ll, }l'O'll, need, ~ r,

The answer: p~ P'Qints,

:leI: me e~I.:a:ii1. now t:his ·u!QI';;; was :b'!Jih~ T'\1f\D' ,lr'€:an: as·CiI" :a ''Very (,;jJ/p~jblle edi tor and orgOl~ nized-,thi'lJIker. ver;y fam:m~.r witJ:ilrn,)" W(l!rk. liClO'k ev-e:rytbiing we 'L!l}uld :find [ihat I, hOlid, ~OI,uS;h,t" :i"'ec'OfdedJ Or \'Ii,'rtn'~ ... pu.bH:!!ibeCi ~di t1i!np.'tIlbll$ll~rl;, >t;iVreill ~on!5i1J,!!,lnllg sei§i!!ion notes si:nt-.e

.I. Sf,. 5- •. __ .. _q,r'.iih'!! ]1 ~I!l!"'a!ltv a tra:lilel"~tntck f\lll] o:r oj! r.:t'W IIllitail!ffrtal'& ._.- .. and set Oy!~ to ~iJi,t Q"ul ;An the d'LI!p! [. ("1l'tiCfII,, PiIliLU '. og.elh~r a'll the. "'gems. .. , ~Ci geJt :~t uril(lII'ii:!"f!d Into. (~teg'O'ri~ ,lJ:n!d. d.i:t~~iPliin.e:~" !5omew'b_OII,,[ like an !n,t\-dop!i!!dh~I;.

I~ took her n ~~rb! 3Jl'Ii entire yeW" oJ q~f"'I ,i:lJed~LlillteQ 'fIfon:" IlnVe$u~d .il !:il~e sum ~f mqraey In, bl!!f effo~. No,"-' ~'I\\'e 'bee:n WCI.T"ktrlli5 \\·~th wn;a1; s:n,e del,i .... ,eredl~ '!O miil!!kc h even more 'liSe!!b1~ :;l;n d a('C':i5SsUlie. :If.!i tmai, l. 9 )'"e0lJr'S of ' e,'tP'4!:;ni~fic:e, mdl iJ'te!!itrJir :31 y:f:I.llr.':!i (If ilTdiUiQ:US ~otl!:lor nl1 ve ~lDne i~u~ :a:s&~m,'hHng :ro'WER P<JINTS fil)1i yo"l.l.


, ..

Sample, 1998, ncontrol" Mai,l,i,ng

For Inner Circle Membership + Out,er' E1nvelo'pe .Fro"m, Fol,low'-Up MaIling

Fa r C u rre!nl ~n ner C Irchi!

M,e mbs'r·sh i p &. S.u bSler.1 ptJ1 01111 Ilrdormati'on:

Calli '6ID2·,99'7' .. 7701'1 at


IF A X, 6012, .. ,21·9 .. 31113 (2',4 hira; .1 dB'V)


,f~ m~ .D.i1i'U S. ICelmedy


One~ way' ~!::,' anothe[", you. II VEl! ex.pre5.iiH~d some inbers'5It in. my Muketingl' News.lettel;'~ Tihan};s!' i.9 m¥ n~st ev,e:r off'er'IJ ~ a carrerl"t .spe.c.1al p~tion .... .fer· .M:embet'~bip in my Inner eire le r whic h in.c 1 uae,g my f am.-au s. NO B ii'S'.. MAJU<ETI NG LETTER a:t II I!;;d.g'ni:f.iean~. disc1oun,t", f'ull ben,e,f'j_ t 5 t.elePhone cOlleu.l call-in daY:1J; ,and, in thi 5 spec ia 1 of.f e:r~, a giant coll,ecti'on of ,ex'tr81. fre~l gt,ifts~

This. s~cial cffetr was; recen,t:ly mailed. tOI ,!L select. list. of 'pa),~t ,Eu;min~' at te·ndeas ,acnd C'gS tome'r~ , and .1 t ~. limd t,ed t.01 the 'f irs t 50 [) to r,e:~p:ond". However rIM d like 'be ,g,t;.elld 'th1~ ~ .same' pref'er~ed customer D.t fe:r tQ you: .... bu.t. I .hAve tOI ,ins i st ,that y,o-a resPQ~d ~~,iat:B1J'. SOl ple~a8e. ""ead CliVer t.he

Dc'l,a,sed, Slljl :se;' bow I "iII abs·olui;el· GUJUm.If!EE

t'Q . Dc:t'eB!I,e your bus iDeSB D'.rofi'ts IICIIE' ,I Dco:m,e If !EIi't.

,ZBRO :e,:lIl.S:R 1JiIJ] IOU _..

P',s= 'fo~ will lev en. ~ee·eive ·the, e~tI"B b~nus. t,

desc~ 1bedi .in. t.he: PFPSSS.: at. tbe very e,~d of t.he .. er', @.8 long as I he,u f,rom you no later tban, ..

fYlIlIllI may fQf!! evarylhlil91 !aaid! ~n thE! Ila"It . ,~t ather ~.~ or lhe 500 ;Hmtt ._ tnIs lsi'VOUI llil~e.liBl otkfr e~8 date.)


FJ';,o m tDa'n tKenlfied,:

I want to· give yel,,- ,t:hB t.ape.s o"t Ii! latEul1't, Marketing: fa' ~on8ym.akin9' super'CO'nferenoe, 'wJU'ch people paid $ 2: t 4 B i' ., ,I) 0 8~.c.h bO att;and I' ;"'r@e~

F'R',··,'E' -EI:,~

", " " '_.

6 Audio! Tapest! 5 S'pecial Reports. 1 DOluk, 2 Critique 'Certifica,t,es, T'e"lep'boID,e: CODlsultfn,· & C,oaching:" a veritable truckIo\ad of ,mone'ymaklng iaformatlo,n ,and assistan,ce .. ", ••.•• ALL 'FREB.'~" •• Iii". and aD ",ou ,have tOI do to get aU lo,f it ,Is say I"maybe", Itt

'n ....... ,_~- .... ,~.i'~ ... en.....,

Al1:iho.~g'h you hav,e p~d my books or tapes 'of attended lone ():f my SeminalI'SI in the past, and ,aldlo~g'h we ,have ptev!cn!l!sly :invited. you to wbsmbe to' my NO B.5I. ,~IG ,1£1: IllJ4 it has ~ brorq:ht to. ,my ~tmD'don that you ue NOT ge'tting ,my monthly tetter {W:ll WI dale' brim 'W1til advice' ~t' direcfl.y boons your mcome\O fasU - and, 1 can,fLot dow mat siwation itO' conrifliue, SO"i;'~

I am going, to bury y.ou, m n "tJr,:ibes'" J. just [:0 get you 10 test-drtve my 'M'srt,'etin.g Letter,

lis:te1 to. tlUis:!aD ]IOU have tQ dQ is, SlY' "m\sybe 111 ~.~~ .. ~.~ •• ~ay 3 Issues of my Letter, ,If'that dote-snl't ,OOo]c; you for life; if: you caa't s'ee me' profU 'from, cOIUiil:uU1g, you. C-a1l,climge:yoW',II'maybeli to an empnadc 1tnct', and g€!ta full refund plus, ten bucks, jot ,your tro~ble. (Details tater in lids, ]eitter.)

Now~ ,[et's takea Ieok at ,the pick-up 1::mdc: ,]:01.0 of ii s:tuffr I have :pil.ed '1!l]J,~

ready ~o. nis~ to your doorstep - F'RIE ~ [I stuff'i that wi]] s.timulate your- -

,marke~g'=rriind" ,gr.ease your greed :g,J!ands, ellecttify your m:l tbusiasm, P,Qin.r ygp to Qi~ler]Qoke.d QPPQI1UO.l'p'es in yoW" busmass, ,bmdLVOU fgadv-~m-us·eunld j:n;crec:Hbly' pQwerfi:ml,$tra.'[egi.e.s fiar magne.tically lattfi!i.Cting lots of new customers

01' dieri13. ~~ .sellin.g more, more often to ~t casromers nne w.ay 'OJE"

,M.IOWer ,,¢~ttQ,g~~, FLOOD OIF MONEY rushin,g toward, YOUR door~





if' y-Oi1jl. are: in.~.ted in damg w.lla.t you ,do faster, easier., .more profitablYi' ·then you. ·; be able to resist E!Vi~ l've 'boodled. together tor you bere,

1m .. gomg to .gift you W'fili .m of the_rnost 'ilalllahle 8!udlQ cassreDes, yop~ eyer have: 00 'opport'lmrffi·ty toget 'YPPI' hamds olli - at ;any' ,price' ~ because wese are 'NOT II mottva.lionaJl-"' tapes (although they vmL .motiv8!te you) and these are .NOT full of [lfiu.ffn "a!lthough tl1~Y':may entertain you) - these are }lve-T[eco:rded1 UBG:ensp!7e:d '_pes 'motally alJld solely and unabashedly and lUlapoio'getically devoted to one t:hmg ,and. one thing only:

rna kmn gas, m ueh mo,ney as is bumanly ~o IsibJe~ as CJ.·weldy as p'Qsslbie., .as, !easUy as .po,ssi ble via su,per-~avvy market:tn,1

m YOW" buslDes,s, in any bwmess. . -

These ~ recorded! at my S'uperCo~ce~ me 8·th such [event .. ,att-ended, by a dentist.. a ,ehiro~tQr'" an altm,t:o glass, shcp Ol!, a carpet deaner. the CEO' of an. IN'Cm 500 i:j'fasast ,gr-owblg companylll me, President of aJ, muh:i-·nill1J.on dolla'r soft\NaiI'e. oompan.y, .. an ~cu.tive recruiter', .p~.bUmers, the #1 real. estare ,qen.t In the m:l.1ir,e Remaxsyst~ ,marketers of[lIinformad.on.~_rOOucmll to dO~eD.Si of

rucbes~, S'~s,- ,authors .,eD:ll:epreD!eurs from small to.'WOs and. our bigg:est

d tili2S, from new start-cps md g.tmt· companies, .from as dote by as dow.u 'the street ft:om my offi.c'e t-o as far' iavva_y ,M'. Syd:ney~

:Eru::h MOOg S:tdl2.00'to HI: m. :Eadl ~g tiu'ee full. days out of 1:benr busy sc-hed.u1es t-O be here;. About l.l3rd ~e lialllmiW." ' •. peQ,ple ret'W."1:Iin_g qa.i;olll who, have attended. previous Camef1mces. Suraly all tw:s, ,MUST' tell. you mat what was distus.s~d bebind theslQ dosed doors has to be 'Ii bOlt II t timeJ.y ~ .pil"ac:1icaJ, vaJl~,abler profi mb~e.

You mined ill:: ,- but ,YOU do not. ha,ve to miss: out 00 ,all [of .it!

One of the verY. best audio-edi~Of.s W th,e OOtultty has painstakingly gone dlr'ougb all the tape ~ over 40 bOUTS ~ and assembled the very bes~, the :molst compeLling ,highlJJgha af me entir--e Conf.e:rence. :Helie ue SOME oJ the highli;gh ts uded:

,~ " V

)Jso, in my Pre'sen'tati,o:n" ]' lake you throu,gh aU dle steps and ,e:1ements. of !!5£mbUng.a cam.peWgg_.__ma'me'uc l'Ioffer.: You see" It's me ~'offet"1 'that ,is the dift:er-enQe be~eoo o:r-dina..ry advertising' 3Jldl power:mJi, dlrect-response adverttstag, between n;an-of~we-mi11 pre..:Sm,m:tio:m; and sclling in, a my no one can sa.y 'no' to yt}u. if vpu I'd like I, smgJ.e il"qtckl'l to tmme.dia {lea¥' ,and dnynatiC-a1]v ,iln,wpye; rb,'! ~e-sults fivm..a:ny ,a¢L"Jener. ,fb,t'ft', ooup_pn. ,mailling',pho,ne sCd'Pl or ,eyen. prn-=SOD,-'tQ-per..son selling, phls is i.t - le?YlLto me EVERy a.vaila,ble means o( :SJre:ngtltemng thgJ.ttesis,tibWrv of YOM gffer. A..nd, if y,ou ,n-ow invest any ,of you.r mon .. ey in any kind ,of advertising" you MlUS'ID.' get 'fJ!1.j s hUormation.

And I ~,nlt juS,! TElL you about all, 'this. I~m gomg to you. all the hapdcouts ,~ gave to 'We Su,:perCom~ce attendEes abo,ut€! topics, In a nead:y bound. book, for your fuer.en.ce md, 'use" So [SHOW-AND"'TEU .. lma:gtne. this; a o,ne=page artlde repriD.t I beUeve is !lIO' \'d~,ble I 'W'Owd 1!llnabMbe.d1y charge S500.00 'to read it - if .it hacin,11 already appeared ,m, the LA.." TWe8. ~:al CQwd be ,in ,scucb an at',f!ldel 'Or hOW' abou(' this; ~]es of some of me: most po~ direct~'f' copy r~ve seen - cWl]ed, to yOUI' atren:Don md anaJ],yzed :(.01" y,'O~1. S'O you :,c:an adapt it: fbi" YOW" ,ovm. InOneymating' purposes. TIm


coJJKti.,on 'Olf hand-ours by l'tself is wo.rth. more 'man, I'm aski.n.g of you, for. 'Uti'S enttre offerl

N'owj, :US'te1il. very' c,ru-efu.:lly '00, tlhis: this, Presentation \iYill NEVeR be made: a.V'3il,able ag:ai'n~ 'EO anybody,. in any fbr.m;o If you. missed the Supert:o.mexe:rlce, the way '00 g,er: l't is 'via 'this offier'!, ngh~ ·now. Andwhetl. I promise: that what I "show-a-tell" here can gtve you a 'brntMly UMm advantage mte:I'~Q1JJ ~ompe;tltqr.$.n lint making the unQLeTsta~ent of t:h4:l year. (It's .like· sayblg Bill Cllm.tOD has .a.1irtl!e lust m his hean.)

ThatlS ]1!.U~,t .my pan of t::ll.€! AJjJd,W, Hig]j,ligl'u:t:S,.

You will,a1;so hear from successtul " alwnm~1 and di,en·t!, m PalO,'cl .. Dis(:ussion:s and QI A. 'ses:sio:ru:ii .. :People !ik.e. joe Polish ,at Piranha Mmk:e'tlng .. 'who b~ h~ped over .5.,000 peoplie in .. bis industry dr~tically :m.aease 'Weir .incomes. Jeff' Paul, 'the i, I:a:mous II S4J)OO.OO-,a, -daY-;si:t1::W,·me-in-y,our-

'Ilnd'~'~if'!II,",II<!!I~'i"l!i ,~~· .. ,a.,..~ mM'ka.~' .... iI:l' !lJ"_lr:rf"'l,t .. 1'1 ~ ~ if"'~. A.~ "T'!lll~I' 'JilI.n. .......... 1. ... y-:: ... l_1,6ri t.-"".."..jo_1ii"Io

~ __ _ """-'. '~'IiiO_ I!.JY,!!, ....... "" ..... Y-YlI:I ~1I;!I!iIl; Ii.!!- Q_QI ~ ull 1. 'It ~ C-d.Ill-~. !!::i.U!i::UU1'.I'!.LIl,v ",u. the 1m;~'ce md fi'nantial s-erWees fi·.elds as me mosr ,In.nCifl!laliVe Il'J!ar1'.;--etlH,-g expm ~f all. ·T'hiflse are. ,paopb~ I '\NOi'k 'With pe:r,oo.nalllJ.Y'~ Together.·t 1We make miUions of doRan and he.l:p :b.1m~ of priv~te. elena 'ru.;rn amwary b1Lsm.e:!ses, in.w~~mon~~!pnarbh',es, ~deM Mv'IPO Jprttmes. simple ,sal.e-s .~etterS moo floods, of c:as.hJI.n.L'!in_g;U:,Lmail.ho:xe~"

And. tha:t~s uot all. Also In 'the J\u_w.o Righllgbts - YQ\il'.l1. .si; on s,peChlJjl 'I·breako~t. S~Sig-nftl ie~t:w"ini Km ,McCarthy,~ on .. how y,on 'am ,many :ma:1ve ,mOJ1'ey o:n. the I:n.wn;L.e·l, 'wim '\!VE!b ~~m:!j, an·d e-mail, {Km h;;;g'nd1es, my \\feb Site,. by me way., at inner-cirtde-e.'Com.)' '1 'wliJ!Jj. e-.V~ give Y'Oll. an e;gra SJwdal.ReOOIfi ia.l. iWQU:t

1_"'!III"~Tfr"i10!!1'i'Iei. 'lI"iD""" metho .... '" . ....p ~ ... ',.c:_·1J1' ..... """ .... ;:,;y_ """""1 i"''''.o, ·if' .... 'Ii'n~;[lI"'· that Y'''''lI!"I' nr-p;n:;!Iro· .... g~l!l.l.;l,~m..,_, .I!;_,,",~ . _,...bUJUlU.-a u.~. U~JIj .. ~~~c 'O'~ 'U!.t,... -!!;II;JI.~.~ ... I!- ~. ,J:!.! ......... .It'_E.t"H~ o;;:1I.J.

. f- . C- _ . .i::. ,~_A_ ,~"'d ~ 'CI ... ,:_. F1 d . 'IL.~, ... ,.

Just, .01" my-ow~ att~ees~ ~'_" MVm ~e· _-_o¥::_ on ,rna_r~tm;g Y,m

llew-sliettm";S AND puttlm:g out yo~ OlW neVQ]e:liIIer rut a:nd euy. And. from NkoWe Sil'nim of AT'G T~o~o:giesl, 0'1l :ln1p1emmtm,g smart ~ketlng

~I tri(ksl~ llike thetwfree recordedmessage" . J!4ld. mnre.

'" '~. l' "'F'f~'f]S 'I~""d- • ~ 6.1i ~,~ 'm; .... ~:. - .... 't "'I"'~~ - da n ~Ii!=t= 'Ii' .~...... . 'I,. _

.M.iL..Il.;. 1 . .ri, p~c.:M;. meoe ~u~'? ~ u_gJ.LlbLgu. , _Qr-oa .. ~':an ,~J.' ~ to Y QU! WJil.eJl.

II _ d1.,_J' Ii iN 'I!!I S ·&_iil·..,. ... ·h ... IFli'ii"li i:!I' r · ... '1"Ii'6F1 ...... ~r

you .~re-e to' . l€!:S:r--1;..!LI!, ~v-e' my .'. (l! .. J]. : •. (\;cll...l.Mdl.tI' ,W;;;;;IIJ~''';'; :IJ:ur' •.


if you CWl ti.sren [,0 these Tapes. :;Uid :fall to grab at least one' HOT 1~.TEGY you. c;.iU!i. it wait 'to use, tJla..t definitely and hloo,pilneably and quicldy puts money m your poekEi~ then I'm Gi!o.rge or The Jungle!$. Uncle and, after you. tell me ttlle bad news'i Ii,!], go, moo exile s-omewh.ere. five' off banan2_s and tree bark. never 00' be seen or. heard from ,~ain.


OCC'UIR 'W- ~HER- E TH-r'E ·I!:IEA-LLV'· BIG- 1,110- NE'y IfS", .t"ADE

::"!·"'_.'_;'1~ ,'_'_1,11- ',1- _ _J n.-= -.l··.l~ ~il!'~" .~ •.. -'. ~JlI'':'"

You get Gil,e Yw's Inner Circle Mem'bersblps ,,~,th J\U r:igh.ts md. pJiivile.ges. \\!hen you ,suibscribe to ti'ieMarketing Letter, you autOIDaitlcaIly g,am en tre in to my Inner Cirde. So let me t-ell you about a .few of the things [ do 'exclusi.vely and only :00'1' .my Inn.e't CiIde Members::


Three to four ,(or .S/Omelim.esmore) 'times, a year I I sthedw~ <IIQp~en CWl- .m ThJ;~ ,€Xtl mlvely. .fiOT my inDm:-' Ctrde :Members. You 're gl.v'en a spedal nwnber tor that purpg,s,e :;ii'od invited 'to call d~g ,C'enam how-s - 'When you get tb.rou,gh, yon have ~,· .10 '01" often 20 minutes ,of, cme-On:P:ne: carutrlttng lime wi.th_~~ One of our long-time members, TIm faulso~ say,s. 'lhat just one spedfb: recommlenda\tion I gave him. rOD. one of those call!~ dkecr!b/' .purt over' ,12:0,000,,0(\1' m. his, bank acOO<Um;l,t. ,11C't,nud dte RlOOl)" oTihu ~ ,simiil,ar smrles. If you're· prep.aroo lWith smart, spedfic q'ae_srioos~, ru give you v'ery s:pedific. an~s., These qiil1ick consultatiOns can :really p~y g,ff m.g!' U rouWIely Cha!rge; S800rJiO an hour"~ 'thaf 5 113.33 PER ~n! -, fbr t~'' oousUm.tiDg V1.'itb on-gomg dD:MOi~ 1b~se CaU.- In, Days I lopparrunlttes are \i'ERY v,a]uable: my tl.m.e is nard to, come by.J

IIMPORT. ANT I, TI~MEI!.;l' NC"fE: 'THlE! NEX't CAt.L~N Oil, l' I~S 'C.OMINIGr U,Pr IN APftllL., IS:¥ OIECOM:nNG, ,Ao,. ntHER DlROl.E ME~g'ER; hCW" VC'~ 'WILL BJE BUG.aLE T,D "A.Rl,lOrp'AiIE .N' THAT NEXt ,C'ALLo;IN 1D."1'~

1110: ,p,t::'J..T 'e ", v.~ti., .-_~.Jl'!!(1 r~!l1

Very sinlpie: you.llre en.oour.aged to .r;AJ( ,me r'l~e.s:tiiQns or subjects, yO\1. \Will.! to see discussed m the. NO BS MJ\RKE11NG LEITER. ,ller you sit on MY "editorial hoard [I' and tell me: what· I should. be' mse,ard:DI!g, what I showd, "be Writing about. An.d 'we. have. '!I'Elf.)' acth"l.!!" oons:tantly FAXiJlg me great· qu~'s.tioosj inaiguin.:g markeliDg d1WJ.en,g,es .. e·xampJe.s of'Ylhat-lNOr.ks (ed: wba.t-doe.m:Vt) frem every nook and cranny In nonb, AJuerica pJus about a do,zu fOreign countrtes .. This is ,a), 'very dynamie. envirorunw:lt. I am serr of a dearin8ho~ and ccnduit fo'l' th~ ho~ the new, the .ideM, strategies, contacts iUld opportWlities; GettLog .mw this stream of infb:rma,tlo.n Is lik~ .sticking, your hands uno. a mo;unmin stream fllledl. go]d n U;g,gers and catcbhlg\>il.hal you can,

'~I . "1'



1":0 get you involved in doing ad.v,~g and sales tetter milkoo,vers.1I' testing YOu,!' bram. an challenges, we put 1il.p money ,ruld prizes ~. in 1997" ,I is',ave 3;~.y' thousands o.f doUus m,, and probably a.,g,ain. tlI:a:e: much or more: ,w merdianwse glfu to my sub.s.cribCHS. PeQ'ple W'On free' consul 1ii.Jnm; days and hours, books" mpes, s.eminar tic~ets", and more. In one previous yeu"we also !I auctiOned, II ,SQ'D\e of my c-onsuldDg, and cop)WIi:dng services 00 raise tllo.usands, ,of dfHiperate!y Deeded dollars far a friend af our rbusm~s :family" whose

husb 'd h ~ .... ~# ... ·;;;;;; ... ,A' riCV0'li":i!'li k~,~_ d'eI'Ii"!ffi!:lIi:f~ . ~,,,,,,,,~,.-I ~ "",_A U!J;!'!ij[' li:Ii.eom'Rliit

!O.I.o:!I ~,~, IJIoIi, I)LU,lII::::JL-~ """",' 'w,',"" IW-itIlJLu '~~~-c;,I;"1Q an ~'U\&'e:Q'!!. anc was ci"'''"~

5ITe~, bly'the ,ins~ml,ce: c.cmpWlY~ Mine is ,an ,inVQ]ved, ,and active Circle gr,gUPJ not jU-5t reruiing at new,s]e:tte:fl, but actin.g on profi:tabJ:~ strategies, mel interacting' w:i:tll me.

Yoo get a Discow:Jit Ceniftcam ¥.Rlnh n,p to $lOOJJO 'tmv:U'd our

Catalol~. ,~ ~.wstounu an year long On. ,reoonunended books, tapes, ne\lYS.le~,

seminat"S FREE books, 'booklets I' UPon'S and! 'Other I'!goodi~11 offered in just

about ev,ezy mSllf! of the· l.eneT. ...... ,o;.even ,:FREE aWnissioA [0 me famous. Peter w'We i:D:tern.a;ti,mud ISUC:cess ,Even ts' ,held in 25 + dUB:es earn ye!!.U" (space available

!basis.) • -

With your SU"bS..rnpllOll,. yoolU alSo. reeelve t:'!WO en 1Iiqu,e CemfiC&!e5, 'to submit yqur ,ad,yernsm,g: an,·d;marketing mateliaJ,s_!oT ,my pef!DnaJi anaJ:ysi~an~ feedback (a S100.00 ro 5400,.00 'v,aJjue)r,. Keep in mmu: staff doesn~t do, m.ese~. and. th'~e~s no oom,pu'ter geDera.ted; robct 'Wrl,t'feD !lform,1i' response .. I perSOllaJ1y anall_yze what you. ,s;ubmJit UII0 I p~,any respond, 'Tbl:s oome~es takes 21 3 t leven :4 'WSW,! but i~l! \\fOrth me ?Nait - because ~ can often W-am:.atically impf'CirV,e your r.esma with ,i 'rNeak here, a t\iveaJ.:. thet,e~ Q,ne ,simple sugg,estio'D. I gay,e to. a subscriber about ,his little po:Stcar-d :recently DOUBtED- response, Thatls not tmusQaJ~ nls '!:;j'p'ica1.


.;.;.;;M __ O~U ..... N ...... TA ....... '···~I ........ Nj OF MON'EYMA,KING INFORM_AlION

L mNSf ANT ~MPH.,OV!MEm~ Owick tips, ~nd examples to boOS1 'lIesuUs fl'Om your Yellow Pages ad5~. Print Ads,. Co1ll,p!!:m:!l~ and SaJes leUets" {Don't 5!l?e~ci r!U1,o~her. nk.kem on ad;g wi~hwt th:Js, Reportf)

'7. L-


2, llE;o:WNVENTI:ON:, Haw TO "RE ... ,INVlE.:NTI YOUR, 'B1JSmNESS, Fon ML.4J{[MUM GRO\VTH &:: fR.O:ms. I'll l\~lp you une\B!~tn dtei'Nddm. oppod:ufIIi,ty'" ,i~ yOUl' b~sin~65~ Cut 1"litr-ough 'lh,~ ,fog of' ,famili~.rity and. take a oonsu.l.mnfs lo:o.J~ at YOU.I buslness.

3. HOiW TO' CREAm 'COMPELlJNG USF'S IDnif!ue. ~eUlin,g P,EIDPiDS!:tiorud AND' MONFiMAKfNG ,MAJUCETING' MESSAGES", lNl1at you say about" Y"iJur5elf~ your prodhll~1' 'Your se-:rvil!es is lOne trufig; hew' yo!tl. .say it: 1:S another. ,Mmt biLISiIliES:!iipeo,p]e, do ,8. tEttriibl~ joib cf dJesmb.m;g whai1' they have' to oHel - in t~ 'R~!oPar1j. YOIl'U ws~o'Ve!(" how' t1.1! ereete e'Ji:~Hin,· :milrkeijn~' meSs.iilI~si that'll!il!;tk~.u~,. ,~ttir~c;t C"u,stClm,iE!'n;..


I d.etVlE!']oped these' .. twe typed. :pas'e:s," for. priva~:e eJ.iJl;l'nts. N;ow lOU :h;a.n;dj ~hemto' you· SitlJd S:hQW you nt:}w i5idlcWo,us!.y e~ ~t: ~ to ~~ 'lihem,..l\OI a;dJd t,tf.1S o.f '~o,Ul!imds of doil1~~ in yow ineom~' • wit:ticnlll ,even ,a penny ,of ,added. ,!:Ost

Andjn ~ddt~i~!Ug lbeite Eive__Speciajl Reports, rm 8]£0 g:o.i:ml.1!' tD s@j~nd y011l. my bc~uds., mB ,UL~A TE !ruC:CE~S, SiECFUIT. Now'j h@re"s the' questiom is ,there. ONE ;;S~aetill .. ore power.'F:u!l thlilJm. aU 'oth.,ers'? [ .say' YES~ o1r]!;d in tNs ~oo.~, rm ;om;g '~O' '~ yOQ thro1!l,gh Ii P,[,OOe5S of idtlErlif:y]ng 'f'HE iOOH:~ O10i\ilt:.plJWe:rM &11(:~5!S :stra:legy' Y'Ol'!l MUST UtS~ on IQ daily basis tn, lIlii:hiieve optjQlIL:Q[I. lbu~ine5is,1 fil'!!Z!!iri!ciaJ AND perso.llai Sii!1~es:s~ AJong the' w:aY:j' yQ.u'U iIilOCOlJ.!n;te.[' th~,sEl' ",g'f:ms"":

On ,Pa;g:eos 'it," &; 18 - th~. Empowemle[\'~' FCU:Ifllf.!tL~ ~I" OOr.iJqji.ter:ing ,aill 'o~ Uk',s obstacles and

b] ... ·O~' I·· .. "Ii'']. ~. 'I!... w' 4;-, ...... -,J.~ cD' r- t. ........... -.' "'f ~-, .. -,~'-. · .. -d t'ir·-· ,- -'.....::. - - nd 'i.- -'

p.rCkc e:ms. ·n pa;ge '& ~IO _ . ,!ill U:USu..a.!IIe'UI .0(",-,'[:5 Me ~..JIRIl5\1lJY.nne., .. n~ll' !Pr:a .... uO!! ill1, ,I ~e'.r

U~ Mth ONE dramati.c't~on. On pagEl' ,n '~ !tow' iii f.:lel!$~iit: i!,urgealit'::;; 'wlW!'lIliil di..sCDV'~ry ~ dIed: ,everything fralin, ymu ~~Jf' ,swi~, t~, y'our. rca~ b~~a_"~!, On 'Rage '9 ~ ,!ll;@fntu:!;: D'a:vid Olrihy's s,!1lCl\1il1 :~!r' 'blUllildiiln!$ ~s'tloees8ftd b1tlS~I'Iif'8SI?B. IOn. pag@ l:t, - G~I!, NO~i!l 'Sd1w~,rt%k!1lipfs, l.~,.adle'r.!lihip ;S!IH:::re·1:. what to do 'W'h~n vcuare put iM: ch8rg~ ¥o'JJI.~thef~L~qU~Ta'LgjlWLqr O! WJ!Li:liJlPO'Wlni'ty] Page ,3'3 ~, ,5eVi~n. 'W,1'Y,5 'to :g,et, sm.u1e1" .,jhu~u~, m.y 5:UJti,~ecl;. fa;st. Oritt:' of my bmli\!J' C:ircl~ M~mb~fS,j S~~ph'en, M.a.kI~k.. ,~ Rgis1J)i'edl

",.: • . r- ~. "'I ...... ,"".;Ii 'I,;'''''~''' ~i-"l "VO[JI'" beek "M", i:! r"lll ti''''''''ill'l1! SUCQ5:!lI S ... ........,I, i~ ~''Ii.>i!!, bl!!it 'yll!!t • ~' ,!;liar·.@d,

]n'V~5Ilm"ln "",Y. ... .... _ ~. _/I;;I;,I , _~ _ .... ~-.i' "'II~ 'L".!'~"'H. _ _ _ "'''''''''"1 _ II..!! IlL __ '.' .

up until 'llie. wee hours o.f U'rL~: mOl'Nng' to finilisih. it in IDrt;~ ~itH~ - I (Oullidn't 1''1;1.1: :H dO'wn~ ,; l'U ~i: you 8,greeJj


WIT"H- MY" AM'AZ1IN'G D"O""'U' B"LE-- G"'-:'-U~'A' R' ANT"'E-E" Y"""O'-'U'

_. ~J,~ ,>, .'. _,i. ~<·ij,~.· ... "._Ie.: ' .. : . .........' ... 1'1::.",,'._ .....



AND": . '." Y·'·O· U·· MU-r ~S·~'T B" E.' TH" R'I~LL' E·n:1 W"': ITIH'·

" c__'.. . .... . .1 .. _. :__ '. . . I . _ I... . .'. .'


MO'- NE"Y"-:- B'AC"'K"· 'PL'US' '$1' 0'1 EX' "TR'A' iCO-'R', 'y' O':"UR

_: c' ., .' I, .. :., ._ _ I' '-c -" c .... . . . '. .' .... r· ..' . .:.. .... I .


Yer 111'11 te . .h , h t - - ' .. .<"'iIi 1 ·· ' ..

ep.. . .eac -, you "·e_OW .,0 :m~e Dlore

money than yo,u1ve' e.v·er Idre·amt po,ssible - or I'll give you your fee 'back P'LU'S A TEN' DO'LLAR uPENALTIu RIG.HT

OUT' . -r O·····F ·l\·K\.TP·O··-:: C···· KE:-O' T

1 _. ,. .._ .. :.. J.vJ..J. .' .. " .....• ~._c '.


Gu ,B¥.' a. II. 't ee 11,: TUe J month e· ~ get J Is sues e f the Letter I plus this mcuntaLn Qf !l!dd..i:tic,nal·crmaticn, t.oo,le, and ,gifts, ~evie.w .1"t ,all, try it, .1P,;rlove itsl value ,_ and you, After recei v in:g' ,] ,J!: S S1!l'es , if' you. like, ¥lCUl een e g~·el your 31Jbs,c~ipti'Qr.E., return. ev.a~t.hin,g', Qind rec,e1v(3 a, fu.l.l .;t'·efund PLUS .AN· ~BA $'1.0 ~ 00. - n,O q1il!estions ,f no has slJe •

GlU!I..r BI,lj.' e t~2_= 51::,a1' w 1 tho me fer an en·tire year. ""F • 'g,at 12' Is,sees of 't,tu~ Lettar" u~,e all. the .benef'it;s ... 1£, 12 months from today'; you ('.:Jan bone:~tly ~,a'l' you. nav'e not, put at. least

~l rJ" OCO' ~ 0.0 in yO'iU': .tHlnk aec,olln't yon. kuOW' 'yeu WQ'U,ldl not ha.v~ .put:. there with~ut me, I w·il.l oS,till reftUld leve~' penny :yau! - eg'ai;n r 'no 'bassle ~ I( I' wen ~ t pay JOu t.he' extra $1 0 ~ ,eo t.he. entire: year I 5 Ii expe't' 1mefit I!I 'will have, C'05,t, you ten bucks, bu:t net, ,even ,one dol.l,u, cut of you,f· pocket. ~ ,)

Smce tb!s le:n~ will pl'ubably ,add at least .1.,000 ~ subscrtbers, Ud:s means Jim putting S 10,000.00 of MY mOiney at rist. i'Yby w.t)uJd· I Uti' such ,a cr~y ~g.7 BecaUSE! aLl: my y.ears I' of expm.ence .and 'that of tIloe foJ1owinl m¥ iaO.vioe tdls me ]' won't .lQse ,3, pemly~ because yo.u'll mak~so mum money "ThUlk yo~ Dan Kenned.yll wW become your mruttra. Want proof? C~ider' the exttao,rdw.ary exp.erien.t.e$ d'isc:rioed by ~ rumble on the endQ~ed greencolored page ..... and otaer peopie.5! comments oo.itS backside.

I MV"e a .me cabinet full of success stortes and. commen ts ~ust like thesei Yo'lllt"s,'D be til/ere: soon, roo. J\Dd mat means, yaur bank account will soon be bul~ing., bursting at tllti! SI!3mS \IVi m a fresh flood ,of mon,ey~, . .And y,QU 11 get bot new profit. strategies [arriving: eadil. and e.¥.ezy mon:m~ to ~ep you [OI11l"ack.

\\'hich brin.g:s u.s to~rnE NO B,.S. ]\1Ai..K.ETlt{G LETTER ~.t:self'. J.ive_1[old ·you. a bon t the truckload of I[ brib~eji~_l~n;Lgi ving vou 'oo__tgl the Lettel"_.;.

bAA r ~D,OW le·t m.e tell a.b,o.UJ' tl'i.~ tetfi]~T. .iueH ... , -

This, tb.,jing is, like' a dav:~Qng. s:egUn"u: in "IP'rin.t am.ving event month. Each Issue is at' least 8, pa.cked p~·es, usttally more, Ther[e are almost allwa:rs advertising or sales letter "maseovers" I 'teniiic: [e.xam.ples 0,( II'what work:t~.j timely marketing news, trends~ eontineous teaching of my most Important :s:tn:.regies~ a condD, provocative and occasicnally even [e.nt~ 'C:O:llV'e.n.a.ti.o~ w}lth me .. , ...... ~ cover' every .i.magbtable marketing and. m,o,ne.ymakiing too]. Md. oppo.rtumtyj fro:m the i,owly Va],;;o,Pak. coupon or din-"clleap postcard to the. Internet, broadcast :FAX lU!l.d.~,rec[otded messages to, of course, long-form, c-opy .int~sive ads, 'ad,venortaJls!, sales letters and brodl:ur-eSi. Most Issues also COD'tala QJJt;.A 'W!ii1h the subscribers, ,3. suest ~'s article 011 a. spedfic H'l.a!I' straf.egYt- a! cODtlinuing update to my 'mtblui:m lnfrarmatb::nl mtrl!!p'r.ene'Ul" M.a.n;uar and to IQY 'Make' Milli(lru With 'Your Idem'~ book. My scb.edwe~ 'with's and other opportw.1itie.s. look, It's WADED! L-O=A~D~E~D'!

:Ue'~ not ~011e~ H1..lDcbioos. of o"ur wbscnb~ tell n:lJ~ mine is the om)' publication they get 'wat they s[to[p wba:tever the;yre doing and bolt me door to read, .hl-Utec .m. hand. If we"re late geuing .aD IMU,e out, we get calli iUid FAJ{e~ from loa of folks f§arfuJ tIh.~y've somehow misseD an, Issue ~ ·ttl s that .impo,nant and valuable to ihmn.

C'Q: N-SI'D'ER" 'IT At· 'L;-

. . ". ".I I, '. ~.J. i.< ,', .. _ "' __ : ... : I::

1~ TllEl BIG HIlGHTS AUDIO. .PACKA.GE - we~n sell 1 t. m. a liinted e:dit::Lwlj fer $199~OO.. But people traveled frOM as .far ,a,WIJ{' as Austl'afia. and pajd $. ~OO each to get tbis mfo firsthand, So whafs t'his,IIVa!ue:"? Let·s _'P,u:r it ar Ju.s:t S199.,OO~ Will ;it be \!'!fOrth more than 'that to .YOI:lf' Absolutely ..



1. 'TJI.E MOtTNTAIN' OF' mFORlI4A TIQ,N ~ 5· It&p'ort~, my book. Ov~' $100.00 'woiITli. of mate1:ia1:sI, bu,t ;a;l!l:a in, ,they mowd be liMO,rm a whole Iet mare than ihat to Y01!JJ~ ,m, resultsl -

,3. 'Tee: [N.NER CIRCLE :~ B£N',EATS~ \IVh,en you, eonstder ma,t just one hour It:lf my 'telephone· consulting: nme sells fo([" $.800~Oal' these exclusive' access benefi,lb ,afI€ obvi,ousJy 'very 'V:aluab],e. If yotlJ,paJ:it:idpat"E: in .3 cw.l.-:w day;s~ .20 minu tel! ,each time, you I]], ,gElt $800 in co:nSW,'W1g~ Plus the: "'Open, FAX,," 1J];us contests, freebtes, discounrs. Easily $1,000,,00 m vaiue~

L 2 .. 3~ 4.

4. 'THE NO :B.s. ,~(j. LErtER, ~ the most l!t~,1!lable maJrk.eting and

. :mtOne~~ new:s1ettru:- Ut A;me:rie~, bar nfine~. (And I oughta, know,~ because [ $ubsaibe ~Q' over 40 newsletters p:].~ do~ens of 5peci~d. tracie, ]oumal:s~ 1: d:idllenge: m~ every sbl;gle mon th W ,make m.i.n,El: be:ttrel'u.'WO:r!!:.b. ten tlmes any ,of ml2: ethers .. ) -

199~OO 100 .. 00

l. ,('Q'},.oO



51 ~49 8,,0 0 TO"i.AI. V AL~;mt;u;pnteed to be lWrth ar least ,3 ]_QtClOO.OO 'to:youm~eased,'moo,me.'''''''''''''''''''i'

'D'· ... t "U\i""ii~PI (lioeiit ~ f'I!i:'D~l\;"": .&.-ii'" iu I't- 'f\'k~ '.,ub"' "!'Iiri ........ fee j- U'C'iI" I!I'i' 'I '9' '9'" 0' 'n

.[I!)"",,, ' J' .... '!,l!i, I!!!I"- ,.&;0 Y ,iI,O;&'i;.' 'fiU"IIU: .lLu.~. ,!i.I,;OI<, Ii.lUt'lii, ,'", • "' ,'"';t'" I!;!lo;,;t;ld!;,' .... "-:Ii ,l,"",",l~ '. £ ".'~ ,y.

'~UT, :-. 'fr:rJ$'_P::~ 'T" 'T;"]I!'!II'''',T' 'y,.' 'O','"U ~'Ay ji'i<A';I<'\i,FD,'r:f! se.;

ILl. . ~".i:l! ~qJb JI:, ~ ". _. .' ~-~~ IJ.Y.u-\-.L,U~ lJ ~ I!!III!III!I!

As you milgh~ :imaBi'l'I~ M 'v,llII\lD Lh'!i!, 'Ume!ij~ I'v's. p_ forwlllld varrl£!!'u:~ d[lscc,u:nt!Sl: Ci~ IP:r!C,mDt'hlrU!lI' IDfl'l!!!trs '~Ol' 'neW subscrl-ber,Bi 'th B be~t ,and ~lJrgest old ISC!DIU~i' that II h.Bive e,lf'el' ,given '1:&, S50~Dgl~ ,(lcqUBI to IBl 25,% SiPiV Il'iglim) Ha!"', l1'gW!~ i!I!~d II ,SJbsD~U1:e:lv a,satlre' YlOU, this 'Ume G n'ly .. I'n ilul',ft!1I:1;a n to 1'h'ia gf,al'l,t I~ nei:t~'~,~ O'f

b D,n'U·!'U~'1 11m AILSD gDiifiil,iI tel ghre you the fiUixilWti!.un dlse"YI!"It. Rmg ht now! y~!y lelJln SlIU brserlib,e at: lEI ,$ 5\0',.00 SAVIN GS)F lI!'edll!Jcl fig y'~~r f,ee t~ ~1!IIlB'lt ,S'~ 4i!II.IO~

. lQJ.U;te franildy, :ro.y ~ ~esh!IJde -!1:money guy!~ tbW5 I'm mits .. My 'bean"

counter sUd, "Do, ar:u~' at' m,e omer ~ ,big dI.sC'o:m::i r OR ,a, pj1e of gifts,. b,u,t d4ln~~e do bom .. 'You're. ,giving a,~y me wllo1<e fanm 'y",~ I'll spoil thes~ ~w:wm~.s' t"-oU~l" rthat s wh'y you NFIER let the aceourrtant n.m. at c:ompan_y. SUI",e~ I m.ay atctwlUy lose a few bucks ~M~mg you on at this low:r-a,te and buryin.g yoU, in all these g1fU~ ,81ilt ,I know tot a f~ct, from 20 ye~, 'mat w~ you. ,see measureahle results In 'YOW" baak account :[rom ~y advice" you ill etlIL_g,erly and ,happily g1v,e me

" ',', ,-' '''''6i''i,~.h' /f"#'lima ' ,;06 ..... " ....... ...., "i, •• ",,41,,;\1"11 ,'0'" '~£i;t::I ""C .... '-""-'I.I'F'I ........... ,t-.C' J·'I1"'t do ... j..,

:mere mO..D,ey = ,~' ...... ~I!W'., ... ..,c _,-' .... ' "",;: •. U.&.lI.IoII.Gi.I.J<1 ,aI,J:.'I.Ii....... _ \ILL • .:l!""_'''"'1 , •• : '~IL.""""""',I.aIUI.!i.&). " "",."""''"-1. I!;,


get me idea. ,of gtoW customer value", Taat's why aCCOUD.'I]IJ4ts; WCltk for hOlUlrly V\,iI,.ges! 'for e.1urep:reneurs ,~ you and me.} Bu.t, just to keep the pea,c'e around here, I did agree to strictly Um;fl this orfer to the fu-.s,t 500 ro respoad - out 0,( tens ,of tb.ousand:s m.vit.ed. /U1dlthar·s. for real: if you respond as, #.5015 I 'will refuse }.'(l'Ut" subscriptllon. So' I'm ,not ldddm,g, - tate care ,cJf tats nq_w~ 'T,od~:y., This:

m.1nU'·'."-'iJ .

,'IS. Kennedy

~f!..;II.I1LIUl;U..Ii' ~tted To Multiplying, YOUR Inc-om,ei

PS: How would .you l!ike 8i m ~ [lion dollart:s of' F~'EIB' aJd!y-'eirt'j ~ i'n!!i .fi0f' }"O<W' product"

SI!Fi,l'"k"-ej business·i. 'book, wbatev'e:rl' Well. Paul Ha:rItU.m,a;D is me guy can. mue thiilt hiitp'~n faJ' you. !Pau] spoke s:t· this Crud~l'.1!te and ]5 tnc.hJd.t"d, m:n 'toe .ii,UJdiJO~, _, bu.t 1"m also guwg' 'IjO gJv.e you ,hms. 0li!.'/11 v:rillOO ~ EB,g' ~ and !berels 'l,'!,!by YOilli gOlla get ylOUT hiMd:s: Quit; Paul is NOT ,some. theoretical te~cher, Hoe !iVIes: Wfl3:t he t~~u:beli. JUSt fOr exun:p.I,e, he .has, oo~ . .oIl. Donahu.ect I'r:on'v I@Dit!$, [g~8i§'& KUdiiV Les""·I~nre.D'jrtM,ed orLo:ver~l.OQQ mdlO show'! .. FO!J=O,RBES' Mo!\GA1JNE cUd. 9 DNa-PalS!:'. f!y'n ,cd,or ,rtlpry a~a.YLhrlm. Thpt :SPP !'fl fQrhs§ .tY\o:n@ Wgllda. cm;~ .QYW 5100.000.QO _ h,p]' gall: :it -(Dr.1:) ("ents. And. 'mb ,ilS j~ln wbat hff's done fur :hImself wiw publicity - iliJs.: do.~SIl] it IncJ.l1de the acc:ompUslJm.emlS of his students and dfenu. ,Evcer;r ; Paul mai,.e~ more mo~t!y dwing a; l~ .:radio ~d, pubtEc-JIt}' bUtZ fur ·one o,f bi5: own p.rcch~c't5, th!ln til lot ,of [olk$ maM' ~m worki-nS ail! yelil!T.. 1Wb3fl[ he can dOl with. nJ"cke'bS' ,<m:d iii. fA.X machine~:s: a.lmost: trimiRa'.I. Cenamly ~rolUndinJ. S@, ify'Ou've ";at .3. t~gb!t. bud,get" ... OR yo·u "ve 1'01 a 'riho.t· prodluCt thaI Dew ;m to'fI, of' e~O$Ure ...... if y,Q:u ~1'a.n1: to :bieOOnll!! ,1ocaaJy or ~atlonaUy fiillmic:nllS ...... il' youid Uke te let mtD beP your fiam~ Md ~ m the P1!Ib1ic

,ey,e. •• " ••• OR .if YOl1l'~c[ jus~ like til':) reduce your dlepe.l:!ldency OIl ,ccstily ra:dve.rd:siog_. Y<AI ~usr~' attrrmtion, to waal Pa'Ul1 revealJ - !bath il1 the. Audilo H:ligbligh,u 'Tzp~s AND iII. this V]4f!.C), 'Blaw 'To· Get S,]~MilIiM WontJ OrPubtftilY~ fJtEF. 10 :g.£! fAI ,egtra.,b~,o FlEEI d. y1c:kU. bave to do. ts ;Se.t your .ntwsi.ene:L" ftbscripti'IJ.ll1. til by' or b¢for"e th-e ~l~e: .s'~eli ;in .red. ~ then you g.e\i:' this Vldeo M on~ 'DI.or,~, ;tdld~d, gXl;T,a RU$ GlFI'.

,PP.S: ,MOREtUl, '"ill! my ~efto!y~ !5lopply 1lan5, l~J send: yo~ 'the Spee.ia] D~~m:ber I'g'9" lsS!ue

O'f tfie lLene:r ~ the MlHIOfl, narma;r R'o.l'odex. Upda:~~fl' .issue., ii!!, (Qmpend:iu:m of mSllider'

co:rnacts. Ut;tl·e~o.w.1'li vend.o:rsc, ~y.s\ 'tg Si\t!!! iii !bundle 0liI. p:rm.tln:1 :aJ:I:d!.· i:mpo:rtaQ~ servtces, peopJe: [ rei), on" boob' to re~d, ,Md in:liIch ,fll(I1re. [f }IOu. C:-aIl.~ find: aJ n~' way,to jll.lia' np .YOUI' m,Mhdng II'JW 'lO' g';e'I bigge.r ban&: for. your. ad, dwlar·.m 'thlis lMue, y,ou JlI;tSl a,ll1.'E loo:kJlngJ

,PP'SS.; MO'REIIU Again. while my timi'~~dI. supply l~ts, from a spei:'lal iDventot,Y ·p.un:~a:s-ei I'm. going to ,give' you ;a fa_Sic-mating ho>ok. ~bo.ut an, Wl~ topie: i'!iweOl}s.h::i.!D! the :powers, of hn:uitmOlli. ('Of Ibu&fri~;s sU:OC!s.s. 1'11'0, tihts.; is NOT III :beok. ;all:!Jau.t mark.e~m:g". my ;s,ped.alt)" ood s;ltengt:ti"J. But the.~ ,liIlre all .mrts of tools ,qd, sitlr'a'tegle"S we lL~ in crea:tins.: me;g~~\5l1l:tCI!5';S. I wink - tms book is a very 'i.vonbwbJille rmd. Itls titled. "suacas 'IS .AN [.NS]D:.Ii JOB - H,eru1'~ l;Dlt~gntY, ~d Lntuition: The. Sec:r.ets To. G~ttItDg Anything You WIlf.I!It:"'. <iiUld. it's _writt,ell by a. long'-'ti'me friend. of mtn.e" .lee Milt.eer. le!2 ;£$ a. Mt!lch-lfio-demsnd .Ie~nu~ I with wo:rl.~ cl a$S clients: lik~ the' Wait D1.m.¢)' C'mrrpameSi ,u.d1. fed~raI .Eqlf~.

n' ~~ SO., ID.etl s Us e I!VElITHING thati s comj :Ilg to you (:be careful lifting the boxl):

The Au dj ,0' HilgMig;h.if$! p,~~ge from my' Sl..4S;i.~DiJ Pel per.scm MarkeHl'I\g &:

Moneymaki~' SuperCtmferen.ce

Haim:J..Out Bookl!!t, accom:pBnying' the Audio Tapes from. the SUpl!!rConftl.'WIJC,e AND, Speci:d 'Rep [bitt .frem Ken McCilrthy about (reaUy!U) making :mofiey with the I~rernet

One Year M'embership In. my Inner Chde" with all :rig;hts ilnd pri{incl~!iling!-

'.1 PI,ersorW Te-]~p-hon'! ICOns:u!tiJ1\g, &:

COii.cmq ian iIIaipUfld C&I.~..,m, D!If,d

I. Contests with Cash &: Merdtandi2't to moour.a~' Iel1mmg'

• FRJmBIESI!l· frl~ b-tlicks, ~ook1"~ lap~j' .inJormat.iolA,r. even s9linar and eV-eTlfl: t~I:[vf''b

• Tw'O 'Critique C'erlifk~u~i\ 10 Ge't my .persoliul1. mp,ut and ana]ysi~ of yo-m-' '!!iidverti~: and 'fiUl!rketmg 'ma1leri8h



FivIH - ~OUfn,t n{!m.., five! ~ Spe'i;ial Reports: .. ~ac;h focused on "ery. ~p eai'j~ pl:',!:IIdic~l mo.n>fym~kling· .strategies tes~~d ullt,der rm;re and proven by many of my' .Irrn:er Cirdl! MeHlbe~,,"


My' boo~ T1-II Ul."IDr.fA TE SlH.JCESS 5ECllET

'Dr" P'aul HattLuliurcs PubWieity Seminar. VlDEO:' Hc,w To Get $l-Mnlliom Of :fREE Ad:\"1~rti~i rig

My arstmJl'1ding' DOUBLE GUilr_tee





M'y iiMiUiilil1 Doll-r &D]~'~~' u,p...'Da:tett (Dec. 97 165ue). • WI-db! tIlJ~ limited lasts ..

nus ]S [2 true MOUNT)Jtil of :moneymaking Wf01.'DJ1ati~ all.rolf JUS!' s: 149 . .o.0~.m. , ...

0,- ~'Ii' 11.....,._11..11 'VI'!I"" !D1i'"'I- 05i .... i- 'RIG'" BTl" 'N-n~"ifiI

! ... ! !1FI!~~iI HiIi.~.f "_,Iti!L~, - J ~~, ibV ~I,u;& ~1Ir., . -.:__ __ " -v"r ¥ ~

1. CALL i..aCm-.:;tl,l-7t80, ask fcqo the Special NeW5lert:er Q{telr (lOA,M' ~ " PM EST, M-F)

2., FAX BACK th~ @ndm.!il~ am ilonA to. Ql2J~IUI anyti:me ,2,1 ius a d~YI' 7 days ill week

3... CA.LL my Offi~e, ·(o~y} 12.:30 to 4~OO PM Az-,. T-une. Tues, ud llucrsd~

4. :MATllb:a,ck Ule .r!l)rm,. jf YOlI. must Kennedy lnln.e.r Qrcle~ line. ..

SEne N. 7th Str. #103, Phoem)tl .AZ ,65014.

pppsss: rm on a mission ._ I w~IU 500. ne¥;' subscribers and Inner Cin::l~ Member.s. i.n 'the fiLrst qJl:IIar.1e:r of this ye;u". I'm nlC~[I:'l1 tl1e chx::t:. I' dian It :hav.~ tam,e: '!N:!' f.QO~. ~'!.Qld. T:i1iiLt':5j' why I've :m..ade such 'a, rema:rkalble. offer, provlld"ed sueh i2. mogntam Qf 'vall'llabl~ ,gifu ,ANn :nlY II mdusu1a1. stren thlll donble, SU3rarn:ee. D,1!!I.1t gn top @f ~erydJiml, I'll k1ick If! ~~ ;:i.rJ;Lothe·I!'" - bonus ., If ~'Pu ,are. in li:H!! first 1: O@ tEb1:"espol"u:l tJo.Jbj5 Imerw... Aboll~ a mClilth. ot~l;.i:'j joe P,oU,s'h inlervie'LI.!,e:d. me, ,k:J:r rill!!: :rnontWy :;;I;ud iQ ~e:l":ies; he proVides to Ws: d±enui, M:eI"\'W,ii!jf'ds! he &a.ld, th'n \'Io\'!b:at be $uCl;;¢d (ftI[ of my lbT.a:in 'W;U m.y best ,ntU'f ~~t - that U:ue:nrltill eo tW:s o'ne J:lllervS.[e'iN c:ry~ta.l1ti~ed fi'iiY e:ntt~. very po ..... E:rful lOI];:1prollcb [10 $Yl!:"c;eufu~ mark.elJng" JJSTeUHG 110 THIS or .. n3 TAPE IS LIK.£ A GIANT M9fT At ENEMA. lbu \, .. 111 nusJll aUl all ~he; "b.s," }"Du've been '[old albolu adv erti$ mil, mar~eting ;;m,d 5e.Ilingl, ;;wc1! will dniil,neJI:aill~' you

~, .. riJth OJ. radka], Dew par-LOi;gm. l'n send] \-ipU this mipd-blQl,vij IjI.gJ)._p;eJ~Rg. but vIDLMUSI. take~aetll."J1iil thIs nua:nt,

.. ~ ~.~.~~ ~ ~~.~~ ~~.~.~~~~.~.~~~~ .. ~ ~~


iii • ~


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UM-. '.: A.:' ... 1V ..... B'·'·. E .. II

1-\1' .,.., 'II Oikay', Dan., go. .ahead aad [5 en,d, me ·tlle·

m.ountain Qf ll!lO'neYlM.kinq .iDio.nIJ.a·tion ... tool.s r ,at'ldi~ 'tape9' from Y'our Supe:rcon.:fere !!lee" ·the: Reports: I THE 'W'ORKS - all :r:REE ~ a~i::lI sign me . lJlp tOlr' your I'i'lne r {: irel B ;. al.s@ :FRE!, Eo 'w/,it.1'ii my snbscript ion tOo your "[)Jc B .•. S ~ Hl!r:tetinlgi .Le'tter." I c,a~NOT lOBB or ·wa.ste ,even r8i penny wi t.1l 'y'O'LlI:' .DouDle 'G'lliarante,e, so wb.y wuldllJl' t, I t.ak:·e YOrIl up 01:11 ,t.M.5i o:ltflB:r.? A:t. ·this pout. f all I. j'm s a.y ing is MD'!I:C: ,. tha't. I! 11 g.i ve your ~ s,t.uff· ·il 'trJl' ~ 01


:' _.3,..iMON'H, GUARANTiEED TiES,T~IJRIVE~ A.ND '~~YEAR SllllBSCRmPTICNi ·5149.00.

.' ;i.

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SUDS£:R,IPnO N f,or just $221.tUll (Sav',eanl ex._ $'11.(0)

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~~A~irir:1B -ml'i:lti! '!he !1rs.t:3 mcntM, :reu may ii€~el ,n fi!lliJiTI '8'i'S[]fIIhing IQF i3i 1b1111'~Tii:llplU' !Il!I, ~,B .UD. ~or liOllJr. I:ttJuble • ·rn8.'l~ a :3. month ',ree le$i;~! ~tJc. IXI~ for [Bfu11 yeai', BrI illfOO ,CaJ] I»n~ !S-a~ ~ 1'1a'tC!!i't

ia'! - est .$tCtCIa:l.DD as, a direct reS"LLiL 01 ilhis senriee i!nd ~!is 1lJiab!!ri~. ~ rn1IiiIf ~iI RCI~E!51 WI!;!' r;!!Cl!iWl i'!i 1lJIi MfrliOO ... AG:liifOnai c:ll~t _~ of tnese. Gu~ea5i ~ ifl thl!! iClJD.jlilpatl~ng dl!'illll!i'.)

-;t ~ldl U,80 l.ifk to n~.;i""1i· -~ ~ i~' ~k.'!I - i!I.dd thelia to ~' 0l."deJ::": ~ HOW TO ·SUCCEED IN BLJSz1NJESS BV BFlEA!(gNG. ALL. THIE RUJl.IES .~ e~~p'~ges. h!lL1'dO~r. $22.'9:5. Dan's newe~ batik, I'E!~I!I 21 as &lul ~B Dam 5lIJCCa'.s~ e:tid 11ii;M 1:clI:!Iii!!IIIk I'J~!!I 01 ditem, hucin!l!it.m9 g..'r..e :stofiBa ~~1tBifiian, '15:~ S1T,1II1 lies:

HOW TO MAKe M[I.LJONS WiITH YOUR iD.EAS .. :2ffi:2-pqEls, i~~EI~ 11 ~,'95 .. IE¥Bry oppMI;.inJty. andi S:lralS'g,y. 'lcr bIit~ir!!il1llew ,ld'~aa, p:r'M~ [13" :ssrvi"e€!s ttl! ma;rk~ wl1h an amphes:ie .go d11'9ti1: mIU'kACln.g. ~ncl. ,-S 1M!!fi!Jt'I~Jf.e-MBker S1Ja1~I.s.

'liOiH OF- TlH!E;SE 000'1<8: 5~S,OO • tlla' ·~'O~· d'i~~n" .. i.cla11:3~:3IJ,.

tODE; ........ ~_ IEwP.

IDat..",e_~ .......... ==

PA YM B«: '1:1 ChecklM.rQ. (Pa:y,able W [Kennedy Iinner Citc:le)

01 VfS.A C Americarl &:pres.s n Mas1en'Card

Card#_~~,.......==~ ~=--=~ ~ExpiliS Date __ ~

Your NaJme.'~ __ ~=~~~= __ ~--== ~~~~

Slree1. Add ;"S5,~~~ ~~ __ =~~~~~ __ ~,

City, State. Zlp~_~~~~_~== ~~~=

IP'hone (Ii'l we Have A. 'QI1~sroicF1,~~_~~~~~~ __ 'F-AX (Oplicnal.)._~~~~_~=-=~

() .'FU· fQl!;M ro; Ifio01I Ui9·:11'13 (A.'.!.ntllll:lle ~ hf;!ii.ll. iiki:_oo. 'l'VWt dl;;!)'j

11' CALL lrS(){)L.:m~713.0 n~oo -1._m • 4~0l~ pm E5T, M!JiI"l.-r'!'1.) ~'r: Dlll·.lb,·;n 1 '1 T U~·. &: Tn. U:lIO·· -I1[lt1 pm]1 181 MMl'TO; .!G!.:rnfi~tc:l'!f Innl!r Cirdir.+, i.rtc .. ~~111j N .. ' lh S't. n [Ja, ..,. AZ :!IrSO~·4·

M_i\.n , -.- IV· '11.1

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1tJIflI« fJ.iJs - ~~ tim I smd,money 'OP '~"I 'WI)'itt ~om_' We to ',*m multipl@' I've im'@Ddm,a ofIMn', ~ 'uJ!", i, i., J'w~. bI",~~ , . 'fm. "1loM MftJhe(" ot'tas1!WQ11IJy ~r ••• tnd,l"''(.e' ~ WIll to, write s..ks ~. f« - .. ~

. '" .'~, 1i"_....a:.,~~-." .. ::.dI.J:il' DIM, H' - . ~ , "le$'

~1- my Uft·O~ fIJ ~ ~._",,~)! 1Qg'~ Ii!U, .... PJ\;J' ~'-JUll '. uW' ~x;anp •

1. l~dl~'otII,ofDu'·"~~Jle:~meM.ldkN~~f. ~ dtt ~ VJII <NO'. '[)Qj ~ at in dnha I dcIll wiab til mldcda' 'U.1Ii@ put aft ~~ 1%0.000.00 -~ ~- ~,m;ybQk~f 1M ~''J~ an -1 awJiedjUJt one ~*' idtu IlIa' __ - It WI '~'~ ti~ a:tPd _, S14,04.w-! lUi'", S34,8t4.00,d~ i:~,'" c,dif«t mmt of __ 'o.'t ~

1. Ste~ ~ qQ. '1 hired 'O_towrilc 'I: ala 1 ... tm'SDL 1'hIl,*,~~Ja.s '._~' ~ JIll 11 'm.2D.oom AM I-tn n4t ~ 'kl ~ it lIlY 'e: IOlCm. o.,t~ "'ftIt~ ., ad fbr m.: _itouto;pqDat_ f~,~l.

3. 'V1ing, whet Dac,~ ia ht$ ~p«~ M-"~"oof. b:'"'ba llto;wed:tJU to MtUP'. ~J41 ~$I ST1lCintlat ~~'I~C!IdI Utlr(JOOtJ)G+ o'fi~ for mr*", ~

'i.,I!t.d.- "," 1;I'~_'li.i.. L.-'!.dI,_ ;av~~~.~

Gr.cup M ~ 1M.

:#. 1- / /VN'

Whi1'l'liI~ Must Htve, Du, Kennedy

'_ Y,IQI1I' Mllrbting And M'Meymll!!Jng AdiVlllGr I, COIlch" W,liiIrili,tn;g Fc~ YCU,! EI~n!lll1t1)il 'i{1~l! T •• ted, IProfi'table.i E~cL'di!'lg ,Ad¥ertl.iftll M 'I!ftiin r S.~ A,,;I Elimepreneul'h!!~ Sttr.tegi,e.!II,

DAN :Ii.~ 'ttl, 1cwe'J" ,000.,000' prop1e:' iii }'i9f., &eJ\lwn~ .Bl~ W1fh, .lcng lbt of 'I!;ius!!nels ,. 'pe~1 iI!!~1ert.lilmlilient !U1d lporm ~h='b:r.Ltil!!i5i ;lnelu~ Zig Zj,glM. i1,mm b c;", F.~t=' if.ciWr!'"" Ttetm .. H.o~· andi J1m Rohn: l'..atty KIng. Peiu),.~ :ifi::ir:m,~1' U_5.. Pr.a~nts B1ll,Ih 1Uld~. l~raJi Colin ,~,weII jtnDI ~ralI ND~ SGb1l!o'GfZiko'.¢'; ~ H,oltz., I~.

r~. IOJym~~'~ Reith;l:n

~d BG!~ ~. J~ .MCintatm aDd,. m.

aeJdlUoT;l; 10 tIi:I.~ ~:atII'i Dan .g, . IIiI2lUgbrt" ~r"s~ g' co~e ~ ,~tlDtl .mee~ ad mc:h_c..-:mar.ket. '~"":~!ll ~~g~ eam:ps. He.bQ ,6 ~. s:lmwtam:aWib' vaflabte m ~it:o.l'U" Bl. '&at B~ !by c.DIy a ~ afnon-~ a1uthoD. WDy b! m! i:D ~ high!'? :ecca,~' ibJLs, un~.~. ii.inQ~ !SttBtilt,p:8 'lHm"k. IrIs mat s.Jih::. Peoplci .fIii~;1ll ht!! iii~ ~1:IiVC Was, ~ clWee .mutl.Qr!:Jy dCli!ibl,e" il::np~" ~,t9.~ ,

.~ i1n'C'!ii;g[!,~ h:~ Q;rlC y~ to ~ next., ~te ~tI fJeIY h'Im. $ II: dil,.y O:f $6.00'.00 an bmtT I ~uaII¥ ;p'Juu esUb:.ll~·:JIMed ~l~:r hts! ,~~;,. W':I,tb, ovm:'

,eolJi; Il:if' all :l1!.tC'h ~ts 'iHM u11lU'le ,bia

~9~. domg, til ~pea~ed!!y, ~ !OODUn'WI!IJI~ mf S·" .~ 0" 11!o'llil9l 1i ~. ~ ,hm.e.r C~ :Me.m~n: i1!~vt- the '~t I~f au tliliI, qpcrtl!l~. tm:ruillaJlte!!1 :in1:il:l1 rekl:!rc:la 1a' ]ll~ ",00 b.a, ~I ilttate~, ~Uvercd. ~ hb ~~ L:ttm" §nd O'~ how~kl.~tm[jl;s]'!!j. HeRi . .n.!I.:Iew· cd' tbcti' lGI!!iillilliCQ;'Qil

w ... · - 't, iJlI'!Ioj, ... , .... "" '5- "u iii, ... Aut.r ..... i'iI

• ~ . ULJ'ifV.>l19 . lI,l ft~~. lU ~ !I!I~Ii'


:rm.:;!i "Wml,_ ,~ Q( ~J"PC'" ,~ ,to,', lind "~'~ ~~~ ~ 'b.!! ~ utd. ~~~ .. ~.MY ~'" ib.f ~ple.

COIIBwtem:iiv ~W1l!n,' a 1% ~ 10~ :rt~pcMe ~; - ~ (!{m·tIle »q ~~ ~bg~ _~nsC'Y. ~e ~Dll ~ lief.Ql!. :R~':fitly [ ilJl'!plled..)I'O'!,tr '.~ R~~,~nt~gv~ a pub~Jjgtt~he(II.Bo

~ a~u.t~: IRe .r.ePQH: ~~05mg'.A Phone: _

Can1er ~t WiIU ~ 1'D11I, MOiII~ •••..• Ei:sI af~. I've :~tvedl ~r 15Cm'1 My ~ ~~ei51 are ~-oef 1:J1mr. your. Jdeu prcglUce· ~1:I'!I.ll'tSI. ~,1m" ~r.y.tI~I~l,gr

-ie_lilY Aub,::' - kI, Qw:ner, S~ .Adv;t.oa

SILlESPlEOP-LE: [NEVER, MA.KE A I!!OOI.D' ICAIU.ii AGAIN Ii •• , the oU:tcr tln!m-e~ ~ faI tha:t ] aJm :wJW

, ~my tJimlll! ~.~ :peapm wm. Qft!'a~ :linc:~;~I'~ ~,ge ti_ .~s ~ m~ eiQ'lmtless b;QW\S,:in tbe ~.~ few m~~ .. "rwnws :for i!it~ yom .metlm~ wttD~~1 WMt I MW' ~lDe tD '~_,~ KeEl!fiedy Wf.Oaeb d\t;J;;y 'W'Ork. aru:II [,am .~plQg t1m

Mfidlrf~!ii ..... 1!1 '

-KM~ L WlIIlI:mlt KlW'Snbt.lluliu


-J·us.t a "bon, M;t'e o£~. ID:r the ~ :k:£~ )'Ou ~ T,.J. and .Iin'!!! on A~t: ~rh. .•. ~.~ ~b. ~ ,iaad!! El, 'totiIl!,' -, ,I , ~.; ," It iOlf's.271 ',75~ •. S4. ~, . ' ' . D '~ID&,-:- ' r 'You've ~ WjI~. mc:m.:;y' i!lmee 199::1" and. ~ 'myoUT Id~. ~ addl te~1!lIi!lIi have ~11 W ~ ~ 0'Im\t' ge, ~ 'but M~ haa I!V~:r ~'CIe'lIliiI ~ mud) ~ thl:i; .fast.·

~ K." Fkihlt!de:rr -


" mus," t eoD,gm'hJ!.l!:lift:, 'yIDI ~ UId,' ,,' ~ur excell, ---.e:m itU.~. ~ ~ ~,~ ·tRm~gOIa ,flf:OIl tlIl ~ ~utt tQ !CB.. YOW' ~WMks!~ .A.m! ;I:t wm-kit., ,rmJ!!;y' well. YO'W"ma'~ He dJJWn· ~ [ ~3let.Y ~ eo:~,pJE and ~~UIel y:cm.SiI!!t

:!!i:irfu,.l - moM)!'. ~ iIfI! ;MW' ru:.P~I:J.:I;D'I1ihM

:r ~ ltJig,ug,b:t JiIOSS,:lhte. ., '

-.1_ L111':OUmtite

I[AII! ~ ~ .~tua.l. t~~. IimlIll1iili Ictmr;s Qn .1ll'J!·.1

AlBDIlJiT HIS BOOK: tU,W liD M_AKE MilliONS WITH 'OU.R. U)£A.S: K-e.fin!!D,y'!'- .. msrl ma;rk!!:tm,g.~ 1m.5, '_n: tOf ~ilt: \IBlue to, QUr ~DIDeII;S. I Wist!, [ltd l1l::!aQi _~, bofIk ~k WM"rIl 'loW ~tl.ncli .10 n ~""efj, hod.lJ.C'ti. it o~t'[lbr~")uld. ~ve maUl!' om' joo't.u:.M:Y' much ~B8~."

..JiIai'Il FUve:FlI

~]t ~ til!i! ,I! jI~8in! or. CR:I!tiYC 1Jl!!'~~iBiIe~. 'to. ~ br:Lng OW' :pT'odIuct ·to me QI.B,Iktp~. 'ThI! G'.imllm~, iBIld Qlbsta:cle>~ 'mat (Onioof:¥tedi UBi ~!:Ie ~q:lirl.g~LY' Iboo:k~i!lj JDue:!:l iIBOR me ~ w~ o:ruy wWll :l'l: iI'iarl ~. p,'libllined. :B<~~ati years. iB~l_ ilt' cem.inlly 'ulo:tl1d ~ mad~ 0'1l.tI;' t.iI!Ik mueb .eash!r.I~

..('h". Harvey Sll¥e'fm M!,.IiJJr •. RoH:i1 Wolf.

De\iI' gpe:r~,'of !I',~erfC!C't Smfle Tocnh 'WbitenJ,l1ig Sy!l'tlmii'


-s~ \. .~ ~~~ ~,~ \\~~~~ ~~~. ~

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I .~ _-.--.1----1'

"4p '. ~'(-

~"Q,.. ",- ' ~, .

~'b, LoP A'"

~'" :~'~:>,:'. '

'~.. ~., .. '.

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....... ..

-'~i;I.. t~ ." .

'9· IIJ"'~ 'CIl '. '.'

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~.. -y' E.., . -£

.;~ (41 ~ ~.

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,.. - I I.. --. '"

Sa~plla" ,M1ailiD,g Fa,r A :Product

For Professional Speakers

-- 'Ii" - ~
~~ "'n ~'
..... :; ~
;, l~ '!IiII!'- ,,..
~ ' .... ~: ._.
..., [r.fI ...==--..
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'..., :;!, '"'I i
.... ;;i I:ij; ~- .
~: i:Ii, ;Ii ,~
ii:i ;:::!, ,,---..
~ Q. _, =0" ,III ~
.:iii .... 'Co'! _, c ,';;;.
1:::::, 1-
...., , __ ,a.
::;:. ..... ~
E: -:, ,13. I~ , __
..". ~ "Il!i 11 I'" :
:; W ~ .,
"< ~ a'" ~- .
"'<:: :;:. ;;: It!.. CI
~ 1:;,'1 ,11 iii ill
= =' r::;:" 10 ...
~ ;;;' :g, .. --
0 .... 'il -
c;::: ...... iii;.
-, ~ ....... e-
Ii!Iii.! ~ i -=
.... 8 ..,. .
I~ 'W - '"'"
... '-€: il!:1 '--'
:> ~ ~ !. .~
:13 ":"1Ii:;5~
< "''I ~ ... I J
,~ i;l .... ...a ~
~:c:. ~
Q~ ""'I = -
c= f.D V; ~
n Ci:l C[ 01
~-, ~ c ......--,
i;':j:;:" ..... ? .-~
~ flIl ~. ~' 1""1 0':
_, !Iili' 'Co)
..... Ii!II == '''''!I
m ~,
3 .... ... ,~
c:: ~, a' r
" ~ li'!jl ~;~
..... -
.... ' ~ ~' l~ "-
c-. 0' -..
IOof.:II ~ ~
, . . a :1;;: :;- D
\.,~. ~ '~ ,_ ..::: :::I' ~
1 ~ Q. ifiii g" >
I \'" ,_ = _
~-. '- ~ fii - -
/~' I!'D ~ eo e ~ ..
..... ~ - "'II
" .. ~ C!
II' - f;D ~
t ..... !iii! 'c::
n ;:;:: c. !If) >
~ ::'" ""II' '~
f - "' f.!I ~
~[ ~ -="
\ l - ~. GI "" ~
,_ ~ ~ 6
) Vol D ~ a ~
- ~ :::ii. :=
~ ,1:1'
A I'm , ....
~ ..... -
n 1Cl'" - ~.
.... ;' -r+r=:
_" :r. :j:; .~ liIIIIii ..
,_" Ill".! :I~I
~, "Ci II:i!:j ~ ~
"0.; "'i' = ~ :. [11m ..
~ n =-. .....___,
.is ,_ I:,i'Il 'f'""""""=
- a!
m iii' ~ .~
I:i!l ,~I 2
- :~
ti'J ....
== :Iii:
Ii:! ~
...iii: '!is
, oj -
a ~ ..;~
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~ I:)
0 ~
~ .:t.I1
!ii;'!. III
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u.... j
I- ~ ';
7i '5 :;;;
tn '''!::II ~
LU ~: >0
=:r I - !
, """"
a ;!:! ~
I . .... 0
!:Iii ~
LUI !Ill ~
~ II,: :~
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=, li
II.. a
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~ -.,JI
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""'" ~
- .... ~
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~ ;i -'E :--
Q iI,.;oj ... ,A!II (;!Pili"", Le:~'t.~r [TD Ji.ll eiPjii!fljk,JjiI

~ :~~l T~ ':ilJ.ent, :!X!;IiI.r;i. 'tb.e1r llreel!ll!i r '~o ~~ LU!;III [Il!;n&'t,u kmoUltmali

.iIiBd dU!~, li1!.g ~Jh1;, I5i1.

~-:!;! ... H!d~ 'IIi! ~h

~~II I!!'t;ni!::ilql, .....



BUY': [ . 7rU. it "T'IiiS.·, ro- .'. 'ST~: JU.' er .1\. ~~.", 0:- N··. .J.. ~;'I' 'rn' 'C'fH:j' it ~1""(11"" ! [III ~ I. I ':_.' _ ,~J' In ,r,~. ee- _ J'1J!," ~ D.J-\J,~ .w.

OO''''JIITI "" n'CriL TO' -: lI:1..1'1:'lD·~ r.G- TU Ji. "T" 'LA' A 'y U.A '!D'n'II:iN

.' .' . .l'i'JC~ , .~VLiiif\..l J!n.l;!'''!''l~J. l.ylM,' ,~tJ;; .'

J r y. a- T T ,rt .A, D~ T;1:'l1' V 1I:!i'li:'.oI.. f"II, fi Ift:'DV WO··· . ''!li'i!i''I'

.r. .... ~ ~"7JUlbiL,j, ~ ~ V ~,I ' .. _. - .I\JUI.I!'-~

D - - S· ao:r;1tii"""j'ii C 11

ear .'.p~ 'Q eague...

r .am. go.b1g 11:0 offer' you. iii '[loWly opp:onutia;~ to crelll'l:lI!! '~iiIll,)" dt';gma'Oe improvem.~D,t m ytnl:F' ~~I b1!lJ5mes!5l = 'wbetb.u' you're a wdl-'traV!i!!J~ pw.. or a peer.Ji M'vice.. Bu.~.~~ [~: ,~nn~1 money in, yo~r pocket, before 'W!! .~~ trua the DittySr:itty.. we"ll. have to 8:!:t one 'big. fat question out [of lh'! w~y ....

To· det~e whether or ,Dot it's worth, your whil·e to pay dos€:: a.o.d ~erious attention te ·evnerythln:R: I have to say in tbJs admitted!ly VeIY ie.n81my ,~etter;. take a, took iU: the ten .i(i~.lls.ted. below .. .how tnany are ,of zrea r w ~t W you?:'"

, .. '11,..,.-,... -~~ AI ... t.. .... -.......,,: ~It Ale""",_j~p't-: .... " i!' .... f- :i"l11,u_1~~''''a-H'' "!II"'Io.[ '.~~ will' "lPn" - .

WI ......... J:~, ~ W-.lCJi. U _ ~,..!!: '""""",UQi u. my ,,~.IIt;.; -ulOD.S .. .iJl,.if.J!DII_ •. _. gDs:'W'e[' your


WHY 1i1l1E IH [Cit SHDUtJb I III :SJlEN m '1111 S' I&U'-' 1

Here axe it few' of the key 'aspects. of this Ut..1!$Uless 'that I cam. plIovilde gu.ara;oteed, breaktlt:J.1"ough. hu:smess strai' ror. ,

I. M'qre emdb a,m-arrhl'i more Quill.$): ~boolina. tun YOU Di!~d (wi'dJIouf tIlre",om..e 'Qold~c:atliDR:"" M~'!i was1:eful mii.SS trI:ilJlin-I'S:)

2. in!Lf!aa:s:lmg !ncome pe:r ,engagement and :pt!f ,eli.ent: f'eweJr dat~ ~.q.~ muLb

grea~e!r' e:arnJnl~

.3. Gemn~ bes't pombl:! ~lti from g:ewg pubUsbed

4l:. Ae.ed"e:n:dns d.i!vdopmI!D'!l: of' Qf\Q,mine[lJ,!C'"e' and ·telelm;~(T

5. :MaxIJmim.~1J ,i.n~cme: ftom y·our own ·~hvOlil1tl.ti1i!i.o;n !!jproducm:~

'6. Creating :mwtip!.~ m.[to.m.e· ~

7. ,ll'!lcrgFjnq: 'lpUihfflr'" wQQ-me .. d mlt,mpe Sia'b~ltry

8. PrafI,mbly' Pl"''IlmotmQ; Y9Mf 9WiI {iemhw!j! ;mal li1!~Ul

'~. N~ ,Icp:ging edlj!iel rpppQIT!l3.:phi;s. Uk~ ,info.m.erd~. lel~.5lulti!l1;U:5, Cl!J!!ltllDutry

P,f-OPam;s _ _ _

10. Getting ~ut me Ue5''& M~s that ho.lc1IP~S back ·from fu;~ mep.-sn«~.

How Probab[e 105 .It .... Th.tit Yau O:ndcl' Get .A.dlukle' all.

Y:bLlr- ~peab~ Bus~nel'G Qf,1.~Q;Se Vafue, Fmfl'!l, Tms Ma.n.?

,40 to 60 speaJdl1g e~ag.!!m~niIB eaeh yeilif,. plu~ some]' tum. dawn .. f'lacb and every' year' ~,~ yet I ~n,~t dc:n>e ,my :m~, pJiom.oUon c,r aoMc! • ..: .. dion for

, that busJ.neas :In yeare~ - my "Ncm-Muk~g Approa_Cbit all. fHe you, from all1th,e f:ruaua:tin___g, ~~v'!.!. hummaUng -dltastQg afte.r ho-oldnpJ that .most



I1'B, :"'R:'lrB-, E"""

".ill. "

B'O' O'K",'

,,_ ... _:., , .

AB,S,OLUTEL Y ~'[?( ~ lE


Here Is Your'

,B<;iiJikiel or :Bm:IilJise$, Each One b.

,Se Va.~uabl.e

h Reqllli~.s

A, Pt1)R:e To Twc Pai\l,es 10 [).ipW n ~~,


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J, ,.:~ :1 "
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%iI' 'f .N
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'j' = .\9
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.i-l~Li·h' f "..-; l!~. ~w.
·L~~!:··r ... ! ~~ .~j
J.~ !:t
.... __ ...... '.- ~ -.~ ...... ;1 't .. - " ~
_i ..
!.; J~ I 2
~j! 't: ~
'i:E ~':" i- Ii'
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!c' ~ , = ... , it
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,~ SP-'A'C','-'Bl AD~"'IS'

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. . . II I I . . . -' .. ·1 . :.' I - . ~". . '. I _ . . .. .'

veryone In my , ' rill, !ge c IU, _aug lel I '."', ,en S81:

Id just install'led 8! car alann" ~


5 ~. <.:I'iiJ" !baby'! iShI'tJmy. Ib-ruii~ ibM'Yr. tiM, ~hMl iIIli'mii c~, 'CmY:I . ~t""~~'~" !lbia:ii::n:iIi ~~~.'~~~-w. bJl;hfliilng. ~ ~ ~ ,~ ~ ~tns.. ~II!!.~I Elm' ttlI!.dl\dl r ~~

My ~'Iiful 0rW ~m ill :I.~, liiiq;£t ~iMr.ihi~ Sa,UI! d (M,CiIMI StM! ~~n' UtiJjt}"\~r.lg) l.lW.m II!!J.~ 1IIf.u. ~. c!,[1I, ,/lYidI ;1If'I~ ~ st.1V .. ~ IlILlrul}" 1:i.1QI,.~p-cNi 1iiIiii, trul;kI. ~ ,.if ~r !:u "lIipeMin-, ~i' 1ini:I:It!Ii ltu.! Ii!. AIl'I!:i 'i\r1\iI'![U ~~I ~pml-

IL~'~ dI)'ll

SP~ 1m}' 'm]/' :~. I"~ ml' nr'i'o" ~twd """' .. the Ii>l5t :sr- ~ r:m;.hrl, I':lr!d- W!'~ IAI~ mt'i¥tJ ~ ~ !lht. IlfiI,i'I<Ji' !'!I'D m'!~ ~ ymuneli'iI:u;y [JiillibilU«IJ an. ~ kt!o.w ow IliIt fW'fi ~ i'ImIl)' if.IllI in· . ~ lighI! ~ K! ~ im I ISIRJl:I!lj m I~. !in ~ 'lY~mil" rm ~ MI'M 'W'ii)\ "IMlii ~~lile Ih;!1Jd.\iJt. ME!MI mn e.l' AIi!;m---"!'oIU d~~ !'Or "M ttn!I_" InmJbtioln.. ThIfI'IUK1.ii;l f!M' Ifri~ tliiming om'of~ 1iI111iDl, Il~ ~ .~y ~. ~ ~M IPOII.I'I~ ~~ 'ill\ Iil:~ 'Imt!ry oF, yll'aE ~ ''['1w.1Ilip~Iiir dip ~ ~ f!lp -I\iC~ty"~

III!:!, ,- ·Ui .... I~~ 1~1I !~IL.ilt y~ !'dJi, Fi!' ~ lO'Ifiiil! Ihiip. mlii· 1:1 f _iii tim 1£iJI:,i.lloi. biln I H ... ed ~~ Ill-:t~ o.ff It! '!:i;Jp."t'I!I Coih.H !ltc M'ioii.n,e; i.~ I i[iIl:'I be ~.iiltim willfi , ~ '~I «Ill.. And, ~"'~J ilfi iI.tmn. ~m lfiiiIiIi!:'i!l!I rn'!l ~11IJli!'l! mlH'1 't1i:i 61!l!~ cu . .,;,.IJtI'ilTLI~lli!!fi ~J,l1 ~1m1r(1!: !W:~t:b '1JIi9ru, ibMi' if !f.t!1.I1 iIimIld, ~I~ -0. Inn tl'i~.ljlfrn it ...... IU gg, w ~1I~III!1T! .... t~II:.r, MoM ~I'2IL'Ia 15iiC1~ ~i.:El!' ,~ IbelllBit ill!. paHv-!!i ,~~ ~f!!!I ofI'n iii Iit~ 0iII ~hl':lr QI!tIi.

&0 ,~I!!.iII" II: "'" "MlI,;.iOTh" Ih~hillll!l is ill Y.!Ii1llIE1~ .. II,r:m.. I! ~ ,I .~i;stia!itld iiiI':«-IfOl!llc: m~"f(ipl'lXe!iiw:r ..... i,tm Iii., .l!b.i]II~ [Iii

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It ~ ,~ ~P' ;in '~I .- i.So:ff~lMr.Mcm~ litlll:l]l~ ~ b;r. opwiItig tlwi!.~ {W ~ ar t'Im\!i i!bt ~ [t ~ ~'liuur. BII;I ~ ti'i!!:di:im..

~ 11(. ~ ~ F:QI!!"ft ,1:IIiid~ :rate' !!3Ir,~ II'M'I~ ifiiH Ii;!> ~ __ , :ll<!1'.Pmi!!!he ~!JRlll~ ~tb:lii"'m-ycUJ~i'I~ .~!:wdi ' - .:. ~"gil, .ill. mD. ,~ ~1!iI~ )'iO'U 5i!I'! iIiniiI }'!I;IW' W I.ri iiM ~ l'a:l IPnM ihI'iit::iq.,bf,.ud yt:iIl..1'~.J' nib,

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lUll; F-'fM,,:t'bm- iB.ul.rd:1lI Cu ~m1I IZOIII:eII '1H'!I!:h Qm~'1 ~ fill!; IfRt! iI1:'W I!!if~ ~ j:l:,.1rIdIl,f.·yourn i'IIIII H~!'ftI_I'I'j It br I fTaII ~, b ds!:J _!I!!I~ ih::tinw llm~ w.tnml1}'· ~ in ~kI'i-Il1I H ~OII,~


Kmr~ 11.[] iI~!lI:. ~ f!iiUi" lID '~¥a l'iI'~iry' ll:iImpt::Jms: {IJi.i!'!Ii ~ 'W1m~L ~ iiillhfl~ 1'1!~ ntIPbly MUt.1i ,1iulJ.I;i]~, 1~~ud.~I~'~JJ: .tI~' Il:!u~ ~ I3'yins ~ 'ifoo.r ~ d~t ;mi~ ... !.mOO1 I;oi~a: ;;d!l!rp. ... Lib'1I 1r.II:ttlt:m:ib!'tI;, m-tll. ~ IIOIfl, ~B~ 'l11l. l!IuJ:ldr-" !It!;im~~~~\1ti§_ ~~


! !~ 'c:.r ;ii' .' _. __ .. .15~:'5 ,III.

1M1i:if·i:!DIIf.'Il ••••• " __ , •• ". ",ifiIIU!iillldll

IP'-- _ . .!IIIft.Nan ~ ~:~.J'-

~1'Q!Ht:~~!l'~:i.t,~" ~

BOO·~992 ... ,29!66:


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:In ,I. IIRiiIw ilhat hit!l, !Mb!l5d ~~ 1i!,I';~~. tke :n:cRC letl!d~~i?, ]lac P~1d'~nt i!J,m 'B~ ,,.· ittii IN! !mntROI: o~!T,i~ ~'tIo.rt·~ ~ :Iii!: .~.lJI!i'o~ ,~I\. it.mdi~ ~~.

'In ,iI; l:e~~ I!:!i!~ .j!i~ 2!,. 1iI~ ~:KinINH'mr:~.~ mrlo't;c· ~;b! ~~ ~" ~n.1JiI..~ '~ ~ 'wg ~ !i!~ IIlr:i ti:r.fcr iIiI!lvi~ o~ the Hac: ~~ IfI1IIlUI.'Iiltce iiILdI 'w-f1ilmIJ,;1: ~',mi:i'WWg;e'Q"!i-i!!mmtQf~, A I:EIDl!Iih H.rlit!~ IIhIli WI~ ,Md! gi.VE'L ~!I!~~Jm~ilt,~Il!I~ iIlnI'IJ.g!J m~.

:~·,S.;II~~WJ.inkeo ijI~tt:' 'Uf'~ 'b:r ,a* wba ,gf'the ~~ '!;iti:i.~1 ~glli#!ilt«. ~ ~ lr.i. !5-~' iIiiIiltiiliiilm. ~ ~ma' bo.~ rnmixm. Si'!!'!oI'BJBl ,~, '''~' _ 'iiJa:d, p:ri~y ~ «i~ 1L_t. w},~ iIhe'

:J:ICnC f~;:f!mt mlii ,~!mlj\'ll oommt-~ h~ ~d !Inc, ib:Ct.Ii'!:.Ii;s, "'~~Ori~; .$gma; ;gjj~I".l' ,11ft !lmllt,g. U, irL rn.'PFr'I ,g_fR~~ whl!!e ~L'J' ~d~ W,IY! ~ ,~g. :I:W> ~m, aM :M!~m' ~ ~,~im.~~r

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You May H9veSeen This ::+ Ad Many Before .. "

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Fer!' ~'ft1(UrWf;i!~,tiQn en how you C18l!il ]QI'n 'I1ese pe ~plre' csn 1 ""BO O, .. 89'~ ·'1'1,51

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How a 24 and 25 Yea,r' Old Alu'kan C(Juple:

Went From 'De1ad Broke To ,Making Over $250,000.001 A Year. Cleaning Carpets (Iu Less Tban ,24 M:onths)!!

Remember dilM TV SMW~ "N'ome,m Exposure'~:, 1Ilat S'taffltd aut withl me ~g maC's~ wam:l'enngl dO'Nn ~e ,mao Weill, what do ~ose\l bealS, ~ krt:s; O'f ;BilOW and caJilISt aE;S!ning le;Jr ha¥e 11 ~r._nrMrtl M&, J.M IPcr'tSn1, ,thai' Qyy. yo~ kee,,' m!W'll'Io about arid ~ring if hei:s h'w real!. Hem~ !SrI1 ac:waf tetter I ~go:t, hom, Alaska:

- <;;-'.. ,., ,,,jf' Ii' .. ,iii'!! III!I !!II • IIIi .' .' ,"!!, ,iii!

:Sql.~1'" 199" iJ;a'7'J()t.

Ii Iii. J~ PQif61J~1 \\'1' 'I!i"JlIIlUp Wl1 '11lNIK y,ou~ r"M!" M#F,wMl ~JUtm i:J' dfl ~~ Ullitf 1h.{JI',h~ i!W.r'ir~~ 1_4 Il;J:. '~,~i1ac,r~& ~l" pmC,Tti1n~' ()j dM~iirut. o.-':II~~~mu. hti.pflrJ! $I'd ~ 1Ac ~·~,r~ ,10 ll'.f wi nErd~iI. _,,/lw; dUJllil~ 'lIi'tJ~.g u'd JI4f bt. i!tMr,llt~l" ~W',r._Ii;p~d ~lImt~ r4 mj/q~bi~~~~,tJ1" 'w(ltddHi~',If&}!j"h.i!'fhq, ~ WC'n! ~ h4 'fi1!f Woe Il!>Im p.ayfns OIIII!" ~ iI1Ii-dl fNlf ~l I~. ~ql,)Om'Sy~~ tmg "'w.'~l~fqr~g~€b~ ~,

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An I'm,poftmt f-inancid Mess;Ilp!1

Your Banker' H~ipe5i You D~lmlt .&e'aeJ (EXCIUSI\'ElY,FOR CA THOllCS)

A 368-yem:- c:1d Cathcillc oodety has impertant h,ee· mio.r.:ruaOO]l, fof' you, If y:ou meet these qualifications; (1) you. are 40 to .55' yean of age, {.2) )'IOU ovm or ue bl!llyiQg

yOUT. 01M1 home, (3) .hav,e a .bousehc·]d .mcome of no less thsn $2 S 1000,00 to $SO!!OOO~OO or mat~, {4" '0V!lD life lasuraaee, (51 have .sav,m.'gs m ban1\:. ac~Owtt.5, or Certtfic3'res of De:posiJt ,md/ or' in stocks, :OOnds., other r-eal es,ta~el etc., and (6} dilldren. Hvblg: at h.ome age 13 tc 20

n:r ~"""' .• jFll ... 11:...;1 ~"'.6ri 'li'~ ~'..,~ +""'1 ..... i"nl""II"!I, liD'C'C

y- &! IIJ.YY,U; U.J..Y.~ ~. .'~ w.:-.f3i 'wlu Wr..~ Y'!flWY;4 ~

REPORT reveals s.pedfic tax red\1LCtlon and dderrali SiiIVblg~, .interest eohaD.cenlen.~, re~m:mmt

}jjesqtL~ improv.emtm.~ and ~th~buildml secrets that'may have. enormous bnp~t on the Vlmy

you live the II g·oldeD. 1/3rd If o:f' yo·w:- life..

D· ..... n.. • 'r:'D E'C 'm!'Cl"'li'"il'l)I'IF'\~ '1iL~1:;' .... iI""'~ l' 8 nn E! ~~ 'VUl J: ~ ,i'i.£'LV~W' lVJll.c..:Ji~\;· ~ . .' .............

0- nn '~OO· . r .... l·! . . . ... . . - .. ". "\l'.,;'1 lb.._

, v.~:....,~ ~ ,at our expense: M~ei ~,'1'.lLiUOCS a

day~ "1 dayS a week, U'~CI ,olbligati{In •. No salesman will ever c;ill..)


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I ' .........

,A:D impo:r.t !i1ijl,f::. l,a'h.t,er. ;e:X.'il::L;US ::r::'VEL~' f'lO;R, C,I-DOL,I ciS f,rom a 'C a.t;, bool iic f,ra te~L!: iBI J:. ,e,rgan i::: a 't,i (:I'll

Wh ' .. ---='1'] 1'·' th

' n en, :y'OU l',w:u, you uve r -' e

go""o' __ "d'i 11·"~e"-' 0':-: r be e ';-0' "B" starr ntl 'y- ~ru: ~ , st .. at C'ed'

... I," .1, __ I _I' .L~. '", . '. _:___: .... 1._ .. " .. ':'.' .' I ~ _. ~:.__:. I . "._", ~L' _:' __ '" .il. '. I ..... :._. "

bv "W"" :,' ' C" -, ',,' "t:A~'ird- ,--, It:-It' ,i·,IU'?

_y , , ,'e _-aD~: n..u.O" " , ~I - ~ _,IS ..

V'o'U~' banker' hope!!, you: h'u:ver' re\l!l;d tine

n~W'~1 ftee Frteport SIva I lab,le '~Ol C!l1U'SJII'fled C8~:h,cll ice

that II'Eliveals Imt,tle·lnawnl "lnan,C'lal 'tJ'acts -of eJjOfm~IU:9, iSlilgin,11icancB,

A 3 () a -year om,d, era,theUe :fr,2 lema] society has a8,sembled very b'n..po,l,"tmlt, ,free Mand.a] :w.tot!mation :$0:1" yo~ in a" concise, easy-to-read R,epot15 yours fur the askW.:s,~' if you m~e[these;

,1,., 'Iou, IU'Q 40 'too 5,5, y-ea.r:iil: of "-=qa

:2: '.' 'iou, !Own or are :bll,y.ifig: yciLllr mvn h~

:3 ~ 'y~, h~,ve ~ :tito,us:eao.ld, - ,UComB of ,Il!:! Ji,.'8SS t:hi!U', i$:as Ii" 01100 ii ill. 0 'to :$ S'CII r O'OO,~ II) QI Q':ir." mc(("ElI ~

41 ~ 1'0.'1.1 - ,own, :U.,fe in;suril!l1ce"

S " YOu'B in ,bank ~(1r!1ts: o:.r c'eni:f,i'c~,' Df: !DiB[lo:!;;,i,t and/or ,inv8stment in sto~,lks" ibQ·nd:El f o.,tJl,er red 'e!!:st.!!l'te, etc.

'6,. 'Yo.u have c!liildIiieUl, liv,1ng Brt, b~ ,r ,agleos 1,;3 ee 20 o.r g"row.rJ: cfiild:m;en li viIig: on thBi:r. (li!'i!lt!!, ii

,~,,,, r,...,'I!o. •• ,:j',",'L., - , .. '11 & .'k, _,., .. 'I~ii!i:, -. . ~

,tl! :yau ,ma' .. en Up ''Ii'i'n:,\I,~, mose or au o~, tnese q~~callons! ,we ,~i(,

:fact, that Q1!U' ,FREE REPORT 'Will, reveal to you .!!,pedn,e tax reduction and d.eferr,aj ,s:tra:te;gieSi, savlngs mteresr ~anClemen;t QP'po:rtun.i:ties., t€:'D:h-{~tl:Dt lifestyl~ Improvement o,]:itions .aJld, '~Wdl,-bu-lldmg secrets 'rh~t 'will be relev'.atnt to 'VQ1ll4~.Md that ,may have enormous w_p~ct on the, way you )j;Yi!

the "goldLen l/3rd," OF yOUI' l!ife.. -

178- ';,3'

.' ...•...•... ) .':C' ..

. ...... ".: : ~ ,," "

, '


'fJ.'1'~ r/V

I • I


?~ E ,~~,..,t"'" 7Zt:n;f'f ... Az. W7$"D' ,;""~-"""""Oo


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